Icom Inc announce the IC-7610 released in Jp in May 2017 Price ¥ 368.000 + Tax

Icom Inc. Japan ha annunciato: l’IC-7610 è programmato per essere rilasciato a Maggio 2017 in Giappone. – Il prezzo sarà di ¥ 368,000 + tasse – L’IC-7610 adotta il sistema RF di Campionamento Diretto per l’elaborazione del segnale. Converte direttamente il segnale analogico  in un segnale digitale (ADC) con successiva elaborazione all’interno della FPGA e IF_DSP (senza  un computer esterno).

Icom IC-7610 Demostration at Icom Amateur Radio Festival in Akihabara on 19/3/2017 Tokyo – Video  IC7610操作風景

Icom Inc. Japan has announced: The Icom IC-7610 scheduled to be released in May 2017 in Japan. The price will be on ¥ 368,000 + tax – The IC-7610 adopts the RF Direct Sampling System for signal processing, by converting the analog signal directly to a digital signal (ADC) and processing it within the FPGA /IF-DSP (in stand-alone).

IC-7610 RFダイレクト・サンプリング方式を採用し – アイコム株式会社(本社:大阪市平野区、代表取締役社長:福井勉)は、HF+50MHz帯の固定型アマチュア無線用トランシーバー IC-7610を2017年5月から発売いたします。Icom Co. Inc. Japan 2017/03/16 …..希望小売価格 368,000円+税

Icom Inc. (traslate Jp) – Further evolved RF direct sampling method.
– Excellent RMDR (Reciprocal Mixing Dynamic Range: 105 dB (at 1 kHz detuning)
– Dual watch function which can receive simultaneously in different bands and different modes.
– The two DIGI-SEL (preselector) unit that eliminates powerful unnecessary radio waves is installed in the Main and Sub of the receiving section.
– Equipped with high-speed real-time spectrum scope and waterfall display function.
– By adopting the 7-inch full-color touch panel display.

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