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Acom 600S Solid State Amplifier Inside look & Video-test by ON4VP

Acom 600S  600 watts PEP from 1,8 to 54 MHz solid state Power Amplifier inside views and first test in Europe by ON4VP – Video takes a small review, menu items and small test on-air- Expected at the Exhibition HAM Radio 2014 in Germany, Friedrichshafen  Watch the YT video, info and pictures below.


The ACOM 600S is a linear amplifier which covers all amateur bands from 1.8 through 54MHz and provides more than 600 W output power (PEP or continuous carrier) with less than 30W of drive. – The final stage uses field effect (MOSFET) transistors type MRFE6VP6300H (by Freescale Semiconductor)


The workink parameters of the amplifier are indicated on a multi-functional, 5″ (108x65mm) high resolution color display (800×480 pixels).


The items in each menu are selected and controlled by the same six buttons as in the menu (…appear iscription!) – The amplifier control is performed with only six buttons from the front panel, directly by CAT/AUX interface from the transceiver or remotely by RS232 interface (rear connectors).

Firmware updates – When ACOM publishes a new version of the built-in firmware, the user can upload it in the amplifier after he checks their compatibility.

Link to: First Acom 600S in the shack ON4VP see the video

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