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PX3 Panadapter for The KX3 HF 50MHz Transceiver by Elecraft Inc. US

The PX3 Panadapter adds a visual dimension to signal hunting, with fast, real-time spectrum and waterfall displays of band activity include CW/RTTY/PSK text display (Firmware/beta Rev. 01.16) – The PX3 is a great addition to the Elecraft KX3, utilizing its serial control port and KX3’s baseband RX I/Q signals – [NoteIt is not compatible with the 8.2 MHz IF output from the K3 Transceiver. 


Full-color, fast waterfall of spectrum display – Wide dynamic range and frequency span of up to 200 kHz (2 to 200kHz) on the 480×272-pixel, color TFT LCD display.


The Elecraft PX3 a simple plug-and-play operation no PC or saundcard is required – A PC or Mac can still be connected to the KX3 (via the PX3) for use with logging and control programs- Low current drain (typ. 140 mA @ 13.8 V) – Weighs just 13 oz (370 gr.)
[Note] PX3 and KX3 Firmware: May Be Updated Through This Port (ACC1 PC of the PX3) – Turn The PX3 Off When Updating the KX3 Firmware.

PX3 Front Panel Board Kit (pic by KB4BB from web – flickr)


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QST reviews KX3 on Dec, 2012 – SDR with a 0 Hz IF – KX3 Datasheet & Schematics

KX3 a SDR with a ØHz IF (Direct Conversion) – QST Magazine reviews the Elecraft KX3 HF and 6 Meter QRP 10W on Dec., 2012 by W1ZR, Joel and K1RO, Mark. – IMD3 dynamic range, Blocking gain compression and Reciprocal mixing it is at the “top of the heap”! – See below the QST 14MHz Key Summary and Internal pictures.  Watch  the Video KX3 with iSDR app. Link to Schematics & Block Diagram pdf !

QST 12月号のProduct ReviewにKX3が掲載されます。

See the December 2012 issue of QST magazine for the complete review and ARRL Lab test results – [Note] Area Members Only.
Link to: ARRL – American Radio Relay League for Amateur Radio

The authors write: To say that the KX3 is a Direct Conversion Radio misses the point. It would probably be more descriptive to say that the KX3 is a Software Defined Radio (SDR) with a Ø Hz IF and I/Q quadrature component receiver processing that provides single-signal reception. Those signals allow a PC running your SDR software to display the spectrum and usual rig control management. – Elecraft provides your choice of a cable that connects to a PC USB2 port or an RS-232 socket (add. $29.95 or so!) –

Link to: Elecraft KX3 the Schematics & Block Diagram pdf (ENG)

Link to: Elecraft KX3 Datasheet (pdf 5.5MB) ver. May 2012 (ENG)

Source: QST Reviews, we show only… the Key figures at 14 MHz

  • Band: 14 MHz – Pre OFF – (500 Hz BW,  500 Hz  roofing filter)
  • Spacing 20 kHz blocking gain compression….130 dB
  • Spacing    2 kHz blocking gain compression….128 dB
  • Spacing 20 kHz 3rd-order dynamic range…….103 dB
  • Spacing    2 kHz 3rd-order dynamic range….…100 dB
  • Spacing 20 kHz 3rd-order intercept…………..+34 dBm
  • Spacing    2 kHz 3rd-order intercept…………..+34 dBm


How To Connect Elecraft KX3 To iPad by WD9E – This video shows how to use the iSDR app with the Elecraft KX3 SDR Transceiver – (a great video, thanks WD9E!)

Link to: QST Reviews the Kenwood TS.590S on May, 2011 (TS-590 > K3 Key)
Link to: QST Magazine Product Reviews Key Soummary List by PA1HR, Hans

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STØR South Sudan QRT Total QSO’s: 121.286! – With K3 – IC-7200 – Acom

STØR – The first DX-pedition in Southern Sudan has finished its work. Excellent result of all the teams: Totale QSO’s 121.286 in Database – 27.994 Unique Callsigns – 176 DXCC – 40 CQ Zones – last QSO at 10/08/2011 @ 07:01. – Thanks to: DXFriends, Intrepi-DX, Sponsors and the teams.

Link to: DXFriends Official Log web-page to find a Qso with ST0R 

STØR – La prima DX-pedition in Sud Sudan ha terminato la sua missione. Un ottimo successo dei due team: complessivamente 121.286 QSO nel STØR Database – 27.994 Unique Callsigns – 176 DXCC – 40 CQ Zones –  ultimo QSO alle ore 07:01 del 10/08/2011 poi QRT  – Grazie a: DXFriends, Intrepi-DX, agli Sponsors ed ai teams, compreso l’operatore italiano IN3ZMR, Fabrizio (qui sotto la sua foto  selezionata dal sito web ufficiale)

Qui di seguito due immagini, tratte dal sito ufficiale www.dxfriends/SoutherSudan2011 per soddisfare una prima curiosità, infatti si possono vedere una parte degli apparati che la DX-Pedition ha dichiarato di utilizzare in queste settimane di intenso traffico, compresi i 6mt, oltre naturalmente per mettere in evidenzia l’operatore italiano che fa parte del team DXFriends:
Transceivers: 1 x IC-7000 2 x IC-7200 Icom e 3 x K3 Elecraft  – Amplifiers: 2 x Acom 1010 and Others, tutto il resto e le  antenne, dalle Hexbeam alle Spiderbeam ecc. sono sul sito ufficiale.


Elecraft KX3 Transceiver (architettura SDR) e KXPA100 a Dayton 2011 – Video and Link

The new Elecraft KX3 only 0,7 kg! – Totally different architecture than the Elecraft K3, of course (Wayne N6KR) – Availability towards end of 2011. – Firmware updateable – Large custom LCD – The revolutionary Elecraft KX3 puts the world in the palm of your hand! (Soursce: Elecraft US)

KX3 Ultra-compact  10W, 160-6m transceiver a 32-bit DSP/SDR IQ, all modes SSB/CW/AM/FM/DATA (including built-in PSK31 and RTTY encode/ decode) – The optional KXPA100 100W amplifair with ATU is in an external box. -!! See the video below for a pretty outline of features by N6KR, Wayne. – – (Click the mini-picture to enlarge front panel)

Link to: Elecraft KX3 Transceiver – Preliminary information and Sign-up Form

KX3 Preliminary informations: Quadrature down-sampling mixer compatible with PC-based SDR applications – Receiver I/Q outputs for use with PC saundcard –  Narrow roofing filter option with four bw (500 Hz, 1500 Hz, 2.7 kHz, 3.8 kHz)  – Switchable Pre-amp (2 levels) and attenuator (2 levels) –
Advanced DSP provides dual watch over +/- 10 kHz range, PBT for Shift/Width/Hicut/Loct,  noise reduction, noise blanking, autonotch – Software-defined radio (SDR) architecture plus Roofing filter (KXFL3) for excellent dynamic rang – Operate in data mode (PSK31/RTTY) with or without a PC –  For extreme portability,  you can add the internal wide-range ATU, 8-AA cell battery pack with NiMH charger, and adjustable KXPD3 keyer paddle !!

Link to: Elecraft XG3 RF Programmable Signal Source official web