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The EME Conference 2010 in Dallas US – KP4AO on the air for 432 MHz EME

International EME Conference, 2010 (August 12-14, 2010) takes place in Dallas, Texas – Noise Figure Workshop – EME Demonstration by WA5WCP – Dealer Room featuring a number of dealers, – Tours of historic sites and Ladies program. The EME conference will conclude with the traditional Saturday night banquet! — My friend I0NAA Mario (ARI Honor Rool) will be the EME Conference in Dallas!

Moon-bounce from Arecibo Observatory (KP4AO AOARC), last April 2010. (Source: QST August, 2010)

Joe Taylor, K1JT, and Jim Breakall, WA3FET (left), together with a team from KP4AO, the Arecibo Observatory Radio Club, completed almost 250 contacts via EME using the Arecibo Observatory at the National Astronomical and ionospheric Center in Puerto Rico. (Insert photo by QST August 2010 Cover). –  (Click the image for enlarge)
Equipment Setup for 432 MHz EME: For extra flexibility we used two TS-2000, one for trasmitting and one for receiver, included a GaAsFET pre-amp with noise figure 0.5 dB. We had two power amplifiers, one using a 3CX800 we started with 350 W. – [Note]: Read, please, the entire report on QST, Aug. 2010 written by Joe, K1JT, Angel,WP3R and Jim, WA3FET.

Link to:  The Page’s WSJT, MAP65, WSRP and WSJT8 available for testing (Many thanks Joe, K1JT)

International EME Conference, 2010 takes place in Dallas, Texas

[Nota]: EME Communications (Earth Moon Earth) also known as moon bounce, is a Hamateur Radio communications technique which relies on the propagation of radio waves from an Earth-based transmitter directed via reflection from the surface of the Moon!

W5LUA, VE4MA, WA8RJF and the North Texas Microwave Society officially announce the 14th International EME Conference in Dallas, Texas on the 12th,13th and 14th of August 2010. The conference Hotel is The Westin at the Dallas Fort Worth Airport which is just a short shuttle ride from DFW Airport. We have over 100 pre-registered for the conference. To see if you are fully registered, please go to and check the  “Registered Attendees.

E.M.E. Conference 2008, there were more than 168 EME Operators at the 13th International EME Conference 2008 in Florence, Italy (Click on the left to very impressive big image). Ricordo che a Firenza si è tenuta la 13° Conferenza Mondiale EME nel 2008 organizzata in Italia dal CRT Toscana, a cui parteciparono ben 168 Operatori dalle varie parti del mondo. (Cliccare la piccola immagine qui sopra per vedere la grande foto ricordo 2008!!)

Paul, WA5WCP, will be giving an EME demonstration on 1296 MHz out in the hotel parking lot. On Friday at 1800Z (1PM Local) the moon will be up at 22 degrees elevation. This is a low declination moon which won’t give us very much time towards Europe. System will be a 12 ft dish and several watts. Paul will also be on after about 1900Z on Saturday.

Link to: 2010, Intern Confer EME – General Conferenze schedule
Link to: 2008, Intern Confer EME in Firenze Italy – Report and photo

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WSPR protocol (pronounced “whisper”) stands for “Weak Signal Propagation Reporter.” Activity on 30 Meter Band by I0NAA – Assisi

WSPR by K1JT’s – I0NAA, Mario da Assisi ha scritto: “sono finalmente riuscito ad attivarmi  in WSPR , operando sulla interessante Banda dei 30m (10.140MHz). Ecco la doppia schermata che fa vedere le stazioni che ho ricevuto il giorno 08 Settembre 2008,  compreso il QSO delle 20:44 ed il rapporto  ricevuto da EB1APK via… Oltre 1400km CON SOLI 5W e un dipolo che tocca quasi il tetto di casa ! Questo programma di K1JT implementa la trasmissione e la ricezione digitale tramite la soundcard ed è utilizzabile con segnali estremamente deboli!
Un QSO in modalità WSPR  risulta piu’ lento rispetto ad altri modi digitali quale per esempio JT65B usato per EME , a causa del protocollo molto robusto, ma i risultati possono essere migliori !
Non è stato scritto un manuale completo per WSRP, ma c’è una Quick Start Guide TXT format; Vedi Link

IARU Regione 1 HF, 10MHz Band Plan:
– 10.100 – 10.140 Max Bw 200Hz CW, QRP centre of activity 10.116MHz
– 10.140 – 10.150 Max Bw 500Hz Narrow band modes – digimodes
I modi digitali più usati nella banda dei 30 metri:
C’è anche un Network per lo scanbio in tempo reale di informazioni sulla Propagazione dei segnali deboli con un folto gruppo di radioamatori attivi in QRP e QRPp che utilizzano il protocollo digitale MEPT_JT(“Manned Experimental Propagation Tests, by K1JT ) implementato in WSPR    Vedi Link
Link to: Network Drupal
Link to: Quick Start Guide TXT format v.1.0
Link to: 30 Meter Digital Spot Page
Link to: 30 Meter Digital Group (“30MDG”) 

ENG: I0NAA, Mario from Assisi wrote: “I was finally able to work with digital WSPR on the Hf Band of 30m (10.140MHz). This is the double screen-shot that shows the stations that I received on 8th September, 2008 where is the QSO of 20:44 and the report  received from EB1APK via… More than 1400km WITH ONLY 5W and a dipole that almost touches the roof of the house !”
WSPR QSO is slower compared to other digital modes like JT65B used for EME due to strong protocol used, but results could be better !
A full manual for WSPR  has not yet been written, but a Quick Start Guide TXT format; See the Link .
Major digital-modes used on the 30 meter band:
Ther is also a network for the real time exchange of information on the propagation of  Weak Signal with a group of amateur radio operators working QRP and QRPp  that use the  MEPT_JT   “Manned Experimental Propagation Tests, by K1JT )  protocol implemented in WSPR . See the Links