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Elecraft K3/0 Remote Head & Remoterig RRC-1250MkII – KXPA100 Amplifier – KAT500 ATU


The K3/Ø-Mini Remote control  is functionally identical to our full K3, sized K3/Ø. Both control a remote K3 Transceiver via the RemoteRig RRC-1258MkII see the System configurations, link below. The new KXPA100 100W Amplifier with internal ATU option – $699,00 for the kit KXPA100 – ATU idem price KAT3 – Download the Guide to KX3 Mobile Installation (by w6nie) link below.

K3-0_dayton-2013 K3_remote-software-test_2013 P3SVGA_Dayton-2013

Preview of the upcoming Elecraft K3/Ø Mini head and the Remote Software in test at Dayton Hamvention 2013. See the Wide Screen for the P3SVGA option fot the Elecraft P3 Pamadapter. (click the pictures to enlarge).

KPA100_rearpanel KPA100_frontpanel KPA100_cover-removed
works with any rig with just AMP KEY and RF. Internal Frequency counter auto band switches. RJ45 is for a dedicated KX3 interface. One RF input, 1 or 2 ANT outputs. (2nd ANT output with internal ATU option.) –
Elecraft® writhes: will show the K3/Ø-Mini remote control head at Friedricshafen HamRadio 2013, along with the KXPA100 Amplifier. – (click the pictures to enlarge)

The K3/Ø-Mini is a Remote Control Head for the K3 Transceiver  at Dayton Hamvention 2013

–  Two RemoteRig RRC-1258MkII (picture below) units that provide the interface to the internet; one for the remote location and one for the local (control) location

– RRMTCBL cable set to connect the remote RRC-1258 unit to the remote K3.
– K3/Ø Remote control Head (Test at Dayton Hamvention 2013 )
– RRK0CBL cable set to connect a local K3/0 as the controller.
– RRK3CBL cable set to connect a local K3 as the controller.


When paired with the RemoteRig internet control system (also sold by Elecraft®) this K3 Remote system can connect your local K3 or K3/Ø to a remote K3 over the internet, including transmit and receive audio, without the need or complexity of setting up computers on each end. The K3 Remote system provides a real radio feel with immediate control feedback and very fast response times.
Link to: Remoterig System configurations (Elecraft, Kenwood, Icom, Yaesu)

The K3/Ø, or a regular a K3 in ‘terminal mode’, provides a unique real time remote control experience for operating a K3 located in the next room, or across the country. – [Note] The latest K3 firmware supports a compact remote control serial protocol – (Source Elecraft ® website)

Link to:  Elecraft ® K3-Remote K3 – more news and informations
Link to: RemoteRig K3-Twin Power Modification (Old RRC boards)
Link to: Official RemoteRig Website

KX3 SDR – Guide to KX3 Mobile Installation and Operation (W6NIA)

KX3 in-a-Honda_2012Essential factors in mobile operation are significantly different than when operating portable or at a fixed station.
Link to: Downolad the Guide to KX3 Mobile installation PDF

One aspect of KX3 mobile installation and operation that is emphasized in this Guide is safety. – This Guide’s scope covers only installations in vehicles that have negative ground electrical systems. etc. (Download the PDF and Read more)

KAT500 Auto-Tuner & Smart Antenna Switch – (Source Elecraft ®)

The new KAT500 uses the same topology and performance tuning algorithms as the 100W autotuner in the K3. Typical matching range at 500 W is up to 10:1 on most bands.

Frequency Typical Matching Range and Power Limit:
1.8 — 2MHz 600W into 10 to 500 Ohms (5:1 Low Impedance, 10:1 High Impedance SWR) / 3 — 30 MHz 600W into 5 to 500 Ohms (10:1 SWR) / 1000W into 16 to 150 Ohms (3:1 SWR ) / 1000W into 16 to 150 Ohms (3:1 SWR ) and  30 — 60MHz 500W into 5:1 SWR (10 to 250 Ohms)
The KAT500 measures transmit frequency to automatically select tuning memories and antennas – The KAT500 can tune with 10 W but we recommend 20 W to 100 W for best tuning accuracy – The KAT500 has a front panel SWR display and three selectable antenna outputs.  –
Link to: Elecraft ® KAT500 official web-page
Link to: Elecraft ® KAT500 Owner’s Manual

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