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Complete IC-7851 test report now on-line by Adam, VA7OJ/AB4OJ

IC-7851 HF/50MHz transceiver with new features such as a 1.2kHz optimized roofing filter, (IC-7850 is a special 50th years Icom anniversary model of 150 units only on the world) Complete Test Report by Adam, VA7OJ/AB4OJ is now on-line on his web-site (un’altro eccellente lavoro di Adam, VA7OJ …  tnx! grazie)

VA7OJ-photoThe Test Report (download the large pdf, link below) are the results obtained from lab tests which the author conducted on Icom IC-7851 S/N 02001019, kindly loaned by Allan, VE7SZ. The installed firmware version were V1.01 for the receiver test and V1.11 for the trasmitter tests. The baseline configuration for all receiver test was MAIN Receiver, NR/NB/ATT/Notch off, AGC Slow.
Lonk to: Download Complete IC-7851 Test Report VA7OJ 


Ic-7851 (or IC-7850) in HF/50MHz operation with new features such as a 1.2kHz optimized roofing filter to improve in-band  adjacent signal performance.


The IC-7851 employs a Direct Digital Oscillator (DDS) with a voltage controlled “SAW” Oscillator (VCSO). This new 1st LO Icom design sets a new benchmark for phase noise with -150dBc/Hz at 10kHz offset (-140dBc/Hz at 1kHz offset) and two receivers (Main/Sub) in up-conversion design.

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RS-BA1 Ver.1.80 Enanced Functions and Features Icom Update 2015/07/17

RS-BA1 IP Remote Control Software Icom Update Ver. 1.80, Enhanced Functions and Features – Now the high- resolution spectrum scope with waterfall function can be observed on the RS-BA1 (1.80) for a single band on only the IC-7850 and IC-7851 – You must have a previous version of the RS-BA1 software installed BEFORE you can update to version 1.80.

In addition to the conventional tuning knob controls, some items can be adjusted with slider controls (see pictur above) The slider controls provide visual and fine adjustment within the the function’s range.


The background color of the remote controller screen has been changed from gray to black.  Its muted black background and one-colored icons provide better visibility. [Note] When you use the RS-BA1 with a USB 3.0 device, you must use a USB 3.0 drive.

Link to: Icom RS-BA1 Official News Release 16/7/2015 (Pdf)

italiano La Ver. 1.80 è compatibile con IC-7850 e 7851 Firmware V1.10, e qui offre una nuova importante funzione per un analizzatore di spettro e waterfall visibile a distanza nella console del PC di controllo remoto (client) (solo per una singola banda) – Icom assicura che è compatibile, solo per il resto, con IC-7700 V.2.00; IC-7800 V3.10, IC-7600 V2.00 e IC-7100 V.1.10 (e i loro successori) – Si scarica da Icom Global e funziona solo per chi ha già installato una delle versioni precedenti di RS-BA1, che si acquista con un codice riservato. (info e dati su Icom o su importatore Icom in Italia)

Thanks to the Internet, hams !!! now have the ability to remotely operate any station at any distance – all without the complication and limitation of RF linking or a big anetnna farms, hi! – Maybe you have a well-equipped home station and you’d like to share your good fortune with some of your friends via overIP ADSL Internet. Or, perhaps you are a ham living under onerous restrictions and you’d like to establish a remote station so that you can finally get on the air!


This has created a boon in remote station control, making it possible for hams to continue enjoying their hobby regardless of where they live.  Among professionals this is known as Radio over IP or RoIP. — (IC-7200 only for vision!)

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IC-7851vs IC-7800 Phase Noise & RMDR -Icom videos

Icom IC-7851 vs IC-7800 upgrade modelv.3.00 Phase Noise Characteristics and RMDR (Reciprocal Mixing Dinamic Range) Characteristics in Receive Mode, data and pictures taken by videos of Icom Japan (see info and… lincks below).

Icom IC-7800, IC-7700, IC-7600 and IC-7100 Upgrade 21/5/2015 – New CI-V commands for External Antenna Controller & Logging Software and Other Features  – (Linck to: Icom New Release ENG .pdf)


Phase Noise Characteristics in Receive Mode:
Measuring conditions: Receiving Frquency 14.200 MHz, Mode CW, 1st LO frequency 78.655 MHz (1st IF 64.455 MHz Supereterodina up-convertion type)
The IC-7851 employs a new Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS) along with a Phase Locked Oscillator for the LO – ICOM writes: breaking the boundaries of traditional designs.


IC-7851 v IC-7800 ver. 3.00 the RMDR Characteristics
Measuring conditions:  BW 250 Hz,  Roofing Filter 15 kHz!
See the video below: 1st step: a weak CW signal is received, 2nd: a strong signal is receiver on the same frequency, 3td step: move generator distance from center frequency: 100Hz / 200Hz/… 2kHz / 10kHz etc. (the CW signal cannot be eard or be clearly eard again) …What a difference. Impressive! (…thanks to jboyd00 for the his many videos)

Icom’s engineers focused on a new Local Oscillator (LO) in the IC-7851′ that drastically reduces the phase noise. As a result of this design, the purity of the LO achieves a Reciprocal Mixing Dynamic Range (RMDR) of 110dB!

Icom IC-7851/7800 LO C/N Characteristics Comparison
Measuring conditions: Receiveng fre 14.200 MHz, Mode CW, Center at 1st LO fre 78.655 MHz, SPAN 20 kHz, RBW 30 Hz, VBW 10Hz (Att 30 dB)


Icom IC-7851 Band Scope Dual Band Display Left / Right – Dual Watch Receiver, Dual scope with waterfall horizontally aligned – (Dual scope vertical aligned is available by setting).

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IC-7850 Special Edition & IC-7851 flagship machines impressive 110dB RMDR

IC-7851 HF 50MHz Transceiver, the series-production version of the IC-7850 Special Edition which offers a number of improvements over the IC-7800. – The two transceivers utilizes a newly developed 1.2kHz “Optimum” Roofing Filter operating at 64MHz (1st IF). Automatic or manual adjustment is possible of this Roofing Filter! – See the IC-7850 Video by IV3YER, Luigi, and download the new User Manual “ENG” Version, by link below.

On the 7850 & 7851 adjust appropriate value 1.2 roofing so that you can easily heard siganal

Spectrum scope (improvement): Span Width 5 – 1000kHz – Sweep Speed 29.3 samples/Sec (SPAN=Less than 20kHz, Speed=Fast) – Imput Dinamic Tange 116dB (SPAN=5kHz, Speed=Slow) – Max Sensitivity -39dBu (5kHz/Slow).

Improvements in RMDR (Reciprocal Mixing Dynamic Range) (data from Icom broshure)

RMDR a spaziatura di 1kHz su frequenza di ricezione: 14.2 MHz, MODE: CW, IF BW: 500Hz – (Per IC-7800: roofing di 3 kHz, per IC-7851: “Optimum” roofing di 1,2 kHz)
Icom back now to use a Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS) along with a Phase Locked Oscillator for the IC-7851’s Local Oscillator (LO) as did in IC-7850’s, will become the new benchmark for Phase Noise with –150dBc/Hz at 10kHz offset and –140dBc/Hz even at 1kHz offset. (… see broshure)

Icom torna ora ad utilizzare un Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS), insieme ad un Oscillatore ad aggancio di fase per il nuovo Local Oscillator (LO) dell’IC-7851. (vedere dati Icom)

IV3YER, Luigi ha ricevuto l’IC-7850! qui un suo bel video

Link to: Download the new IC-7850 User Manual (ENG pdf)

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Icom Inc. announces the IC-7851 its new flagship HF/50MHz Transceiver

IC-7851 – Icom Inc. Japan announces the IC-7851 a new flagship HF/50MHz 200W Transceiver, the series-production version of the IC-7850 (limited edition) which offers a number of improvements over the IC-7800. (Download the large broshure JPN & news – link below)

I primi l IC-7851 nel’Akihabara-center di Tokyo esposti da Icom per il pubblico!

Icom Inc. in the JR Radio Hall buildin in Akihabara-center of Tokyo, first time exhibited the HF/50MHz  flagship IC-7851 (pic by Hamlife Jp)
Icom is top priority to the performance than the cost,  (JP 価格  希望小売価格 1,100,000円+税 !) excellent 1.2kHz narrow band filter of IMD characteristics in the 64MHz 1st IF stage “Optimum Roofing Filter” was carefully adopted.

IC-7851 BPF & Front-end (a numbers of improvements over the IC-7800)

IC-7851 New Front-end: BPF switching, automatic pre-selector of CPU control, D-MOS FET array use of ultra-high dynamic range receiver mixer and 1st IF Roofing Filter.

Three DSP & 24-bit AD/DA conveter – ADSP-21489- 32-bit floating-point maximum processing speed: 2400MFLOPS, internal clock operation at about 393 MHz

IC-7851 RMDR: 110dB at 1kHz detuning (spacing) (typical) (reception frequency: 14.2MHz, MODE: CW, IF BW: 500Hz, Roofing 1.2kHz) that you can not reach the area you could not talk in a conventional machine.

Icom ha annunciato l’arrivo del IC-7851 in sostituzione del IC-7800 (dopo la serie speciale 50)

* 1.2 kHz 1st-IF roofing filter optimized for shape factor and passive IMD * New DDS/PLL LO, with much lower phase noise than the existing IC-7800 LO * FFT spectrum scope and waterfall via dedicated scope DSP * Separate real-time scope/waterfall fields for Main and Sub receivers * Enhanced mouse functionality * USB, Ethernet and S/P-DIF interfaces * SD card slot; firmware updates via SD card or USB thumb-drive – Link to【IC-7851】唯一、無比のデュアルスコープ、圧倒的なRMDR特性で頂点を極めたフラグシップ機  (JPN)

Link to: IC-7851 Product Broshure – JPN language in PDF

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VA7OJ, Adam “cockpit time” on two IC-7850’s during the APDXC 2014 in Osaka.

IC-7850 Tested by VA7OJ’s Adam in Osaka – For the first time, we can present some technicial insights and performance figures for Icom’s new flagship tranceiver. Watch the summary of the PowerPoint presentation material by Adam, VA7OJ. – (tnx Adam!) See the  link below.

The IC-7850 performance data is astounding (VA7OJ’s)

Il 14 Novembre scorso, Icom Inc. ha presentato il suo nuovo IC-7850 ospitando i partecipanti all’APDXC (Asia-Pacific Convention DX 2014) presso il suo Quartiere Generale in Osaka Japan  – E’ stato possibile anche provare due IC-7850 appositamente allestiti nella sala conferenze. – Responsabili tecnici e dipendenti della Icom erano presenti ed hanno risposto alle domande del pubblico. (Adam scrive i primi dati derivati dalle prove qui sulla sua pagina web)

Link to: Saliente points from Icom HQ IC-7850  14.11.2014

Receiver evaluation test by VA7OJ’s in the APDXC 2014 Convention

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Icom IC-7850 Pre-Release Information – Selling price is expected ¥ 1.3 million no tax – !Coming out a IC-7900?

IC-7850 50th Anniversary Limited Edition at Tokyo Ham Fair 2014. – See the Icom Pre-Release PDF link below – Limited edition 150 Units Only World wide! The selling price, for the Japanese market, is expected abaut ¥ 1.3 million (Yen) without tax, ….there is a possibility of change!

7850 – Improved Spectrum Scope Span Width: 5kHz-1000kHz Imput DR 116dB

Utilizes a newly developed 1.2kHz “Optimum” Roofing Filter at 1st IF 64.455MHz Up-Conversion system – Local Oscillator Design Improved Phase Noise with –140dBc/Hz at 1kHz ofset – Improved Spectrum Scope – Dual Scope Function – High Resolution Spectrum Waterfall – Enhanced Mouse Operation for the Spectrum Scope. (Sweep Speed 29.3 samples/Sec and Span Width 5kHz to 1000kHz)

Dual Scope Function to simultaneously see Main & Sub bands and more.

The IC-7850 collectors piece will be produced early in 2015 in very limited numbers. Based on the IC-7800 platform, RF circuitry, parts of the logic sections and I/O interfaces have been improved – Now the RMDR at 1kHz ofset  (CW mode) 101dB! (…IC-7800: 78dB / TS-990: 83dB / FTdx-5000: 91dB)

IC-7850 improvment: RMDR performance at 14.200MHz with 1kHz offset, CW Mode: 101dB !
IC-7850 Anniversary Limited Edition (the special rear panel)

Icom Planned Features & Improvments:
Best in industry class 1st LO Phase noise figure (approximately 20dB improvement for 1 kHz offset).
Reciprocal Mix Dinamic Range (RMDR) performance at 14.200MHz with 1kHz offset, CW Mode: 101dB (roofing filter: 3kHz, IF BW: 500Hz) – Added USB ports/500kHz band compatibility.

Link to: Download IC-7850 Pre-release-Information ENG Pdf

IC-7800 50th

 Cosmetically, the radio boasts gold colour dials, buttons and side strips, the front panel is finished in a stunning deep clear piano black and a special machined anodised aluminium black / gold tuning dial –  Further improvements over current IC-7800 functions and features are under consideration and will be confirmed later. (…read official Icom source!)

Ham Fair Tokyo 2014 JVC/Kenwood Booth The TS-990S Flagship 【ハムフェア東京2014 JVC/ケンウッドブース】

Tokyo Ham Fair 2014 – Kenwood TS-990S Transceiver

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IC-7800 HF/50MHz Firmware update Ver.3.0 – Upgrade Features & New Brochure EN – Update a Remote Control RS-BA1 Ver.1.50


IC-7800HF/50MHz Transceiver Firmware Version 3.0 – Icom has published a firmware update for the IC-7800. The firmware update is free to download and will include the following features – IC-7800の追加新機能 – Icom update the RS-BA1 Remote Control Ver.1.50 (Ver.3.0 Simplified Remote Control for RS-BA1*) – New video 7800 reviosn 3.00 by IV3YER’s (02/12/2013) see below – Download the New IC-7800 Brochure & Instruction Manual upgrade model (!!update 12/27/2013) Ver. A-6328H-1EX-15a …and more…below!

IC-7800 Upgrade Model Ver.3.00 & Remote Control RS-BA1 Ver.1.50
For IP remote control operation with the optional RS-BA1, the IC-7800 has a built-in RS-BA1 base station function and can be made a remote control station with simplified configuration. (Base station PC is not required.) [Note] The IC-7800 Ver.3.00 can wake-up from standby mode via the RS-BA1 software (…idem for the IC-7100 !)

IC-7800_RS-BA1 RS-BA1_remotecontro-2013 IC-7800_internal-2

 IC-7800_voicerecorder-menu-1 IC-7800_spectrum-audioscope-1 IC-7800_scope-rx-digital-1

Upgrade Features (… see Icom official web or Icom brochure for details)
1 – Waterfall screens, mouse operation and other functions on the bandscope have been added.
2 – Audio scope function has been added. (FFT scope with waterfall and oscilloscpe)
3 – The rear USB-2 connector now accepts flash drives or a USB mouse.
4 – Voice Recording function recording time has been increased.
5 – Transmission recording capability has been added.
6 – Remotely control the transceiver without needing a Base (server) PC. (RS-BA1 *Version 1.50 or later is required)
7 – Frequency band expansion (Some transceiver versions only).


Other Features or Enhanced Functions:
IC-7800_upgradeV30-externalWaveform outline in spectrum scope (ON/OFF) Voice TX function transmits the recorded audio repeatedly Increase APF volume level up to 6dB (Adjustable by 1dB step) TX delay function sets the transmission timing to control a connected external linear amplifier (OFF/10ms/15ms/20ms/25ms/30ms, each for HF and 50MHz band) Added RIT and ∂TX commands for CI-V remote control Expansion of 7MHz band (7.000–7.200MHz) for EUR version.

Voice Recording time has been increased:
IC-7800_cw-voiceqsoplayer-1Il 7800 Ver.3.0 permettere di registrare ore di QSO (sia in RX che in TX, configurabile da menù) anche su dispositivo esterno via CF o USB-2. Si crea una cartella con dentro memorizzata tutta la cronologia dei QSO (il log trasferibile).
Nel sistema voice recorder, in modo trasmissione, ora è possibile impostare in modo ciclico, senza limiti, le chiamate per i contest.


For more information, please refer to IC-7800 Information & New User Manual PDF
Link to: Icom Official Information for Firmware Ver.3.0 (PDF ENG)
Link to: Instruction Manual (Ver. 15a) IC-7800 Upgrade Model (12/27/2013 14.4 MB)

The firmware can be downloaded from the following URL from the Icom Inc website:
Link to: Icom Inc. Support  Firmware Update Ver.3.0 – Download web-page

Link to: Icom Inc. IC-7800 Upgrade Model – New Brochure EU (ENG) pdf 
Link to: Icom Inc. IC-7800 Upgrade Model – New Brochure USA (ENG) pdf

IC-7800 – In the RF component, by incorporating the 2nd image rejection mixer (I/Q type) and the IC-7800 utilizes a double conversion super-heterodyne system (up-conversion) – All this basic RF performances is supported by four independent 32-bit floating point DSP integrated circuits. One for the transmitter, one for each receiver, and one for the spectrum scope. (click pictures to enlarge)


The Video by IV3YER’s, Luigi (!!02.12.2013) showing the new waterfall function implemented in IC-7800’s upgrade model with firmware Version 3.00  – Il nuovo Video di Luigi del IC-7800 aggiornato alla Ver. 3.00.

RS-BA1® the Icom Remote Control system Ver. 1.50 (USB-3.0 is ok) 
(Note: QST
… April, 2012 pag. 55 etc. the  Really Cool Stuff )

An RS-BA1® remote control system consists of at least one PC, which is used as a Base station (Server) and at least one PC, which is used as a Remote station (Client).
[Note] 29.11.2013 Additional features for 7800 Firmware Version 3.00 or later: Remotely control the IC-7800 without needing a Base (server) PC *.!!
Connect directly to an IP network using Icom’s optional RS-BA1* software and the IC-7800’s internal base station function. (A user operation PC is still required; a base station PC is not.) *RS-BA1 Version 1.50 or later is required.

Both PCs have to be connected with a network and VAC. The Icom USB driver must be installed. – When you use the RS-BA1 with a USB 3.0 device, you must use a USB 3.0 driver. (RS-BA1 a Icom control software …is not freeware!)

Link to: Icom Inc. the RS-BA1 latest Bochure V.12PS023A ENG PDF

Link to: Icom Inc. RS-BA1 Ver.1.50 Updates information page


IC-7800 Nuove funzionalità con il Firmware  Ver. 3.0 –  Marcucci Spa Icom Importer
Le novità introdotte dalla Icom Inc. con nuovo firmware per IC-7800 è ora disponibile dal 29.11.2013 su Icom Inc. Global Support web-page (link più sopra) qui sotto il link per il PDF di Marcuzzi in Italiano.

Link to: Informazioni sul nuovo firmware per IC-7800 (pdf IT)  di Marcucci Spa

IC-7800_improvements-1 IC-7800_improvements-2 IC-7800_improvements-3

[Note] All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders. – This page is just a non-official overview, where no one should draw any conclusions – all images and versions above is for illustration only (…tnx by IØgej)!

HAM Fair Tokyo 2013: New Features on the IC-7800 – AH-740 & Icom JST65 – AOR ARD300 – FTM-400 – TS-990’s Factory T.


JARL Ham Fair Tokyo Big Sight 2013 – (updated Report & Video) New Advanced Features on the IC-7800 at ICOM Booth of 24 Aug. 2013. See below the Icom 7800 Planned features (*) ENG Uk & Italian by Marcucci Spa  – New ARD300 Multi Mode decoder at the AOR Booth. – Yaesu FTM-400D C4FM Digital  see below – New AH-740 & JT65 Demostration at the Icom Booth – Video from AOR, Kenwood and Yaesu booths. – See the TS-990’s Factory Tour, picture below! …and more!

italianoIC-7800 – ICOM Inc. ha presentato le nuove caratteristiche avanzate del IC-7800 alla HAM Fair di Tokyo il 24.08.2013 con un “major firmware upgrade” (*) previsto per fine anno 2013 o inizio 2014. – Poi il prototipo della nuova antenna HF Icom AH-740 e dimostrazione di applicazioni Icom per il JT65  – Qui sotto alcune immagini e Video vari dalla fiera di Tokyo – ハムフェア2013 アイコムIC-7800の拡張機能 –

Novità anche per AOR con ARD300 multi-modo decoder (vedere più sotto) – ARD300 デジタル通信受信アダプタ – Nuovo Yaesu FTM-400D C4FM Digital (vedere più sotto) – Video dagli Stands AOR, Kwd e Yaesu – Giro fotografico del reparto di montaggio TS-990 di Kenwood in Giappoone.  (lincks alle News e immagini qui sotto)


IC-7800 Nuove funzionalità con il Firmware – (02 Settembre, 2013) Marcucci Spa Official Icom Importer & Distributor ha annunciato le novità introdotte dalla Icom Inc. con il nuovo firmware per l’IC-7800 disponibile da Novembre 2013.
Link to: Informazioni nuovo firmware IC-7800 Ver.3.0 (pdf IT)  di Marcucci Spa

IC-7800_improvements-1 IC-7800_improvements-2 IC-7800_improvements-3

IC-7800’s and the big-match between JVC Kenwood, Icom Inc. and FlexRadio soon !

Icom_AH-740_Tokyo-24ago2013 Icom_AH-740-HF-antenna Icom_booth_JT65-demostration

AH-740 リレー式オートチューンアンテナ 参考出品 ※輸出モデル ワイルドな作りで、ワイルドな運用が楽しめそう。 – 非常に面白い商品です。- ただ、現時点では、国内販売の予定はないようです
Nuova AH-740 Autotune Whip Mobile Antenna (autotune-antenna per HF) 150mS fast automatic tuning (like Stealt 9310 made in USA) qui sopra un prototipo di Icom Inc. per operazioni in HF (2.5 – 30MHz) affidabili su mezzi mobili in zone selvagge o desertiche! Icom Inc ha presentato anche in anteprima sue applicazioni per il JT65 system.

Icom IC-7800 Planned features:  (*) ● Waterfall screens for RF signals, TFT scope ● Audio scope, ● Voice recorder improvement (similar IC-7100 function) ●Quick QSY re-tuning using the mouse ● New APF function (0-6dB six steps volume adj.) ● New CI-V (CAT) command  ● USB memory card in addition to current CF card  ● Remote control “without” radio side PC by RS-BA1 new version…., ● and more, see the link to Icom Uk below!


IC-7800 at Ham Fair 2013 – Not “Touch-Sensitive”  but… simply click with mouse cursor the Screen (spectrum scope) for quick QSY re-tuning! …like touch on the TS-990S – (please…click the picture to enlarge!)
italianoNella nuova versione del futuro firmware per l’Icom IC-7800 ( forse anche per il 7700 e 7600) si nota anche la funzione di “quick QSY re-tuning” tramite un click del cursore del mouse sullo Schermo  ! Icom propone a Tokyo questo ed altre implementazioni (*) via software non essendo di tipo Touch-Sensitive i Display da tempo montati su questi transceivers. … come Kenwood invece ha fatto nel recente TS-990S.


Oba san, JA7UDE writes: !! I asked a Icom sales person if I could apply this firmware upgrade to my 13 year old 7800? The answer was Yes! You will be able to download this major upgrade just like standard ones for free. [Note] this news to be verified!

Link to: Latest Icom Uk News – Product Demostrations at Tokyo Hamfair 2013

Link to: Major Firmware Upgrade & Planned Features for IC-7800 by VA7OJ

Video -ハムフェア2013 アイコムIC-7800の拡張機能 (…upgrade IC-7800)


Kenwood TS-900’s Factory Tour (immagini tratte da JVC Kwd – ©by IØgej)





Video – Ham Fair Tokyo 2013 JVC/Kenwood’s Booth by JI1ETUjr

AOR news: ARD300 Multi Decoder – Perseus & Studio 1 Software (..both italians!)


ARD300_multidecoder-2013 Perseus_Studio-1_Italy AOR_Perseus-sdr_2013

ARD300 – AOR writes: Empower Your Analog Receiver With Digital Decoding!

● Decodes popular amateur digital voice modes such as D-Star, Alinco and Yaesu. 
● Decodes APCO P25 voice signals, used for example by U.S military and diplomatic services around the world.  ● Compatible with AOR legacy receivers AR8600MK2, AR5000(A/+3), and newer AR2300, AR5001D, AR6000.  ● Supports any other brand’s receiver featuring a 10.7MHz or 45.05MHz IF output!(*1)
● Supported modulations and vocoders: D-STAR GMSK AMBE / ALINCO GMSK AMBE / YAESU(*2) C4FM AMBE+2 /   DIGITAL CR(*3) C4FM AMBE+2 / NXDN(*4) C4FM AMBE+2 / P25 (Phase 1) C4FM IMBE.
● IF input 10.7MHz or 45.05MHz @50Ω
[Note] (*1) Not all 3rd party receivers have been tested. (*2) “Digital Wide Mode” not supported. (*3) Japanese “Digital Convenience Radio” standard (351MHz) (*4) Only the 6.25kHz mode is supported. 12.5kHz mode not supported.

japanNew ARD300 デジタル通信受信アダプタ
アマチュア無線で使用されている標準デジタルモードのD-STAR方式に加え、ALINCO, YAESU等他社のデジタルモードにも対応します。 デジタル簡易無線(デジタルCR)の通信もデコードします。….

Video – Ham Fair 2013 AOR Booth (ADR300, STUDIO1 Software & Perseus)

Video – Ham Fair 2013 YAESU Booth【ハムフェア東京2013 ヤエ.. (..! C4FM Digital)

FTM-400D_c4fm-digital Yaesu_booth_Tokyo-2013 FTM-400D_touch-sensitive

FTM-400D/DH & FT-1DR V/U Mobile or HT are the Yaesu C4FM DV competitors 144/430 FDMA and FM modes. Tthe new modultation C4FM digital was not compatible with a D-STAR DV standard. (Click the pictures to enlarge)

FTM-400D_c4fm-finding FTM-400D_menu-setup-1 FTM-400D_menu-setup-2

Con l’uso del AMBE+2 vocoder in FDMA, C4FM raggiunge una ottima qualità audio, pur operando con un “bandwidth” effettiva in un canale di 6,25 kHz ● “V/D Mode” Simultaneous Voice/Data 6,25+6,25 kHz. – Anche se ci vuole un po ‘di tempo per abituarsi alla voce digitale, chi usa il modo D-STAR (con AMBE-2020 vocoder) già conosce l’effetto di voce robotica!.
In FDMA con AMBE+2 vocoder i benefici di qualità audio dovrebbero essere migliori almeno nel modo “FR” su 12,5 kHz  ● “Voice FR Mode” Voice Full Rate uses the entire 12,5 kHz bandwidth to trasmit digital voice.

I requisiti della norma europea armonizzata EN 301 166-2 (come lo standard ETSI TS102 490 e TS102 658) prevede la garanzia di protezione per circa 60 dB per l’adiacente canale a 6.25 kHz e 70 dB per il canale successivo.

FDMA_Mod-Dem-specModulation with 4FSK (C4FM) 4-level FSK uses a symbol mapping scheme. When the radio receives a binary number, that number is apped to a symbol, which is interpreted as a 1050 Hz frequency deviation. During demodulation, that deviation is detected, filtered and “unmapped” as a binary signal for transmission. – (click pictures to enlarge)

[Note] !! The D-STAR uses a GMSK  (Gaussian Minimum Shift Keying) modulator type  to convert the 8-kHz sampled audio into a 3600-bps bit stream for D-STAR voice. – This stream is combined with the 1200-bps data stream to produce the combined voice+data DV signal at 4800 bps.

[Note] !! The FDMA C4FM (4-Level FSK) is a Frequency Division Multiple Access (FDMA) methodology whereby one user accesses a channel frequency at any one point in time. (i.e. accesses via the frequency domain)…  like NEXEDGE™ Kenwood’s Digital or dPMR and like IDAS™  Icom’s Digital or dPMR radios!

Video – Yaesu Musen Co., Ltd. show the features of the FTM-400D  (

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TS-990S Ver.1.03 – CW Split-mode Video & more – RadCom Review & Sherwood Full Test – HF7070 HF/LF Rx QEX


The TS-990S firmware has been updated from Version 1.02 to Version 1.03 – Update news: The CW Split-mode & Bandscope view, the video demo by IKØOZD 07/21/2013 – Latest Instruction Manual v1.04 link follow -TS-990S RadCom Review & Sherwood NCØB Full Test Report – The  BEF filter video by K7FD – Video IC-7800 vs TS-990 by IV3YER – Pictures inside view  TS-990S vs IC-7700 and old TS-900 from 1973. – See news & Video below.

The Kenwood TS-990S firmware has been updated from Version 1.02 to Version 1.03, owners can update the transceiver’s firmware by using a USB flash drive as detailed on the Kenwood Firmware update information web-page – Last updated: July 12, 2013 (see the link below)

Link to: TS-990S Update Information & Updated items : (Version 1.02 to 1.03)

[Note] The firmware update is applicable to the following units. Model: TS-990S Serial numbers: From S/NO.B32xxxxx through S/NO.B37xxxxx approx. – it took 13.5 mins, you also need to update the ARCP-990 software if your using it. … Stay tuned!

Video demo TS990 during the CW Split mode & Bandscope in Fixed mode, SPAN 5kHz, Grid div. 0,5kHz by IKØOZD – DX Station W1SA in 21 MHz band – Video 07/21/2013

HF-7070 article emphasis the need for a very good phase noise local oscillator! –
n excellent article in the July/August issue of QEX entitled “The HF7070 HF/LF Communications Receiver Prototype” by Colin Horrabin, G3SBI. –
It is a up-conversion design, a double conversion Superheterodyne with a first IF at 45 MHz and a second IF that is centered at 44 kHz before going to a 25 bit audio ADC. – HF-7070 prototype (see QEX) dynamic range rivalling current down conversion big receivers! ..The “in-band” IP3 dynamic range at a 100 Hz spacing in a 2.4 kHz bandwidth is 97 dB ! (…NF 12 dB and an IP3 of 19 dBm)
Link to: ARRL members can be downloaded from the web site.

TS-990S the Peter Hart, G3SJX Review on RadCom of June 2013

RadCom-review-logoClick on the icon (…side) to find out what RadCom
Magazine had to say about TS-990S. ( kwd-uk)

TS-990S Updated Full Test Report by Rob Sherwood on July, 2013 

italianoTest Report Rev. H, un interessante documento in .PDF con tutti i risultati delle ampie misure (in 20m) fatte in Maggio e Giugno 2013 da NCØB, Rob Sherwood sul TS-990S  Serial #B3300174 (link below!) – Molte misure DR3  (Pre- ON /OFF e 500Hz BW or 250Hz BW) con offset di 5 e 2 kHz sono annotate da Rob con: # Combination of phase noise and 3rd order product / * Consisted of phase noise only ! – Seguono qui alcune note a proposito di misure RMDR o no, tratte dalla più ampia Relazione CTU 2013:

CTU-2013_NC0B RMDR_04 RMDR_08


NCØB, Rob per il TS-990S Ful Test Report, utilizza ben 6 pagine di cui tre per ampie annotazioni sulle misure e sulle anomalie o differenze con standard utilizzabili o utilizzati dalla ARRL, in particolare con Analizzatori con filtri da 3Hz a 1Hz o meno di 1Hz ! – (DR3 with 3 Hz or less testing method)! – Dice non sono condizioni di operazioni reali in aria! Insiste nel valutare (come dice anche Adam, VA7OJ) il valore del fattore di Reciprocal Mixing Dynamic Range (RMDR) – is ofthen the limiting factor in receiver performance! – (RMDR a 5 or 2 kHz è anche ben descritto su QST di Aprile 2012 da Bob Allison, ingegnere ARRL laboratory.

pdf_logoLink to:  TS-990S Updated Full Test Report by Sherwood May/June 2013


TS-990S Instruction Manuals latest Ver.1.04 (63 MB pdf) –  Choose the English, French, Spanish, German, Italian Dutch language!! – (…  insert name: TS-990S & search type to download)

pdf_logoLink to: TS-990S Instruction Manuals (all)  ! insert product name (2013 #30)

pdf_logoLink to: TS-990S Instruction Manula updated to Ver.1.04 ENG (62,9 MB pdf)

TS-990S #6 REJECTING INTERFERENCE – “IF BEF Filter” & more news



The Kenwood Band Elimination Filter is the notch filter that can change the bandwidth and attenuation (deep) at the IF stage. (See pictur below – click to enlarg!)
Il filtro BEF di eliminazione banda è un filtro notch in cui si può modificare la larghezza di banda (da 300 a 1200Hz) e il picco di attenuazione in fase IF (da -20 a -80dB).- Premere [BEF/SEL] (Main) o [BEF/SEL] (Sub) per abilitare il filtro eliminazione banda IF per il VFO selezionato. Ruotare il controllo NOTCH (M) o NOTCH (S) per regolare la frequenza del notch. (Vedere sul Manuale Utente Kenwood più dettagli!)


The stopband width can be selected from the available range of 300Hz to 1200Hz  and the amount of  attenuation depth can be selected from the available range of 20 dB to 80 dB – The [BEF/SEL] (Main) LED or [BEF/SEL] (Sub) LED lights green / Rotate the NOTCH (Main) or NOTCH (Sub) control to adjust the notch frequency …. (See the Kenwood User Manual for more!)

Video TS-990 “Band Elimination Filter” a effective tools for improved listening
(The BEF set at width 1200Hz and Depth -80dB, varied ON and OFF. The high pit-
nasty noise being notched by the Band Elimination Filter is generated by
an Apple 
iMAC computer on 7.268.50KHz… note by K7FD, Jhon) – 04/Lug/2013

Utility: Kenwood Serial/No Month, Year Calculator by G6isy!

* G6ISY ha un programma di calcolo, in Javascript, inserendovi le prime tre cifre o cifre/lettere del S/NO si ottiene la data di produzione dell’apparato Kenwood. ( Kenwood S/N = Month – Year calculator link below) –
Link to utility: G6ISY Kenwood Month/Year Calculator (EN page)

TS-990S Revises the following symptom (Ver. 1.01 to >1.02) April 12, 2013:

1) TX output power fed back to other ANT connectors might affect internal circuits. – [Note] !! The new firmware Ver.1.02 deactivates (opens !) other ANT relays every time the radio transmits !!

 Kenwood Italy !! ha rilasciato il Catalogo di 16 pagine in Italiano pdf 7,7 MB

Link to: Scarica da qui il Catalogo TS-990S 16 pag.  (IT) Kenwood Italy

Link to: TS-990S / TS-990D 取扱説明書 – ©B62-2388-20 JPN (JA Ver. 1.03)

The TS-990S has the “overwhelmingly highest quality” receiver among the TS series

TS-900-open_1973TS-900 (1973) the all-band SSB transceiver is making history its state-of-the-art tecnology. – All major electronic circuits are wired on easily removed or installed circuit board (is costructed modularly). –  Designed for operation on SSB, CW, and FSK, the TS-900 delivers more than 150 watts PEP output! (click to enlarge!)

TS-990S & IC-7700 inside views – Kenwood 990′s a main receiver with a down-conversion 8.248 MHz 1st IF and employs a double-conversion system. The sub receiver which incorporates the TS-590S receiver architecture.

TS-990S_topview TS-990S_bottomview IC-7700_bottomview_2008

Kenwood TS-990S – the RF front-end contains selectable Band-pass Filters (covered by the screen on the picture) – The double balanced grounded switch type 1st mixer works by the principle of reduces signal distorsion. – The five built-in 1st IF Roofing filters ahead of the 1st IF stage to eliminate overloading caused by strong signals just outside the fixed bandpass filters or of the Preselector manually adjustable –

Kenwood’s Preselector [P-SEL] selecting the narrow bandwidth tunable filter attenuates the interfering signal which has 2 to 3 MHz separation from the target frequency. –
Icom IC-7700 uses a duble conversion system composed of a D-MOS FET 1st mixer and Icom’s developed image rejection mixer for the 2nd stage and fixed bandpass filters  and a Icom’s [DIGI-SE] preselector type –  ( note the large toroidal coils on the  Icom RF BPF bank)!

Kenwood TS-990S vs Icom IC-7800 by IV3YER (!! 11 March, 2013)
(IC-7800 BW: 2600 AGC slow / TS-990 BW: LC/HC 2400 AGC slow )

Qui sotto un raffronto della tecnologia utilizzata nei rispettivi apparati dai tre big’s Giapponesi, Kenwood, Icom e Yaesu. Da notare che ci sono evidenti similitudini di sviluppo e layout tra Icom e Kenwood, che però impiega nel nuovo TS-990S un dispositivo TFT più recente con “Touch-Sensitive mode for quick QSY re-tuning” etc. – (clik picture to enlarge)



Umboxing_E-K-typeThe market code is shown on the carton box – (IT – Il codice del tipo per mercato Europa o per il mercato Amerche (US-CA) risulta indicato con lettere sul cartone di imballo esterno)

E-type: Europe, K-type: The Americas  – The AC power cable supplied with the product is suitable for AC 120V (K-type) or AC 220V/240V for (E-type) –  Do not use a power cable other than supplied with this product.

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