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FTdx-3000D FT-950 FT-2000/D the new Firmware Upgrades – FTdx-3000 Video


Yaesu FTDX-3000D (*), FT-950, FT-2000 Transceivers: the firmware upgrades are available from the end of February 2013 (02/25/2013 YAESU USA website – before downloading, please read the Yaesu original “Important Notes”!) – See the summary informations, the links, the new Video “Probando el notch, contour, nb, ipo (amp), width, r.filters, ect.” and pictures below !


Yaesu FTdx-3000D Firmware, new update Main CPU Ver. 0111 and TFT Ver. 0106 flash programming for the Transceiver. !!! (*) Note: FTdx-3000D now update Main Ver. 0112 03/29/2013 see the new page radiocronache >link)
Before installing new firmware, please verify your current version firmware with the following procedure:
(1st) press and hold the [POWER] key to turn ON the Transceiver, (2nd) while pressing and holding the [SCOPE] key, [GEN] key. [50] key, and [ENT] key on the FTDX-3000 front panel. The versions of each firmware will be displayed on the TFT main screen.

[Note] The rig has to be started in different ways for each of these two updates to work! The Yaesu “Firmware Upgrade Manual” (PDF) has the update procedure for all of the Firmware-modules (MAIN .SFL – DSP .dat – TFT .bin – FFT .dat), and for all Trasfer-softwares (!! FSW018 – FW-DSP – TFW – FW-FFT !!) not just the two module updates we got, so save that PDF file for future use!

[Note] Improvements etc. Ver. 0111 MAIN CPU and Ver. 0106 TFT
* Correct minor bug and implement improvements
* MENU #104 SSB TX BPF now includes 3000WB
* When VFO is in LOCK during split operation, holding the TXW button will permit tuning the VFO frequency. – (*) to see also new firmware Ver.0112 (03/29/2013 link below)

italianoL’ultima voce dovrebbe consentire ora di bloccare sì il VFO (esempio A), ma adesso si permette in modo SPLIT (tenendo premuto il tasto TXW) di sintonizzare ancora il VFO (esempio il B), … una buona cosa quando si sta cercando di ascoltare le stazioni chiamanti nel Pile-Up … ora questo sarà di aiuto all’operatore ! (*) risoluzione di ulteriori problemi con il Firmware V.0112 (29.3.13) il link e più sopra.

Link to: Yaesu USA (Main V0111 Tft V00106) Update Information ENG
Link to: Yaesu FTdx-3000D  Files – USB Driver – Manuals – Software ENG

[Note] Yaesu USA write !! This software is for use with transceivers for use in Japan only. It cannot be used with transceivers for use overseas ( !! see the Pag. 1 Important Notes, 4th par., of the FTdx-3000 Firmware Upgrade Manual .pdf edition of the 02/02/2013) (….perhaps it … a linotypist error?!)

YAESU FTdx-3000D Video by WP4 MPV Monitoriando Sur Africa el 10 de Enero del 2013 en la banda de 17m 18.150 como a las 21:30 UTC con un Deltaloop de cable. Probando el notch, contour, nb, ipo(amp), width, r.filters, ect. [Note] Para la grabacion use un telefono galaxy 3 perdonen la calidad de audio y video.

Yaesu FT-950 Firmware Update (!! There are two versiono of the EDSP software Ver.1x.xx or Ver.2x.xx !!)


FT-950 Update Software – [Note] If your radio displays EDSP version [V1x.xx] or [V2x.xx] choose the correct version EDSP software for your radio (02/21/2013 YAESU USA website – before downloading, please read the Yaesu original Information and “Important Notes”!) -

If you already have EDSP V11.54 or V20.47, and MAIN V1.18 software versions, it is not necessary to update the FT-950 again! – The software versions can be displayed on the radio:
While holding the three buttons [GEN]+[50]+[ENT] turn the radio on. – The software version will be displayed in the VFO-A window for 5 seconds, then the radio will start up in normal operation.

Link to: Yaesu USA FT-950  Update Software Information 2/21/2013 ENG

Yaesu FT-2000 / 2000D Update Software  EDSP Ver. 11.54 and Main CPU Ver. 0158


FT-2000’s Transceiver – If the CT-119 programming cable or 8-pin mini-DIN PGM-SW (P0091526) is not available you will need a serial cable RS-232C, DB9F to DB9F straight cable. – Please follow original instructions !

The software versions can be displayed on the radio: While holding the three buttons [GEN]+[50]+[ENT] turn the radio on. The software version will be displayed in the VFO-A window for 5 seconds then the radio will start up in normal operation.
[Note] image & version up is for illustration only! (02/25/2013 YAESU USA website – before downloading, please read the Yaesu original Information and “Important Notes”!)

Link to: FT-2000/D Update Software Information 2/25/2013 ENG

[Note] All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders – This page is just a non-official overview, where no one should draw any conclusions – all images and versions above is for illustration only!


TS-990S landed in Europe! The ARCP-990 ARHP-990 end of March – Video W6GPS


TS-990S has landed in Europa – The ARCP-990, ARHP-990, ARUA-10, TS-990S Network Command Setting Manual and PC Control Command Reference will be available by the end of March 2013 – First-look Video by W6GPS, Don 02/17/2013 – Links, pictures, Prices US /EU and  news below.

Link to: TS-990S User Manual EN pdf (03/04/13 …links another update page )

First look video TS-990S by W6GPS (Videos That are helpful to ALL, Tnx Don!)

“Touch-Sensitive mode” a simply touch the screen for quick QSY re-tuning!


TS-990S firstlook: The reception sound quality of SSB and CW is not solely determined by audio frequency and filter delay properties and helping further refine the Kenwood tone by innovating not only the AGC control algorithm on the DSP but also the analogue AGC unit as well. – (click the picture to enlarge!) –
Triple dedicated DSP for the main-receiver, sub-receiver and Band Scope – Three 32bit floating-point arithmetic DSP (One ADSP-21369 SHARCH Processor 400MHz SIMD Core, capable of 2.4 GFLOPS peak; two ADSP-21363 SHARCH 333 MHz SIMD Core, capable of 2 GFLOPS peak)

TS-990S_Touch-qsy-goTouch-Sensitive mode: Simply touch the Main Screen (spectrum scope) for quick QSY re-tuning ! (click the shot on the side!) You can also view internal parameter settings and memory lists etc.- (click the picture to enlarge!)
The Main Display shows basic information abaut the frequency, mode, meter, and others functions. Switch to different view modes such as waterfall and reception/trasmission equalizer views etc. (see brochure for more!)

TS-990S_ext-monitorExternal Monitor Display: The same operating and station information, available with the TS-990S, can be conveniently displayed by adding the after-market PC display (not supplied) –  The TS-990S transceiver, on Main Receiver, uses a down-conversion method for all amateur band reception, we have installed the newly developed Double Balanced Grounded Switch Type in the 1st mixer circuit. The newly developed VCO frequency division format is used for the 1st local oscillator of the main receiver.

JVCKENWOOD Corporation – Amateur Radio – (26 Feb., 2013)
ARCP-990(Ver.1.00), ARHP-990(Ver.1.00), ARUA-10(Ver.2.00), “TS-990S KENWOOD NETWORK COMMAND SYSTEM Setting Manual”, and “PC CONTROL COMMAND REFERENCE FOR THE TS-990S TRANSCEIVER” will be available to download by the end of March 2013.

Link to: Download Kenwood USA Official TS-990S 16-page ADS#04513 (ENG)
Link to: Download Kenwood UE  Official TS-990S 16-page  #CA321E-E  – (ENG)
Link to: Download Kenwood JP Offic. TS-990S  全16ページ #MAA-9HF1302 (JPN)

Link to: Download the latest Leaflet  by ML&S UK (NPRI_final-(2) – (ENG)
Link to: TS-990S Flaggschiff  Detailbeschreibung und technische Daten – (DE)
Link to: TS-990S Ammiraglia HF/6m Dettagli dalla Kenwood  Italia – (IT)

Prices (… List Price/Your Price subject to change without notice!!)

TS-990S by Universal Radio (US) List $8249,95 Your Price $7999,95
TS-990S by ML&S (UK) Price: £6600,00 inc. VAT 20%
TS-990S by Maas  (DE) Price:  €.7495,00 Inc. VAT 19%
TS-990S by RS Radiostock (ES) Precio: €. 7550,00 Inc. IVA 21%

[Note] – Pricing and final detailed specifications: please see the official JVCKenwood sources – All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders

FLEX 6000™ SDRs – SmartSDR multi Slices & Panadapters in early Q2 2013 – The Orlando 2013 Show (video interview)


FLEX 6000™ Signature Series SDR’s - SmartSDR Multiple Slices and Multiple Panadapters on the same Radio!
Orlando Ham-fest February 2013 – 67th Orlando HamCation Amateur Radio & Computer Show – The FlexRadio Booth video  interview! – See link, videos, pictures and the 1st Video of Tmate-2 HID Controller , below !

FlexRadio projects in early Q2 2013 start of deliveries: Gerard Youngblood, K5SDR FlexRadio CEO (latest Flex Insider-6):  ….. “Next, how to you make an extremely complex radio simple and intuitive to use? Leonardo Da Vinci once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. “Complex is easy, simple is hard”. …… Progress is visible and accelerating. Everyone is motivated, excited about what we are building, and working hard…. etc. ! – (See link below to more news!)

Flex Radio Booth at HamCation Orlando 2013- (by videosbymike


Il Team-Marketing di  FlexRadio ha preparato quest’altro Video  che mostra più in dettaglio alcune funzionalità della loro nuova interfaccia utente detta “SmartSDR” –
Il video inserito qui sotto è ricavato da una registrazione dal vivo effettuata da K5FRS con l’hardware del FLEX-6700 in corso di produzione e su cui girava proprio il Software “SmartSDR” in fase di implementazione da parte degli ingegneri FlexRadio-

Imagine a real time spectral display where the noise floor is averaged to the terrestrial noise floor. – By real time, I mean that the display follows the instantaneous power of the signal but the noise floor is almost a flat line (no “grass,” as we call it) at the noise level seen at the antenna. This remains true whether zoomed out to view half of the HF spectrum or zoomed in to just a few kHz.
[Note] The “PacMan” looking signal that flies through the bands is a Propagation Ionosonde Station located a few miles from FlexRadio Factory!

Watch the Video below “First Look” at the new FLEX-6000 SmartSDR  and the Pictures! – See link below to new HID Controller Tmate-2 made in Italy (coming-son!)


Minimum Discernible Signal (MDS and NF) – How LOW do you GO? – by Greg Jurrens – K5GJ, VP, Sales & Marketing There’s been a lot of talk these days about Minimum Discernible Signal, or MDS. What is it? What affect does it have on my receiver performance? Why do I care? – …. “The ARRL labs use a procedure to measure MDS to a signal 3dB above the noise floor (NF) measured in a 500 Hz bandwidth.

!Amplifiers are very good at amplifying… Everything – signal, and noise. We want the signal but not the additional noise that comes along for the ride. Ideally, the amplified MDS should be 3 to 6db below the environmental noise floor. Plus, the amps themselves add a bit of noise to the mix. Worse yet, using pre-amplifiers have a cost of actually LOWERING the radio’s effective dynamic range. Dynamic range is defined as the difference between MDS and input overload. The pre-amp’s gain comes right off the top of that number. In this case, too much is not just right.

The FLEX-6000 Signature Series to the rescue! – One of the unique features of the Spectral Capture Unit (SCU) of the FLEX-6000 is the Digital Variable Gain Amplifier (DVGA). This allows the software to vary the SCU’s front end performance in 0.5dB steps from -11.5dB up to +20dB of gain (up to 40 dB on the FLEX-6700 with the additional +20dB second pre-amp). The result is the perfect MDS for your QTH and situation. Just enough gain to coax the signal out of the noise, but not so much that all you hear is noise or give up dynamic range. This capability will be provided for advanced operations. Again, the flexibility of a SDR (Software Defined Radio)…. etc”  Link to Source: FlexRadio Systems (Flex Insider – Issue-5 and 6)

SmartSDR Panadapter Video-Demo – A -First Look- at the new FLEX-6000 SmartSDR Panadapter from FlexRadio Systems. – This is the first in a series of introductory videos (28/dic/2012)

italianoFLEX-6700 & FLEX-6500 Signature Series, incorporano una inconsueta potenza di elaborazione dati “built-in” (dentro!) – Montano la Xilinx Virtex-6®, una FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) di alto livello, un microprocessore Texas Instruments™ DaVinci™ Digital Media Processor che incorpora un processore ARM Cortex™-A8 CPU (con processore NEON™) a 1,4GHz (1,2GHz nel FLEX-6500) ed un coprocessore DSP a 32 bit in virgola mobile da 1,2GHz (1,0GHZ nel FLEX-6500). –
La nuova Serie FLEX-6000’s ora in pre-produzione e il suo Software SmartSDR in fase di perfezionamento, sarà rilasciata all’inizio del 2° Quadrimestre 2013! – (Leonardo Da Vinci diceva: “Complesso è facile Semplice è difficile” così lo cita K5SDR CEO Flex Radio nell’ultimo Flex Insider-6!)

Link to: Official Broshure EN by the FlexRadio Systems – Ver-2  (PDF ENG.)
Link to:  Broshure in Italiano di WoodBoxRadio IT- by IK3VIG  (PDF ITA.)

Da Flex Insider Issue-5 /2012…..A proposito delle discussioni tecniche in corso sul MDS/NF (Minimo Segnale Discernibile a +3dB sul rumore o Noise Floor)  Una delle caratteristiche uniche del circuito “Spectral Capture Unit” (SCU) incorporato nella Serie  FLEX-6000’s è anche l’Amplificatore di Guadagno Digitale Variabile (DVGA). Questo sistema permette al software di variare le prestazioni del Front-end della SCU a passi di 0,5 dB da -11.5dB fino a +20 dB di guadagno (fino a 40 dB sul FLEX-6700, con l’ulteriore +20 dB del secondo pre-amp)…. così da adattare al meglio la MDS in base alle condizioni del QTH….etc.

Tmate-2 HIDAltra novità Italiana in arrivo a breve (accessorio…. geniale!)

To make your SDR … like a real Radio! – Tmate2 HID Controller Compatible with Perseus, FDM-SW1, Studio1, and PowerSDR is ……….. Coming Soon! –
(Clink the pictures to enlarge – please!)
Tmate2 HID interface, no driver required –
Link to:  WoodBoxRadio – Italy

Tmate2 1st Video: Short demo of first testing the new CAT console Tmate2. It will be compatible with most SDR applications – (04. Feb. 2013 by ik3vig)

[Note] All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders – This device (Flex-6k’s) has not been approved by the appropriate authorities in each country etc.


TS-990S Detailed Features- Price US / EU – Download16-pag Brochure ENG/JPN


TS-990S Kenwood Transceiver – Update news: Kenwood Ltd & Kenwood USA and JVCKwd JP have released Official 16-page TS-990S Brochure! – Big PDF (EU/USA/全16ページ JPN) link below – Price US/UE – See Detailed Features by Kenwood (UK) (DE) (IT) (US) (JP) link below – FCC: ID K44412000 – See Link , pictures and Video below.

TS-990S by Universal Radio (US) List $8249,95 Your Price $7999,95
TS-990S by ML&S (UK) Price: £6600,00 inc. VAT 20%
TS-990S by Maas  (DE) Price:  €.7495,00 Inc. VAT 19%
TS-990S by RS Radiostock (ES) Precio: €. 7550,00 Inc. IVA 21%

TS-990S  всережимный трансивер ( Link to: “Бермос” Москва – “Bermos” Mosca)
Рекомендованная производителем цена для РФ: 9200,00 USD по курсу ЦБ РФ на день оплаты.

TS-990S_launch 株式会社JVCケンウッドは、ケンウッドブランドより、 “最高級実戦機”HF/50MHzトランシーバー「TS-990」シリーズを2013年2月末に日本をはじめ全世界で発売します。- (see link (JP) below!) – 威 風 堂 々。 ファン待望の新フラッグシップモデル –
TS-990S new JVCKenwood Flagship Arriving End February 2013 – The Price in Japan is 798,000 Yen inc. Jp. Tax (760.000 Yen no Tax) Link below!


Da Kenwood Italia – (IT) Cenni storici sulle Radio-Ammiraglie KENWOOD Il debutto del TS-900 nel 1973 ha inaugurato la tradizione della classe ammiraglia dei  ricetrasmettitori HF KENWOOD per uso amatoriale, che ha prodotto il TS-930, il TS-940 ed il TS-950. Progettato per l’esigenze del mercato Amateur Radio HF, il nuovo TS-990 ora si pone l’obiettivo di diventare il prodotto TOP dei DX’ers…. (vedere il comunicato e dati con il link più sotto IT)

TS-990S_kombiDer TS-990S hauptempfänger arbeitet nach dem Down-Conversion-Prin­zip und ist mit einem neuen Mischer und neuen Schmalband-Roofing-Filtern ausgestattet, sodass ein IP3 von +40 dBm erreicht wird, was einen Spitzenwert darstellt. – Erstmals besitzt ein Transceiver ein Dual-TFT-Display – mit Bandscope, NF-Scope, S-Meter und vielem mehr – dies führt zu besserer Darstellung und unbeschwertem Funkbetrieb. (Markteinf.g Ende Februar 2013)

Main_band_front-endTS-990S Main Receiver – The first mixer circuit, at the heart of the main receiver, is equipped with a new double balanced grounded switch type mixer.
In order to prevent distortion when there is a large input signal, the signal route up to the first mixer includes sophisticated circuitry with carefully selected components – such as large-core toroidal coils and relays for signal switching between bands – resulting in a third-order intercept point of +40dBm (source: JVC Kenwood brochure) – Please click the pictures diagram to enlarge!


TS-990S 200W Trasmitter – The push-pull circuit utilizes VRF150MP 50V power MOSFETs to deliver a stable output of 200W on all bands. Engineers have determined the bias and matching conditions that ensure maximum possible benefit from the characteristics of the VRF150MP.
Built-in automatic antenna tuner (ATU) is of the preset type and employs the relay approch, acclaimed for rapid operation. Cooling system capable of providing ample airflow to each unit. The TS-990 employs five independent variable-speed fans (.. IC-7700 employs Quad-fans!) are employed for the Switching Power Supply, the PA final section, and the ATU antenna tuner. (source: JVC Kenwood brochure) – Please click the pictures diagram to enlarge!
Link to: Download Kenwood USA Official TS-990S 16-page ADS#04513 (ENG)
Link to: Download Kenwood UE  Official TS-990S 16-page  #CA321E-E  – (ENG)
Link to: Download Kenwood JP Offic. TS-990S  全16ページ #MAA-9HF1302 (JPN)

Link to: Download the Kenwood TS-990S Brochure JPN in PDF 3MB – (JPN)
Link to: JVC Kenwood Products  TS-990シリーズ Japanese language – (JPN)
Link to: Download the latest Leaflet  by ML&S UK (NPRI_final-(2) – (ENG)
Link to: TS-990S Flaggschiff  Detailbeschreibung und technische Daten – (DE)
Link to: TS-990S Ammiraglia HF/6m Dettagli dalla Kenwood  Italia – (IT)

Link to: Comunicato Stampa 2013 – TS-990S il lancio a fine Febbraio 2013 – (IT)
Link to: News Press Release 2013 – TS-990S to be launched next month – (ENG)

[Note] The TS-990S is manufactured in Kenwood’s Japan Factory which has been assessed and registered as ISO 9001 compliant (Quality Control).

RS Radiostock Espagna (EU) has now updated its price (! update 30.01.2013)
TS-990S Precio:€. 6239,67 + €. 15,60 ES trsp + 21%  IVA = Total €. 7568,88
(!! “stale” Precio: €. 7500,00 + €. 15,60 + 21%  IVA = Total €. 9093,88)

Link to: RS Radiostock – Emisoras Base  web-page (ES)

TS-990S HF/50MHz Dual receiver & Dual TFT display Available Winter 2012. – Update !! New Video by JVC Kenwood (ENG version) 11/ott/2012 - On the Kenwood TS-990S one of the noteworthy planning policies is improvement of fundamental receive performances and a drastic modification to the external appearance.

TS-990S Demo Video | JVCKENWOOD (ENG Version)

 TS-990S JVC info: Down-conversion system on all receiving bands – Different bands can be received separately at once on the main and the sub – The sub-receiver uses TS-590S receiver – Three 32bit floating-point arithmetic DSP (One ADSP-21369 SHARCH Processor 400MHz SIMD Core, capable of 2.4 GFLOPS peak; two ADSP-21363 SHARCH 333 MHz SIMD Core, capable of 2 GFLOPS peak) – Separate main and sub receiver instead of traditional VFO A-B – Two TFT Display… and more!


Receiver performance is one of the key indicators that is used to evaluate a transceiver.  And, above all, the capability to protect against interference from adjacent signals close to the target signal is of the utmost importance. On the TS-990S thre RF filter systems protect the early stages of the main receiver from overload caused by strong out-of band signals (RF BPF – Pre Selector combine and five Roofing Filters after the 1st mix) – The Preselector is a variable bandpass filter that can be inserted or not after a series of fixed bandpass filters.


Main Receiver: Full down conversion (IF: 8.248MHz) – Newly-developed mixer IP3: +40dBm class – Roofing filters (270Hz/500Hz/2.7kHz/6kHz/15kHz) – Sub Receiver: Up/Down conversion (similar to TS-590 system) – Simultaneous dual receive. – Source Kenwood-electronics Co.Uk Leaflet ENG – Download here (link to ML&S Uk)


Mode: SSB/CW/FSK/PSK/AM/FM – TX power: 5-200W (AM 50W) – 2xVRF150 FET final working at 50V – Rear panel: Antenna connector x 4, RX IN/OUT connector, key jack, ACC2 connector, optical IN/OUT, keypad jack, USB connector (+ USB x 2 Front panel) display connector, LAN connector, REF I/O 10MHz, etc.


[Note] – Pricing and final detailed specifications: please see the official JVCKenwood sources – All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders


Presepi artistici di Natale – Live Cam Crypt Saint Francis (link) – Assisi il Concerto

Update news: Live Cam Crypt Saint Francis (link) – Assisi Web Cam  sulla Tomba di San Francesco (cam 1fps!) (link) – Presepi dal mondo a Santa Maria degli Angeli – Basilica di San Francesco – Presepe di Cigoli 2012 a San Miniato (Pi) – Video the “Mission” dal Concerto di Natale 2012 – Link and news below (i link più sotto)!

Click the Link  to Live Cam Crypt Saint Francis by ©

Link to:  Live Web Cam to the Crypt of Saint Francis

The Crypt of Saint Francis – (Live Cam 1fps)
At this very moment you are in the heart of franciscanism, at the tomb of Saint.Francis
La Cripta de San Francisco (Live Cam 1fps)
En este momento estas en el corazòn del Franciscanismo en la Cripta
Krypta św. Franciszka z Asyżu (Na żywo kamery 1fps)
Teraz znajdujesz się w sercu Zakonu Franciszkanów
Die Krypta der Basilika San Francesco (Live Web Cam 1fps) – In diesem Moment bist du direkt verbunden mit dem Grab des heiligen Franziskus.

Assisi-nataleUn Natale di speranza vissuto nella sobrietaà della vita e nella grandezza degli ideali è l’augurio dei frati francescani del Sacro Convento di Assisi.

Qui a fianco la vista notturna della Basilica di San Francesco e il Presepio.

Santa Maria degli Angeli (Assisi) – 2012 Presepi da tutto il mondo da ammirare (qui sotto tre foto di alcuni esemplari) – A Natale è tempo di presepi nello spirito di San Francesco di Assisi che ne fu l’ideatore nel XIII secolo. Infatti nella notte di Natale del 1223 il “frate poverello”  celebrò la nascita di Gesù allestendo una prima rappresentazione a Greccio. (Click pictures to enlarge)

Link to: Santuario Papale della Porziuncola Santa Maria degli Angeli


Cigoli – San Miniato (Pi) dal 7 Dicembre 2012 al 13 Gennaio 2013 i locali della Pieve di San Giovanni Battista di Cigoli accoglieranno il noto “Presepe artistico di Cigoli” alla sua dodicesima edizione. (Click pictures to enlarge)

Link to: Presepio di Cigoli Santuario Madonna dei Bimbi


Il 26° Concerto di Natale di Assisi – 2012, trasmesso la mattina del 25 dicembre in Eurovisione su RAI Uno.

Ennio Morricone “Mission”  dal Concerto di Natale 2012 in Assisi

Assisi: grande Concerto di Natale, 26th edizione del 2012 !
– Sabato 15 dicembre registrato il 26° Concerto di Natale in Basilica Superiore per essere poi trasmesso il giorno di Natale dopo la benedizione Urbi et Orbi di Benedetto XVI su Rai Uno. – Il Presidente del Consiglio, Mario Monti, il Presidente del Senato, Renato Schifani, e il Presidente della Corte Costituzionale,  assisteranno alle 17.30 nella Basilica di San Francesco.

Link to: More news, Video and link from Sacro Convento org – Assisi

 Umbria, Perugia il Natale in Assisi 2012

Assisi – Piazza San Francesco, l’Albero di Natale del 2012 è stato offerto dalla Regione Friuli-Venezia Giulia è alto circa 12 m. con 11.000 luci! –
All’evento hanno partecipato, oltre alle Autorità religiose tra cui il Vescovo di Trieste, le Autorità del Friuli, il Ministro Grilli, il Sindaco di Assisi, Ricci ed anche  numerosi bambini per il coro ed altre personalità regionali e istituzionali.
Il Friuli Venezia Giulia ha anche donato per il 2012 l’olio di oliva che alimenterà la sacra lampada votiva sulla tomba di San Francesco.

Link to: Comune di Assisi – Programma di Natale Assisi 2012

Perugia: Presepio in Cattegrale nel centro della Città  – (Click  pictures to enlarge)

[Note] All marks are property of their respective owners. – Specifications are subject to change without notice!

FLEX-6000’s a Direct Sampling SDR’s are slated for delivery in the 2nd quarter of 2013

FLEX-6000 Signature Series SDRs which are ordered now from our On-Line Store are slated for delivery in the 2nd quarter of 2013 - (news by FlexRadio Systems)
& FLEX-6500 Signature con potenza di elaborazione “built-in”:  montano la Xilinx Virtex-6®, una FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) di alto livello, un microprocessore Texas Instruments™ DaVinci™ Digital Media Processor che incorpora un processore ARM Cortex™-A8 CPU (con processore NEON™) a 1,4GHz (1,2GHz nel FLEX-6500) ed un coprocessore DSP a 32 bit in virgola mobile da 1,2GHz (1,0GHZ nel FLEX-6500). – !! Download the Brochure ENG (FlexRadio) or IT (WoodBoxRadio) PDF link below


The FLEX-6700 and FLEX-6500 coming soon, build package was released to AMS for materials procurement and pre-production engineering start-up !! – (Source: Flex Insider-Issue 2-3/2012) – FlexRadio Signs Manufacturing Partner: (AMS) – Austin Manufacturing Services located in Austin the same business complex with FlexRadio.

AMS’ is ISO 9001 certified contract manufacturer of  board and system level electronic. AMS’ offers considerable expertise and experience in complex, multi-technology, multi-configuration PCB assemblies. – Link to: AMS’s – Services Web-page

The FLEX-6000 Signature Series radios employ a Direct Sampling receiver architecture while the FLEX-Series radios (FLEX-5000, FLEX-3000, FLEX-1500) are Direct Conversion receiver and the RF signal is presented to a QSD – Quadrature Sampling Detector  a balanced mixer of sorts. – QSD receivers are only limited by the bandwidth of the audio ADC’s and balance issues in the detector.

By comparison, the FLEX-6000 Signature Series takes the conversion of RF to digital to a new level – Direct Sampling. Using  high bandwidth ADCs, the entire HF spectrum from 10kHz to 77MHz is sampled at the same time (plus 135MHz-165MHz in the FLEX-6700).
In the FLEX-6000, the Spectral Capture Unit (SCU) performs this function in real time delivering the digitized RF spectrum to the radio’s Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) for additional processing. -

[Note] Inside the SCU are three main functions: filtering, level control and digitization. The Flex-6500 Flex-6700 packs more built-in digital signal process power than ever before imagined in an amateur radio transceiver – The Xilinx® Virtex®-6 FPGA works in tandem with a Texas Instruments® DaVinci® Digital Media Processor that includes a 1.4 GHz (1.2 GHz on FLEX-6500) ARM Cortex®-A8 CPU with NEON® floating point coprocessor!

On the FLEX-6000’s the SCU’s job is to take the off-air signal from an antenna jack on the radio and convert it into the best digital signal possible. – The input to each SCU is one of the many antenna or receiver connectors on the radio. Coming out of the SCU is an incredible volume of digital data  3.93 Gbps for each SCU. – Just for comparison purposes, this data would fill forty of your typical 100Mbps Ethernet cables (LAN).

Retail pricing USA as follows –> FLEX-6500: $4299 / FLEX-6700R: $6399 / and the FLEX-6700: $7499
Retail pricing UK   as follows –> FLEX-6500: £3449 / FLEX-6700R: £4799 / and the FLEX-6700: £5799

Link to: Official Broshure by the FlexRadio Systems – Ver-2  (PDF ENG.)
Link to:  Broshure in Italiano di WoodBoxRadio It by IK3VIG  (PDF ITA.)

[Note] – Pricing and final detailed specifications are yet fixed, please see the official FlexRadio sources – All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders – This device has not been approved by the appropriate authorities in each country etc.


FTdx-5000 Update Software Main V.0123 – SP1NY OLED’s display replacement tutorial

FTdx-5000’s Update Software Main Ver.0123 released 10/22/2012. The Yaesu USA information PDF (link) –  SP1NY OLED’s sub-display replacement DIY (do it yourself) tutorial – Step-by-step procedure to replace the faulty OLEDs (EL) on the FTDX-5000 Front panel – See the Software Info (link),  QST review PDF (link) below.

FTDX-5000 OLED change DIY tutorial and more info.

On the FTdx-5000’s three EL “OLED” Electro Luminescence displays maximize your operation with useful and tactical supportive information. –
[Issue]:) OLED subdisplay broken (see the picture) one vertical white line or plus lines appear in them! – More people had the same issue (see the FTdx-5000’s Yahoo Group). – It seems that it’s an mortality of the OLED driver chip that is integrated into the ribbon connector of the display or so.

Step-by-step procedure to replace the faulty OLEDs – (! other by link below)

 On the first OLED one line starts faint and then become brighter and brighter. In the mean time second one showed up with it’s full brightness and thikness.
On the second OLED first line starts with almost full brightness then after about two weeks second one appeared dummy and thick, increasing brightness, day by day then starts slowly dimming or so – [Note] !! These events are reported for information only!

Link to: FTDX-5000 OLED change DIY tutorial (many items) by SP1NY

FTDX-5000 Yaesu USA Update Software with Main Ver.0123 (10/22/2012)

You need a serial cable from your computer to the serial port on the FTdx-5000’s. – If you use a USB port to serial interface adapter, make sure it is the FTDI chipset or so. – Update Software in the FTdx-5000 it takes a little practice for the many “DIY” steps procedures. – By the way, each update has all the previous updates, so you only have to do the latest one. – The tricky part is throwing the programming switch inside the back of the Transceiver!

!! Please see the versions list on the PDF Yaesu and be sure to read the entire package before doing anything.

The latest versions are listed below with the release dates (! partial list).
・ MAIN Software Version 0123 (10/22/12)
・ EDSP Software Version 0537 (7/20/11)
・ OEL (OLED) Software Version 0110 (3/23/10)
・ SM-5000 Software Version 0107 (3/23/10)
Link to: Official Yaesu USA Sofware Information released 10/22/2012
Link to: HB9ZS FT-5000 Utilities and Memory Saver – Fine Swiss utility!

FTDX5000’s QST Review –  Both receivers cover from 0.03 to 60 MHz. Receiver A is double conversion, with the first IF at 9 MHz and the second DSP IF at 30 kHz for SSB and CW and 24 kHz for AM and FM modes. Receiver B is a tripleconversion design, with the first and second IFs at 40.455 MHz and 455 kHz, respectively, and the DSP third IF identical to the second IF in the main receiver

Link to: Download the December 2010 QST review here (link-ML&S !)

[Note] All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders –  These events and news are reported for information only!


DXpedition 3D2C 2012 Conway Reef Island – Update Photo Gallery and Video SSB pileup!

3D2C Team have been uploaded teh Official website with a Photo Gallery about activities in the Conway Reef DX-pedition 2012 and more other news. (Thanks to the Team!) — Link to: The Photo Gallery 3D2C page

Update: the SSB pileup Video 05/0ct./2012 – (K6SRZ tries to make sense out of chaos) – (Touch screen!! come si vede  causa irritanti blocchi chiudendo la finestra attiva!)

3D2C Conway Reef 2012 –  September 24th 2012 till October 5th 2012 – We will be active on CW, SSB and RTTY on all bands from 1.8 MHz to 144 MHz, including the 5MHz and 50 MHz bands – Conway Reef is located in the South Pacific Ocean and is #35 on Club Log’s most wanted DXCC list –  (more info and data by link below!) (Click to picture to enlarge)

The ICOM is shipping the IC-7600 rigs to us this week, which will travel with the team to Suva.

Link to: The 3D2C Official Website (Home)

3D2C la DXpedition da Conway Reef  2012  periodo dal 24 Settembre al 05 Ottobre 2012 –  con 19 operatori – Attività in CW, SSB e RTTY in tutte le bande da 1.8 MHz a 144 MHz, inclusi i 5MHz (non in uso in IT) e i 50 MHz Conway Reef è situata nell’Oceano Pacifico del Sud ed è la n. 35 nella lista più ricercata per il DXCC.

73 and THANKS to the team and all your supports as well.

FTdx-3000 Menu very easy – VFO B/A now A/B! – FCC ID ok – FT1D and FTM-400D

FTdx-3000 Settings MENU now scrolling on display and set values! an innovative approach (now… like Icom inc.) – FTDX3000 approved by F.C.C.  ID K6620461X50 – New FT-1D V/U HT FCC ID K6620445X20 and FTM-400D V/U Mobile for digital  C4FM FDMA mode. – See the update pictures of a built-in 4.3-in TFT Display and other news and Link below.

List Price: $3500.00 Your Price: $2799.95  now 2699.95 (Universal Radio US market )


FTdx-3000 Utilizes a new innovative and easy menu settings system and a new 4.3-inch wide color LCD displays the operating information and the status of the transceiver functions selected. (now… like Icom inc.)

To enter into SET MENU mode, simply press the [MENU] button and turn the [CLAR/VFO-B] knob to scroll Up or Down your desired Menu number displayed on the Main LCD and access to many settings and speeds up the operation.

The layout settings [MENU-1] are very fine and offer a nice array of features for the operator. The directional arrows (keypad) and [SELECT] button help you with quick and intuitive access to settings. (please click the picture to enlarg) -

These systems have been newly developed by Yaesu Musen Co., LTD with new substantial design changes, compared to previous devices under the Vertex Standard Inc. Brand! – I have to commend Yaesu Musen Co. for coming up with such an innovative and easy approach.

In Dayton and Friedrichshafen Expo as you can see the buttons [VFO B/A] are reversed! than usual [VFO A/B] – Now in Tokyo Ham Fair these buttons to select the two VFO have been reported in the usual position: [VFO A/B]

The Main operating frequency is the most important in the radio display, with [VFO-A] frequency located just above the Main dial. The [VFO-B] frequency can be displayed on the 4.3-inch color LCD display (left). – For the [MODE] change (USB LSB CW  RTTY etc.) you have a single button with sequential selection or via Memory channels!
Link to: Download the FTDX-3000 Preliminary Brochure link a ML&S UK 

FTdx-3000 Receiver is double conversion, with the first IF at 9 MHz and the second DSP IF at 30 kHz for SSB and CW and 24 kHz for AM and FM modes (like FTdx-5000’s) but the 1st mixer is different from the 1st mix used in the 5000′ series (8x3SK294 !) (see the picture)

Independent Frequency display although the FTDX-3000 has only one receiver; the rig uses dual VFOs, essential for split operation. General coverage receive is available from 30 kHz to 56 MHz.

On the rear panel Signal are furnished: Output for an external receiver and the 9 MHz IF output and two connectors for optional u-tune unit … etc. (see picture)

The July, August and September  QST’s Cover II inserts the manufacturer’s specifications: !! 4.3-inch Large color LCD display / DR:106 dB / IP3 +33 dBm  / 14MHz Band CW (500) (IPO ON, Roofing Filter 600Hz, 2 kHzSpacing) -

Link: Video Ham Fair Tokyo 2012 YAESU Booth 【ハムフェア2012 ヤエスブース】

FT-1D 144+430 MHz HT coming-soon. – This device has been approved by the F.C.C. (FCC ID K6620445X20) !

The-FT1DR/E VHF/UHF HT provides both analog and digital communications on both bands with up to 5 watts.
It is possible to switch between analog and digital mode by pressing one button on the radio. – The FT-1D uses the C4FM FDMA for a lower BER (bit error rate) like the professional LMR (Land Mobile Radio) radios. – The FT-1D can obtain a data trasfer speed 9.6 kbps and E-GPS function for Digital ARTS (Auto-Range Trasponding System) and more.
[Note] The Digital C4FM FDMA mode is not compatible with the Digital GSMK D-STAR

Link to: FT-1D Brochure (pag. 1-2) Radioworld

FTM-400D VHF/UHF Mobile (first prototype) AM/FM/NFM/DV (C4FM FDMA, 9.6 Kbps)

Feature (preliminary): Large color touch screen. GPS/APRS functions. Packet 1200/9600bd ready.
Spectrum scope. ARTS. Bluetooth. Twin RX – Micro SD card slot.

[NoteAll marks are property of their respective owners. – Specifications are subject to change without notice!

IC-7100 slanted touch screen HF V/UHF all mode DV – ID-51 D-STAR at Ham Fair 2012

IC-7100 HF/VHF/UHF All Mode Transceiver Slanted style Touch screen and ID-51A/E Dual banda D-STAR  new to the Tokyo Ham Fair 2012! – Icom IC-7100 SSB RTTY CW AM FM and D-STAR DV mode, ID-51 V/U D-STAR FM Handheld – !! See the Pre-release’s IC-7100 and ID-51 by Link below – アイコム ハムフェア2012で新製品発表!

HF-50MHz (100W) / 70MHz (50W) / 144MHz (50W) / 430MHz (35W) – (Note: Power may be different according to version. – The 70MHz band is available for some versions only) –
IF DSP for filtering / interference removal / noise reduction whith Dual DSP chips 32-bit Floating point digital processing / SD memory card slot, voice recording and data cloning / USB Audio In-Out, remote control / Built-in RTTY demodulator and decoder / Optional RS-BA1 IP Remote control /

IC-7100: IF (Intermediate frequencies)  SSB/CW/AM/FM: 124.487 MHz, 455 kHz 36 kHz – WFM: 134.732 MHz 10.700 MHz –
The slant top controller display faces the operator and is designed to increase visibility of the display.  –  The IC-7100 provides D-STAR DV mode digital voice and low speed data communication – Built-in SD Card Slot for Voice & Log Storage – IF DSP with Twin PBT and more ….

List price ¥165,900 or so in Japan  = Yen/US $ 2,200.00  or so!
List price Marcucci Spa (IT) IC-7100 #03  €1475,00 + IVA  (21%)

The ID-51A/E series D-STAR handheld radio is an evolution of Icom’s ID-31A/E UHF D-STAR Handheld and will be capable of both VV / UU 144MHz + 430MHz dual band operation. The ID-51A/E will also include the much praised menu-driven user interface of the ID-31A/E series with a much bigger LCD screen.
Enhanced RX call sign memory records up to 50 past received call signs, which can be exported to micro SD-card.  – Increased memory channel for repeater list (n° 750)/ GPS memory (n° 200) – Limited wideband receive for AM/FM broadcast (no bar antenna!), 118-137MHz, 137- 174MHz and 380-479MHz receiver.

Link to: Download the ID-51 Pre-Release by Icom Uk web (PDF)
Link to: Download the IC-7100 Pre-Release by Icom Uk web (PDF)
Link to: Icom IC-7100 new page by VA7OJ/AB4OJ, Adam Farson 

Link to: Icom MarineCommander Website
More news: MDX-5000 System – The MarineCommander™ is Icom’s marine navigation system, which integrates various marine modules such as a Fish finder, Marine radar, AIS and VHF transceiver into the multi-function displays

The MarineCommander is compatible with the C-MAP™ MAX chart by JEPPESEN in an SD card format.

Video from Tokyo Ham Fair 2012 –  Icom Inc.  booth

All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders – This device has not been approved by the appropriate authorities in each country etc.