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Kairos Multi-protocol Soft DSP Radio Dual-mode Digital/Analog & IP Net

KAIROS is a multi-protocol transceiver/repeater that implements all mod-demodulation and filtering processes via Software by a DSP (Digital Signal Processor), following the “soft radio” concept. Dual-mode analog and digital modulation – IP Multicast & Simulcast – Soft Diversity vectorial treatment of two or more incoming signals – RF linking in DMR and analogue modes – SIP and AMBE +2 Gateway & SIP/RTP-IP network for wide range applications & utilityes!


It allows to manage multiple protocols at the same time to perform, for es., a dual mode in real time, according to the incoming radio (or IP) signals. (soft & hardware platforms is based on a Linux O.S. core). KAIROS Series ETSI / FCC  / CE certified – Designed and manufactured in Italy by  Radio Activity Srl – 20128 Milano IT.


KAIROS, thanks to the “soft radio” designin, approaches this problem, with the same techniques adopted in the most diffused digital communication systems like GSM, GPRS, WiMAX, LTE etc. – It is equipped of 2 coherent indipendent receivers that, connecting then to 2 different antennas, realizes a “soft space diversity” reciving system. – When operates in digital, KAIROS manages the 4FSK modulation, it is the standard mod for DMR & P25, and can also manage, on request, the GMSK constellation and many generic FSK standards like the POCSAG groups.


The KAIROS rtx is dual mode analog/digital with the automatic switch between the Analog / DMR services. – The old FM rtx may operate with the new digital one through the same network.
KAIROS can run a “DMR Gateway” agent to interface Analog and DMR radio systems to several external networks. – The DMR Gateway Agent traslates Voice (full duplex audio stream from/to) and Data streams. (this runs in the Kairos engine without the need of external PC) [Note] (More info: …see the official data of Radio Activity pdf)

Link to: Downloda the offcial broshure of Kairos’s (in ENG) pdf

italiano Come si potrà leggere dal link qui sotto, IW7DZR, Giacomo e IW0RED, Marco dell’Associazione CISAR stanno già provando con test applicativi apparati KAIROS UHF nel campo radioamatoriale. – In digitale il DSP incorpora e gestisce mod-demod 4FSK per modi DMR e P25 e in dual-mode anche FM analogica – Kairos supporta reti Multicast e Simulcast per realizzare reti Multisite tipo professionale. – Il software fornito gestisce anche un ricevitore in “diversity” con due antenne per il trattamento vettoriale di più segnali in ricezione. – Fa parte del gruppo test anche Artem, R3ABM,  che ha elaborato il software CronosAgent  per applicarlo sotto BM (BrandMeister) !! Attendiamo altre news.

Link to: Kairos test-report IW7DZR & IW0RED on CISAR web (IT)


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