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New CO1-HF The Pover-Combiner For Two Amps From SPE of Italy

CO1-HF Combiner coming soon from S.P.E. Roma Italy ! It doubles the powe of two Expert 2K-FA or two 1.3K-FA mantaining all their features. – The connection are the same as a single linear from 1.8 MHz to 50 MHz.


[Note] the amplifiers connected to the CO1-HF must be identical. It is not possible to mix a 1.3 and a 2K for instance.

 Exper 1.3K-FA fully automatic Solid State Amplifier (SPE)


The Expert 1.3K-FA has a sophisticated protection system tha constantly controls the amplifier’s most paramiters: Temperature Max/Min of the heatsink – Voltage on the PA – PA Current – Max voltage RF on Tuner – Imput power – SWR


The 1.3K-FA is costituted by a class AB single Push-pull by a one Dual Mosfet device.  The amplifier has two imputs 1 – 2 to which it is possible to connect two Transceivers (any type)

Link to: SPE Expert Linear Amplifiers Official Home-page

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