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FLEX-6700™ utilizes Spectral Capture Units™ and On-board Digital Signal processing – New PDF Italian


Flex-6000 “Signature Series” – Flex-6500 – Flex-6700 packs more built-in digital signal process power than ever before imagined in an amateur radio transceiver - The Xilinx® Virtex®-6 FPGA works in tandem with a Texas Instruments® DaVinci® Digital Media Processor that includes a 1.4 GHz (1.2 GHz on FLEX-6500) ARM Cortex®-A8 CPU with NEON® floating point coprocessor! – See picture and link download ENG & IT pdf  below

Update IT: La serie FLEX-6500 / 6700  utilizzano “internamente” una Xilinx Virtex-6®, potente FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array), per  tutte le operazioni di Down e Up conversion e l’analisi spettrale;  la Virtex-6® lavora in tandem ad un microprocessore Texas Instruments™ il DaVinci™ Digital Media Processor che incorpora anche un ARM Cortex™-A8 CPU (con processore NEON™) a 1,4GHz (a 1,2GHz nel Flex-6500)  ed un coprocessore DSP a 32 bit in virgola mobile da 1,2GHz (1,0GHZ nel modello FLEX-6500).

Link to:  Broshure in Italiano di WoodBoxRadio by IK3VIG, Beppe (the boss!)

Spectral Capture Units™ (SCU) which act something like extremely broadband multi… Slice Receviers in One Radio, for reception from 0.33 to 77 MHz plus 135 to 165 MHz. Optimized preselector filters can be selected for the ham bands for greater out of band rejection.. 100dB 2-tone 3rd Order Dynamic Range.. at 100Hz Spacing! New SmartSDR™ Technology & User Client Interface!

The innovative SmartSDR™ appears to have two main parts – the massive heavy duty part living inside the Flex-6000′s and the light GUI & Related Services portion out on the thin client Interface (…. Personal Computer, Notebook, iPad or iPhone! or..!)

New Flex-6000′s Series SmartSDR™ Radios, where the heavy lifting of DSP is done all in the radio and the computer has only “thin client” duties! – Immagine… This is truly a “Game Changer” product line, moving the main heavy lifting of SDR radio back into the radio box!

The Xilinx Virtex-6® FPGA put simply is a way to put software on a chip so the code can rip through huge amounts of data processing it basically in parallel rather than in series. No longer does the PC have massive processing duties!! – Flex-Radio has worked out a way to bring the costs of this massive processing power to amateurs radio price points.

The FLEX-6500 and FLEX-6700 Transceivers utilize Xilinx Virtex-6® FPGA hardware to directly generate the CW waveform digitally at the RF carrier frequency. (idem for digital RTTY /PSK31 etc..)
This means that the RF carrier switches at hardware speeds without first element truncation as is typical in many radios. When combined high speed T/R and bias switching on the PA, <10 millisecond key down to RF output is achieved.  - Full brek-in is possible from remote operations (SmartSDR™ - Networking! Native remote capability – Ethernet interface…) - The FLEX-6700 provides continuous duty 100W output across the entire 160-6m band, a push-pull pair of rugged RD100HHF1 MOSFET transistors.

The (*) Xilinx® Virtex®-6 FPGA works in tandem with a Texas Instruments™ DaVinci™ Digital Media Processor that includes a 1.4 GHz (1.2 GHz on FLEX-6500) ARM Cortex™-A8 CPU with NEON™ coprocessor.
It also includes a 1.2 GHz (1.0 GHz on FLEX-6500), 32-bit floating point DSP coprocessor. The FLEX-6000 Signature Series achieves world class PNDR (Phase Noise Dynamic Range) through the incorporation of an ultra-low phase noise master oscillator at 983.04 MHz! -
Link to: FlexRadio Systems – Flex-6000 Series Brochure – Rev.002

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Icom RS-BA1 Ver.1.30 – RC-28 Remote Encoder – Legal aspects! Rig Monitoring a different purpose


The new RC-28 Remote Encoder accessory gives users a tactile approach to the RS-BA1 Remote Control. Icom has released the Ver.1.30 !! - The RS-BA1 allows you to use the radio installed in another room using your home network or even from a remote location over the Internet. – (operator not physically present in the Remote Rig) – See the legal aspects below – Info to Rig Monitoring  on the Computer Screen (For Vision-Impaired Ham Radio op.) - See the Link below.

RS-BA1 [Note] ….Visual Basic and use MSCOMM control can not detect a change in the Windows Device Table (after the COM port has been opened for use) - These programs hang when the hardware table changes while the port is open – (This is not the programmers fault!)
!! a solution: [Exit] the program first, then turn the Icom Rradio [OFF].

[Note] Legal aspects! (FCC – CEPT – DXCC par. 9) see related link below; – Why remote? and many helpful references by John, KØIZ, read August 2012 QST Magazine ( pg. 39-40)! - (operator not physically present in the country and transnational remote operation, DXCC rules ref. to remote operation and credit etc.)
Link to: Transnational Remote Operation (by TF/KL1A)
Link to: ARRL Guide by WA8IMY Remote Operating

Now Icom comes out with a great new gadget, RC-28 a little box with a VFO knob, 2 programable buttons and a PTT button. The RC-28 is designed to connect to a PC through a USB port, and operate with the RS-BA1 IP Remote Control Software. – Supplied a USB cable (approximately 1.5 m; 4.9 ft) - (RC-28.. like Tmate USB Tuning System …by WoodBoxradio)
[Note] – 1) Make sure Windows has completed its start-up on PC. – 2) Connect the RC-28 to the PC that has RS-BA1 Ver.1.30 or later version installed on it. When the “USB dial…” item on the [Option] menu is not displayed, Please download the RS-BA1 latest version 1.30 from the Icom website, and install it.
[Note] Please read ICOM RC-28 instructions (leaflet PDF) thoroughly before using it.

Link to: Icom RS-BA1 Ver.1.30 Official download page
Link to: Icom RS-BA1 /RC-28 brochure (update 12PS0230)

RS-BA1 Remote Control Software Upgrade Ver. 1.30 is now downloadable from the Icom co.Jp site. – This upgrade is not stand-alone, and must be installed over a licensed base installation of RS-BA1. (Update, the remote utility is still V.1.2 but the remote control is V.1.3!!) – US Retail price RS-BA1 software is $129.99

[Notes]: DO NOT allow the PC to go into the sleep or standby mode while using the RS-BA1 Software. Otherwise, it might not work properly after the PC resumes normal activity.
When not using the radio: Disconnect the radio from both the Remote Utility and Remote Controller. – Even if you disconnect from the radio, it does not turn OFF the radio!

Since cannot turn the radio ON or OFF with RS-BA1 Remote Control operation, the radio must be turned ON. – [Note] there other control board and software (no Icom) to control power to equipment or other options, it works together with Icom RS-BA1 or HRD software etc.

Rig Monitoring with the Icom RS-BA1 Program on the Shack
(Copyright © 2012, AE7PD, Peter – see the link below)
Vari articoli (ENG) di Peter sono dedicati ai radioamatori (compresi i radioamatori ipovedenti) che desiderano visualizzare direttamente nello shack le impostazioni di un ricetrasmettitore HF sullo schermo del computer per una migliore visibilità (Così è possibile vedere in grande la grafica “GUI” di RS-BA1 ed operare con il mouse e la tastiera, oltre ai controlli con le manopole e pulsanti della stessa Radio!) – Peter tratta anche altri sistemi per PSK-31 per Kenwood, Elecraft ecc. – Vedere i link qui sotto.

This article is about using RS-BA1 for a different purpose to make the radio settings easier to read using a nearby computer screen ( also for vision-impaired ham-radio!) - Also, you can operate with a mouse and keyboard in addition to the controls on the radio (on the shack!) – See the link below for many other issues and tips by AE7PD.

Link to: Icom RS-BA1 Program to Rig Monitoring (AE7PD)
Link to: Ham Radio and Vision website (many others issues) 

See the RS-BA1 Remote Controller’s help file for remote operation details, such as how to change the frequency, or turn ON each function. - To display the help file, click “Contents” in the Help menu on the Remote Controller, or push [F1]

Link to: RS-BA1 Instruction Manual – RS-BA1 Guide’s (1)/(2)/(3)

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YAESU FTDX-3000 HF/50MHz – 4.3″ LCD DR 106dB IP3 +33dBm 2kHz Spacing (July “QST” Cover II)


FTDX-3000 HF+50 MHz Transceiver coming-soon, the back cover of QST showed an advertisement for the latest addition to the Yaesu family! The July QST Cover II inserts the manufacturer’s specifications: !! 4.3-inch Large color LCD display / DR:106 dB / IP3 +33 dBm  / 14MHz Band CW (500) (IPO ON, Roofing Filter 600Hz, 2 kHz Spacing)
(IT) FTDX-3000 HF/50MHz i prezzi e la disponibilità saranno annunciati presto! La II^ di copertina di QST ha la pubblicità con questi dati: Display LCD da 4.3″ e non 3.5″ più le specifiche DR, IP3 come sopra:

!! 八重洲無線(株) 新型HF/50MHz帯オールモードトランシーバ「FT DX 3000」

As you can see the buttons VFO B/A  are reversed!  than usual A/B -
The Main operating frequency is the most important in the radio display, with [VFO-A] frequency located just above the Main dial. The [VFO-B] frequency can be displayed on the 4.3-inch color LCD display (left).
For the [MODE] change (USB LSB CW etc.). you have a single button with sequential selection or via Memory channels! – (like [MODE] setting of the new Elecraft KX3 Transceiver)

The Down conversion 9 MHz 1st IF frequency receiver construction, can realize narrow 300 Hz (optional), 600 Hz and 3 kHz bandwidth Roofing filters. - Yaesu implements new three dedicated (XF-127 series) sharp Crystal Roofing Filters for a superior close-in dynamic range.

Yaesu Musen Co., LTD says: The FTDX3000 has the high dynamic range IP3 performance that was realized and proven in the FTDX5000. – IF DSP  with 32 bit high speed floating decimal (max 2800 MIPS)

The FTDX-3000 Transceiver displayed at the 2012 Dayton Hamvention and at 2012 HAM RADIO Friedrichshafen! -

Selectivity (WIDTH: Center) at -6 dB -60 dB CW/RTTY/PKT 0.5 kHz or better 750 Hz or less - SSB 2.4 kHz or better 3.6 kHz or less/ AM 6 kHz 15 kHz/FM 15 kHz or 25 kHz - Image Rejection: 70 dB or better (1.8 MHz – 30MHz Amateur bands) - Transmitter Output:  5 – 100 watts (2 – 25 W AM carrier)

FTdx-3000 a high speed Spectrum Scope LCD Display 4.3-inch (480×272 dots) – (like the larger 5.8-inch of the  IC-7600) -

When in the Auto Mode, the Spectrum Scope display is updated in real time. The maximum bandwidth of the scope is 1 MHz, and the minimum span width setting is 20 kHz.
Built-In specialised receiver amplifier for 50 MHZ; Signal output for an external receiver;  9 MHz IF output;  USB Interface and

The color LCD displays the operating information and the status of the transceiver functions.
Although the FTDX3000 has only one receiver, a high speed Spectrum Scope is built into the radio.  (…click to enlarg !)
AF Scope display and RTTY/PSK encoder/decoder (optional)

Link to:  Download the FTdx-3000 Preliminary Brochure link a Yesu UK
Link to: Universal radio Inc – FTdx-3000 Preliminary Specifications

FT-101E Built by, the Yaesu Co., Japan during the 1970′s – 1980′s was one of the Yaesu family of fine Amateur Radios! -
The FT DX 3000 Transceiver is the latest addition to the Yaesu family, incorporating the newest Down conversion and Sharp edged crystal roofing filter technology. - These features provide outstanding receiver performance which is a heritage of the FT-DX5000.

[NoteAll marks are property of their respective owners. Specifications are subject to change without notice!

The TS-990S with SP-990 speaker! The Waterfall function displayed at HAM RADIO DE 2012


The TS-990S and SP-990 Speaker! – TS-990 prototype with Waterfall function will be displayed as a reference exhibit at HAM RADIO 2012 in Friedrichshafen (June 22-24). Update !! See the new pictures of the TS990′s line, the latest info reports, Video and link below.

Interessante come sempre la Fiera di Friedrichshafen 2012 anche se alcune note ditte erano assenti, compresa la ACOM. La WoodBoxRadio con il nuovo Stand presentava novità made in Italy, come FDM-S1 e l’atteso Software Studio1.

Nello Stand Kenwood con il prototipo del TS-990, Michael Bruck ha mostrato in alcune occasioni le funzionalità del Transceiver HF/50MHz, compresa la modalità Waterfall nel Main Display TFT. Sul pannello posteriore (coperto invece a Dayton!) si notava l’uscita per un Monitor/Display e un Jack per una Keypad !

(Clcik on TS-990 SP-990 to big-enlarge!) – Two totally independent Receivers - Dual TFT display and a high speed Spectrum Scope (like IC-7800′s/7600′s, Icom’s pioneering work )  - Output Power 5W – 200W → Mode SSB CW FSK PSK FM AM → Built-in Switching Power Supply → Built-in Antenna Tuner → COM port → USB A/B port & LAN port - 

The KENWOOD TS-990S Dual TFT Display & Dual Receiver HF/50 at Dayton Hamvention® 2012, it is scheduled for worldwide launch under the KENWOOD brand in Novemb. 2012 – - まずはお目当てのTS-990です. - ドイツでは、フリードリッヒスハーフェン市にて開催される HAM RADIO 2012」(2012年6月22日~24日 !

Some features enumeration overheard in YouTube videos: The Main Receiver utilizes Super Sharp Roofing filters and Down-conversion – The sub-receiver is the TS-590 – Total Five roofing filters – 3×32 bit IF-DSP’s processors – DVI connector – Multiple USB-2 ports – Optical I/O –  LAN port (Remote controll via IP network?) …..

Reference exhibit model at Dayton Hamvention: TS-990 HF/50 MHz Transceiver –  the TS-990 is a top-of-the-range flagship model in the KENWOOD Amateur radio line-up“- (Click image to enlarge!) 

[Rumors] :  The new Flagship is expected to retail in the $5,400 – 6,800 USD range [ Please watch t official web-sites] - Link to: JVC Kenwood News Release

JVC Kenwood Co., is releasing a new top end rig in the heritage of TS-950SDX, the TS-990S. It will be a full year, according to Kenwood, before the TS-990S will be available in the USA. - [Note] Please note that as this product is under development, published information is subject to change w.n.

参考出品機種:HF/50MHz トランシーバー「TS-990」
デュアルTFTディスプレイ&デュアル・レシーバーを搭載した、当社アマチュア無線機のトップエンド“最高級実戦機”です。….. (2012年4月18日)

<- QST…. Kenwood’s New HF Transceiver at Dayton 2012 !!The new transceiver will be roughly the same size as the TS950SDX.  - All HF + 50 MHz Bands … TS-990S.. (Click image to enlarge!!)
- Tokyo Ham Faire 2012年8月25日(土)・26日(日)東京ビッグサイトで開催 !

Link to:  HAM RADIO / HAMtronics / Computer / Messe Friedrichshafen

Video - the TS-990s and information from N4DRO at Dayton Hamvention 2012

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HJA-2000H new Amplifier and PT-8000 in the Ham Radio Friedrichshafen June 2012


HJA-2000H RF Power Amplifier. – A novelty in RF Power Amplifiers is new HJA’s Series by Hliberling GmbH. Even  the PT-8000A VLF/HF/VHF Transceiver  ”Spitzentechnologie made in Germany”….  just in time for HAM RADIO in Friedrichshafen 22-24 June 2012. – See the PT-8000′s 2008 v 2011 production and Link below.

(Clink to enlarge unofficial pictures elab. by www.radiocronache.com)

HJA-2000H HF Power Amplifier 2000 W Out [63 dB /0 dBm] 1,5 … 30 MHz - MIL Jammer Mode - Remote/Local - TFT Central Monitoring System – 19”  Design/10 HU - HPS-69-50-12 Power Supply for HF /VHF/UHF Power Amplifier HJA-2000H/ HJA-2000V/HJA-1000U – 6450 Watt Out – 50 Volt 450 Watt Out – 12 Volt - 19” Design /5 HU.

PT-8000 VLF/HF/VHF All Mode Transceiver with low noise SAW-VCXO at 640MHz. Employment of 1 GHz DDS oscillators guarantees low noise characteristics to noise suppression of -160dBc @ 10kHz at 14.2MHz.

La Hilberling GmbH continua la sua produzione di apparati diciamo di “nicchia” dal costo elevato (List price PT-8000 Transceiver, 200W, incl. Power Supply and Mic T9 = Euro 13.290,00) anche dopo l’annuncio nel 2010 di una probabile collaborazione con la Telefunken, di cui non è noto l’esito ad oggi.

Seguono, qui, alcuni dati, che si ritiene interessanti per confrontare (a few figures abaut PT-8000′s Transceiver 2008 and 2011 production) alcune importanti differenze trà il PT-8000 del 2008 e la produzione del 2011. !! In particolare il valore della 1st IF ed ora con un solo Roofing  Filter da 50kHz
Prodotto nel 2008 (11.5.08):
RX Double Super Heterodyne 1st IF 70.700MHz and 2nd IF 10.7MHz  / Xtal-Filter 1st and 2nd IF (BW) 70.7MHz (2.7kHz/6.0kHz/12.0kHz) MAIN 10.698/SUB 10.702MHz (0.5… 6.0kHz/12.0kHz)
Prodotto nel 2011 (13.12.11):
RX Double Super Heterodyne 1st IF 40.700MHz 2nd IF 10.7MHz / Xtal-Filter 1st and 2nd IF (BW) 40.7 (BW 50kHz) MAIN 10.702/SUB 10.698MHz (BW 0.5… 6kHz/15kHz)

Link to: Hilberling GmbH Products en web page
link to: HAM RADIO Messe Fiedrichshafen 2012
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YAESU FTDX-3000 HF+50MHz 100W Transceiver (Down Conversion RX) Color LCD Scope


The new Yaesu FTDX-3000 HF+50 MHz 100W Transceiver displayed at the 2012 Dayton Hamvention – !! See the pictures, info and link (below) to download the Yaesu UK  Preliminary Brochure  in PDF!! —
The FT DX 3000 Transceiver is the latest addition to the Yaesu family which is a heritage of the FT-DX5000!

The FT DX 3000 Transceiver is the latest addition to the Yaesu family, incorporating the newest Down conversion and Sharp edged crystal roofing filter technology. - These features provide outstanding receiver performance which is a heritage of the FT-DX5000.

Link to: Download the preliminary brochure by Yaesu UK

Link to: Latest informations update by radiocronache

Flex 6000 Series. Flex-Radio displays their newest FLEX-6500 & FLEX-6700 Virtex®-6 FPGA


Flex-Radio Systems will introduce their newest FLEX-6500 & FLEX-6700 HF/50MHz Transceivers and FLEX-6700R HF/VHF Receiver with SmartSDR™ Grafical Interface! On display now at Dayton Hamvention 2012. – See the preliminary preices and brochure link below!

The FLEX-6000 Signature Series was designed with plug-and-play  installation as a requirement. There are no drivers or interface cards to install. – Just plug the radio into an antenna, power supply and network, load the SmartSDR™ software on your existing PC and operate. – Preliminary List Prices:  mod. Flex-6700: USD 6999,00/ mod 6700/R – USD 5999,00/ mod 6500 – USD 3999,00 — (Official Prices:  TBA!!)

The FLEX-6700 transceiver and FLEX-6700R receiver each allow creation of up to 8 independent Slice Receivers from 0.03 MHz to 77 MHz and 135 MHz to 165 MHz.
The FLEX-6500 allows creation of up to 4 Slice Receivers with tuning from 0.03 MHz to 77 MHz. – Each Slice Receiver can provide independent spectral display of up to 384 kHz. - Each FLEX-6000 Signature Series radio is equipped with a 1Gbps Ethernet port and two USB 2.0 ports  for communication to existing PCs or other future display platform!

The Xilinx® Virtex®-6 FPGA works in tandem with a Texas Instruments™ DaVinci™ Digital Media Processor that includes a 1.4 GHz (1.2 GHz on FLEX-6500) ARM Cortex™-A8 CPU with NEON™ floating point coprocessor. It also includes a 1.2 GHz (1.0 GHz on FLEX-6500), 32-bit floating point DSP coprocessor. The FLEX-6000 Signature Series achieves world class PNDR (Phase Noise Dynamic Range) through the incorporation of an ultra-low phase noise master oscillator at 983.04 MHz,

The FLEX-6500 and FLEX-6700 incorporate a 100W push-pull pair of rugged RD100HHF1 MOSFET transistors operating at 13.8V DC - Mod system: Digital Low Power at Carrier Frequency
Link to: WoodBoxRadio for the FLEX-6000 Series official Brochure in PDF

[Note] All marks are property of their respective owners. Specifications are subject to change without notice! (…data and info… from FRS-Rev 00 1- 5/8/2012)

AntennaDinamica AD introduce sonn the innovative Dinamic antennas AD-Motor AD-Controller


AntennaDinamica “AD” born from the AD-Team passion, a italian group composed of experienced Ham radio Operators. Factory research located in Subbiano, Arezzo (Italy) – - See the Link and Video below !
Nasce AntennaDinamica AD per la passione della squadra AD-Team, composta da un gruppo di esperti Radioamatori. Nella sede di Subbiano (Arezzo) vengono sviluppati e testati gli AD-Motor.

The AD company introduce soon the innovative dinamic antennas products to the marketplace. – The decision was made to determine market viability by participating in the 2012 HAM RADIO trade show in Friedrichshafen De, the largest convention of its kind in the Europe.

The AD-Motor system, powered by a  NEMA 23 stepper motor, can control the element lengths, a long boom is not needed to achieve near optimum gain and front to back ratios on every frequency between 7 MHZ and 50 MHz. – The Stepper-Motor NEMA 23 has a torque 3 times stronger than of a stepper motor NEMA 17 commonly used in other dynamic antennas. – The AD-Motor Unit is a high precision mechanism made of special design and materials.

The adoption of a drive shaft bound by a bering bracket with the slide plate of the elements tapes, who eliminates any tape of oscillation making a precise engagement of the beryllium tape in the motor teeth shaft !
Another great addition is an exclusive contact between the element tape and feed line, we chose Teflon material (most slippery.. opposed to system with slat!), the electric contact between the parts is assured by a calibrated spring which acts to push the element type against one great copper beryllium plate.

The AD-Controller which is directly connected into your computer, driving you controlling all elements lenght, looking on the screen in real time the effective forward power, swr and operative frequency. CAT control included for all HF rigs, allowing great grafphic interface to take control with just one click of all functions.

For further informations visit the Website or Facebook pages
Link to:  AntennaDinamica official website
Link to:  @AntennaDinamica Facebook page

Watch the AD Video:  Antenna Dinamica Motor Unit Test of 17/feb/2012

In this video we show the speed tests performed on AD Motor, we’ve tried to stress the AD stepper motor by starting from 690 steps per minute untill making him take more than 800 steps per minute – ( 650 steps! …that there was no mechanical failure)

FUNcube-1 is go for LAUNCH! FUNcube Dongle SDR – FunSDR by I2PHD – FDM-S1 by Elad


Topics! breaking news: FUNcube-1 by AMSAT-UK’s  is GO FOR LAUNCH! / FUNcube Dongle Pro 64MHz to 1.7GHz  SDR Receiver / New FunSDR software coming by Alberto, I2PHD (source sdritalia) / New FDM-S1 FPGA based by ELAD S.r.l available in March 2012 (source woodboxradio)

The FUNcube-1 micro-satellite (CubeSat standard size) will carry a UHF to VHF linear transponder that will have approx 500mW PEP output and which can be used by Radio Amateurs worldwide for SSB and CW communications. -

Link to: AMSAT-UK’s  FUNcube          Download the JPG FUNcube is Go for Launch!

AMSAT-UK  is working on this new amateur satellite project: FUNcube-1 is a complete educational single CubeSat project with the goal of enthusing and educating young people about radio, space, physics and electronics, will be launched with a number of other spacecraft from a DNEPR rocket sometime in the third quarter of 2012.

FUNcube Dongle Pro or “FCD” is a SDR Receiver! - The Pro version gives unlimited access to the frequency range 64MHz to 1.7GHz (1.1GHz – 1.27GHz omitted) – Similar to USB TV Dongle, the FUNcube Dongle simple fits into your computer’s USB port. It’s compatible with many radio reception programs … like the future FunSDR write by I2PHD (see below!) and it is uses standard USB drivers already integrated into the operating system! (…No drivers required!)

FUNcube Dongle Pro Prices: (for EC buyers Inc VAT at 20%): abaut £134.60/£137.22 inc. shipping!

Link to: FUN Cube Dongle official website       FUNcube Yahoo group

FunSDR Software (in development) - The new software FunSDR which is working I2PHD, Alberto is (probably..) expected soon!  - A few days ago was released the GUI Ver.1.0 beta 1- (note the nixie counter, very fine… like a vintage style) – Features are tailored to operation on VHF, UHF and Microwave  frequencies with the FUNcube Dongle SDR Raceiver range.

As is known, I2PHD, is a genius in developing the software! The Winrad written by Alberto is a free software pioneering for the SDR radio applications. – The WRplus by Sandro Sfregola is a Software Defined Radio program derived from the base code of  Winrad. << Click to enlarge the Screen shot GUI Ver.1.0 beta 1 

Link to: The Weaksignals page of Alberto, I2PHD

FDM-S1 is an analog to digital conversion board, FPGA-based developed by ELAD S.r.l. made in Italy… wow! – The Preliminary Spec. and Special Price (EN/IT) by Link to:  WoodBoxRadio – (Italy) 

Anteprima: FDM-S1 hardware: Campionatore ADC 14bit – 61,44MHz – Campionamento diretto da 80kHz – 30MHz – Ingresso adatto fino a  200MHz* per Undersampling ( *Richiede filtri d’ingresso opzionali) Uscita su USB a 192kHz I&Q e altro! – SW1 Software: Ricezione AM CW SSB FM Stereo e DRM  integrati – Tripla barra di sintonia (patent pending) – Doppio Filtro Notch e Filtro DSP variabili  - Registrazione e riascolto dei 192kHz campionati e altro!

[Note for all topics]: All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders

TS-2000 Update Ver. 1.09 (Check: 8BC9) 30 June, 2011. G6ISY S/N to date calculator


TS-2000/TS-2000X/TS-B2000 Update Software Ver. 1.09 (Checksum = 8BC9) 30 June, 2011!! Latest news: G6ISY developed the method of calculating the manufacture date, wrote this Javascript. –  How to work out the age of your radio. Kenwood Month/Year of manufacture calculator… (! see the link below)

The Kenwood S/N format used from 1999 until approximately August 2008 is numeric and the S/N format adopted from approximately August 2008 is alphanumeric.
La Kenwood ha utilizzato un formato numerico per il S/N fino ad Agosto 2008 e poi un formato alfanumerico dal 2008, che prosegue attualmente.

G6ISY ha predisposto un programma di calcolo, in formato Javascript, in cui inserendo le prime tre cifre o cifre/lettere dal proprio S/N si ottiene la data di fabbrica dell’apparato TS-2000! (…. see the link below)

[Revision 12]
Checksum = 8BC9 : The latest firmware. TS-2000 Ver. 1.09 (30/June/2011 released)
Applied from S/No.B13xxxxx approx.
Updated the following item.
Enabled the backup of Auto Mode frequency points when Partial Reset is executed as well as Memory channel data or Menu settings.
Check the firmware version of your TS-2000 or TS-2000X by following procedure:
1) Turn the transceiver ON while pressing the [MIC] key and [NR] key to enter Checksum confirmation mode;
2) The Checksum of the firmware appears on the Main 7 segment display;

Link to: G6ISY Kenwood Month/Year Calculator 

Link to:  TS-2000 Firmware revision history   Link to: to Firmware updating procedure