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AOR AR-DV1, a new breed of receiver – CSI CS7000 Multi-mode D-STAR & DMR

AOR AR-DV1, a new breed of receiver made in Japan! Multi mode decode and wide range capability. See the preliminary information (PDF) link below, of choice when you want to listen in to special communications. – New CSI CS7000 Multi-mode handhelds D-STAR & DMR (TDMA) by Connect Systems Inc. made in USA ..see below.

AR-DV1 100kHz – 18MHz Direct Conversion – 18MHz – 1300MHz Triple superheterodyne

Until now, Multi-Mode meant AM, FM (wide & narrow), SSB and CW,  the AOR adds the following digital modes:
DMR (Digital Mobile Radio)
dPMR (Digital Private Mobile Radio)
D-Star –  APCO-25 – NXDN
Yaesu Digital (C4FM System Fusion)
Alinco Digital – Digital-CR
AOR G4GUO ( as used in ARD9000/9800 models)

Link to: AOR AR-DV1 Brochure, pre-release (PDF) ENG



This radio is defined for the Amateur Market and will have an introductory price of $249. – Capable of doing DMR, NXDN, dPMR, P25, ANALOG, D-STAR, AND FUSION Protocols. – This radio is built to commercial strandards and will cover commercial Frequencies.
The first version will ship with Analog, DMR, and D-STAR protocols with future firmware updates allowing other protocols – There’ll just be firmware upgrades with which you can add features.!


On the CS7000 the (firmware) software is open source, that Hams will evolve the kernel to make it increasingly more powerful to add industry standard protocols.

The primary microprocessor is a STM32F405VGT6. This is an ARM Cortex M4 32 bit high speed microprocessor – The second microprocessor is a DVSI 3000R. This microprocessor uses a TMS320F2811 core and is dedicated to executing the AMBE and AMBE +2 Vocoder formats and other algorithms (!!)

CSI planning on is releasing a single radio that will do both modes of analog and digital. – New expected Delivery is Jannuary  2014 (CSI update 28/10/2014) more news…. see the two link and info below

italianoIn un’intervista esclusiva a, il proprietario e presidente della Connect Systems Inc. – USA, Jerry Wanger parla dei piani produttivi della sua azienda che sorprenderà i Radioamatori con il lancio di questa nuova radio digitale vocale che supporterà sia il Digital Mobile Radio (DMR – TDMA) che, lo Smart Digital Technologies per Radio Amatori (D-STAR o D-star a seconda del sistema proprietario o compatibile in GMSK) – Successivamente saranno completati gli altri modi digitali.

Jerry Wanger prosegue dicendo CHE Il CS7000 porterà un avanzamento nella tecnologia progettuale e il prezzo medio rispetto a quello che è ora disponibile sul mercato, tanto da cambiarlo radicalmente. –  Il progetto prevede un firmware open-source che permetterà ai Radioamatori interessati di implementarlo e ampliarne le possibili applicazioni  tenendo conto dei processori e codec previsti e più sopra indicati.

Link to: White Paper by Jerry Wanger CEO for the CS7000
ink to: Connect Systems Inc. Agoura Hills, CA US web-page

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