Baofeng UV-3R MkII Dual band HT and the VGC co. UV-X4 similar feature – FCC / CE ok!

The Baofeng UV-3R Mark II  Dual-Band HT VHF UHF Dual frequency on display, Dual Watch – They copied the VX-3R ?… very similar indeed – at least on the outside!! – US Market List Price $69.99 / Special save: $59.99 US  – (source: Fleetwood web,  powered by ©

For European customers,1750Hz tone burst is standard. For North Americans, unlike other micro radios, we offer 5k frequency spacing. The dual-band DSP chip also allows you to work U/V –
The UV-3R Mk-II Transceiver has also passed CE, FCC and RoHS certification – !!…now, we buy regular equipment !!

Again the ©VGC Vero Global Communication Co.,LTD has announced another model similar to the UV-3R: the UV-X4 Dual Band Dual Watch Pocket Radio – Change the type of buttons on the front panel and Color body! –  See the ©VGC image (click to enlarge) –  Only the model name, trade name, and FCC ID are different. – The CE Code 0678 (!) is identical

[Note] Change the FCC ID of identification from the Baofeng Co., Ltd UV-3R Mk II (currently approved device) to the new VGC Co., Ltd  UV-4X (electrically identical). – This….  for purpose of marcheting.

Link to: Download the (first) UV-X4 brochure in PDF (from vgc hk)
Link to: The UV-3R Baofeng Yahoo Group support and discussion

[Note]: This Radio Requires a License – !! Use Responsibly:
It is the buyers responsibility to ensure that your Two Way Radio or Amateur Radio is operated under, and controlled, within the laws that govern your respected area – Please consult your local radio/spectrum/government agency prior to any and all use