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HAM RADIO 2013: FDM-DUO – HandyPSK – EXPERT 1.3K – Exacalibur ULTRA – K3/0 Mini – FT1DR C4FM – PT-8000 & More


Ham Radio 2013 – The International Exhibition for Radio Amateurs, HAM RADIO 2013, was held June 28-30, 2013 in Friedrichshafen, with exciting new models and products! – Here are  some photos and news  from the tour…! – FT-1DR FDMA Mode like NEXEDGE™ Kenwood’s or IDAS™  Icom’s Digital PMR’s Radios. See the new FT1-DR brochure –   Fiera di Friedericshafan 2013: un report con varie foto e descrizione di alcune novità  – See more & Link below!

FDM-DUO a new SDR rtx made in Italy – ELAD has displayed his “little SDR Tranceiver” at Ham Radio Friedrichshafen 2013. Quite interesting concept to have a stand alone QRP rig at 192kHz sampling, combined with an extended SDR if you use it with a Computer.


It is a Direct Sampling SDR receviver (is an RF Sampler) with a DDC on a FPGA, and a Cortex ARM DSP module for filtering and demodulation in stand-alone mode. In RX and TX directions it is a fully SDR technology. QRP trasmitter 5 W Output Power – CAT Control via USB-2 port dedicated.  (please click image to enlarge)

FDM-DUO_rtx-Elad-2013In other words: you can take it with you as a self-sustained 192kHz SDR narrow band modes QRP tranceiver (Sideband/CW/AM). –
At home, attached to a faster CPU (computer with FDM-SW1 software o so), you can run it at its full bandwidth of 6144kHz sample rate and use wider bandwidth RX/TX modes, inc. DSB, AM Sync, FM, RTTY, DRM, WB FM+RDS.
Link to: Download the FDM-DUO lefleat-1 by ELAD Srl -

FDM-DUO Coming Soon – ! A meno che non costerà meno di 800 Euro/1100$, più le spese di spedizione, per ora preferirei ottenere un consolidato QRP Elecraft KX3 ( L’Italia dell’eccellenza nel Software Defined Radio va apprezzata per i successi di alto livello avuti, ma qui … ben tre porte USB-2 sul retro del DUO (1RX-1TX e 1CAT), impone di capirne il perché e gli sviluppi del prototipo)!  … il team Elad ci sorprenderà!

HandyPSK – Compact PSK 40m & 20m QRP Transceiver

You can operate CW, RTTY, BPSK, QPSK without a PC. Just connect the battery and antenna and you can operate anywhere, anytime with 100mW pover output. –  PS2 External keyboard jack – Stand-alone no PC!
Picture Main PCB: You can see DsPIC33F DSP, TI 3204 CODEC, 3 pole Crystal filter.


SilentSystem Ltd specification: Front-end crystal filter architecture – Low noise and high IMD dynamic range – Internal DSP emphasizes weak signals and decodes the text – Rotary dial operation. Copy received words and paste to send templates – 128 x 64 dot backlit graphic LCD display – 100mW RF output, and more.

SPE  EXPERT 1.3K-FA Linear Amplifier Up to 1.5 KW (1.3 KW typ.)


The Italian “SPE” introducing its new EXPERT 1.3K-FA Amplifier – Powerful up to 1.5kW – Very Ligth: 7,5 kg – 3 Power levels: (max) full, (mid) 800W, (low) 500W – Builtin Switching Power Supply with PFC – Frequency Range 1.8MHz to 50 MHz – Manages 4 antenna automatically – Fully remotable & CAT –  USB & RS232 ports – Builti two fast CPUs – [note] The PA-Unit (Power Amplifier) uses only one new rugged device! – Available also without ATU (allowing significant… savings) – Pricing will be $5200 USD – Availability about the late 2013. – (please see the official source!)

WiNRADiO introducing its new SDR EXCALIBUR “Ultra” (beta version)

SDR_Excalibur-ultra_combi-2013WiNRADiO SDR Excalibur Series employs a user-selectable preselector that can operate either in a fully automatic or user-configurable mode. As many as 119 different filter combinations can be constructed by the user (91 bandpass, 14 low-pass and 14 high-pass). The front-end employs 34 subminiature electromechanical relays (rather than often used but distortion-prone semiconductor switches.

Elecraft K3/Ø Mini Remote Controll head “Real Rig Feel”

K3-0mini_2013Elecraft and its new K3/Ø Mini for remote controll of a home or contest station!! – the lightweight portable remote control for the K3 Transceiver –  “Real Rig Feel” remote operation for CW, SSB, & Data modes – Stereo! Amplified Internal Speakers – Single cable inteface to the Remote Rig Internet System (RRC-1258MkII Mod. or so) – Pricing will be $695.00 USD – Availability is expected for early August 2013.

Yaesu and its “D-Star” DV competitor FT-1DR & the HF FTdx-1200

FT-1DR V/U HT the Yaesu C4FM DV competitor 144/430 FDMA and FM modes. Tthe new HT digital was not compatible with a D-STAR DV standard, and the repeaters available for it only some areas recently.

FT1DR_C4FM&FM FT1DR_4-modes Yaesu_FTdx-1200

Digiata C4FM FDMA & Analog FM, in 4 communication modes: 1) V/D Mode: Simultaneous Voice/Data Mode (6.25kHz voice + 6.25kHz data & ec code, bandwidth is used) – 2) Voice FR Mode: Voice Full Rate Mode (uses the entire 12.5kHz for digital voice - 3) Data FR Mode: High-speed 9.6 kbps  Data Communication Mode (uses the entir 12.5kHz…..)4) Analog FM Mode – AMS (Automatic Mode Select) is available.

FT-1D news: The built-in worldwide standard AX.25 Data TNC Modem permits uncomplicated APRS® FT1D_FM-aprs(Automatic Packet Reporting System) operation.- More useful information & GPS logger is stored on the high capacity micro SD card (Maximum 32GB) – Rx covers 504 kHz – 999.900 MHz (A Band), 108 MHz – 580 MHz (B Band), continuous reception for Short-wave, FM/AM broadcasts, and more features… see the new brochure link below!

List Price: $600,00 Your Price: $539,95 USD (Universal Radio) !!

[Note] !!! The FDMA C4FM (4-Level FSK) is a Frequency Division Multiple Access (FDMA) methodology whereby one user accesses a channel frequency at any one point in time. (i.e. accesses via the frequency domain)… …!
like NEXEDGE™ Kenwood’s Digital PMR or IDAS™  Icom’s Digital PMR radios! – (2005/2007: Forms a technical alliance with Kenwood, Icom, Zetron Inc & CTE International etc.  to jointly research to dPMR digital two-way radios – narrow 12.5 kHz and very narrow 6.25 kHz bandwidth channels )

Link to: Download the FT1-DR/FT1-DE latest Brochure B9200643 (ENG)

[Note]  dPMR is a digital technology designed for VHF/UHF that uses 4-Level FSK FDMA (C4FM) modulation and supports both voice and data. – The dPRM Association support the latest digital PMR radio technology known as dPMR. The group currently includes radio manufacturers, chip manufacturers, protocol and software developers and systems developers. (!! Yaesu Musen Co.  not member at this time !)

Link to: More news & Members from the © dPMR Association web site 

Hilberling GmbH PT-8000A VLF / HF / VHF Transceiver (Rev.2.0)

Hilberling-200W-PA  PT-8000ABlock Schematic PT-8000A

RX: 9 kHz – 30 MHz/50 – 54 MHz/69.9 – 70.5 MHz/144 – 148 MHz/110 – 143.9 MHz
TX: 160/80/60/40/30/20/17/15/12/10/6/4/2m-band – All-Mode  – 2x RX – DSP and 16-pol analog + digital filters – Frequency Stability 0.005 ppm – List Price: €.13.290,00 incl. 19% MwSt (VAT De).
Link to: Download the Hilberling PT-8000A PDF Brochure

A-meeting_2013 OE9XGV_Steyr-680 Icom_IC-7700_2013

[Note] – Detailed specifications: please see the official sources – All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders

FTdx-1200 Up-conversion – FT’s cocktail a mixture of radios! Yaesu User Manual EN – FFT1 & SCU-17


FTdx-1200 HF/50MHz Up-conversion in stock – The FTdx1200 Operating Manual (13.4MB by Yaesu Usa) see link below – Optional SCU-17 USB Interface & FFT-1 Unit Download the Istruction Manula EN/JP below – This medium-price HF Transceiver it has a mixture of Yaesu radios (FT’s cocktail?! see below) – In the FTdx-1200 the VFO-A & VFO-B frequency and status are displayed only on the TFT Display & Spectrum Scope sweep function has two modes. Optional FFT-1 adds other features & Decoder. (Click the pictures to enlarge!)


Yaesu Musen Co. will show the FTDX-1200 at Friedricshafen HamRadio 2013


On the FTdx-1200 the Band Scope can be switched to a “full-screen” display by simply pressing the SCOPE key, and a signal spectrum can be viewed in detail on the Full TFT screen.


FT’s cocktail: FT-950 Triple-conversion, IPO & RF amps (*FT1.2k uses two 2SC3356 on *FT3k two 2SC3357!) & Roofing filtes (MCF) /FT-2000 1st IF Sub Receiver /FTdx-3000 a wide 4.3-in TFT Display, new Menu System, IF-DSP based on the TI TMS320C6727B (@300 MHz)Data management & additional ingredients may be SCU-17 and FFT-1 Units ! – FTdx-1200 Spectrum scope sweep function has two modes available & No receive audio is generated during high sweeping (appr. 300 msec)
[Note*] FTdx-1200 2SC3356 NPN Silicon Transistor Total Power Dissipation PT 200 mW / FTdx-3000 2SC3357 NPN Silicon Transistor Total Power Dissipation PT** 1.2 W (** with ceramic substrate, see the Data Sheet) –
[Note] !! A cocktail is an “alcoholic” mixed drink that contains three or more ingredients !! (wikipedia)


  • FTDX1200続報! 税込定価239,400!発売は早ければ6月か!(..Japan)
  • FTDX3000 定価 340,200円 – メーカー 八重洲無線 (…Japan)
  • FTdx-1200 List: USD $2400.00  / Discount Price: $1879,95 (…HRO US)
  • Yaesu FFT-1 $189,95 / Yaesu USB Interface  SCU-17 $194,95 (..HRO US)
  • FTdx-3000 Discount Price (EU) €2.505,00 incl. 19% VAT (..Difona DE)

SCU-17_USB-Interface-maxFTdx-3000_FFT-1-built-in_closein FFT-1-Unit

I don’t understand what Yaesu’s engineers are thinking!!
If I understand the specs correctly, you need to buy an optional interface (SCU-17) before you can perform firmware upgrades! Reading the brochure thoroughly I saw that the pretty Spectrum Scope (ASC) is not in real-time. The brochure says that the audio is muted during the sweeping that takes 300 msec (!!…. no receive audiois generated during sweeping, but as sweeping is done at an extremely high speed….etc.)

Optional SCU-17 USB Interface Unit ! The SCU-17 USB Interface supports CAT, USB Audio in/out, TX control (PTT, Key, Shift) and Firmware update functions! Optional FFT-Unit adds AF-FFT (Audio Frequency Fast Fourier Trasform) scope function demonstrates the AF characteristics of the TX/RX signal. , RTTY/PSK31 Encode /Decode, CW Decode and CW Auto Zero-in. – See the Yaesu Istruction Manual ( below)

[Note] The SCU-17 can be used for digital modes interface for all the current Yaesu HF transceivers via RS-232 Port and utility software – System Setup: FTdx-1200 – FTdx-3000 – FT-450D – FT-950 – FT-2000 – Ftdx-5000 – FT-817ND – FT-857D – FT-897D & hoter – Read please the SCU-17 Istruction Manual EN/JP ( below).

[Note-2] Install the Virtual COM Port Driver on the PC before using the SCU-17 USB interface unit – See on the Yaesu web-site for details and istruction manual.

Link to: Download the Operating Manual EN Ver. (EXP) EH058H100
Link to: Download the SCU-17 USB Interface Unit Istruction Manual

Link to: Download the 16-page FTDX1200 Brochure (EXP) B9200652
Link to: Download the FT-950 Brochure 2007.0910 (U/E) B9200576 

A quick look at the Yaesu FTdx-1200 at Dayton Hamvention 2013

FTdx-1200_remote_Dayton-2013 FTdx-1200_SCU-17_Dayton-2013 FTdx-3000D_Dayton-2013

FT-950 Triple-conversion Super-heterodyne – (Up-conversion type)
1st IF of 69.45 MHz, a 2nd IF of 450 kHz, and a 3rd IF of 30 kHz (24 kHz for FM)

FTdx-3000 Double-conversion Super-heterodyne – (Down-conversion type)
1st IF 9.000MHz, a 2nd IF 30kHz (24kHz for AM/FM)

FTdx-1200 Specifications: Frequency Ranges: RX 30 kHz – 56 MHz (operating) 1.8MHz – 54 MHz (specified performance, amateur bands only) TX 1.8MHz – 54 MHz (amateur bands only) – Circuit Type: Triple-conversion super heterodyne Up-conversion –  Modulation Type: A1A(CW), A3E(AM), J3E(LSB,USB), F3E(FM), F1B(RTTY), G1B(PSK) – Power Output: 5 – 100 Watts (2 – 25 Watts AM carrier) – Intermediate Frequency: IF 40.455 MHz/ 455 kHz /30kHz (24 kHz for AM, FM, PACKET-FM) – Roofing Filters: 3 kHz, 6 kHz and 15 kHz  four-pole ( MCF) Monolithic Cristal Filter design at 40.455MHz. –  and more.

[Note] – Detailed specifications: please see the official Yaesu Musen Co. LTD or Yaesu USA  sources – All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders.


FLEX-6000™ FlexRadio releases the Quick Start Guide EN – N6V Special IDXC Visalia


FLEX-6700 & FLEX-6500 - Available the Flex-6000’s Quick Start Guide Final in official FlexRadio Systems Download page. – Finally, the 6000’s are starting to ship a few units at a time. – See the N6V Special Event Station Report – The new software, SmartSDR™ is a Thin Client system!! - See the pictures & link to download QSG  & Ham Radio Messe in Friedrichshafen 2013 …link below.

Flex-6000-prodFLEX-6000 Signature Series we started up manufacturing, implemented automated production test software, completed final production CE/FCC compliance testing, solved a myriad of typical production startup issues.-  K5SDR, Gerard  updates the project status (FlexInside-10).
The [CE] marked devices meet the essential requirements of Directive 1999/5/EC (Directive on Electronic and electrical equipmen) – FlexRadio Systems Date of  Testing: April 24, 2013.

The Quick Start Guide is designed to get you on the air with minimum effort. – This “QSG” provides only the basic steps to set up your FLEX-6500 or FLEX-6700. For more information see the Documentation folder on the CD-ROM that came with your SDR Transceiver.

Link to: FLEX-6000’s SDR Quick Start Guide – Filesize: 2,07MBytes
Link to: Importatore IT WoodBox Radio IK3VIG – Info & data Italy

Recommendations and Requirements: Minimum recommended CPU for SmartSDR for Windows is the Intel® Core™ 2 Duo or AMD® Athlon™ 64 x2 processor – The SmartSDR is a 64 and 32-bit Windows .NET Framework application designed to operate on Windows XP SP3, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. – The .NET Framework 4.0 Client Profile is required. (….source QSG FlexRadio).

Flex-6000-family_Dayton-2013Dall’immagine qui a lato si da un rapido sguardo ad una stazione radio FLEX-6000-serie, così come poteva vedersi alla recente esposizione internazionale Hamvention 2013 in Dayton Usa, presso gli stand della stessa FlexRadio Systems e si vedranno le ulteriori news anche alla Ham Radio di  Friedrichshafen De in June 2013, 28-30.

Il nuovissimo software SmartSDR™ qui sopra è in funzione con FLEX-6500 o FLEX-6700 e mostra qui solo due “Panadapters” ad alta definizione con  piccoli menu a tendina per rapidi e facili multi settaggi operativi! –  (Click the picture to enlarge)

Link to: Amateur Radio Exibition Friedrichshafen Ham Radio Messe 2013

Receivers type: Direct Sampling / Direct Conversion / Multi Conversion


  1. Direct Sampling a.k.a wideband: FLEX-6000 Series – HPSDR – Perseus, etc.
  2. Direct Conversion: FLEX-5000, FLEX-3000, Elecraft KX3, etc.
  3. Multi-Conversion a.k.a. Superheterodyne: Most every Kenwood, Icom, Ten-Tec, Elecraft, Yaesu amd Hilberling (note: latest models use a double conversion system it reduces signal distorsion and provides a high-fidelity RF signal to the builtin DSP processor)

italianoTra un mese circa potremo verificare la portata reale della sfida tra i noti produttori di apparati HF che insistono con l’architettura a Multi-Conversione, anche se con unità IF-DSP nello statio IF finale ed ora quasi tutti muniti di Display TFT multifunzione, e la nuova Signature Series FLEX-6000 con il suo nuovo Software (Thin Client) SmartSDR™ della FlexRadio americana. –
Questa Serie 6000 è dotata di alta potenza di calcolo ed elaborazione digitale (ADC – DUC _ FPGA – DSP – Grafica) – tutta entro-contenuta, che passa dal sistema SDR Direct Conversion (Flex-5000, Flex-3000 etc) al più recente sistema Direct Sampling  wideband! –  Naturalmente andranno considerati anche i prezzi finali dei vari modelli e le reali prestazioni ed affidabilità.

The Flex-6700 out of the box and how it saounds report by K6TU – see link below – The FlexRadio 6700 experience at N6V IDXC Visalia April, 2013 by EtherGeist, link below.

 The Flex-6700 out of the box and how it saounds by K6TU, Stu.

Flex-6700_inside-box14 May, 2013 – Stu Phillips, wrote: …… “As soon as I got the email alert that the package had been delivered, I hustled home and started unpacking……….. With the 6700 connected to the antenna via my amplifier, I made a test tranmission to set the output power and then started tuning for someone to work.” -

italianoPoi K6TU più sotto scrive: “Il primo QSO è stato con un IT9 nel sud Italia. Con entrambi i segnali di S8 è stato un piacevole QSO ed ho ottenuto un controllo di “audio ottimo” in risposta alla mia domanda: “how does it sound?” (come è il suono?)
Link to:  EtherGeist First Report – Flex-6700 full article by K6TU

FLEX-6700 on the Air at N6V – IDXC April 2013 (report by K6TU)


Sempre K6TU, Stu Phillips racconta le prime esperienze già fatte con il Flex-6700 durante l’attività di N6V (Speciale Event Station) attivata alla 64th IDXC 2013 (International DX Convention is held every April in Visalia, California US). Come si può leggere dal link più sotto Stu ha scritto un interessante articolo che, vista la lunga attesa per questo nuovo SDR Flex, può essere  interessante leggere dato che è scritto da pochi giorni per un ragguardevole “assetto” che si può vedere anche dalla foto qui sopra! // ……very grateful to the following folks who helped me put on N6V in 2011 and 2013.

  • US Tower brings along a heavy duty mobile tower (55’)
  • SteppIR supplies and assembles the antenna on site (DB-18E)
  • MAntenna Systems supplied the rotor (Orion 2800) and cables
  • RF Concepts supplied an Alpha 9500
  • FlexRadio Systems supplies the Flex-6700 radio

I’ve used every major brand of radio in the 40 years……  the FlexRadio System Flex-6700 evaluated as the best receiver K6TU has used in 40 years of amateur and professional experience regardless of the tranceiver costs!
………….. The filters perform!  You can pull signals out of a busy band that are really weak – even when parked next to a very strong station….

Link to: EtherGeist Report – Flex-6700 experience at N6V (full article)

FlexRadio Systems Flex-6000’s radios will start shipping  from mid/late-June

SmartSDR_on-thin-client Slices_18-14MHz SmartSDR_wireless 1944_Halicrafter-radio

The new Flex Radio SmartSDR™ software running on a very THIN client.
italianoAd oggi le notizie dicono che la produzione è in corso e il software è in fase di test. Flex Radio ha diversi “beta-tester” che proveranno i nuovi Transceiver SDR. Molto impegno degli ingegneri sviluppatori è anche per il modulo “panadapter” che ora è stato molto implementato rispetto al progetto iniziale. – Tutte le funzioni di elaborazione dei segnali e di calcolo per il DSP sono tutte entrocontenute nella serie Flex-6000, contrariamente a quanto avveniva o avviene in altri modelli (come il Flex-5000 etc.) che utilizzano la potenza di calcolo ed elaborazione data sopratutto dal Computer esterno. La nuova serie funziona in “THIN Client”, con Computer anche semplici o via rete Ethernet.


Unlike PowerSDR (es. Flex-5000 etc.) where all the UI and DSP software are combined in one piece of software, SmartSDR™ is a THIN Client – its basically a User interface. – All the DSP functionality  runs on a dedicated processor within the radio itself. SmartSDR™ software running on a very THIN client. – (Clik the pictures to enlarge)

Link to: Download the Brochure in Italiano pdf by WoodBoxRadio (IT)

[Note] All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders. This page is just a non-official overview, where no one should draw any conclusions – all images and versions above is for illustration only!


Elecraft K3/0 Remote Head & Remoterig RRC-1250MkII – KXPA100 Amplifier – KAT500 ATU


The K3/Ø-Mini Remote control  is functionally identical to our full K3, sized K3/Ø. Both control a remote K3 Transceiver via the RemoteRig RRC-1258MkII see the System configurations, link below. The new KXPA100 100W Amplifier with internal ATU option – $699,00 for the kit KXPA100 – ATU idem price KAT3 – Download the Guide to KX3 Mobile Installation (by w6nie) link below.

K3-0_dayton-2013 K3_remote-software-test_2013 P3SVGA_Dayton-2013

Preview of the upcoming Elecraft K3/Ø Mini head and the Remote Software in test at Dayton Hamvention 2013. See the Wide Screen for the P3SVGA option fot the Elecraft P3 Pamadapter. (click the pictures to enlarge).

KPA100_rearpanel KPA100_frontpanel KPA100_cover-removed
works with any rig with just AMP KEY and RF. Internal Frequency counter auto band switches. RJ45 is for a dedicated KX3 interface. One RF input, 1 or 2 ANT outputs. (2nd ANT output with internal ATU option.) –
Elecraft® writhes: will show the K3/Ø-Mini remote control head at Friedricshafen HamRadio 2013, along with the KXPA100 Amplifier. - (click the pictures to enlarge)

The K3/Ø-Mini is a Remote Control Head for the K3 Transceiver  at Dayton Hamvention 2013

–  Two RemoteRig RRC-1258MkII (picture below) units that provide the interface to the internet; one for the remote location and one for the local (control) location

– RRMTCBL cable set to connect the remote RRC-1258 unit to the remote K3.
– K3/Ø Remote control Head (Test at Dayton Hamvention 2013 )
– RRK0CBL cable set to connect a local K3/0 as the controller.
– RRK3CBL cable set to connect a local K3 as the controller.


When paired with the RemoteRig internet control system (also sold by Elecraft®) this K3 Remote system can connect your local K3 or K3/Ø to a remote K3 over the internet, including transmit and receive audio, without the need or complexity of setting up computers on each end. The K3 Remote system provides a real radio feel with immediate control feedback and very fast response times.
Link to: Remoterig System configurations (Elecraft, Kenwood, Icom, Yaesu)

The K3/Ø, or a regular a K3 in ‘terminal mode’, provides a unique real time remote control experience for operating a K3 located in the next room, or across the country. – [Note] The latest K3 firmware supports a compact remote control serial protocol – (Source Elecraft ® website)

Link to:  Elecraft ® K3-Remote K3 – more news and informations
Link to: RemoteRig K3-Twin Power Modification (Old RRC boards)
Link to: Official RemoteRig Website

KX3 SDR – Guide to KX3 Mobile Installation and Operation (W6NIA)

KX3 in-a-Honda_2012Essential factors in mobile operation are significantly different than when operating portable or at a fixed station.
Link to: Downolad the Guide to KX3 Mobile installation PDF

One aspect of KX3 mobile installation and operation that is emphasized in this Guide is safety. – This Guide’s scope covers only installations in vehicles that have negative ground electrical systems. etc. (Download the PDF and Read more)

KAT500 Auto-Tuner & Smart Antenna Switch – (Source Elecraft ®)

The new KAT500 uses the same topology and performance tuning algorithms as the 100W autotuner in the K3. Typical matching range at 500 W is up to 10:1 on most bands.

Frequency Typical Matching Range and Power Limit:
1.8 — 2MHz 600W into 10 to 500 Ohms (5:1 Low Impedance, 10:1 High Impedance SWR) / 3 — 30 MHz 600W into 5 to 500 Ohms (10:1 SWR) / 1000W into 16 to 150 Ohms (3:1 SWR ) / 1000W into 16 to 150 Ohms (3:1 SWR ) and  30 — 60MHz 500W into 5:1 SWR (10 to 250 Ohms)
The KAT500 measures transmit frequency to automatically select tuning memories and antennas – The KAT500 can tune with 10 W but we recommend 20 W to 100 W for best tuning accuracy – The KAT500 has a front panel SWR display and three selectable antenna outputs.  –
Link to: Elecraft ® KAT500 official web-page
Link to: Elecraft ® KAT500 Owner’s Manual

[Note] All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders –  These events and news are reported for information only.


New FTdx-1200 100W HF/50MHz Up-conversion type at Dayton 2013 – SCU-17 USB Unit – The 16-page Brochure EN


New FTdx-1200 100W HF/50MHz Up-conversion type 1st IF 40,455MHz  at Dayton Hamvention 2013 – 4.3 in TFT full color display like FTdx-3000 – Optional SCU-17 USB Interface Unit ! The SCU-17 USB Interface supports CAT, USB Audio in/out, TX control (PTT, Key, Shift) and Firmware update functions! Optional FFT-Unit adds other features – Download the new 16-page FTdx-1200 Brochure EN ( below).

FTdx-1200 List Price: USD $2400.00  / Discount Price: $1899,95 (…HRO US) !


FTDX1200 by YAESU MUSEN CO., LTD Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo  Japan – FCC Part15B Class B already approved: ID  K6620581X50 – 09.04.2013. – FTdx-1200 & FTdx-3000 (WxHxD): 14.4″ x 4.5″ x 12.3″ / 365 x 115 x 312 mm (Click the pictures to enlarge)

TFT-Display_VFO-A-B-statusFTdx-1200 intuitive operability with the new Display & Panel layouts. The VFO-A & VFO-B frequency and status are displayed only on the main TFT Display. The trasmit and receive status, and the “basic” VFO-a, VFO-B settings and FAST or LOCK settings are displayed in the high contrast display above the Main Dial (dial using machined aluminium parts with torque adjistment).
The Band Scope can be switched to FULL-screen display by simply pressing the Scope key, and spectrum can be viewed on the Full TFT Color screen! – Now the most important  meters amd frequency examination, are displayed in central view!


FTdx-1200_ATU-Diecast-PA-unitThe PA-Unit amplifier, which has 2 x RD100HHF1 MOS FET’s in a Push-pull configuration with power level of 100W. – The aluminum used for the die cast has high thermal conductivity and lowers the heat resistance (see the Yaesu brochure!) –  A large 60 mm axial flow fan is placed  a the side  of the PA & ATU Unit’s. – The FTdx-1200 ATU (Automatic Antenna Tuner) is the digital type that uses LC switchinh

FTdx-1200_Roofing-FilterThe IF DSP using the 32-bit floating point DSP, TMS320C6727B at a clock speed of 300 MHz similar to the FTdx-5000 and FTdx-3000 series. – The 1st IF frequency is now set at 40 MHz (Up-conversion) and is protected by selectable 3 kHz, 6 kHz and 15 kHz Roofing Filters. –  Yeasu writes in the brochure (page 5): IDR (IMD Dynamic range) 104dB / IP3 (3rd-Order IP) +31dBm  at 14MHz Band CW (BW=500Hz) Roofing Filter = 3kHz @ 10kHz Separation two-tone signal ANT Imput (dBm).

SCU-17_USB-Interface-2Optional SCU-17 USB Interface Unit ! Can be connected to a PC with a USB cable, the SCU-17 USB Interface supports: External control (CAT), USB Audio IN/OUT, TX control (PTT, KEY, SHIFT), and Firmware update functions. (CAT is possible via the RS.232 without SCU-17).
Optional FFT-Unit adds AF-FFT (Audio Frequency Fast Fourier Trasform) scope function demonstrates the AF characteristics of the TX/RX signal. , RTTY/PSK31 Encode/Decode, CW Decode and CW Auto Zero-in.

  • FTdx-1200 Supplied Power: DC 13.8V
  • Frequency ranges: 0.030 – 56.000MHz – (TX Frequency Coverage: 160 to 6 meters bands)
  • Receiver Type: Triple-conversion Super-heterodyne – (Up-conversion type)
  • Intermediate Frequency: IF 40.455 MHz/ 455 kHz /30kHz (24 kHz for AM, FM, PACKET-FM)
  • Model of operation: A1A, A3E, J3E, F3E, F1B, G1B
  • Roofing Filters (3/6/15 kHz) – 32 Bit High Speed IF DSP – ATU Automatic Tuner builtin

Link to: Download the 16-page FTDX1200 Brochure (U.E.EXP) B9200652

FT-950 Triple-conversion Super-heterodyne – (Up-conversion type)
1st IF of 69.45 MHz, a 2nd IF of 450 kHz, and a 3rd IF of 30 kHz (24 kHz for FM)

FTdx-3000 Double-conversion Super-heterodyne – (Down-conversion type)
1st IF 9.000MHz, a 2nd IF 30kHz (24kHz for AM/FM)
[Note] Yaesu is offering a $100.00 rebate on this item – Net price $2499.95 

[Note] – Detailed specifications: please see the official Yaesu Musen Co. LTD or Yaesu USA  sources – All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders.

STAMPFL mini swRX and swRX two Analog Shortwave Receivers with Touchscreen (still in its experimental stadium!)


STAMPFL mini swRX and swRX - Two analog Shortwave Receivers with Touchscreen – The STAMPFL Receiver is still in its experimental stadium …. and is not, comparable to a DSP KWZ-30, Reuter or Perseus receiver – STAMPFL Morse keys was founded by Heinz Stampfl HB9KOC in 2005 and is now the first Swiss manufacturer of Morse keys .
An Assembly kit for the near future is in planing – The technology used is analog (exception of the TFT Display and DDS) with IF 10.7 MHz e 455kHz. – MODULATION, SPAN and ATT can be selected using the touchscreen display.

mini_swRX_close-in mini_swRX_internal-1 mini_swRX_internal-2

italiano I due ricevitori HF swRX’s della  STAMPFL Svizzera, sono di tipo analogico (con esclusione del Display TFT e del DDS) con IF a 10.7 MHz e 455 kHz, sono dotati in ingresso di Preselettore con toroidi T-50 e poi di Filtro a quarzo in 1st IF . Non sono comparabili con ricevitori più blasonati tipo KWZ-30 DSP oppure Perseus SDR.
Questi STAMPFL swRX e mini swRX sono attualmente in fase sperimentale (vedere link al sito web), essi hanno suscitato un certo interesse nel suo complesso per il tipo di filosofia del progetto, che dovrebbe portare anche alla fornitura in Kit. – Qui sotto il Modello swRX più grande, però anche esso sempre in fase sperimentale!

Link to: STAMPFL mini swRX  Features, Video, Photos and more news


STAMPFL swRX HF EXPERIMENTAL SHORTWAVE RX –  Für eine detaillierte Erklärung des Gerätes haben wir ihnen unten eine Videodokumentation angehängt (see the link below)

Link to: Official facebook Stampfl page
Link to: STAMPFL swRX Features, Video, Photos and more news


Source by: STAMPFL MORSETASTEN Gerbestrasse. 9 – CH-9436 Balgac (website)

[Note] – Detailed specifications: please see the official STAMPFL Morsetasten CH sources – All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders.


N8A – American’s Samoa DXpedition 12 to 27 Nov., 2013 – Team: JH3PRR, W6SZN, ZL1GO and ZL3CW


 N8A American’s Samoa DXpedition 12 to 27 November 2013 – The team: JH3PRR, W6SZN, ZL1GO and ZL3CW are setting up a DXPedition to American Samoa under the Special Callsign N8A, especially for the CQWW CW contest but with extended precontest activity intended to make KH8 widely available.

N8A_settingupLocation will be well South of the Capital Pago Pago to limit mountain low angle blockage. – Details: – Operations on HF 10-160m – Significant effort on 160 meters – Focus on EU for the high bands – CW will be the primary mode with some SSB and RTTY possible. – (Thank you for planning to put KH8 on the air by RadioCronache!) – Read more by official website, Link below

Link to: N8A American’s Samoa DXpedition 2013  (website is building up!)

italianoN8A American’s Samoa DXpedition dal 12 al 27 November 2013. Il team composto da  JH3PRR, W6SZN, ZL1GO e ZL3CW,  ha comunicato la preparazione di questa Spedizione DX sulle American Samoa. Questo è un evento speciale  ed utilizzerà un particolare nominativo anch’esso speciale: N8A !


Questo callsign  sarà utilizzato anche nel prossimo contest CQWW CW con attività anche pre-contest  da KH8 in località a Sud della Capitale Pago Pago. – Le operazioni DX saranno fatte nelle bande HF, dai 10m ai 160m. – Il team precisa che farà il possibile per  attivare la banda dei 160m. Avranno un riguardo particolare per l’Europa nelle bande alte. In’oltre informa che l’attività è particolarmente dedicata al modo CW (telegrafia), con qualche possibilità, però, anche in SSB e RTTY. – Seguire il loro web (link) (Grazie a loro per l’attività pianifica per mettere in aria KH8)


KH8 – …. America’s South Pacific Polynesian paradise!
American Samoa is a small archipelago that occupies only 76 square miles of land. Five of the main islands (Tutuila, Ta’u, Ofu, Olosega, Aunu’u, Nu’utele) are volcanic, with rugged peaks, narrow coastal plains and fringing reefs. Swain’s and Rose Islands are coral atolls.
The American Samoa National Park’s visitor center is located in Pago Plaza and is worth a visit before exploration of the islands begins. The National Park is situated in three islands of our islands: Tutuila, Ta’u and Ofu.

Link to: The American Samoa Government official website (ENG)

[Note]: These events and news are reported for information only! All informations are subject to change without notice.

FTdx-3000D QST review – Comparison Table – NPR test VA7OJ – New Firmware Ver.0112


FTdx-3000D Firmware now updated Main CPU Ver. 0112 and TFT Ver. 0106 for the HF 50MHz Transceiver. – The April QST Magazine has a favorable review of the FTdx-3000 ( – The QST Reviews Comparison Table by PA1HR, Hans, link below – Here is the link to VA7OJ FTdx-3000 FT-950 TS-590 IC-7700 IC-7600 IC-7410 and K3 etc. NPR Test Results, Analod/DSP radios.

The FTDX-3000 new Firmware Main CPU Ver. 0112 and TFT Ver. 0106 has just been posted 03/29/2013 by YAESU USA on his web-site. – Please read the latest version of the Yaesu FTDX3000 Firmware Upgrade Manual before proceeding! Checking current version on your Transceiver before download new upgrade!

[Note] There are four different Software installations (Yaesu still uses the multiple software systems installations! Icom and Kenwood instead use a unified software environment) – Each one must be followed carefully. Installing the wrong type software may cause difficulties.

[Note] The rig has to be started in different ways for each of these two updates to work!  The Yaesu “Firmware Upgrade Manual” has the update procedure for all of the Firmware-Modules & extention type (MAIN .SFL – DSP .dat – TFT .bin – FFT .dat), and for all Trasfer-Softwares (!! FSW018 – FW-DSP – TFW – FW-FFT !!) – See this Yaesu complex procedure step-by-step!

FTDX-3000D Implements & Improvements and Manuals see the Link below

Link to: Yaesu USA (Main V0112 Tft V00106) Update Information (ENG)
Link to: Yaesu USA FTDX3000 Latest Firmware Upgrade Manual (ENG)
Link to: Yaesu FTdx-3000D  >Files, USB Driver, Manuals, Software (ENG)


QST reviews the  FTDX-3000 on April, 2013 – An favorable overview of the YAESU FTdx3000 100W HF/50MHz Transceiver on the QST magazine. ARRL labs including high close-in IMD3 data, but only -82 dBc at 2 kHz RMDR figure.

Reciprocal Mixing Dynamic Range (RMDR) is noise generated in a superheterodyne receiver when noise from the local oscillator (LO) mixes with strong, adjacent signals. – (See the QST April 2012,  pag. 55 [Large Box] Reciprocal Mixing Testing: What Is It?, written by Bob Allison, WB1GCM)

QST 4/2013 “Key Summary” – (Intercept values ..determined using -97 dBm reference)
Qui vengono riportati solo i numeri a 14 MHz, Pre OFF – RTX  FTdx-3000 / IC-7410

  • ………………………………………………Yaesu FTdx-3000………Kwd TS-590S
  • …………………………………………………QST April 2013.…….….. QST May 2011
  • Spacing 20 kHz blocking gain compression….137 dB*………….…….141 dB
  • Spacing    2 kHz blocking gain compression….127 dB*……….……….121 dB
  • Spacing 20 kHz 3rd-order dynamic range…….110 dB……………..….106 dB
  • Spacing    2 kHz 3rd-order dynamic range….…100 dB…………….…… 97 dB
  • Spacing 20 kHz 3rd-order intercept……………+40 dBm……………. +26 dBm
  • Spacing    2 kHz 3rd-order intercept………… +  23 dBm……………. + 22 dBm
  • Reciprocal mixing dynamic range: 20/5/2 kHz  ofset:  -106/-93/-82 dBc

See the April, 2013 issue of QST magazine for the complete review by ARRL Labs
[Note]: Area Members Only – to log-in; –
Link to: ARRL – American Radio Relay League for Amateur Radio Home-page

Noise Power Ratio (NPR) Testing of HF Receivers -© by Adam, VA7OJ/AB4OJ
- Using notched noise to evaluate dynamic receiver performance

Noise Power Ratio (NPR) Testing of HF Receivers – Using notched noise to evaluate dynamic receiver performance – (…. To put the impact of the NPR test into perspective, a -9 dBm Ptot level at 5.6 MHz BRF is equivalent to 1200 simultaneous SSB signals at -43 dBm each, i.e. S9 + 30 dB!) etc. etc…. by Adam Farson, VA7OJ/AB4OJ- (!! updated in March, 2013 – see the link below)

NPR_va7oj-labsCon il Test NPR Adam, spiega che il Generatore di Rumore Bianco (W&G RS-50 il suo) immette un segnale a banda larga al connettore d’antenna e quindi carica tutti gli stati del ricevitore, il Front-end, i Filtri e l’eventuale Preselettore, simulando la risposta alla ricezione di multi-segnali del DUT in prova (come in realtà succede collegandovi un’antenna). Dice poi Adam che questo Test equivale a 1200 segnali in SSB simultanei! a -43 dBm ciascuno i.e. a S9+30 dB! – Il rumore bianco viene rimosso con una tacca alla frequenza sintonizzata del ricevitore da un adatto filtro notch, inserito in serie tra generatore e antenna imput – A causa della distorsione dei circuiti del ricevitore (DUT imput), questa tacca (notch) tende a riempirsi con prodotti di intermodulazione, i cui effetti verranno oppurtunamente misurati in uscita (DUT output). – Here is the link to VA7OJ’s FTdx-3000 FT-950 TS-590S IC-7700 and IC-7410 K3 etc. NPR testing report in PDF of March 2013.

Link to: Download the NPR Testing  HF Receivers by VA7OJ Adam (ENG)

QST_table_pa1hrThe QST Reviews Comparison Table by PA1HR’s – Transceivers/receivers sorted by 2 kHz 3rd-Order dynamic range with the QST Key measurements summary figure.

[Note] This overview is provided for your convenience by Hans PA1HR; it is a summary of measurement figures and gives no indication of the ergonomics,the features and/or the operational characteristics of the transceivers/receivers.

Link to: QST Reviews Comparison Table here is the Link PA1HR Hans (ENG)

[Note] All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders –  These events and news are reported for information only!


TS-990S Firmware V.1.01 – More Videos – Catalogo Italiano! Manuals V.1.03 IT EN FR EA DE


TS-990S Firmware Ver.1.00 has been upgraded to Version 1.01 *March 29, 2013 see below – Pronto il Catalogo Italiano pdf ..linck below!! IC-7800 vs TS-990 Video by IV3YER – TS-990S inside view vs IC-7700 – The TS-990S in “SWL mode” (see below!) ARCP-990, ARHP-990, ARUA-10, Network and PC Control Reference is Reedy  – More Videos – Links, and pictures below!!

The TS-990S updated from Version 1.00 to Version 1.01 (Att.! *see new Ver. 1.02 !!)

TS-990_Firmware-updating TS-990_(!)-cauzion TS-990_Updated-Ver-101

The firmware update is applicable to the Models: TS-990S Serial numbers (…! rear panel label): From S/NO.B32xxxxx through S/NO.B33xxxxx approx – (B32-February/B33-March 2013).

TS-990S Updated items : (Version 1.00 >1.01) March 29, 2013.
Adds to the Menu list the 7-16, 7.17 and 7-18 menus for audio output terminal configurations. (USB, ACC2, Optical)- You can set the value to “Normal” (default), “Reversed”, or “Mixed” for each output terminal above. (…. necessary when operating with Kenwood Network Command System, now ready for free download)

TS-990S Revises the following symptoms.
While in TX TUNE, incorrect SWR value is indicated when Type 2 or Type 3 (analog type) meter is configured – [Note] For details, please refer to the TS-990S User Manual & Manual Addendum

Link to: Kenwood Amateur Radio Software Downloads page (ENG)
Link to: Kenwood TS-990S the Instruction Manual Addendum pdf
ink to: Kenwood TS-990S Firmware update information link (ENG)

TS-990S User Manuals IT EN FR EA DE JA  v.1.03 ready below – Pronto il Catalogo Italiano pdf ..linck below!! IC-7800 vs TS-990 Video by IV3YER – TS-990S inside view vs IC-7700 – The TS-990S in “SWL mode” (see below!) and more video & pictures…


TS-990S 200W Trasmitter – The push-pull circuit utilizes VRF150MP 50V power MOSFETs to deliver a stable output of 200W on all bands (source: JVC Kenwood!)

 Kenwood Italy !! ha rilasciato il Catalogo di 16 pagine in Italiano pdf 7,7 MB
Link to: Scarica da qui il Catalogo TS-990S 16 pag.  (IT) Kenwood Italy

 Kenwood TS-990S Instruction Manuals latest Ver.1.03 –  Choose the Italian, English, French, Spanish, German and Dutch languages !! (in…TS-990S & search)
Link to: TS-990S Instruction Manuals IT EN DE FR etc ! insert name (Ver. 1.03)

Link to: TS-990S / TS-990D 取扱説明書 – ©B62-2388-20 JPN (JA Ver. 1.03)

TS-990S Faulty Unit !? … the front power button does show the orange LED, but after  push to turn it [ON], never get a green LED indicator on the power button….. it acts like its “booting up”, but then freezes up…. TS-990s non-responsive ! - See the short video by Jeff F. (!! 26/03/2013)

The TS-990S has the “overwhelmingly highest quality” receiver among the TS series

TS-900-open_1973 !! 1973 TS-900 the all-band SSB transceiver is making history its state-of-the-art tecnology. – All major electronic circuits are wired on easily removed or installed circuit board (is costructed modularly). –  Designed for operation on SSB, CW, and FSK, the TS-900 delivers more than 150 watts PEP output! (click to enlarge!)

TS-990S & IC-7700 inside views – Kenwood 990’s a main receiver with a down-conversion 8.248 MHz 1st IF and employs a double-conversion system. The sub receiver which incorporates the TS-590S receiver architecture (see the pictures below)

TS-990S_topview TS-990S_bottomview IC-7700_bottomview_2008

Kenwood TS-990S – the RF front-end contains selectable band-pass filters (covered by the screen on the picture) – The double balanced grounded switch type 1st mixer works by the principle of reduces signal distorsion. – The five built-in 1st IF roofing filters ahead of the 1st IF stage to eliminate overloading caused by strong signals just outside the fixed bandpass filters or of the Preselector manually adjustable –
Kenwood’s Preselector [P-SEL] selecting the narrow bandwidth tunable filter attenuates the interfering signal which has 2 to 3 MHz separation from the target frequency. –
Icom IC-7700 uses a duble conversion system composed of a D-MOS FET 1st mixer and Icom’s developed image rejection mixer for the 2nd stage and fixed bandpass filters  and a Icom’s [DIGI-SE] preselector type –  ( note the large toroidal coils on the  Icom RF BPF bank)!

TS-990S Passaband Width Low/High Cutoff or Adjust the Passband Width/Shift


Kenwood: While the RX Filter screen is open, rotating the HI/SHIFT or LO/WIDTH control will change the activated LC/HC cutoff frequencies or PB Shift and Width – Press [FILTER] (F2) to select the RX Filter (A,B or C) – Press [ROOF] (F3) Roofing, the selection cycles as follows: [Auto>270>500>2.7k>6k>15k>Add(option)>Auto] – Each time you press [IF] (F4) Filter shape, the cycles as follows: Medium > Sharp > Soft > Medium (please see more on the User manual!) –
Icom IC-7800, 7700 or 7600 (only three Roofing) – (TWIN- PBT and FIL1, 2 or 3) – (Shape >Sharp>Soft) the control systems look very similar!

In the SSB, AM, or FM mode, you can modify the passband width of the DSP filter by changing the cutoff frequencies (LC: low frequency and HC: high frequency).
For use in CW or SSB-DATA mode, you can change the passband width of the DSP filter and its amount of shift from the center frequency. – You can view the progress of adjustments while the Sub-Scope appears on the Sub-screen.- (click picture to enlarge)


japanTS-990 異なるバンドでの二波同時受信に対応するデュアル・レシーバーの搭載に加え、フルダウンコンバージョン 構成のメイン受信部に狭帯域ルーフィングフィル ターを実装。- TS-990S  出力:200W / TS-990D 出力:50W /希望小売価格 798,000円(税抜 760,000円)…..(link)

Link to: Downalod the TS-990S – 2013年2月 – 通信機器 アマチュア無線 .pdf – (JPN)


Umboxing_E-K-typeThe market code is shown on the carton box:
E-type: Europe, K-type: The Americas • The AC power cable supplied with the product is suitable for AC 120V (K-type) or AC 220V-240V for (E-type) • Do not use a power cable other than supplied with this product.

TS-990S Directly Entering the Frequency

Enter-direct-frequencyIf your desired frequency is far from the current frequency, directly entering the numbers using the “numeric keypad” is the fastest method to enter the frequency – The maximum frequency you can enter is 59.99999 MHz for Fine Tuning, you cannot enter 60 MHz!

TS-990S “SWL mode” preview – (Il TS-990S  in sola modalità per “SWL/BCL” !)

TS-990_SWL-rxmodeIn SWL mode, many functions are restricted, TX is inabled. – Broadcast and Meter bands that are preset in the transceiver (Lower/Upper limits) – [RX PLAY] key displays the list of the stored “audio files” etc. (source: Kenwood User Manual).
The TS-990S in SWL mode, a virtual dial pointer sliding horizontally in imitation of the “ribbon dial” of the TRIO 9R-59 (a 1960′s receiver!) appears in the TS-990S main display so that you can enjoy short wave listening in classic style! (click to picture to enlarge – wow.. grazie Kenwood!)


italianoOra nel Kenwood TS-990S viene utilizzato un Display TFT principale da 7” (più un Sub-display da 3,5″) così come da tempo ha fatto per prima la Icom Inc. con il suo IC-7800. Poi la Yaesu nel FTdx-5000, con meno integrazione e solo tramite un SM5000 esterno opzionale, oppure tramite un adattamento del DM-2000 e un external PC monitor (immagini più sopra – click the picture to enlarge!) – Da notare che ci sono evidenti similitudini di sviluppo e layout tra Icom e Kenwood, che però impiega nel TS-990S un dispositivo più recente e un “Touch-Sensitive mode for quick QSY re-tuning” etc. – 04.03.13 il Manuale Utente del TS-990S (EN) dal Link

Kenwood ts 990 vs Icom ic7800 by IV3YER (!! 11 March, 2013)
(IC-7800 BW: 2600 AGC slow / TS-990 BW: LC-HC 2400 AGC slow )

KENWOOD TS990 MY First Look by NoSHFT  (March, 2013)
(Boot up: the first initialization that took a…. few more seconds!)

First look video TS-990S by W6GPS (Videos That are helpful, Tnx Don!)
“Touch-Sensitive mode” a simply touch the screen for quick QSY re-tuning!


TS-990S firstlook: The reception sound quality of SSB and CW is not solely determined by audio frequency and filter delay properties and helping further refine the Kenwood tone by innovating not only the AGC control algorithm on the DSP but also the analogue AGC unit as well. – (click the picture to enlarge!) –
Triple dedicated DSP for the main-receiver, sub-receiver and Band Scope – Three 32bit floating-point arithmetic DSP (One ADSP-21369 SHARCH Processor 400MHz SIMD Core, capable of 2.4 GFLOPS peak; two ADSP-21363 SHARCH 333 MHz SIMD Core, capable of 2 GFLOPS peak)

TS-990S_Touch-qsy-goTouch-Sensitive mode: Simply touch the Main Screen (spectrum scope) for quick QSY re-tuning ! (click the shot on the side!) You can also view internal parameter settings and memory lists etc.- (click the picture to enlarge!)
The Main Display shows basic information abaut the frequency, mode, meter, and others functions. Switch to different view modes such as waterfall and reception/trasmission equalizer views etc. (see brochure for more!)

TS-990S_ext-monitorExternal Monitor Display: The same operating and station information, available with the TS-990S, can be conveniently displayed by adding the after-market PC display (not supplied) –  The TS-990S transceiver, on Main Receiver, uses a down-conversion method for all amateur band reception, we have installed the newly developed Double Balanced Grounded Switch Type in the 1st mixer circuit. The newly developed VCO frequency division format is used for the 1st local oscillator of the main receiver.

JVCKENWOOD Corporation – Amateur Radio – (26 Feb., 2013)
ARCP-990(Ver.1.00), ARHP-990(Ver.1.00), ARUA-10(Ver.2.00), “TS-990S KENWOOD NETWORK COMMAND SYSTEM Setting Manual”, and “PC CONTROL COMMAND REFERENCE FOR THE TS-990S TRANSCEIVER” will be available to download by the end of March 2013.

Link to: Download Kenwood USA Official TS-990S 16-page ADS#04513 (ENG)
Link to: Download Kenwood UE  Official TS-990S 16-page  #CA321E-E  – (ENG)
Link to: Download Kenwood JP  TS-990S/D  全16ページ #MAA-9HF1302 (JPN)

Link to: Download the latest Leaflet  by ML&S UK (NPRI_final-(2) – (ENG)
Link to: TS-990S Flaggschiff  Detailbeschreibung und technische Daten – (DE)
Link to: TS-990S Ammiraglia HF/6m Dettagli dalla Kenwood  Italia – (IT)

GermanDer TS-990S Kenwood ist mit zwei Empfängern ausgestattet, was den gleichzeitigen Empfang auf zwei verschiedenen Bändern ermöglicht. – Sein Hauptempfänger arbeitet nach dem Down-Conversion-Prinzip und ist mit fünf schmalbandigen Roofing-Filtern ausgestattet…(Link katalog!)

Link to: TS-990S KW/6m Flaggschiff – Katalog-GER CA321E -E 16 pdf – (DE)

[Note] – Detailed specifications: please see the official JVCKenwood sources – All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders.

FTdx-3000D FT-950 FT-2000/D the new Firmware Upgrades – FTdx-3000 Video


Yaesu FTDX-3000D (*), FT-950, FT-2000 Transceivers: the firmware upgrades are available from the end of February 2013 (02/25/2013 YAESU USA website – before downloading, please read the Yaesu original “Important Notes”!) – See the summary informations, the links, the new Video “Probando el notch, contour, nb, ipo (amp), width, r.filters, ect.” and pictures below !


Yaesu FTdx-3000D Firmware, new update Main CPU Ver. 0111 and TFT Ver. 0106 flash programming for the Transceiver. !!! (*) Note: FTdx-3000D now update Main Ver. 0112 03/29/2013 see the new page radiocronache >link)
Before installing new firmware, please verify your current version firmware with the following procedure:
(1st) press and hold the [POWER] key to turn ON the Transceiver, (2nd) while pressing and holding the [SCOPE] key, [GEN] key. [50] key, and [ENT] key on the FTDX-3000 front panel. The versions of each firmware will be displayed on the TFT main screen.

[Note] The rig has to be started in different ways for each of these two updates to work! The Yaesu “Firmware Upgrade Manual” (PDF) has the update procedure for all of the Firmware-modules (MAIN .SFL – DSP .dat – TFT .bin – FFT .dat), and for all Trasfer-softwares (!! FSW018 – FW-DSP – TFW – FW-FFT !!) not just the two module updates we got, so save that PDF file for future use!

[Note] Improvements etc. Ver. 0111 MAIN CPU and Ver. 0106 TFT
* Correct minor bug and implement improvements
* MENU #104 SSB TX BPF now includes 3000WB
* When VFO is in LOCK during split operation, holding the TXW button will permit tuning the VFO frequency. – (*) to see also new firmware Ver.0112 (03/29/2013 link below)

italianoL’ultima voce dovrebbe consentire ora di bloccare sì il VFO (esempio A), ma adesso si permette in modo SPLIT (tenendo premuto il tasto TXW) di sintonizzare ancora il VFO (esempio il B), … una buona cosa quando si sta cercando di ascoltare le stazioni chiamanti nel Pile-Up … ora questo sarà di aiuto all’operatore ! (*) risoluzione di ulteriori problemi con il Firmware V.0112 (29.3.13) il link e più sopra.

Link to: Yaesu USA (Main V0111 Tft V00106) Update Information ENG
Link to: Yaesu FTdx-3000D  Files – USB Driver – Manuals – Software ENG

[Note] Yaesu USA write !! This software is for use with transceivers for use in Japan only. It cannot be used with transceivers for use overseas ( !! see the Pag. 1 Important Notes, 4th par., of the FTdx-3000 Firmware Upgrade Manual .pdf edition of the 02/02/2013) (….perhaps it … a linotypist error?!)

YAESU FTdx-3000D Video by WP4 MPV Monitoriando Sur Africa el 10 de Enero del 2013 en la banda de 17m 18.150 como a las 21:30 UTC con un Deltaloop de cable. Probando el notch, contour, nb, ipo(amp), width, r.filters, ect. [Note] Para la grabacion use un telefono galaxy 3 perdonen la calidad de audio y video.

Yaesu FT-950 Firmware Update (!! There are two versiono of the EDSP software Ver.1x.xx or Ver.2x.xx !!)


FT-950 Update Software – [Note] If your radio displays EDSP version [V1x.xx] or [V2x.xx] choose the correct version EDSP software for your radio (02/21/2013 YAESU USA website – before downloading, please read the Yaesu original Information and “Important Notes”!) -

If you already have EDSP V11.54 or V20.47, and MAIN V1.18 software versions, it is not necessary to update the FT-950 again! – The software versions can be displayed on the radio:
While holding the three buttons [GEN]+[50]+[ENT] turn the radio on. – The software version will be displayed in the VFO-A window for 5 seconds, then the radio will start up in normal operation.

Link to: Yaesu USA FT-950  Update Software Information 2/21/2013 ENG

Yaesu FT-2000 / 2000D Update Software  EDSP Ver. 11.54 and Main CPU Ver. 0158


FT-2000’s Transceiver – If the CT-119 programming cable or 8-pin mini-DIN PGM-SW (P0091526) is not available you will need a serial cable RS-232C, DB9F to DB9F straight cable. – Please follow original instructions !

The software versions can be displayed on the radio: While holding the three buttons [GEN]+[50]+[ENT] turn the radio on. The software version will be displayed in the VFO-A window for 5 seconds then the radio will start up in normal operation.
[Note] image & version up is for illustration only! (02/25/2013 YAESU USA website – before downloading, please read the Yaesu original Information and “Important Notes”!)

Link to: FT-2000/D Update Software Information 2/25/2013 ENG

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