IC-7300 Update Ver. 1.13 – IC-7300 User Evaluation & Test Report by VA7OJ,Adam

Icom IC-7300 Firmware Version 1.13 Update 27/5/2016 – The firmware will be updated to the following versions: Main CPU: 1.13 Front CPU: 1.01 – DSP Program: 1.07 – DSP Data: 1.00 – FPGA: 1.11 – Read the official Icom instructions first! [Note !] Never turn OFF the transceiver power during the update.

Pictur data is only for information (see tthe official web!)

An SD card or an SDHC card is required – Format the card in the IC-7300 before using it for the update. (First, save any data that is on the memory card or separate card, … if necessary) –
Read the Icom user manual and official instructions first! – If you follow this and make a mistake, or it doesn’t work for any reason, I am not responsible. Link to: Icom  Support >Download >IC-7300 1-13 (ENG)

The IC-7300 employs an RF direct sampling system,  where RF signals are directly convert to digital data (ADC). Then processed in the FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) and in the DSP >D/A. – IC-7300 DSP an TMS 320C6745DPTPA3 (idem to DSP rx of the IC-7850 – 7851) at 2250 MFLOPS –  370MHz !


IC-7300 the User Evaluation & Test Report  by Adam, VA7OJ’ is now on-line on his web-site – See the link below for download a large pdf  (total pages 40) – (tante grazie Adam per  l’interessante ed ampio tuo report-test).  – The Report (Iss. 1) describes the evalutation of IC-7300 S/N 02001981 from a user perspective. The Appendix 1 presents results of RF lab test suite performed on the radio.

IC-7300 OVF-colsein-02

ADC Clip Levels – (light the on-screen OVF red icon) OVF indication occurs only when a strong out-of-channel signal is present. In-channel signals cause AGC action which attenuates the signal at the Rx ADC imput  (LTC2208-14) via an diode PIN BAP70Q (D1251).


Link to: download the IC-7300 report test by VA7OJ’ Adam (ENG)

Recirpocal Mixing Noise occurs in a direct-sampling SDR receiver when the phase-noise sidebands of the Rx ADC clock mix with strong signals close in frequency to the wanted signal, producing unwanted noise products in the detection channel and degrading the receiver sensitivity.
RMDR (reciprocal mixing dinamic range) VA7OJ, Adam Test condition: CW mode, 500 Hz filter, max RF Gain Preamp off, ATT off, NR off, AGC-M. NB off – (…. I point to only two numbers below):
Ofset frquency:    2 kHz RMDR: 109 dB & Phase noise: -136 dBc/Hz
Ofset frquency: 20 kHz RMDR: 119 dB & Phase noise: -146 dBc/Hz


IC-7300 includes an PLOT Measurement SWR! …You can measure the SWR over the entire set frequency range – Touch >[] start & marker displayed !


The RF Direct Sampling (ADC) is protected by one of the fifteen bandpass filters (BPF) – Software-defined radio (SDR) is a radio communication system that utilizes software protocols bulit-in to replace “hardwired” components  –


The IC-7300  incorparate an ADC (RX ADC type is not known!)  that allow direct digitization of the RF spectrum limited by one of the BPF. – Icom imploys an FPGA Altera Cyclone IV EP4CE55F2317N and the DSP TI TMS320C6745 – Main CPU is the R7S7210000VC.


The Icom RS-BA1 Remote Control Software allows you to use the transceiver installed in another room using your home network or even from a remote location over the Internet.
[note] The spectrum scope with the waterfall function can be observed on the RS-BA1. (For a single band on only the IC-7851, 7850 and IC-7300) – more info in the> RS-BA1 Icom Inc. official web-page


IC-7300 Spectrum Scope – Mode: Center – Grid: 100/10dB – Span: 1MHz (-500kHz & +500kHz), see the picture above.


 [Note] – Detailed specifications: please see the official sources – All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders.- This page is just a non-official overview, where no one should draw any conclusions – All images and versions above is for illustration only. – (tnx)