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FDM-DUO 16bit Stand Alone Transceiver & FDM-S2 16bit Direct Sampling Receiver & SW2 software are “hares” coming-soon!


FDM-DUO a new Stand-alone Fully Integrated SDR HF/VHF 5W Transceiver and FDM-S2 Direct Sampling Receiver are coming soon from Italian ELAD company. These Italians design very attractive radios. New software FDM-SW2, FDM-S2 & FDM-DUO is bound become a big hits! All people having FDM-S1 receiver can play with virtual receivers …by SW2 new software, coming soon. – See below the FDM-DUO Preliminary Spec. (source by WoodBoxRadio Italian company, Qualified Application Partener of ELAD).


FDM-DUO Preliminary Specification:
[Note] This ELAD versatile platform allow transceiving in stand alone mode or in PC mode or in Dual mode (..mixed mode) – When working in Stand-Alone mode it is possible to connect an Android tablet to see the 192KHz spectrum and send some commands to FDM-DUO – In PC mode the RX bandwidth may have up to 6MHZ and internal demodulator is disabled. (more news by link below!) – Frequency range: RX 9Khz to 52MHz direct sampling receiver  – TX 160m to 6m others frequency to be defined. – MDS: -132dBm – BDR: +115dB (500Hz) – Trasmitter Power output 5W – (2m VHF RTX will be an option as a board to fit)

FDM-SW2 software made by Elad team – In the Screenshot below the new FDM-SW2 software with new FDM-S2 receiver working with 2 channels: one on 40m, one on 20mt plus Fldigi program (click to enlarge)


italianoIl nuovo ELAD FDM-S2 è un Ricevitore SDR integrato a Campionamento Diretto con ADC a 16 bit e 122.88MHz clock. –  Riceve anche oltre i 52MHz, quindi include la bassa HF fino ai 6m e in modo undersampling due  gamme complementari 70-108 e 136 – 160MHz con separati connettori di antenna e FM BPF dedicato – La Sensibilità MDS per FDM-S2 è di -130dBm a 500Hz BW, circa 5 dBm meglio del FDM-S1. – La dinamica di blocco BDR è indicata a 110 dB, ma tutte le specifiche dettagliate sono in arrivo, vista la disponibilità prevista per i primi di Febbraio 2014.

FDM-DUO transceiver other features ( impressed !): ADC Linear LTC2165-16bit 122.88MHZ clock – DDC FPGA Spartan 6 XC6SLX25 + Serial Flash for stand-alone mode. – USB IQ path through CY68013 for RX bitstream (192KHz up to 6.144Mhz single channel and 384KHz dual channel in PC mode) – Stand-alone RX IQ path STM32F4 ARM floating point microcontroller – LCD Controller Keyboard controller LPC1766 Cortex M3.
TX modulator use a second STM32F4 ARM floating point microcontroller + AD9957 DDS clocked at 368,64 MHz – Clocking source Si5338 drived by 10MHz TCXO or External reference input – TX modulator use I2S sourcing from MIC input (Cirrus CS5346) or USB input (CODEC CM6510B with customized firmware) – The third USB is a FTDI controller for CAT interface.

FDM-DUO-front-lato2 FDM-SW1_Span-1e23MHz FDM-SW2_anteprima-dic2013

Link to: Preliminary Data Sheet Elad by WoodBoxRadio web (download ENG pdf) 

FDM-S2 a new Direct Sampling Receiver Coming-soon – Starting from the experience of well known FDM-S1 now ELAD is developing FDM-S2 – This receiver will use new FDM-SW2 software made by Elad team (see the preliminary (GUI) picture above) – (please click the pictures to enlarge) – [Note]: This S2 receiver is not a stand-alone type!


Preliminary: FDM-S2 have 122.88MHz sampling rate with 16bit ADC Hi performance analog to digital converter this mean: 9kHz to 52MHz direct sampling SDR receiver; -132dBm MDS (Bw 500Hz) @ 14 MHz – USB Port Powered – 2 antennas input: one for HF one for VHF (VHF input have 2 filters: one for use Broadcasting FM Band (74-108MHz), one for 136-160 MHz, and more. – possibility two indipendent receivers: FDM-S2 have two indipendent NCO (Numerical Local Oscillator) and the new FDM-SW2 software, using Multichannel Extio Dll.

Latest news: ELAD USA Inc.
I want to inform that ELAD have created ELAD USA Inc company based in Chicago IL to better service US customers. – I invite who is interested to visit ELAD USA  website
Link to: Elad USA at –

Simon Brown HB9DRV supports their products in SDR Radio V2 and is generally positive about their devices (source: forum & groups).

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HF-ONE MKII & X1-M PROs (or new X1N !) a recent attempt at HF QRP transceivers straight out of China


The HF-ONE MKII & the X1-M PRO’s (…MKII or new X1N) Transceivers are a recent attempt at HF QRP RTX straight out of China. – The chassis rugged cast aluminium case of  the HF-ONE MKII with SDR I/Q  like the POUXING P5100 Trunking Mobile Two-Way Radio. It is actually repacked “almost” the architecture of the JUMA TRX2A made by Juma “Jumaradio” (…JUMA® – are copiright Juha, OH2NLT and Matti, OH7SV.. Ju-Ma!)

hf-one_ComCAT-1 HFone-Juma-fronts JumaRFfilter_HFone-open

italianoHF-ONE MKII e lo X1M PRO sono due Transceivers QRP per HF anche in Kit di recente disponibili direttamente dalla Cina. – Come si può vedere dalle foto qui sopra, il robusto case in alluminio pressofuso del HF-ONE Pro MKII è simile al POUXING P5100, già noto per uso civile come UHF Trunking Mobile Two Way Radio. In realtà sembra che qui, per l’uso in HF con uscita SDR I/Q, sia stata rielaborata (quasi) l’architettura o in parte integrata dal JUMA TRX2A, l’apparato in Kit prodotto e commercializzato dalla Juma “Jumaradio” (…JUMA®  è un marchio copirigth by OH2NLT e OH7SV)


HF-ONE MK2 HF SSB/CW Transceiver the QRP Mobile HF Radio Max 10W output- Receiver with SDR I/Q signal output, for use HDSDR or POWER SDR – Coverange 30kHz to 30MHz – VFO A and VFO B – Tuning step sizes 10Hz, 100Hz, 10kHz – Auto Voice recording imput – Auto Keyer built-in – Sensitivity Typical -120 dBm – PC Computer Operations Control via 3rd party software  like FT-857.
[Note] preliminary informations by the .jpg depliant from the vendor   (click the picture to enlarge) &  product details on the AliExpress web-page.

Link to: JUMA Amateur Radio kits web-page

X1M-PRO (Platinum) & X1MKII 20W or new X1N Color Display HF QRP Transceiver


The X1M HF PRO (Platinum) model QRP transceiver, manufactured by Chonqinq Xiegu Technology Co., Ltd. of China. – Frequency range RX:  0.1 ~ 30 MHz – Modes: USB & LSB & CW – Power output: 5 Watts – Rx Preamplifier – Automatic Internal CW Keyer – CAT Control:  Compatible with Ham Radio Deluxe  (factory adapter required – Choose Icom IC-718 (5E) in HRD. (…See the new X1N below!!)
TX Five *Ham Bands are configured with bandpass filtering – Band 1: 3.5 ~ 4.0 MHz – Band 2: 7.0 ~ 7.3 MHz – Band 3: 14.0 ~ 14.350 MHz – Band 4: 21.0 ~ 21.45 MHz – Band 5: 28.0 ~ 29.7 MHz.

X1M-front-close-in X1M-interno-1e2 FT-817_X1M_rear

New “Platinum” Edition X1M Pro: Improved Display, Improved Controls,Improved Components, Improved Filtering, Improved Performance – Frequency range RX & TX 100 kHz – 30 MHz (Transmits 100 kHz – 30 MHz via  Menu option.  Preset transmit range is the *five  bands shown above).

Link to: Distribuited in North America exclusively by Import Communications

[Note] New X1MKII —- 20W便携式HF+50MHz彩屏全模式三次变频中频DSP数字化收发信机


X1MKII —- 20W Color Display a QRP portatile HF +50MHz con IF-DSP e modalità a Tripla-conversione (ricetrasmettitore digitalizzato) – Preliminary features: RX: 0.5~30M,50~55M – TX:0.5~30M,50~55M – SSB/CW/NFM/AM/RTTY – TX 20W output – Power 9~20VDC (0.42A @Min – 4.5A @Max) –

[Note] New X1N Receiver with large Color Display Test1 –  X1N接收视频 by BG8HT


Link to: Youku Video X1N Receiver Test-1 Video ( X1N接收视频 ) by BG8HT 
Link to: X1M QRP Transceiver Yahoo Groups web (user login!)

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XR0ZR Juan Fernandez Dxpedition IOTA SA-005 We plan to QRV from 6 to 160 on CW, SSB & RTTY starting 18:00Z November 8th


XRØZR Juan Fernandez DXpedition. We plan to QRV from 6 through 160 meters on CW, SSB and RTTY on different bands/modes starting around 18:00Z November 8th, 2013 – IOTA SA-005 – (XRØZR – CEØ on the most-wanted list  it’s ranked #35 !)

Un Team di Radioamatori, con il callsign XRØZR, sarà attivo dalle Isole di Juan Fernandez. Il piano prevede attività da 6 ai 160 metri in CW, SSB e RTTY in differenti bande e modi a partire da circa le 18:00Z dell’8 Novembre 2013.
Un grupo de Operadores Radio estará QRV como XRØZR desde la Isla Juan Fernández (Chile) a partir 8 Noviembre de este año 2013.


Link to !! XRØZR official website (under development – en desarrollo)

Team: IW3SQY, Fabrizio (team leader) – IZ8GCE, Franco – EA3AKY, Josep – WA7NB, Art – SP3DOI, Les – IV3DSH, Paolo – PA3EWP, Ron – DL6JGN, Hans. – The Team will start from Italy, of 6 November. (in bocca al lupo a tutto il team e…. grazie per  l’intensa attività DX !)

Juan_Fernandez_IslandsThe Juan Fernandez archipelago consists of three islands: Isla Robinson Crusoe (Más a Tierra, 47.9 km2), Isla Santa Clara (2.2 km2), and Isla Alejandro Selkirk (Más Afuera, 49.5 km2), designated a Chilean National Park in 1935 and an UNESCO International Biosphere Reserve in 1977 and nominated for World Heritage status in 1995.

Le isole Juan Fernandez sono un Parco Nazionale Cileno dal 1935 e  riconosciute Riserva Internazionale della Biosfera dall’UNESCO. Un arcipelago al largo delle coste del Cile, costituito dall’isola Robinson Crusoe, l’isola Alexander Selkirk e l’isoletta Santa Clara, più alcuni altri isolotti minori. Wikipedia

Link to: Guide to Juan Fernández Islands from Mapcarta, the travel map

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Yaesu introduces “System Fusion” for C4FM 12.5 kHz Digital & DR-1 a Digital/FM Dual Mode Repeater, Not D-STAR Compatible!


Yaesu DR-1 a new Digiatl C4FM and Analog FM  Multi Mode Repeater with AMS (Automatic Mode Select) – Yaesu introduces the System Fusion  joins FDMA Digital and Analog FM Communication into a single multiple function system. It provides total integration and compatibility of both Digital & Conventional Analog FM communication – And the latest VoIP interface,  the new wireless WIRES-X a Internet Linking HRI-200, will also be available in Nov., 2013. !! The Yaesu FDMA “C4FM” system is not compatible with the D-STAR “GMSK” Digital mode. !! (one only has to look at Yeasu’s record of going against the tide ! – IØgej)


The DR-1 Repeater C4FM/Analog FM and AMS – FM Friendly Digital – Easy Migration – Yesu writhes: Replace your Conventional Analog FM repeater to: 1) provide continued use of Conventional Analog FM communication 2) while integrating the use of Digital Communication functions. – Modulation Mode: 25kHz for FM & 12.5kHz fot C4FM Multiple mode. – Ouypuy Power 50W/25W/10W Large-size Heat-Sink & Cooling Fan builtin. –  (please click pictures to enlarg!)

DR-1_setup-1 DR-1_setup-2


Yaesu “System Fusion” : System Fusion joins Digital and Analog FM Communication into a single multiple function system. – It  provides total integration and compatibility of both Digital & Conventional Analog FM communication.

The AMS (Automatic Mode Select) function that instantly detects the received signal mode (AMS automatically recognizes  hether the siganal is a C4FM digital or analog FM signal, and transmits using the set communication method by DR-1 setup).

FDMA_multiple-modeMulti Mode FDMA/C4FM – FM – Bandwidth 6.25+6.25 kHz or 12.5 kHz – provides 9.6 kbps data baud rate speed! ability to transfer large amounts of data! – The D-STAR DV provides 4.8 kbps into a only 6 kHz bandwidth! – Yaesu FDMA multi mode:
1) V/D mode – Voice/Data simultaneous communication mode; 2) Voice FR Mode – Voice Full Rate Mode; 3) Data FR mode – High Speed Data Communication Mode; 4) Analog FM mode – (conventional Analog FM). (see the picture)

[Note] …Yaesu va quasi sempre controcorrente Hi !!
Wires-x_HRI-200In the world we developed IRLP and Echolink. Yaesu went against IRLP and Echolink and created WIRES-II – (latest -X) HRI-200 … This commercial stuff fits 2 voice/data channels into one repeater DR-1. Yup, but at twice the bandwidth of D-STAR! … Yaesu is coming out with “DMR” radios soon, but Motorola, Hytera, Vertex, Icom and Kenwood already exist .. Mototrbo – dPMR – IDAS – NEXDGE – (DMR FDMA & TDMA is an open ETSI standard) – There are advantages and disadvantages to most new technologies, but it’s often the case that the supposed benefits are just that, supposed !! (identically allows us to compare FM and D-STAR etc.).

italianoLa Yaesu Musen Co., LTD ha svelato ora la sua nuova piattaforma digitale definita “System Fusion” multimodo, presentando anche il suo Yaesu DR-1 che può essere configurato per consentire di “fondere” i due modi con selezione automatica (AMS) del tipo di modulazione. – Questo permette, dice Yaesu, l’integrazione tra la tradizionale FM e il digitale C4FM, un FDMA già noto come “DMR” in uso da tempo nel commerciale da parte di quasi tutti i produttori di radio! (..Motorola, Hytera, Vertex, Icom e Kenwood già producono con il DRM e alcune variabili proprie… come: Mototrbo – dPMR  -IDAS – NEXDGE etc. (il DMR, FDMA & TDMA è un sistema aperto in Standar ETSI) –

FTM-400D_c4fm-finding FTM-400D_menu-setup-1 FTM-400D_menu-setup-2

Qui sopta immagini del veicolare FTM-400D (USA) o FTM-400E (EU) – Comunque si vedono diverse novità  introdotte con il sistema Yaesu a canale di 12,5 kHz porta fino a 9,6 kbps il “data baud rate speed” che abilità il trasferimento di una più alta massa di dati! – Il D-STAR DV normale ha 4.8 kbps, però solo su 6 kHz di bw canale. – Per questo il C4FM avrà un audio migliore anche per il BER-FEC più veloce – Altra buona differenza: con l’utilizzo del Ripetitore DR-1, un utente con nuovo apparato digitale può trasmettere in digitale, il ripetitore DR-1 converte il segnale C4FM digitale in FM analogico per altri utenti con apparati non digitali e viceversa (ecco la “fusione”!) –  Il ripetitore è configurabile (in AMS – FIX o AUTO) tramite un’interfaccia touch-screen direttamente dal suo pannello frontale.

[Nota]  Yaesu va quasi sempre controcorrente Hi !
Nel mondo radioamatoriale si è ben affermato lo standard IRLP e Echolink, loro hanno introdotto l’interfaccia VoIP wireless per Internet detta WIRES-X (Ver. I/II/..X); – Poi con già più di 1000 ripetitori D-STAR in “GSMK” attivi nel mondo e collegati con Gatewai in varie reti internet già sviluppate appositamente dai Radioamatori, Yaesu introduce un “DMR” digitale che è sempre in standard FDMA, però con modulazione “G4FM” (4xFSK) e 12.5 kHz di BW, non compatibile con il D-STAR! – Sarà un nuovo gioco per questioni commerciali o veramente una innovazione anche per i Radioamtori? Aspettiamo e si potrà verificare. – Sempre troviamo vantaggi e svantaggi per la maggior parte delle nuove tecnologie, ma spesso capita il caso che i presunti benefici siano solo presunti! (potrebbe esserlo anche per il confronto tra i modi FM e D-STAR, certo!).

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SunSDR-MB1 A SDR Stand alone – ANAN-100 & 200D Tests Report Updated 2014 by VA7OJ


SunSDR-MB1 HF/6m/VHF Transceiver a new Stand-alone Made in Russia by Expert Electronics LLC – The SDR Transceiver based on DDC/DUC (Direct Conversion technologies) MB1 new Stand-alone SDR…see link – The ANAN-100D SDR & ANAN-200D HF/6m DDC/DUC Transceivers Made in India  by Apache Labs – Download the latest Tests Report & Review Iss. 5 2014  by Adam, VA7OJ/AB4OJ.  See update news and links below!

Expert Electronics SunSDR-MB1 Stand Alone Software Defined Radio (Preliminary 2013) – For last news and update model Ver. 2 MB1  see the link 2014 (20/06/2014 ) below:

Others Previous Features (by SunSDR Forum 08/06/2013):

SunSDR-MB1_ext-display Flex-6700_Display-2013

Direct Conversion ADC sample rate: 160MHz, ADC resolution: 16 bit SFDR receiver: 78-82 dB – DUC sample rate: 360MHz, DUC resolution: 14 bit High perfomance 24 bit Audio Codec on board – Connect to PC: LAN/WLAN (Ethernet/WiFi 802.11 g/n) – Trasmitter Output power, nominal: 125W (HF), 30W (VHF) – IMD3 DR of transmitter: about 30-40 dB – Very small CW delay: 10ms – Size: 370x160x270mm, Weight: 10 Kg.


SunSDR-MB1 Rear Panel Inputs/outputs: Two VHF (SO239)- Two HF (SO239)- Wide RF input port direct connect to high speed ADC (SMA) & DUC (SMA) for XVTRX, measurement etc.-

Software: ExpertSDR2 (all updates)  is free. – SunSDR-MB1 is available for order.


Program ExpertSDR is developed by the company Expert Electronics to support the SunSDR-transceiver – (Bасилий, Vasily writes: User can push one button (20 sec start time/ 5 sec finish time) and can works in radio air without keyboard and mouse.. etc.) – Link to: Expert Electronics LLC Home-page

ANAN-100D/E SDR  Made in India Tests Report by VA7OJ (Issue 5 Aug. 2014 including ANAN-200D (!! see link below!)


Apache Labs Specifications: (summarized) ANAN-100D & E All Mode Receiver SDR Direct Down Conversion type –


Frequency Coverage 10kHz – 55MHz – Dynamic Range 125dBm – Noise Floor (500Hz Bandwidth @ 14.2Mhz) -140 dBm – FPGA type EP4CE115  – On board DSP processing Extensive, including optiona Sof Core processing – Master Clock 122.88MHz  and phase noise @ 10kHz -149dBc.

Apache Labs has announced: Apache Labs and OM Hermann, DL3HVH are pleased to announce a strategic tie up for the development of cuSDR software for the ANAN series transceivers, cuSDR is a state-of-the-art SDR platform and has key advantages such as capability to simultaneously display multiple receivers with Panadapter and waterfall displays!


All Mode Trasmitter SDR Direct Up Conversion type – RF Output 1-100W – Coverange 160-6M – Modulation Digital Low Level – Carrier & Unwanted Sideband Greater than -90dBc – Harmonic 50dB (HF) 60dB (VHF) – 2xRD100HHF1 Mosfet 100W (160-6m).

News by Apache Labs Support: “We are pleased to announce that the ANAN series HF & 6M SDR transceivers including the ANAN-10, ANAN-100D and the ANAN-200D are now CE and RTTE certified as per EU trade directives”.

ANAN-100D & ANAN-200D Tests Report – Iss. 5, August 5, 2014  by Adam, VA7OJ:  Supersedes all previous issue! 

This is a revised test report, presenting results of an RF lab test suite performed on an Apache Labs ANAN-100D direct-sampling/DUC SDR transceiver loaned by Apache Labs. Appendix I presents selected tests conducted on an ANAN- 200D. – As a result, several receiver parameters were re-tested. – The Issue 5 incorporates the results of these re-tests (denoted by “R”).

pdf_logoLink to: The ANAN-100D & 200DTests Report (5) VA7OJ
 Link to: Apache Labs Private Limited (Apache Labs) page

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IC-7100 User Evalutation & Test Report. IC-7100 – IC-7000 Feature Comparison by VA7OJ, Adam – Picture, Video & more.


IC-7100 User Evalutation and Full Test Report plus IC-7100/IC-7000 Feature Comparison by VA7OJ, Adam. (! see link +below!) – See the Video demo by GØTAN Engineering staf at ML&S Ltd UK (link +below) – I think that hams using D-STAR will find it a nice addition to their base or mobile setups for DV (digital-voice & data) mode on the 28MHz, 50MHz and VHF UHF bands. (!… danger mobile radio: keeping your eyes on the road!) – See the pictures, video and more below.


The IC-7100 display contrast ratio is also quite nice. I wish it had a color screen as some others have noted. I don’t think much is missed by not having a color screen, as there’s no information displayed that twould benefit from color. The display resistive touch screen is easy operation!


IC-7100 User Evalutatio & Full Test Report by VA7OJ, Adam (!a report of 48 pages)

This Report describes the evaluation of IC-7100 (S/N 02001352) from a user perspective. – Appendix 1) is a comparison of IC-7100 and IC-7000 features in tabular form. – Appendix 2) presents results of an RF lab test suite performed on the radio. Adam also writes: “I was able to spend a few days with the IC-7100 in my ham-shack, and thus had the opportunity to exercise the radio’s principal features and evaluate its on-air behavior”. – (thanks to Adam).


italianoIl Report di ben 48 pagine in pdf, descrive ampie valutazioni come utente dell’IC-7100 (S/N 02001352 US version) – Nell’Appendice 1) vengono comparate, in forma di tabulato,  le caratteristiche principali del IC-7100 e del precedente IC-7000 – Nell’Appendice 2) sono presentati ampi risultati delle misure e dei vari test nel laboratorio RF di Adam sul nuovo transceiver Icom. – Adam scrive anche: “Sono riuscito a trascorrere alcuni giorni con questo IC-7100 nella mia “baracca” di radioamatore, quindi ho avuto la possibilità di provare le caratteristiche principali della radio e valutarne il comportamento On-air” (Grazie ad Adam per l’interessante recensione).

pdf_logoLink to: IC-7100 User Review & Test Report & Comparison by VA7OJ (ENG)

The DR key accesses a D-STAR repeater setup menu, facilitating D-Star service configuration. The DR mode is the “enhanced” user interface for VHF/UHF D-STAR operation. For HF D-STAR, or for those more accustomed to the basic D-STAR operation, simply selecting DV will give access to the D-STAR digital mode.

Video-demo by GØTAN  senior  Technical Support & Engineering staff at ML&S Ltd
Filmed at the ML&S Store in UK. – Video produced and edited by Henry Lynch.

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HAM Fair Tokyo 2013: New Features on the IC-7800 – AH-740 & Icom JST65 – AOR ARD300 – FTM-400 – TS-990’s Factory T.


JARL Ham Fair Tokyo Big Sight 2013 – (updated Report & Video) New Advanced Features on the IC-7800 at ICOM Booth of 24 Aug. 2013. See below the Icom 7800 Planned features (*) ENG Uk & Italian by Marcucci Spa  – New ARD300 Multi Mode decoder at the AOR Booth. – Yaesu FTM-400D C4FM Digital  see below – New AH-740 & JT65 Demostration at the Icom Booth – Video from AOR, Kenwood and Yaesu booths. – See the TS-990’s Factory Tour, picture below! …and more!

italianoIC-7800 – ICOM Inc. ha presentato le nuove caratteristiche avanzate del IC-7800 alla HAM Fair di Tokyo il 24.08.2013 con un “major firmware upgrade” (*) previsto per fine anno 2013 o inizio 2014. – Poi il prototipo della nuova antenna HF Icom AH-740 e dimostrazione di applicazioni Icom per il JT65  – Qui sotto alcune immagini e Video vari dalla fiera di Tokyo – ハムフェア2013 アイコムIC-7800の拡張機能 –

Novità anche per AOR con ARD300 multi-modo decoder (vedere più sotto) – ARD300 デジタル通信受信アダプタ – Nuovo Yaesu FTM-400D C4FM Digital (vedere più sotto) – Video dagli Stands AOR, Kwd e Yaesu – Giro fotografico del reparto di montaggio TS-990 di Kenwood in Giappoone.  (lincks alle News e immagini qui sotto)


IC-7800 Nuove funzionalità con il Firmware – (02 Settembre, 2013) Marcucci Spa Official Icom Importer & Distributor ha annunciato le novità introdotte dalla Icom Inc. con il nuovo firmware per l’IC-7800 disponibile da Novembre 2013.
Link to: Informazioni nuovo firmware IC-7800 Ver.3.0 (pdf IT)  di Marcucci Spa

IC-7800_improvements-1 IC-7800_improvements-2 IC-7800_improvements-3

IC-7800’s and the big-match between JVC Kenwood, Icom Inc. and FlexRadio soon !

Icom_AH-740_Tokyo-24ago2013 Icom_AH-740-HF-antenna Icom_booth_JT65-demostration

AH-740 リレー式オートチューンアンテナ 参考出品 ※輸出モデル ワイルドな作りで、ワイルドな運用が楽しめそう。 – 非常に面白い商品です。- ただ、現時点では、国内販売の予定はないようです
Nuova AH-740 Autotune Whip Mobile Antenna (autotune-antenna per HF) 150mS fast automatic tuning (like Stealt 9310 made in USA) qui sopra un prototipo di Icom Inc. per operazioni in HF (2.5 – 30MHz) affidabili su mezzi mobili in zone selvagge o desertiche! Icom Inc ha presentato anche in anteprima sue applicazioni per il JT65 system.

Icom IC-7800 Planned features:  (*) ● Waterfall screens for RF signals, TFT scope ● Audio scope, ● Voice recorder improvement (similar IC-7100 function) ●Quick QSY re-tuning using the mouse ● New APF function (0-6dB six steps volume adj.) ● New CI-V (CAT) command  ● USB memory card in addition to current CF card  ● Remote control “without” radio side PC by RS-BA1 new version…., ● and more, see the link to Icom Uk below!


IC-7800 at Ham Fair 2013 – Not “Touch-Sensitive”  but… simply click with mouse cursor the Screen (spectrum scope) for quick QSY re-tuning! …like touch on the TS-990S – (please…click the picture to enlarge!)
italianoNella nuova versione del futuro firmware per l’Icom IC-7800 ( forse anche per il 7700 e 7600) si nota anche la funzione di “quick QSY re-tuning” tramite un click del cursore del mouse sullo Schermo  ! Icom propone a Tokyo questo ed altre implementazioni (*) via software non essendo di tipo Touch-Sensitive i Display da tempo montati su questi transceivers. … come Kenwood invece ha fatto nel recente TS-990S.


Oba san, JA7UDE writes: !! I asked a Icom sales person if I could apply this firmware upgrade to my 13 year old 7800? The answer was Yes! You will be able to download this major upgrade just like standard ones for free. [Note] this news to be verified!

Link to: Latest Icom Uk News – Product Demostrations at Tokyo Hamfair 2013

Link to: Major Firmware Upgrade & Planned Features for IC-7800 by VA7OJ

Video -ハムフェア2013 アイコムIC-7800の拡張機能 (…upgrade IC-7800)


Kenwood TS-900’s Factory Tour (immagini tratte da JVC Kwd – ©by IØgej)





Video – Ham Fair Tokyo 2013 JVC/Kenwood’s Booth by JI1ETUjr

AOR news: ARD300 Multi Decoder – Perseus & Studio 1 Software (..both italians!)


ARD300_multidecoder-2013 Perseus_Studio-1_Italy AOR_Perseus-sdr_2013

ARD300 – AOR writes: Empower Your Analog Receiver With Digital Decoding!

● Decodes popular amateur digital voice modes such as D-Star, Alinco and Yaesu. 
● Decodes APCO P25 voice signals, used for example by U.S military and diplomatic services around the world.  ● Compatible with AOR legacy receivers AR8600MK2, AR5000(A/+3), and newer AR2300, AR5001D, AR6000.  ● Supports any other brand’s receiver featuring a 10.7MHz or 45.05MHz IF output!(*1)
● Supported modulations and vocoders: D-STAR GMSK AMBE / ALINCO GMSK AMBE / YAESU(*2) C4FM AMBE+2 /   DIGITAL CR(*3) C4FM AMBE+2 / NXDN(*4) C4FM AMBE+2 / P25 (Phase 1) C4FM IMBE.
● IF input 10.7MHz or 45.05MHz @50Ω
[Note] (*1) Not all 3rd party receivers have been tested. (*2) “Digital Wide Mode” not supported. (*3) Japanese “Digital Convenience Radio” standard (351MHz) (*4) Only the 6.25kHz mode is supported. 12.5kHz mode not supported.

japanNew ARD300 デジタル通信受信アダプタ
アマチュア無線で使用されている標準デジタルモードのD-STAR方式に加え、ALINCO, YAESU等他社のデジタルモードにも対応します。 デジタル簡易無線(デジタルCR)の通信もデコードします。….

Video – Ham Fair 2013 AOR Booth (ADR300, STUDIO1 Software & Perseus)

Video – Ham Fair 2013 YAESU Booth【ハムフェア東京2013 ヤエ.. (..! C4FM Digital)

FTM-400D_c4fm-digital Yaesu_booth_Tokyo-2013 FTM-400D_touch-sensitive

FTM-400D/DH & FT-1DR V/U Mobile or HT are the Yaesu C4FM DV competitors 144/430 FDMA and FM modes. Tthe new modultation C4FM digital was not compatible with a D-STAR DV standard. (Click the pictures to enlarge)

FTM-400D_c4fm-finding FTM-400D_menu-setup-1 FTM-400D_menu-setup-2

Con l’uso del AMBE+2 vocoder in FDMA, C4FM raggiunge una ottima qualità audio, pur operando con un “bandwidth” effettiva in un canale di 6,25 kHz ● “V/D Mode” Simultaneous Voice/Data 6,25+6,25 kHz. – Anche se ci vuole un po ‘di tempo per abituarsi alla voce digitale, chi usa il modo D-STAR (con AMBE-2020 vocoder) già conosce l’effetto di voce robotica!.
In FDMA con AMBE+2 vocoder i benefici di qualità audio dovrebbero essere migliori almeno nel modo “FR” su 12,5 kHz  ● “Voice FR Mode” Voice Full Rate uses the entire 12,5 kHz bandwidth to trasmit digital voice.

I requisiti della norma europea armonizzata EN 301 166-2 (come lo standard ETSI TS102 490 e TS102 658) prevede la garanzia di protezione per circa 60 dB per l’adiacente canale a 6.25 kHz e 70 dB per il canale successivo.

FDMA_Mod-Dem-specModulation with 4FSK (C4FM) 4-level FSK uses a symbol mapping scheme. When the radio receives a binary number, that number is apped to a symbol, which is interpreted as a 1050 Hz frequency deviation. During demodulation, that deviation is detected, filtered and “unmapped” as a binary signal for transmission. – (click pictures to enlarge)

[Note] !! The D-STAR uses a GMSK  (Gaussian Minimum Shift Keying) modulator type  to convert the 8-kHz sampled audio into a 3600-bps bit stream for D-STAR voice. – This stream is combined with the 1200-bps data stream to produce the combined voice+data DV signal at 4800 bps.

[Note] !! The FDMA C4FM (4-Level FSK) is a Frequency Division Multiple Access (FDMA) methodology whereby one user accesses a channel frequency at any one point in time. (i.e. accesses via the frequency domain)…  like NEXEDGE™ Kenwood’s Digital or dPMR and like IDAS™  Icom’s Digital or dPMR radios!

Video – Yaesu Musen Co., Ltd. show the features of the FTM-400D  (

[Note] All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders. – This page is just a non-official overview, where no one should draw any conclusions – all images and versions above is for illustration only (tnx)!

J88HL the DXpedition to St. Vincent & Grenadines is planned for November, 2013!


J88HL DXpedition a St. Vincent & Grenadine è prevista per il 17-29 novembre 2013 da sette operatori provenienti dalla Polonia – SP2EBG, SP3CYY, SP3GEM, SP6EQZ, SP6IXF, SP9FOW e SP9PT. – Pur considerando altre possibili destinazioni, hanno deciso notando che J8 – che è al 116 ° posto trà le più ricercate entità DXCC, secondo il ClubLog DXCC Most Wanted …(link) –  non ha visto un importante DXpedition in questi ultimi anni.

SP6EQZ dice che questa spedizione non sarà un “operazione di vacanza”, ma una attività radio dedicata su tutte le bande HF, un serio sforzo dai 160 metri in sù e qualche operazione sui 6 metri. – Almeno tre stazioni saranno in onda 24 ore al giorno in CW, SSB e RTTY. – Un operatore parteciperà al CQ World Wide DX CW in una categoria a singolo operatore, mentre gli altri saranno sempre operativi al di fuori del concorso. QSL diretta o via bureau.

Equipment (…see link below for more..)

N° 3 x Elecraft K3 , 3 x Kenwood TS-590, 4 x Solid State HF Amplifiers 700W

Link to: J88HL DXpedition Team – Equipment – Plan – Info – Donate – Web-page


englishJ88HL Saint Vincent and the Grenadines available for DXers! The larger J88HL DXpedition is planned for November 17-29 by seven operators from Poland — SP2EBG, SP3CYY, SP3GEM, SP6EQZ, SP6IXF, SP9FOW and SP9PT.

SP6EQZ says this is will not be a “holiday operation” but a dedicated radio activity on all HF bands, a serious effort on 160 and some operation on 6 meters. At least three stations will be on the air 24 hours a day on CW, SSB and RTTY. One operator may participate in the CQ World Wide DX CW in a single-operator category, while the others will operate outside the contest. QSL direct or via the bureau.

Poland_flagJ88HL DXpedycja. Listopad 2013 – W drugiej połowie listopada z Saint Vincent and Grenadines będzie pracować kolejna polska wyprawa. Członków zespołu doskonale znamy: znamy osobiście i znamy z wielu poprzednich DXpedycji: Bogdan SP2EBG, Jan SP3CYY, Jurek SP3GEM, Włodek SP6EQZ, Janusz SP6IXF, Roman SP9FOW, Wojtek SP9PT, Józef SP9-31029.

Geografia (wiki…link) – Saint Vincent e Grenadine si trovano tra Santa Lucia e Grenada nelle isole Windward delle Piccole Antille, un arco di isole nel mare dei Caraibi. Le isole di Saint Vincent e delle Grenadine includono l’isola principale Saint Vincent (344 km²) più a nord e le Grenadine (45 km²) oltre ad un arcipelago di piccole isole che si estendono verso sud da Saint Vincent fino a Grenada (see the google-map below)


[Note]: These events and news are reported for information only! All informations are subject to change without notice from or IØgej’s – See the official web site for updated info & news !!



Startup FLEX-6000 Series ..was a snap & Demo of the some capabilties of the SmartSDR™ – Flex-5000A discontinued!


Start-up FLEX-6000 Series ..was a snap & Video Demo the some capabilties of the SmartSDR™ Software – The FLEX-5000A Radio discontinued as the combination of being overshadowed by the new FLEX-6500 & FLEX-6700 Series! – For now here is a Youtube video from the HAM RADIO 2013 & video My new FLEX-6700 by AB1KC, see news and link below.

Comes on the market at the end of August, 2013 the innovative “Digital Direct Sampling” made ​​in USA, “against” the systems Multi-Conversion (aka Superheterodyne) flagships made ​​in Japan! (…we wait for the! …Maybe there are some neat new products ready in the wings?)


Spectral Capture Units™ (SCU) which act something like extremely broadband multi… Slice Receviers in One Radio, for reception from 0.33 to 77 MHz plus 135 to 165 MHz. – Optimized preselector filters can be selected for the ham bands for greater out of band rejection.. 100dB 2-tone 3rd Order Dynamic Range.. at 100Hz Spacing.

Direct RF to digital conversion allows the FLEX-6000’s to deliver up to +45 dBm IP3 (3rd Order Intercept Point) and 110 dB IMD DR3 (3rd Order Dynamic Range) inside the final filter bandwidth (preliminary specs). – it’ll be very interesting to see the lab tests on this radio! (ARRL – Sherwood – VA7OJ – G3SJX )

Flex-6000s_digital Flex-6700 inside-sdr Rx Flex-6700 inside-sdr Tx

Receivers type: Direct Sampling / Direct Conversion / Multi Conversion


  1. Direct Sampling a.k.a wideband: FLEX-6000 Series – HPSDR – Perseus, etc.
  2. Direct Conversion: FLEX-5000 discontinued, FLEX-3000, Elecraft KX3, etc.
  3. Multi-Conversion a.k.a. Superheterodyne: Most every Kenwood, Icom, Ten-Tec, Elecraft, Yaesu amd Hilberling

Starting the FlexRadio Systems SmartSDR for Windows for the First Time

[Note] (See the complete steps by steps Making the Connections by Instructions Guide of FlexRadio Systems!!) here the essential start-up (see the video below)…. was a snap !

Connect one end of the supplied CAT 5 Ethernet cable to the transceiver. – The other end of the CAT 5 Ethernet cable can be connected directly to the 100/1000BaseT Ethernet port on your computer if you do not have a wired Ethernet network in your shack. etc. –
Turn on the 13.8 VDC power supply that is connected to the FLEX-6000 Signature Series SDR. – Power on the FLEX-6000 Series by pressing the power button [ON]. –
SmartSDR-iconThe LED display will initially show the text alibrating…”. Once the FLEX-6000’s is ready, it will display the radio model name and the Power button LED will be illuminated green.
Locate the SmartSDR™ application “icon” on the desktop (as shown) and double click on it to Start the SmartSDR™ for Windows Applications. – The SmartSDR™ Radio Setup screen will be displayed !

Video: Startup of FLEX-6000 Series of FlexRadio with demonstration of somes capabilties of the software SmartSDR™ – Video take on Ham Radio show of Friedrichshafen in Germany June 2013 (thanks to Klaus & RFham/Youtube)

FLEX-6700 & FLEX-6500 – Available the Flex-6000′s Quick Start Guide Final in official FlexRadio Systems Download page. – Finally, the 6000′s are starting to ship a few units at a time.

Video: My new Flex 6700 finally arrived. Here are the first few minutes …. AB1KC

Price in Italy Inc. 21% VAT
 by WoodBoxRadio: FLEX-6500: 4299,00 Euro  / FLEX-6700: 7499,00 Euro and FLEX-6700-RX: 6399,00 Euro (Flex-6000 SmartSDR Software Updates FlexAdvantage support: TBA) ..Prices are subject to change without notice from RadioCronache !!

For more information see the Documentation folder on the CD-ROM that came with your SDR Transceiver.

Link to: FLEX-6000′s SDR Quick Start Guide – Filesize: 2,07 MBytes
Link to: Importatore IT WoodBox Radio IK3VIG – Info & data Italy

[Note] All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders. This page is just a non-official overview, where no one should draw any conclusions – all images and versions above is for illustration only!

FTdx-3000D Firm. Ver.0114 & Ver.0107 adds Full Screen Spectrum Scope & Up. SPLIT operation – Latest Test by VA7OJ!


FTDX-3000 New Firmware – Main CPU Ver. 01-14 and TFT Ver. 01-07 has just been posted 07/01/2013 by YAESU USA on his web-site. – Yaesu adds the “Full Screen” function of the Spectrum Scope for FTdx-3000, like FTdx-1200 & Up. the SPLIT Operation – Please read the  Yaesu FT3k Firmware Upgrade Manual before proceeding! – Download the latest Test Report of the FTdx-3000 NPR & DR3 by VA7OJ, link below.

italianoFTdx-3000D -Funzione a Schermo intero per lo Spettro Scope. (….come già nell’ FTdx-1200)

FTdx-3000_adds-full-screen-functionYaesu USA ha gli ultimi aggiornamenti del Firmware FTdx-3000D con la Ver. 01-14 Main-CPU (+utility FSW018_V101) e la Ver. 01-07 TFT (+utility TFW) rilasciate in data 07/Luglio/2013 (Yaesu, download dal settore files)
1) Full Screen spectrum scope display on the TFT Display
• Viene aggiunta una funzione a schermo pieno del campo di applicazione dell’analisi di Spettro sul Main Display TFT.
• Lo “schermo intero” viene memorizzato premendo il tasto “SELECT” per più di un secondo.(! ogni volta che si memorizza, il precedente contenuto viene sovrascritto e sostituito)
2) Split-Operation – change the TX  temporarily MAIN DIAL or RX [CLAR/VFO-B]
• Durante il funzionamento in “SPLIT” la frequenza TX può essere regolata temporaneamente con il MAIN DIAL, tenendo però pressato il tasto [TXW].
Altrettanto in questo modo la frequenza RX varierà girando però la manopola [CLAR/VFO-B] !! Setting of the TX/RX for SPLIT operation: accendere ON  [POWER] mentre si tiene pressato il tasto [SPLIT] per attivare questo modo di settaggio  con la variazione temporanea in Operazioni Split ….!! e… viceversa!

!! Si sta procedendo ad aggiornare solo 2 dei 4 firmware incorporati, con differenti software utility (Trasfer..) e 4 files a differenti  estensioni (SLF – dat – bin etc), nel Transceiver (Yaesu utilizza ancora qui il sistema  “multiple software systems installations”! rispetto alla Icom e Kenwood che usano, invece, un software a sistema unico di sviluppo). Quindi ignorare i passaggi ripetitivi (spegni, collega cavi, accendi, carica 1, ripristina e poi ancora, etc. etc.) previsti per il DSP e per la FFT (att. diverso da TFT!!) [..alla fine si rimane senza dita da pigiare contemporaneamente hi!!]

[Note] La funzione schermo intero richiede l’installazione delle Ver. xxxx_V0114.SFL ( MAIN CPU) e Ver. xxxxx_V01-07_xxxxx.bin (software x TFT). Per il funzionamento e le caratteristiche di cui sopra, si prega di fare riferimento ai fogli aggiuntivi per le nuove funzioni Spectrum & per VFO SPLIT a cura di YAESU MUSEN CO.,LTD & Yaesu-USA #EH046H500 (!! n. 2 pagine .pdf incluse nella stessa cartella (.zip) FTDX3000_Update_July1)

[Note] There are four different Software installations (Yaesu still uses the multiple software systems installations! on the FTdx-3000, Icom and Kenwood instead use a unified software environment) – Each one must be followed carefully. – Installing the wrong type software may cause difficulties.
!! You are only doing the Main-CPU and TFT updates. You are NOT doing the DSP or FFT updates, just ignore those instructions at this time on the Upgrade Manual & FTdx3000 Additional useful functions sheet (n. 2 pages pdf  included in the same zip folder … FTDX3000_Update_July1 (.zip))

[Note] The rig has to be started in different ways for each of these two updates to work!  The Yaesu “Firmware Upgrade Manual” has the update procedure for all of the Firmware-Modules & extention type (MAIN .SFL – DSP .dat – TFT .bin – FFT .dat), and for all Trasfer-Softwares (!! FSW018 – FW-DSP – TFW – FW-FFT !!) – See this Yaesu complex procedure step-by-step! – [… already running out of fingers when  try to reset, etc. etc. !]

Link to: Yaesu USA (Main V0114 Tft V00107) Update Information (ENG)
Link to: Yaesu USA FTDX3000 Latest Firmware Upgrade Manual (ENG)
Link to: Yaesu FTdx-3000D  >Files, USB Driver, Manuals, Software (ENG)

!! Additional Yaesu Musen Co., Ltd Useful functions sheet, n. 2 pages pdf are included in the same zip folder … FTDX3000_Update_July1 (.zip) by Yaesu USA web-site, files, download)!!


FTdx-3000 Double-conversion Super-heterodyne – (Down-conversion type) 1st IF 9.000MHz, a 2nd IF 30kHz SSB, CW, PSK/FSK (24kHz for AM/FM);
FTdx-1200 Triple-conversion super heterodyne – (Up-conversion type)  1st IF 40.455 MHz, 2nd IF 455 kHz  3td IF 30kHz SSB, CW, PSK /FSK (24 kHz for AM, FM).

Test Report: FTdx-3000, S/N 2K020095 © by Adam, VA7OJ/AB4OJ

– Using NPR notched noise to evaluate dynamic receiver performance

NPR_va7oj-labsNoise Power Ratio (NPR) Testing of HF Receivers – Using notched noise to evaluate dynamic receiver performance – (…. To put the impact of the NPR test into perspective, a -9 dBm Ptot level at 5.6 MHz BRF is equivalent to 1200 simultaneous SSB signals at -43 dBm each, i.e. S9 + 30 dB!) etc. etc…. by Adam Farson, VA7OJ/AB4OJ- (!! updated now in Giune, 2013 – see the link below)

Link to: Latest  NPR Test & 2 kHz DR3 of FTdx-3000 by Adam, VA7OJ

Note] – Detailed specifications: please see the official Yaesu Musen Co. LTD or Yaesu USA  sources – All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders.