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RS-BA1 Ver.1.80 Enanced Functions and Features Icom Update 2015/07/17

RS-BA1 IP Remote Control Software Icom Update Ver. 1.80, Enhanced Functions and Features – Now the high- resolution spectrum scope with waterfall function can be observed on the RS-BA1 (1.80) for a single band on only the IC-7850 and IC-7851 – You must have a previous version of the RS-BA1 software installed BEFORE you can update to version 1.80.

In addition to the conventional tuning knob controls, some items can be adjusted with slider controls (see pictur above) The slider controls provide visual and fine adjustment within the the function’s range.


The background color of the remote controller screen has been changed from gray to black.  Its muted black background and one-colored icons provide better visibility. [Note] When you use the RS-BA1 with a USB 3.0 device, you must use a USB 3.0 drive.

Link to: Icom RS-BA1 Official News Release 16/7/2015 (Pdf)

italiano La Ver. 1.80 è compatibile con IC-7850 e 7851 Firmware V1.10, e qui offre una nuova importante funzione per un analizzatore di spettro e waterfall visibile a distanza nella console del PC di controllo remoto (client) (solo per una singola banda) – Icom assicura che è compatibile, solo per il resto, con IC-7700 V.2.00; IC-7800 V3.10, IC-7600 V2.00 e IC-7100 V.1.10 (e i loro successori) – Si scarica da Icom Global e funziona solo per chi ha già installato una delle versioni precedenti di RS-BA1, che si acquista con un codice riservato. (info e dati su Icom o su importatore Icom in Italia)

Thanks to the Internet, hams !!! now have the ability to remotely operate any station at any distance – all without the complication and limitation of RF linking or a big anetnna farms, hi! – Maybe you have a well-equipped home station and you’d like to share your good fortune with some of your friends via overIP ADSL Internet. Or, perhaps you are a ham living under onerous restrictions and you’d like to establish a remote station so that you can finally get on the air!


This has created a boon in remote station control, making it possible for hams to continue enjoying their hobby regardless of where they live.  Among professionals this is known as Radio over IP or RoIP. — (IC-7200 only for vision!)

[Note] – Detailed specifications: please see the official sources – All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders.- This page is just a non-official overview, where no one should draw any conclusions – All images and versions above is for illustration only (tnx).

IC-9100 Firmware Rev. E2 & IC-7410 Rev. 1 USB Driver V.1.20 for IC-7100 up to 9100. RS-BA1 V.1.41 – D-STAR QSO Party 2013 !


IC-9100 Firmware Rev. E2 & IC-7410 Firmware Rev. 1 are now downloadable from the Icom Inc. Osaka, Japan Global-website of 1 & 8 August, 2013. The new Firmware corrects a number of issue and offers improvements to the two radio (see the all Icom specs and instructions.) – D-STAR the QSO Party 2013 … 10 lucky winner! see below.
In addition, a new USB Driver Rev. 1.20 (adds USB3 port and W8) & Cloning software CS-9100 Rev. 1.01 & Remote Control RS-BA1 Rev. 1.41 can be downloaded. The USB Driver supports the following radios (as of July 2013) IC-7100/IC-7200/IC-7410/IC-7600/IC-9100.

Link to: Icom C-9100 Firmware Release E2 & Improvements informations

firmware-updateTo use the USB cable between the transceiver and the PC, you must install a USB driver. – If the latest USB driver that comes with the CS-9100 or RS-BA1 has already been installed, the additional installation is not necessary.
[Note] Please read (link) Icom Firmware update instructions (ENG. pdf) thoroughly and make sure what is required for the firmware update !!

IC-9100 Checking the Version installed – (idem for “checking” the IC-7410 *)

IC-9100_checking-version1) – Press and hold [F4] and [F5] while turning [ON] the IC-9100 – (idem for IC-7410)
2) – Do NOT release [F4] and [F5] until you have READ the Version results (3)
3) – Results will appear at the bottom of the display
Results for latest Version E2 (01 August, 2013):
F: 3.01-000 = Front (currently no updates) / M: 3.42-E00 = Main (currently no updates) / DM: 3.05 <00> = DSP Main (Previous version should read 3.03 or 3.02) – DS: 3.08 <00> = DSP Sub (Previous version should read 3.04 or 3.03) – (!! Read the Icom information)

 IC-7410 HF/50MHz   * Icom Inc. Global Japan of 08.08.2013:  Now there is an Firmware update Rev. 1  for the IC-7410 Transceiver. – See the link below for Icom download page, and also to the Upgrade Instruction (ENG).

Link to: Icom C-7410 Firmware Release 1 & Improvements and informations

[Note] In the IC-7410 the firmware is updated through the USB port on the rear panel of the IC-7410.  The USB driver must be installed before connecting the USB cable between the IC-7410 and to the PC. – Please read the original instruction from Icom Inc.  “Download the Icom Firmware update instructions” (ENG)


USB Driver Rev. 1.20 (adds USB3 port and W8) & Cloning software CS-9100 Rev. 1.01 can be downloaded. The USB Driver supports the following radios (as of July 2013) IC-7100/IC-7200/IC-7410/IC-7600/IC-9100 & RS-BA1 Remote Controll applications.

This driver is for only Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, and Windows® 8 (except “RT” versions)

Link to: Icom Inc. USB Driver Software Revision 1.20 of 01 August, 2013 

After installing the driver, connect the radio to the PC, and then the USB driver is automatically installed to add a COM port …etc.  –
[Note] Before downloading the driver, please thoroughly read (link) Icom USB driver installation guide for W8/7/Vista/XP (ENG pdf) for installation details and what is required for the installation !!

 CS-9100 Cloning Software Rev. 1.01 can be downloaded from Icom Inc.

Un software di utilità e clonazione tra apparati uguali – Icom ne dispone un tipo per ciascuno dei suoi apparati base, portatili o veicolari, in generale abilitati per comunicazioni D-STAR. Questa Versione 1.01 per IC-9100 supporta l’uso delle porte USB-3  e W8 ed è stato rilasciato il 1° Agosto 2013.

Link to: Icom CS-9100 Cloning Software Rev. 1.01 del 01 August, 2013

NB> sia per il CS-9100, sia per il CS-7100 Icom annota che è necessario aver installato la precedente propria Versione 1.00 prima di aggiornare con l’ultima ! Scrive anche altre importanti annotazioni da leggere nelle stesse pagine Icom. [Nota] I relativi manuali di installazione per CS-9100 e CS-7100 ad oggi NON sono stati rintracciati (almeno e Se&o!) sulle pagine web di Icom Inc. Japan (02.8.2013)

RS-BA1® Remote Control system Ver. 1.41 (USB-3.0 is now supported) 
… April, 2012 pag. 55 etc. the  Really Cool Stuff )

An RS-BA1® remote control system consists of at least one PC, which is used as a Base station (Server) and at least one PC, which is used as a Remote station (Client). Both PCs have to be connected with a network and VAC. The Icom USB driver must be installed.

[Note] When you use the RS-BA1 version 1.41, the USB driver must be the USB 3.0 compatible version. Download the USB driver Ver. 1.20 !!  – You must have the RS-BA1 software installed BEFORE you update to revision 1.41.

Link to: Icom Inc.  RS-BA1 Software Ver. 1.41 of 2013/08/01 (! run not free) 

Since cannot turn the radio ON or OFF with RS-BA1 Remote Control operation, the radio must be turned ON. – [Note] there other control board and software (no Icom brand) to control power to equipment or other options, it works together with Icom RS-BA1 or HRD software etc.


D-STAR QSO Party 2013 – …… 10 lucky winners, from all participants!

Purpose: Connecting the world through D-STAR repeaters (or *) around the globe.
Date & time: September 20th, 21st and 22nd, 2013. Friday 0:00 ~ Sunday 24:00 (UTC)
Bands and modes: DV mode 28MHz / 50MHz / 70MHz / 145MHz / 430MHz / 1200MHz (* Simplex operation on 28MHz, 50MHz and 70MHz) –
[Note] Read the all Icom Info & rules and how to submit a log informations link below –

Link tho: Icom Inc.  D-STAR QSO Party 2013 – Rules

[Note] All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders. This page is just a non-official overview, where no one should draw any conclusions – all images and versions above is for illustration only (tnx)!

Icom RS-BA1 Ver.1.30 – RC-28 Remote Encoder – Legal aspects! Rig Monitoring a different purpose

The new RC-28 Remote Encoder accessory gives users a tactile approach to the RS-BA1 Remote Control. Icom has released the Ver.1.30 !! – The RS-BA1 allows you to use the radio installed in another room using your home network or even from a remote location over the Internet. – (operator not physically present in the Remote Rig) – See the legal aspects below – Info to Rig Monitoring  on the Computer Screen (For Vision-Impaired Ham Radio op.) – See the Link below.

RS-BA1 [Note] ….Visual Basic and use MSCOMM control can not detect a change in the Windows Device Table (after the COM port has been opened for use) – These programs hang when the hardware table changes while the port is open – (This is not the programmers fault!)
!! a solution: [Exit] the program first, then turn the Icom Rradio [OFF].

[Note] Legal aspects! (FCC – CEPT – DXCC par. 9) see related link below; – Why remote? and many helpful references by John, KØIZ, read August 2012 QST Magazine ( pg. 39-40)! – (operator not physically present in the country and transnational remote operation, DXCC rules ref. to remote operation and credit etc.)
Link to: Transnational Remote Operation (by TF/KL1A)
Link to: ARRL Guide by WA8IMY Remote Operating

Now Icom comes out with a great new gadget, RC-28 a little box with a VFO knob, 2 programable buttons and a PTT button. The RC-28 is designed to connect to a PC through a USB port, and operate with the RS-BA1 IP Remote Control Software. – Supplied a USB cable (approximately 1.5 m; 4.9 ft) – (RC-28.. like Tmate USB Tuning System …by WoodBoxradio)
[Note] – 1) Make sure Windows has completed its start-up on PC. – 2) Connect the RC-28 to the PC that has RS-BA1 Ver.1.30 or later version installed on it. When the “USB dial…” item on the [Option] menu is not displayed, Please download the RS-BA1 latest version 1.30 from the Icom website, and install it.
[Note] Please read ICOM RC-28 instructions (leaflet PDF) thoroughly before using it.

Link to: Icom RS-BA1 Ver.1.30 Official download page
Link to: Icom RS-BA1 /RC-28 brochure (update 12PS0230)

RS-BA1 Remote Control Software Upgrade Ver. 1.30 is now downloadable from the Icom co.Jp site. – This upgrade is not stand-alone, and must be installed over a licensed base installation of RS-BA1. (Update, the remote utility is still V.1.2 but the remote control is V.1.3!!) – US Retail price RS-BA1 software is $129.99

[Notes]: DO NOT allow the PC to go into the sleep or standby mode while using the RS-BA1 Software. Otherwise, it might not work properly after the PC resumes normal activity.
When not using the radio: Disconnect the radio from both the Remote Utility and Remote Controller. – Even if you disconnect from the radio, it does not turn OFF the radio!

Since cannot turn the radio ON or OFF with RS-BA1 Remote Control operation, the radio must be turned ON. – [Note] there other control board and software (no Icom) to control power to equipment or other options, it works together with Icom RS-BA1 or HRD software etc.

Rig Monitoring with the Icom RS-BA1 Program on the Shack
(Copyright © 2012, AE7PD, Peter – see the link below)
Vari articoli (ENG) di Peter sono dedicati ai radioamatori (compresi i radioamatori ipovedenti) che desiderano visualizzare direttamente nello shack le impostazioni di un ricetrasmettitore HF sullo schermo del computer per una migliore visibilità (Così è possibile vedere in grande la grafica “GUI” di RS-BA1 ed operare con il mouse e la tastiera, oltre ai controlli con le manopole e pulsanti della stessa Radio!) – Peter tratta anche altri sistemi per PSK-31 per Kenwood, Elecraft ecc. – Vedere i link qui sotto.

This article is about using RS-BA1 for a different purpose to make the radio settings easier to read using a nearby computer screen ( also for vision-impaired ham-radio!) – Also, you can operate with a mouse and keyboard in addition to the controls on the radio (on the shack!) – See the link below for many other issues and tips by AE7PD.

Link to: Icom RS-BA1 Program to Rig Monitoring (AE7PD)
Link to: Ham Radio and Vision website (many others issues) 

See the RS-BA1 Remote Controller’s help file for remote operation details, such as how to change the frequency, or turn ON each function. – To display the help file, click “Contents” in the Help menu on the Remote Controller, or push [F1]

Link to: RS-BA1 Instruction Manual – RS-BA1 Guide’s (1)/(2)/(3)

[NoteAll marks are property of their respective owners. Specifications are subject to change without notice!

QST reviews IC-7410 on web 25.08.2011 – IC-9100 and IC-7410 Test reports by VA7OJ

An overview of the ICOM IC-7410 HF 50MHz Transceiver on the QST magazine by Rick, WW3DE  NCJ Managing Editor.  – QST reviews the  IC-7410 on October, 2011 –

Adam Farson, VA7OJ released  Ic-9100 and IC-7410 Test reports. Here are the links:

Link to: Download the IC-9100 Test Report in .PDF by Adam  !!(54 pag.)
Link to: Download the IC-7410 Test Report in .PDF  by Adam !!(41 pag.)

Many thanks Adam for doing all those tests – and for writing them up so thoroughly – and for publishing your reports! really appreciate your hard work – IØgej RadioCronache

Molte grazie Adam per aver fatto tutti i test sui Transceiver IC-9100 e IC-7410 della Icom – per ever scritto i risultati e le valutazioni in modo molto approfondito e professionale – ed anche per la loro pubblicazione! apprezzo molto il  grande lavoro – IØgej RadioCronache

 !! See the QST 14MHz Key Summary data and the Video QST Reviews by ARRLHQ (TNX to Lab Engineer Bob Allison, WB1GCM) below

Guarda  QST i dati a 14MHz da  Key Summary  e il testo più ampio in italiano riportato più sotto e segue su full story (below)…

The ARRL has posted their review (October QST) of the IC-7410 on their website. – The basic numbers for the IC-7600 and IC-7410 are not significantly different; they are all up-conversion rigs with relatively wide roofing filters. – Receiver employs a double conversion superheterodyne system which has an image rejection mixer I/Q for the 2nd mixer stage. – The IC-7410 employs a higher speed DSP Unit: ADSP21369 with internal Clock 333MHz, 2000MFLOPS and the AD/DA converter AK4620B.

See the October 2011 issue of QST magazine for the complete review and ARRL Lab test results – [Note] Area Members Only – to log-in; –
Link to: ARRL – American Radio Relay League for Amateur Radio Home-page

Video QST Review: ICOM IC-7410 – It is nice watching this video in 1080p full screen mode.

Da: “Key Summary” – (Intercept values ..determined using -97 dBm reference)
Qui vengono riportati solo i numeri a 14 MHz, Pre OFF – RTX  TS-590S / IC-7410

  • …………………………………..Kenwood TS-590S……………..Icom IC-7410
  • ……………………………………QST May 2011…….…………..QST October 2011
  • ……………………………….. with a down conversion ………. with a up conversion
  • ………………………….……(500Hz,  roofing filter)..…(500Hz DSP bw, 3kHz roofing)
  • Band: 14 MHz – Pre Off
  • Spacing 20 kHz blocking gain compression….141 dB…………………….144 dB
  • Spacing    2 kHz blocking gain compression….121 dB…………………….111 dB
  • Spacing 20 kHz 3rd-order dynamic range….…106 dB…………………….106 dB
  • Spacing    2 kHz 3rd-order dynamic range….….97 dB………………………88 dB
  • Spacing 20 kHz 3rd-order intercept……………+26 dBm………………….+29 dBm
  • Spacing    2 kHz 3rd-order intercept……………+22 dBm………………….+  5 dBm

QST 07  2010 DR3 of the FTdx-9000 pep Yaesu flagship rig is 85 dB 2kHz spacing
QST 03 2007   DR3 of the IC-7800 Icom inc.  flagship rig is 86 dB  2kHz spacing

Sul sito web della ARRL QST è stato pubblicato il Test review dell’IC-7410 HF 50MHz Icom dal 25.08.2011 in formato PDF (solo per soci con log-in) –  Poi l’articolo si troverà nella Rivista QST del prossimo  mese di Ottobre 2011.

Pertanto la recensione completa del Transceiver ICOM IC-7410, a cura di Rick, WW3DE NCJ Managing Editor, sarà sulla rivista QST del mese di ottobre prossimo. I dati di base rilevati in laboratorio per l’IC-7600 e ora per l’IC-7410 non mostrano differenze significative tra i due apparati, sennò come struttura complessiva, DW, Display TFT a Colori, Analisi di spettro, decodifica RX e TX per RTTY e PSK31 . – Come si vedrà dal sommario qui sopra i numeri con 20kHz sono simili al TS-590S  settato, quest’ultimo, in up-conversion e Roofing da 500Hz contro i 3kHz dell’Icom!! con una certa differenza, invece, a 2kHz.  – A proposito di valori di DR3 (IMD3), che non sarebbe la primaria misura da valutare,  guardate la DR3 dei due flagship Yesu e Icom. ….continua…>

Continua la lettura di QST reviews IC-7410 on web 25.08.2011 – IC-9100 and IC-7410 Test reports by VA7OJ

IC-7410 HF/50MHz Manual and Brochure EN, USB Driver Ver.110, Price Marcucci IT

IC-7410 HF/50MHz Icom Transceiver CE Conformity: Icom Inc. Japan Declare that this equipment complies with the essential requirements of the radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Directive, 1999/5/EC…. 14th Jan. 2011

US MRSP: List Price: $2475,00  Your Price: $1999,95 !! (source Universalradio Inc)

In fondo tutte le notizie  in italiano qui sotto  il Link alla scheda IC-7410 #05 di Marcucci distributore Icom Italia. –  Il Nuovo prezzo di listino pubblicato a Luglio è ora di € 1.680,00 + IVA +20% !! (invece il prezzo di aprile 1652,00 e a febbraio 2011 di € 1.848,00 + IVA)

Icom Inc. Jp Update 2010/12/24 the Software USB Driver last Ver. 1.10.
The driver supports the following radios (as of December 2010): IC-7200  IC-7410 IC-7600 and IC-9100.
This driver is for Windows® XP, Windows Vista® and Windows® 7 only, [Note] if you require to USB driver for Windows® 98SE/Me/2000, please use Ver.1.00.

Link to: Icom co jp Word support  Download the last USB Driver Ver.1.10
Link to: Icom IC-7410 More news on VA7OJ’s  web page by Adam
Link to: IC-7410 Ver.#05 Ricetrasmettitore HF/50MHz Scheda Marcucci IT
Link to: Download the IC-7410 User Manual in ENG  18.79MB ! PDF

The IC-7410 provide a USB connector Rear panel. –  Using a USB cable, connect a PC to do the following: Input modulation / Remotely control the transceiver using CI-V commands / Send the received audio to the PC / Send the decoded characters to the PC. – However, you must install the correct Icom-supplied driver on your PC.
About the USB driver:
The USB driver and the installation guide can be downloaded from Icom Inc. Jp website. Before starting the download, please read “USB driver installation guide”!!

IC-7410 HF/50MHz,  the he Instruction Manual ENG Ver. A-6904H-1EX for the new Transceiver, is available on the Icom Co. Jp. web-page from 01.07.2011.

The firmware is not upgradeable via USB !! In the Manual there is no chapter for this. Same as the previous Models IC-7400 nd  IC-746PRO….! -> See the Link below for downloads and more…

The IC-7410 employs a higher speed DSP unit compared to the IC-746PRO/7400’s DSP unit. The AD/DA converter AK4620B allows for a high dynamic range. Receiver employs a double conversion superheterodyne system which has an image rejection mixer for the 2nd mixer stage.

Built-in ATU cover from 1.9MHz to 50MHz – can retune using builti-in memory. – Icom writes: Variable capacitors provide higher accuracy than a typical mechanical relay tuner.

The new Icom IC-7410 FCC ID AFJ318200 certification was granted: Date available 12.29.2010 on FCC OET-Web page –

The Transceiver Supports RS-BA1 Internet remote-control software Icom suite (See the Link below for download User Manual EN and more) – –Overview of the RS-BA1:

The RS-BA1 consists of the Remote Utility, used to configure a remote control system, and the Remote Controller, used to send CI-V commands to a radio to remotely operate it.

With the RS-BA1, you can configure a remote control system through the Internet, or a LAN  network. — Link to: Download the  Icom RS-BA1 product brochure EN .PDF ….go more.. (…prosegue su: leggi tutto / full story)