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IC-9100 Firmware Rev. E2 & IC-7410 Rev. 1 USB Driver V.1.20 for IC-7100 up to 9100. RS-BA1 V.1.41 – D-STAR QSO Party 2013 !


IC-9100 Firmware Rev. E2 & IC-7410 Firmware Rev. 1 are now downloadable from the Icom Inc. Osaka, Japan Global-website of 1 & 8 August, 2013. The new Firmware corrects a number of issue and offers improvements to the two radio (see the all Icom specs and instructions.) – D-STAR the QSO Party 2013 … 10 lucky winner! see below.
In addition, a new USB Driver Rev. 1.20 (adds USB3 port and W8) & Cloning software CS-9100 Rev. 1.01 & Remote Control RS-BA1 Rev. 1.41 can be downloaded. The USB Driver supports the following radios (as of July 2013) IC-7100/IC-7200/IC-7410/IC-7600/IC-9100.

Link to: Icom C-9100 Firmware Release E2 & Improvements informations

firmware-updateTo use the USB cable between the transceiver and the PC, you must install a USB driver. – If the latest USB driver that comes with the CS-9100 or RS-BA1 has already been installed, the additional installation is not necessary.
[Note] Please read (link) Icom Firmware update instructions (ENG. pdf) thoroughly and make sure what is required for the firmware update !!

IC-9100 Checking the Version installed – (idem for “checking” the IC-7410 *)

IC-9100_checking-version1) – Press and hold [F4] and [F5] while turning [ON] the IC-9100 – (idem for IC-7410)
2) – Do NOT release [F4] and [F5] until you have READ the Version results (3)
3) – Results will appear at the bottom of the display
Results for latest Version E2 (01 August, 2013):
F: 3.01-000 = Front (currently no updates) / M: 3.42-E00 = Main (currently no updates) / DM: 3.05 <00> = DSP Main (Previous version should read 3.03 or 3.02) – DS: 3.08 <00> = DSP Sub (Previous version should read 3.04 or 3.03) – (!! Read the Icom information)

 IC-7410 HF/50MHz   * Icom Inc. Global Japan of 08.08.2013:  Now there is an Firmware update Rev. 1  for the IC-7410 Transceiver. – See the link below for Icom download page, and also to the Upgrade Instruction (ENG).

Link to: Icom C-7410 Firmware Release 1 & Improvements and informations

[Note] In the IC-7410 the firmware is updated through the USB port on the rear panel of the IC-7410.  The USB driver must be installed before connecting the USB cable between the IC-7410 and to the PC. – Please read the original instruction from Icom Inc.  “Download the Icom Firmware update instructions” (ENG)


USB Driver Rev. 1.20 (adds USB3 port and W8) & Cloning software CS-9100 Rev. 1.01 can be downloaded. The USB Driver supports the following radios (as of July 2013) IC-7100/IC-7200/IC-7410/IC-7600/IC-9100 & RS-BA1 Remote Controll applications.

This driver is for only Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, and Windows® 8 (except “RT” versions)

Link to: Icom Inc. USB Driver Software Revision 1.20 of 01 August, 2013 

After installing the driver, connect the radio to the PC, and then the USB driver is automatically installed to add a COM port …etc.  –
[Note] Before downloading the driver, please thoroughly read (link) Icom USB driver installation guide for W8/7/Vista/XP (ENG pdf) for installation details and what is required for the installation !!

 CS-9100 Cloning Software Rev. 1.01 can be downloaded from Icom Inc.

Un software di utilità e clonazione tra apparati uguali – Icom ne dispone un tipo per ciascuno dei suoi apparati base, portatili o veicolari, in generale abilitati per comunicazioni D-STAR. Questa Versione 1.01 per IC-9100 supporta l’uso delle porte USB-3  e W8 ed è stato rilasciato il 1° Agosto 2013.

Link to: Icom CS-9100 Cloning Software Rev. 1.01 del 01 August, 2013

NB> sia per il CS-9100, sia per il CS-7100 Icom annota che è necessario aver installato la precedente propria Versione 1.00 prima di aggiornare con l’ultima ! Scrive anche altre importanti annotazioni da leggere nelle stesse pagine Icom. [Nota] I relativi manuali di installazione per CS-9100 e CS-7100 ad oggi NON sono stati rintracciati (almeno e Se&o!) sulle pagine web di Icom Inc. Japan (02.8.2013)

RS-BA1® Remote Control system Ver. 1.41 (USB-3.0 is now supported) 
… April, 2012 pag. 55 etc. the  Really Cool Stuff )

An RS-BA1® remote control system consists of at least one PC, which is used as a Base station (Server) and at least one PC, which is used as a Remote station (Client). Both PCs have to be connected with a network and VAC. The Icom USB driver must be installed.

[Note] When you use the RS-BA1 version 1.41, the USB driver must be the USB 3.0 compatible version. Download the USB driver Ver. 1.20 !!  – You must have the RS-BA1 software installed BEFORE you update to revision 1.41.

Link to: Icom Inc.  RS-BA1 Software Ver. 1.41 of 2013/08/01 (! run not free) 

Since cannot turn the radio ON or OFF with RS-BA1 Remote Control operation, the radio must be turned ON. – [Note] there other control board and software (no Icom brand) to control power to equipment or other options, it works together with Icom RS-BA1 or HRD software etc.


D-STAR QSO Party 2013 – …… 10 lucky winners, from all participants!

Purpose: Connecting the world through D-STAR repeaters (or *) around the globe.
Date & time: September 20th, 21st and 22nd, 2013. Friday 0:00 ~ Sunday 24:00 (UTC)
Bands and modes: DV mode 28MHz / 50MHz / 70MHz / 145MHz / 430MHz / 1200MHz (* Simplex operation on 28MHz, 50MHz and 70MHz) –
[Note] Read the all Icom Info & rules and how to submit a log informations link below –

Link tho: Icom Inc.  D-STAR QSO Party 2013 – Rules

[Note] All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders. This page is just a non-official overview, where no one should draw any conclusions – all images and versions above is for illustration only (tnx)!

IC-7100 Video in use 07/14/2013 – Advanced Instructions – RS-BA1 V.1.40 & RC-28 V.1.01 – ID-51A/E MARS CAP


IC-7100 HF/VHF/UHF Multi Mode & D-STAR DV the new Advanced Instructions pdf 379 pages !! Video IC-7100 in Use CW – LSB – WFM – RTTY (Sunday 07/14/2013) – Designed to the 70MHz band in European versions – Download the new ID-51A/E & IC-7100 brochures (EN) – ID-51 MARS-CAP Modification – Read the QST Review ID-31A, see link below –

IC-7100_instructionsICOM IC-7100 Advanced Instructions Manual a new pdf of 379 page ( Icom America July 2013). These Advanced Instructions describe the details of the IC-7100 features.
This PDF formatted manual provides you with convenient functions, as follows. …. Shows a term description When the mouse cursor is moved over a term which is highlighted in yellow, the description of the term is displayed.
The screen shots at the right column,correspond to the perating instructions and procedures shows both setting and operating example. The location of the keys used in the described steps in the left column are illustrated.. etc.

Link to: Downloada the IC-7100 Advanced Instructions pdf 19.3MB (ENG)

L’Icom IC-7100 finalmente è stato approvato dalla  FCC ID AFJ339300 25.6.2013

IC-7100 List Price $1999.00 Your Price: $1665.95 USD – (Universal Radio Inc.)
IC-7100 #03 List Price €1477,16 (inc. 21% IVA IT) – (Marcucci Spa Importer)

IC 7100 in Use CW – LSB – WFM – RTTY – Sunday Morning 07/14/2013

IC-7100 the size is just about the same with IC-7000 Series and IC-706 & IC-706MKII, but it has a slanted header and can not be mounted on the main body. Touch Screen and user friendly mode and many menu could be easily controlled via Microphone, including changing mode and band selection.

IC-706MK2G IC-7100_Box-rearpanel IC-7200_manpack

At Dayton Hamvention 2013, ICOM the booth rep says there are now 27,000 D-STAR users with over 1,000 repeaters — and they’re dropping the price on those repeaters.

Icom Inc. has updates RS-BA1 Ver. 1.40 &  RC-28 USB encoder Ver. 1.01

Major improvements of the function RS-BA1 V.1.40 (!! must be insert code from CD)
1. IC-7100 is now supported.
2. Improved for stable operation with RC-28 after PC comes out of the sleep mode.

Major improvements of the function RC-28 V.1.01
1. Improved for stable operation after PC comes out of the sleep mode.

Link  to: Icom support download Software & link to Firmware


ID-51A/E 2m + 70cm Dual Band Portable – 5/2.5/1.0/0.5/0.1 Watts Output Power – RX: 88-174, 430-479MHz + AM Broadcast – Repeater Directory /Near Repeater) – Built-in GPS Receiver – Micro SD card slot for recording – IPX7 Submersible and more.. Download the new Icom Brochure EN PDF link below

ID-31_ID-51 ID-51_builtin-GPS

Der ID-51E verfügt über ein kompaktes 58 × 105,4 × 26,4 mm großes Gehäuse und wiegt mit Akku und Antenne nur etwa 255g –  Der integrierte GPS-Empfänger sorgt für schnelle Start-up-Zeit und genaue Position – Dowload Prospekt pdf

Link to: Download the new Icom ID-51 Brochure EN 13GS0020 PDF
Link to: Bitte entnehmen Sie diese Angaben dem ID-51E Prospekt

Link to: Read the QST Review of the ID-31A here! (Icom America Inc.)

Universal Radio (US) ID-51A  List Price: $756.00 Your Price: $579.00
Difona Communication (DE) ID-51E Special Price: €495,00 incl. 19% VAT

ID-51 Official MARS CAP Expanded TX & RX Mod by Icom America Inc. – MARS (Military Auxiliary Radio System) has a long history of providing worldwide auxiliary emergency communications during times of need
RX frequency expansion – (Click the picture to enlarge)

VHF: Expanded range: 137.000-174.000MHz.
UHF: Expanded range: 380.000-479.000MHz.
B BAND – (AM & FM only)
VHF: Expanded range: 108.000-136.995MHz. (AM), 137.000-174.000MHz. (FM)
UHF: Expanded range: 380.000-479.000MHz. (FM)
Remove D9 on Logic board. – [Note] How to open up the TX range on your Icom ID-51 this mod will provide transmit from 137-174 Mhz & 400-479 Mhz: See the video by K1LA link

IC-7100 at Dayton 2013 – Icom Inc. have released a new Brochure Pdf (EN), and the MSRP Price in Japan. The Importer Marcucci Spa  released the List price in Italia.  See more news, links, video and pictures below.


IC-7100_Bande-setting IC-7100_Mode-setting IC-7100_Multimode-meter

D-STAR is NOT proprietary to ICOM, D-STAR is an AMBE Codec owned by Digital Voice Systems. Icom is the only manufacturer putting D-STAR in their currently available Icom rigs. – (!! Click to all pictures to enlarge)

Suggested Retail Price (Japan) ¥ 165,900 (base price ¥ 158,000 no taxes)
Marcucci Spa (Italia) – IC-7100 #03 Prezzo listino € 1.534,00 (+ IVA 20% !!)


TMS3206745BPTPA3_DSPTMS320C6745BPTPA3 Device 3000MIPS (Million Instructions per Second) Clock 375MHz – a high-performance 32-bit floating point IF DSP delivers rich digital signal processing features, including digital IF filter, digital twin PBT, noise reduction, CW auto tune, etc.
Those digital features work on all bands from HF to V/UHF bands. The DSP digital signal processing is incorporated into the AGC loop. Built-in SD Card Slot for Voice & Log Storage

The optional RS-BA1 software allows you to operate the IC-7100 from a remote PC over the Internet or local home network. – (IP Remote through Home LAN) – (IP Remote over Internet) – also available the RC-28 Remote encoder.

Link to: Download the Icom IC-7100 new EU Brochure V.13GS0170 PDF  (EN)
Link to: Download the Icom IC-7100 new US Brochure V.13GS0160 PDF (EN)

[IC-7100] タッチパネル&スラント型コントローラーが、今までにない直観的で軽快なマルチバンド運用を実現 – HF+50MHz+144MHz+430MHz〈SSB・CW・RTTY・AM・FM・DV〉100W トランシーバー –

Link to: Download the Icom IC-7100 (JP) new  Brochure 2013-1-GSG661 (JP)

Touch Screen: The 48.6×75.9 mm in large “resistive” touch screen display can be operated even while wearing gloves.


italianoIC-7100 il nuovo HF/50/70/144/430MHz, Multi Modo & D-STAR DV compreso. Ha un nuovo sistema di comando IC-7100 Base operationintuitivo e rapido con “Touch Screen” resistivo. Si possono eseguire i vari settaggi operativi direttamente toccando lo schermo LCD a matrice di punti! Il Transceiver dispone di una Slot per inserire una memorie SD-card (opzionale) per memorizzare e gestire Dati, il Log e le funzioni GPS (anche il GPS è opzionale esterno) i dati dei Ripetitori D-STAR, etc.  (come già nel ID-51E/A). – Molto interesse alla Hamvention di Dayton 2013 – Icom ha annuncito la disponibilità a fine Giugno pv.

Purtroppo nessun ATU è stato integrato all’interno. Un accordatore automatico opzionale (come ad esempio l’AH-4 oppure l’AT-180) è disponibile per l’acquisto (!), per eventuali scopi di ottimizzazione con il sistema di antenna. – (Cliccare sulle varie immagini per ingrandirle)

Prezzo consigliato IC-7100 (!! in Giappone) ¥ 165,900 (prezzo base 158.000 ¥)

Marcucci Spa (IT) IC-7100 #03 listino € 1220,80 (+ IVA 22%) (upd. 01/01/2014)

Link to: Scheda in Italiano IC-7100 #03 di Marcucci Spa Icom importer Italia 

Anche questo apparato IC-7100 può essere utilizzato in remoto via porta USB con l’utilizzo del Software RS-BA1 della stessa Icom, con o senza RC-28 Remote encoder, sia via rete LAN o via Internet, naturalmente tramite l’impiego di Computer sia in locale che nel sito remoto. [Nota] con solo RS-BA1, allo stato, non si accende o spegne il Transceiver!

The 2013 Dayton Hamvention has come and gone. In this, video for Ham Nation, I show some of what we saw at the worlds’ largest gathering of amateur radio operators….. italianoLa Hamvention di Dayton del 2013 è venuta ed è già passata !! poi Julian dice: questo mio video per Ham Nation, vi mostra alcune delle cose che abbiamo visto al più grande raduno di Radioamatori del mondo! – (tks’ Julian & grazie by IØGej) – 22 maggio 2013 by jyunte’s channel.

[Note] – Detailed specifications: please see the official ICOM  sources – All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders.


STØR South Sudan QRT Total QSO’s: 121.286! – With K3 – IC-7200 – Acom

STØR – The first DX-pedition in Southern Sudan has finished its work. Excellent result of all the teams: Totale QSO’s 121.286 in Database – 27.994 Unique Callsigns – 176 DXCC – 40 CQ Zones – last QSO at 10/08/2011 @ 07:01. – Thanks to: DXFriends, Intrepi-DX, Sponsors and the teams.

Link to: DXFriends Official Log web-page to find a Qso with ST0R 

STØR – La prima DX-pedition in Sud Sudan ha terminato la sua missione. Un ottimo successo dei due team: complessivamente 121.286 QSO nel STØR Database – 27.994 Unique Callsigns – 176 DXCC – 40 CQ Zones –  ultimo QSO alle ore 07:01 del 10/08/2011 poi QRT  – Grazie a: DXFriends, Intrepi-DX, agli Sponsors ed ai teams, compreso l’operatore italiano IN3ZMR, Fabrizio (qui sotto la sua foto  selezionata dal sito web ufficiale)

Qui di seguito due immagini, tratte dal sito ufficiale www.dxfriends/SoutherSudan2011 per soddisfare una prima curiosità, infatti si possono vedere una parte degli apparati che la DX-Pedition ha dichiarato di utilizzare in queste settimane di intenso traffico, compresi i 6mt, oltre naturalmente per mettere in evidenzia l’operatore italiano che fa parte del team DXFriends:
Transceivers: 1 x IC-7000 2 x IC-7200 Icom e 3 x K3 Elecraft  – Amplifiers: 2 x Acom 1010 and Others, tutto il resto e le  antenne, dalle Hexbeam alle Spiderbeam ecc. sono sul sito ufficiale.


IC-7200 Product Review from June 2009 QST by © ARRL. Recenzione completa QST di Giugno 2009

QST-reviewIC-7200 HF 6m Review from June 2009 QST

Product Review from QST magazine. Reviewed by Steve Sant Andrea, AG1YK ARRL Assistant Editor
——Clik to enlarger ————————————
ENG: Some data drawn from ARRL product reviews are summarized in the table on image. These reviews are worth reading in their entirety, so as to obtain a systematic comparison between the most recent rigs entry-levl or portable type : IC-7200, IC-7000, FT-950 e FT-450.

Source QST 06/2009“Bottom Line”
The IC-7200 is a compact, easytooperate HF and 6 meter transceiver that offers many features for voice, CW and  digital mode operating. Rugged, water-resistant packaging makes it attractive for portable and emergency stations

IC-7200 recenzione completa su QST di Giugno 2009 della ARRL. Sulla rivista QST di Giugno è riportata una ampia recenzione del recente  IC-7200 HF 50MHz 100W Transceiver della Icom. L’apparato è stato recensito da Steve Sant Ander, AG1YK ARRL Assistant Editor. Nella Tabelllina riportata nell’immagine, qui sopra, sono indicati sommariamente solo alcuni dati, tratti dal “Key Summary” di QST per gli apparati IC-7200, IC-7000, FT-950 e FT-450 più o meno classificabili nella classe entry-levl o portatili.  Certamente le recenzioni tecniche meritano di essere  lette per intero sui vari numeri del QST Magazine per un confronto completo e sistematico di tutte le performance  degli apparati stessi.
Link to:   ARRL Home-Page –

[Note]: ARRL Members Only can now download the June, 2009 QST Product Review.

IC-7200 Rugged manpack styling. Two type IF Filters. MAIN UNIT Design and architecture. Link to Test review Radcom Uk

IC-7200-main-unitIC-7200: Triple conversion superheterodyne system:
Intermediate frequencies 1st: 64.455 MHz, 2nd: 455 kHz, 3rd: 15.625 kHz.
(Clik for inlarge the MainUnit)

IF Filters type: a) DSF753SBF-D64006GQ 64.455 MHz 1st IF 4 Pole Roofing Filter 6kHz-BW 3dB – b) CFWS455HT 2nd IF Ceramic Filter 6 Elements Ladder Type, 6kHz-BW 6dB/ 18kHz-BW 50dB. —-  The MAIN UNIT is the core of IC-7200.
Test review Radcom UK  IC-7200 by G3SJX—> Check the Link below

[Note –®]
The roofing filter and the Ceramic Filter is not a ultimate selectivity on the this tranceiver. The designer uses the DSP process to define the selectivity of the receiver for each supported emission type. The purpose of the 6kHz roofing  filter reduces the statistical likelihood that strong undesired signals well outside BPFs, to suppress images produced in the first mixer. The Ceramic Filter on the 2nd IF 455kHz to suppress images produced in the 2nd IF mixer will enter the IF chain and over-range the ADC Codec. As long as  the ADC is operating in its linear range, the DSP IF filter will do its job.IC-7200-manpack-styling
Design and architecture:

The RX signals are passed through one of 9 BPFs on the RF UNIT.  The BPF for 50 MHz band contains a separate Pre-amp to make up the loss for high sensitivity on this band. While the Main Pre-amp function is activated, the RX signals from the BPF are applied to the noiseless feedback AMP 2SC5551F. This Pre-amp provides low-noise, high RF gain and good IP characteristic. The amplified or not RX signals are entered to the MAIN UNIT, then applied on the 1st mixer 2SK1740 x4 junction FETs. A quad-structured 1st mixer circuit, provides high enough intercept point. RX signals are mixed with the 1st LO signals from the 1st LO AMP 2SC3357 to be converted into the 64.455 MHz 1st IF signal. The 1st IF signal is filtered by the 6kHz Roofing Filter (FI541 – FL421) to remove the RX frequency signal and 1st LO signals, and amplified by the 1st IF AMP 3SK264. The amplified 1st IF signal is applied to the 2nd duble balanced mixer HSB88WS to converted into the 455 kHz 2nd IF signal.
The 2nd IF signal is filtered by Ceramic Filter CFWS455HT (FI601) and amplified by 3SK264 x2 IF AMP and 2SC4081 BUFF, then applied to the 3rd mixer TS5A2053. – The converted 15.625 kHz 3rd IF signal are entered to the ADSP-BF532SBSTZ400 on the DSP section, passed through the (ADC/DAC) Codec AK4620B. – Digital IF DSP for: Twin PBT, Noise Reduction, Manual Notch, Automatic Notch, NB etc. –[®]
Link to: Test review Radcom UK Jan. 09 by G3SJX (to-SRSAB.SE) PDF 1.5MBHarris-rugged-manpack
DE: IC-7200 moderne technik ZF-DSP. AGC-Schleife. Digitales ZF-Filter. Twin PBT. Digitale Rauschminderung. Der IC-7200 ist ein preisgunstiger, robuster Kurzwellwntransceiver inklusive 6 m im “military look” fur Einsteiger und insbesondere fur den Einsatz unterwegs.

IC-7200: USB port for CI-V and PCM baseband imput/output; Link to User Evaluation Test Report by Adam VA7OJ – Rev.2, Nov. 28, 2008

The IC-7200 is equipped with a rear-panel USB “B” port for CI-V controll and PCM baseband (audio) imput/output. 
Questa nuova e interessante caratteristica penso che sarà applicata  su tutti i futuri Transceiver HF Icom;

The TX Block diagram, riportato sull’immagine (clik for larger image), illustra il percorso del segnale audio dall’USB interface (USB2502) controllata dalla CPU (MC16C/62P) verso la USB Codec (PCM2901E) poi all’ Amp. TS462CPT, quindi al Codec/Mixer di 3rd IF (AK4620BVFP) in cui confluisce in alternativa al segnale MIC tramite l’elaborazione del DSP. 

L’IC-7200 è dotato di una porta USB “B” sul pannello posteriore. Così, la radio può essere collegato direttamente ad un computer portatile o ad altri PC tramite un cavo USB “A-B”.   La porta USB trasporta non solo i dati CI-V, ma anche la banda base PCM per TX e RX tra IC-7200 e il computer. Di conseguenza, il cavo USB è l’unica connessione richiesta tra Radio e PC. Senza l’eterno disordine dei cavi e scatole o interfacce convertitori di livello!
Si deve istallare il driver USB – scaricabile dal sito assistenza globale della Icom Giappone, inoltre è anche necessario installare un altro software di gestione, come l’eccellente HRD – Ham Radio Deluxe. (regolate correttamente i livelli di imput di HRD in base al segnale PCM banda base della porta USB)

Test re-run with new HP Spectrum Analyzer by Adam VA7OJ – Rev. 2, Nov. 28, 2008
IC-7200 User Evaluation and Test Report, 17 pages; This report, by Adam Farson VA7OJ, describes the evaluation of IC-7200 S/N 0201013 from a user perspective, as well as the results of several RF lab test performed on the radio. Adam spend a number of days with the IC-7200 in your ham-shack.  Clik to image for download the Adam’s very nice report (.pdf formt)

ENG: The IC-7200 is equipped with a rear-panel USB B port. Thus, the radio can be directly connected to a laptop or other PC via a standard USB A-B cable. The USB port trasports not only CI_V data, but also TX and RX PCM baseband between the IC-7200 and the computer. As a result, the USB cable is the only radio/PC connection required. Gone forever is the mess of cables, levl converters and interface boxes!
I istalled the Icom USB drivers – downloadable from the Icom Japan world-wide support site and other software come HRD, Ham Radio Deluxe. (set the PCM baseband level correctly at the imput to HRD software).

IC-7800, IC-7700, IC-7200 and IC-7600. Truth of Icom HF Transceiver; View or Download Special Movie on Japanese

Truth of Icom HF Transceiver IC-781 to IC-7600. Special Movie from Icom: La verità sui noti Transceiver HF della Icom dotati di Monitor multifunzione, lo sviluppo della tecnologia DSP dedicata allo  Spectrum-Scope che è diventato un vero strumento di misura con BW e Span variabile, rispetto al primo innovativo IC-781 dotato di Monitor CRT con dati i immagini interessanti.
L’evoluzione delle performance con speciali circuiti sviluppati da Icom come: validi D-MOS FET Quad-Mixer in 1st IF, preceduti dal Preselettore (DIGI-SEL) e dal BPF con bobine su toroidi e relè di commutazione. Impiego di Roofing Filter Hi-Spec e utilizzo di un Mixer I/Q nella 2st IF per elevare sia la Reiezione di immagine che la Reiezione di segnali forti adiacenti con migliore IP3 e IMD.  Sviluppo della tecnologia digitale  con IF DSP ora di 4^ geneerazione a 32bit e AD/DA a 24bit ad alta velocità di elaborazione per la riduzione del rumore e delle interferenze, sia con Notch da 70dB regolabile anche in larghezza, sia con il TWIN PBT (Doppio Pass Band Tuning) gestito dal DSP che controlla tutto il circuito AGC.
Il Video mostra questa storia dal 1988 ad oggi:  IC-7600 Available end 2008, IC-7200 (2008), IC-7700 (2007), IC-7800 (2003), IC-756Pro Serie (1999), IC-756 (1996), IC-781/780 (1988); > Distortion, Sensitivity, Selectivity, Stability, IP3 and more tecnicals news;

ENG: The Japan, now features an Japanese-language Special Movie of the “Truth of Icom HF Transceiver”
Movie: IP3 (3rd order Intercep Point), Internal distorsion reduction, Improved blocking, Roofing Filter Hi-Spec, Icom’s DIGI-SEL, Icom uses a duble conversion system composed of a D-MOS FET 1st mixer and nevly developed image rejection mixer for the 2nd mixer stage. (The image rejection mixer provides a high-fidelity signal to the DSP unit) Multiple AGG Loops, Digital IF filter to adadjust filter shaping (sharp or soft), filter bandwidth, Digital TWIN PBT. (Start IC-781 (1988)  at IC-7600 (2008). IP3 and more tecnicals news!

View or Download the 12-minute Icom Inc.  Movie on Japanese-language; There is a link to the View Streaming and link for Download (89MB .zip) (vedi/view with Windows Media Player Free) Jp: アイコムHF機の真実に迫る
Icom, Icom Inc. and the logo are registered trademarks of Icom Incorporated  (Jp)



IC-7200 USB port for PC control. Software Update: Type “USB Driver” Ver.1.00, Icom Support update 17.09.2008

The IC-7200 can be controlled by a PC through a USB port using the CI-V data format. In addition, modulator and received audio can also be transferred over the USB cable. By using appropriate external software, you can record incoming call and/or transmit preprogrammed messages from your PC.

IC-7200 USB port for PC control. Software updates Type: “USB Driver” Ver.1.00, Icom update 17.09.2008
Note: The USB Driver, it is installed in the PC connected to the radio via the USB port (tnx Adam va7oj)

Link to: Icom Global Support/Software Download/IC-7200
Link to: Icom Istallation Guide A-6668-3EX © 2008 Icom Inc.

When the transceiver is connected to a PC with the USB (Universal Serial Bus) cable (third party), the following operations can be performed:
– Remote control operation (CI-V: Icom Communication Interface-V) by the PC, software (third party) may be required;
– Receiver audio output to the PC, format: data 16-bit; Sampling rate 8/11.025/16/22.05/32/44.1/48kHz;
– Modulation imput from the PC, format: data 16-bit; Sampling rate 32/44.1/48kHz;
The receiver audio is always output regardless of the squelch condition (open/close) and output level cannot be adjusted with the [AF] control; The modulation imput can be used when SSB/SSB-D, AM/AM-D mode is in use. From the set  item (DataOFF/Data ON) and USB imput level see p. 77 on the IC-7200 istruction manual for details setting.
Note: Read the New Icom installation guide before installing the USB driver (A-6668-3EX © 2008 Icom Inc.)
Icom, Icom Inc. and the logo are registered trademarks of Icom Incorporated (Japan)

IC-7200 Universal Radio US Your Price $1069.95 – The Manual and Brochure

The Icom IC-7200, features military styling, which makes its suitable for all round use, for indoor and outdoor use. – The IC-7200 is a compact, easy to operate HF and 6 meter transceiver that offers many features for voice, CW and digital mode operating. – Rugged, water-resistant* packaging makes it attractive for portable and emergency stations. – (Click the photo to enlarge!) 

Updated 10/11/2011:
USA: Universal Radio List: $ 1396,00 Your Price: $ 1069.95
Marcucci Spa Italia  List: € 828,80+ Iva  (Versione #07 Europa vedi sul S/N)

USA: The FCC ID number is AFJ301500   UE:  Conformity Direc. 1999/5/EC  30th Jun. 2008)
JP: CQNET-SHOP Web – HF/50MHz帯トランシーバーIC-7200: 価格 88,000 (税込)

L’apparato è dotato di guarnizione “O-ring” che gira attorno al bordo sotto ai coperchi sia inferiore che superiore consentendo reparti chiusi anche al flusso di aria che circola tra il telaio e i coperchi (guscio esterno). Come si vede il telaio in presso-fusione contiene le varie Unità in scomparti separati e protetti verso l’esterno;

L’IC-7200  è dal 22.07.2008, sul sito ufficiale ICOM Japan in inglese, è messo in  vendita, nel mercato domestico Jp, già dal  mese di Agosto 2008.

Si tratta di un transceiver HF e 50MHz con un IF DSP di nuova generazione all’altezza di apparati di classe superiore; Dispone di un chip unico per il DDS ad ampia purezza spettrale; Il remote control è previsto sia con un Jack CI-V sia con una porta [USB] che comprende anche i due segnali di BF audio RX e TX; Lo stile è tipo ManPack militare ed è resistente agli spruzzi e umidità, Icom inc.  dichiara di applicare le precauzioni tecniche come per gli apparati marini solo per le manopole e frontale – *ATT.!! IC-7200 is no waterproof – no è  impermeabile se immerso in acqua!

Link to: ICOM Japan IC-7200 page in English and Download Manual
Link to: I0GEJ’s Ham Radio News IC-7200 page
Link to: Download the Broshure, PDF format
Link to: Marcucci Spa IC-7200 #07 Web page

The IC-7200 (view image) an O-ring that runs entirely around the bottom cover panel, and the boards are housed in different compartments; The circuit boards are even isolated from the front panel in their respective compartments, no air-flow on board unit; (*ATT! IC-7200 is not waterproof (immersible)

Icom Japan IC-7200 Page in English, will go on the Japan market at the beginning of August; Retail Price 104,790 (Price: Yen, inc. Japan tax ), The latest IF DSP technology is employed in the IC-7200. While the IC-7200 is an entry-class transceiver, advanced digital features are comparable to higher class transceivers. The IC-7200 can be controlled by a PC through a USB port using the CI-V data format. In addition, modulator and received audio can also be transferred over the USB cable; (modulation imput/ouput with PC)

JAP: アイコム株式会社(代表取締役社長 福井勉)は、先進のIF DSPを採用したアマチュア無線用HFオールバンド+50MHzトランシーバーIC-7200を販売いたします; 104,790(税込)

IC-7200 at Hamvention Dayton 2008, Download the Brochure, Video ath Icom Booth and more

New Icom IC-7200, rugged manpack styling
Like: Front speaker, rear bumper to protect connectors, 0.5ppm stability, reasonable receiver features, Icom’s known IF-DSP architecture, MB-116 handles, 50MHz, rugged manpack styling , 201 memory channels, still using the CI-V interface and audio R/T via USB would be fine for digital modes.
Dislikes: No FM for 10 or 6 meters! (WHAT!) Only one antenna port, only one setting on attenuator, (10 and 20db would be better).

Link to Download the bochure and interior views! IC-7200

Positivo : Altoparlante anteriore, Bordi sul lato posteriore per proteggere i connet-tori, 0.5 ppm di stabilità, Ottime caratteristiche del ricevitore, IF-DSP nella 3th IFa 15.625kHz, MB-116 maniglie rach, comprende i 50MHz, di stile tipo militare, 201 canali di memoria. Mantiene lo standard CI-V per l’interfaccia che qui utilizza anche la porta USB che comprende l’audio modulato o ricevuto molto utile per la gestione delle comunicazioni digitali.
Negativo: Non ha il modo FM utile invece per 10 o per i 6 metri! (peccato!) Ha un unico connettore di antenna e l’attenuatore ha una solo impostazione ( più utile due passi da10 e 20dB)