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Opera digital mode. The new software by EA5HVK, Jose Ros for QRSS on Weak signals

Opera is still in Beta test, the latest version is V.1.8.8 (Download from Link below!!) – The new “Opera” Single carrier Data/Beacon mode Tx/Rx, is created by EA5HVK, Jose Alberto Nieto Ros, by request of GØNBD for Ham Radio CW Community – This software, complete windows compatible Tx/Rx package with internet spotting and chat facility, COM-port keying and audio tx drive, is free!

Opera QRSS. Il nuovo software sviluppato da EA5HVK, Jose Ros su idea iniziale di GØNBD, si utiilizza per comunicazioni CW standard QRSS per segnali deboli, anche immersi nel rumore e con potenze QRP. – Opera è simile al già noto WSPR/JT45, ma con propri algoritmi in ambiente DSP e codifica tipo OOK (On Off Keying), con selezione di tempi di intervallo da 1 a 60′ e in più altre novità in evoluzione. – Infatti è ancora in Versione Beta, V.1.8.8 – [Nota] Anche gli spots di Opera si possono seguire in tempo reale sui sistemi automatici: PSKreporter e (vedere Link)

Link To: PSKreporter  / to: Opera group Yahoo   / to: Ros and Opera official web-page

 The new software “Opera”  Beta, developed by EA5HVK, Jose Ros (author of the now established ROS Data mode!) using DSP techniques, it’s a alternative QRSS for weak signal experiments on 136 & 500 kHz and for HF all bands (80 to 10 mt) for Ver. 1.1.2 up – Better than standard QRSS, similar like WSPR, but with Opera you can choose your own interval time between 1 and 60 minutes.
CAT Link embodied and Tx by COM port Key or Audio drive Tx\Rx COM port switch faclity – Decoder are possible with S/N – 26 to -38 dB (Rx speed auto-selected!) The spots are visible in near realtime to interested parties with PSKreporter and (see the links) – This as a way of providing data operations for stations that only had the CW capability. The most up to date information on this mode can be found at (see the link up)