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IC-7100 Video in use 07/14/2013 – Advanced Instructions – RS-BA1 V.1.40 & RC-28 V.1.01 – ID-51A/E MARS CAP


IC-7100 HF/VHF/UHF Multi Mode & D-STAR DV the new Advanced Instructions pdf 379 pages !! Video IC-7100 in Use CW – LSB – WFM – RTTY (Sunday 07/14/2013) – Designed to the 70MHz band in European versions – Download the new ID-51A/E & IC-7100 brochures (EN) – ID-51 MARS-CAP Modification – Read the QST Review ID-31A, see link below –

IC-7100_instructionsICOM IC-7100 Advanced Instructions Manual a new pdf of 379 page ( Icom America July 2013). These Advanced Instructions describe the details of the IC-7100 features.
This PDF formatted manual provides you with convenient functions, as follows. …. Shows a term description When the mouse cursor is moved over a term which is highlighted in yellow, the description of the term is displayed.
The screen shots at the right column,correspond to the perating instructions and procedures shows both setting and operating example. The location of the keys used in the described steps in the left column are illustrated.. etc.

Link to: Downloada the IC-7100 Advanced Instructions pdf 19.3MB (ENG)

L’Icom IC-7100 finalmente è stato approvato dalla  FCC ID AFJ339300 25.6.2013

IC-7100 List Price $1999.00 Your Price: $1665.95 USD – (Universal Radio Inc.)
IC-7100 #03 List Price €1477,16 (inc. 21% IVA IT) – (Marcucci Spa Importer)

IC 7100 in Use CW – LSB – WFM – RTTY – Sunday Morning 07/14/2013

IC-7100 the size is just about the same with IC-7000 Series and IC-706 & IC-706MKII, but it has a slanted header and can not be mounted on the main body. Touch Screen and user friendly mode and many menu could be easily controlled via Microphone, including changing mode and band selection.

IC-706MK2G IC-7100_Box-rearpanel IC-7200_manpack

At Dayton Hamvention 2013, ICOM the booth rep says there are now 27,000 D-STAR users with over 1,000 repeaters — and they’re dropping the price on those repeaters.

Icom Inc. has updates RS-BA1 Ver. 1.40 &  RC-28 USB encoder Ver. 1.01

Major improvements of the function RS-BA1 V.1.40 (!! must be insert code from CD)
1. IC-7100 is now supported.
2. Improved for stable operation with RC-28 after PC comes out of the sleep mode.

Major improvements of the function RC-28 V.1.01
1. Improved for stable operation after PC comes out of the sleep mode.

Link  to: Icom support download Software & link to Firmware


ID-51A/E 2m + 70cm Dual Band Portable – 5/2.5/1.0/0.5/0.1 Watts Output Power – RX: 88-174, 430-479MHz + AM Broadcast – Repeater Directory /Near Repeater) – Built-in GPS Receiver – Micro SD card slot for recording – IPX7 Submersible and more.. Download the new Icom Brochure EN PDF link below

ID-31_ID-51 ID-51_builtin-GPS

Der ID-51E verfügt über ein kompaktes 58 × 105,4 × 26,4 mm großes Gehäuse und wiegt mit Akku und Antenne nur etwa 255g –  Der integrierte GPS-Empfänger sorgt für schnelle Start-up-Zeit und genaue Position – Dowload Prospekt pdf

Link to: Download the new Icom ID-51 Brochure EN 13GS0020 PDF
Link to: Bitte entnehmen Sie diese Angaben dem ID-51E Prospekt

Link to: Read the QST Review of the ID-31A here! (Icom America Inc.)

Universal Radio (US) ID-51A  List Price: $756.00 Your Price: $579.00
Difona Communication (DE) ID-51E Special Price: €495,00 incl. 19% VAT

ID-51 Official MARS CAP Expanded TX & RX Mod by Icom America Inc. – MARS (Military Auxiliary Radio System) has a long history of providing worldwide auxiliary emergency communications during times of need
RX frequency expansion – (Click the picture to enlarge)

VHF: Expanded range: 137.000-174.000MHz.
UHF: Expanded range: 380.000-479.000MHz.
B BAND – (AM & FM only)
VHF: Expanded range: 108.000-136.995MHz. (AM), 137.000-174.000MHz. (FM)
UHF: Expanded range: 380.000-479.000MHz. (FM)
Remove D9 on Logic board. – [Note] How to open up the TX range on your Icom ID-51 this mod will provide transmit from 137-174 Mhz & 400-479 Mhz: See the video by K1LA link

IC-7100 at Dayton 2013 – Icom Inc. have released a new Brochure Pdf (EN), and the MSRP Price in Japan. The Importer Marcucci Spa  released the List price in Italia.  See more news, links, video and pictures below.


IC-7100_Bande-setting IC-7100_Mode-setting IC-7100_Multimode-meter

D-STAR is NOT proprietary to ICOM, D-STAR is an AMBE Codec owned by Digital Voice Systems. Icom is the only manufacturer putting D-STAR in their currently available Icom rigs. – (!! Click to all pictures to enlarge)

Suggested Retail Price (Japan) ¥ 165,900 (base price ¥ 158,000 no taxes)
Marcucci Spa (Italia) – IC-7100 #03 Prezzo listino € 1.534,00 (+ IVA 20% !!)


TMS3206745BPTPA3_DSPTMS320C6745BPTPA3 Device 3000MIPS (Million Instructions per Second) Clock 375MHz – a high-performance 32-bit floating point IF DSP delivers rich digital signal processing features, including digital IF filter, digital twin PBT, noise reduction, CW auto tune, etc.
Those digital features work on all bands from HF to V/UHF bands. The DSP digital signal processing is incorporated into the AGC loop. Built-in SD Card Slot for Voice & Log Storage

The optional RS-BA1 software allows you to operate the IC-7100 from a remote PC over the Internet or local home network. – (IP Remote through Home LAN) – (IP Remote over Internet) – also available the RC-28 Remote encoder.

Link to: Download the Icom IC-7100 new EU Brochure V.13GS0170 PDF  (EN)
Link to: Download the Icom IC-7100 new US Brochure V.13GS0160 PDF (EN)

[IC-7100] タッチパネル&スラント型コントローラーが、今までにない直観的で軽快なマルチバンド運用を実現 – HF+50MHz+144MHz+430MHz〈SSB・CW・RTTY・AM・FM・DV〉100W トランシーバー –

Link to: Download the Icom IC-7100 (JP) new  Brochure 2013-1-GSG661 (JP)

Touch Screen: The 48.6×75.9 mm in large “resistive” touch screen display can be operated even while wearing gloves.


italianoIC-7100 il nuovo HF/50/70/144/430MHz, Multi Modo & D-STAR DV compreso. Ha un nuovo sistema di comando IC-7100 Base operationintuitivo e rapido con “Touch Screen” resistivo. Si possono eseguire i vari settaggi operativi direttamente toccando lo schermo LCD a matrice di punti! Il Transceiver dispone di una Slot per inserire una memorie SD-card (opzionale) per memorizzare e gestire Dati, il Log e le funzioni GPS (anche il GPS è opzionale esterno) i dati dei Ripetitori D-STAR, etc.  (come già nel ID-51E/A). – Molto interesse alla Hamvention di Dayton 2013 – Icom ha annuncito la disponibilità a fine Giugno pv.

Purtroppo nessun ATU è stato integrato all’interno. Un accordatore automatico opzionale (come ad esempio l’AH-4 oppure l’AT-180) è disponibile per l’acquisto (!), per eventuali scopi di ottimizzazione con il sistema di antenna. – (Cliccare sulle varie immagini per ingrandirle)

Prezzo consigliato IC-7100 (!! in Giappone) ¥ 165,900 (prezzo base 158.000 ¥)

Marcucci Spa (IT) IC-7100 #03 listino € 1220,80 (+ IVA 22%) (upd. 01/01/2014)

Link to: Scheda in Italiano IC-7100 #03 di Marcucci Spa Icom importer Italia 

Anche questo apparato IC-7100 può essere utilizzato in remoto via porta USB con l’utilizzo del Software RS-BA1 della stessa Icom, con o senza RC-28 Remote encoder, sia via rete LAN o via Internet, naturalmente tramite l’impiego di Computer sia in locale che nel sito remoto. [Nota] con solo RS-BA1, allo stato, non si accende o spegne il Transceiver!

The 2013 Dayton Hamvention has come and gone. In this, video for Ham Nation, I show some of what we saw at the worlds’ largest gathering of amateur radio operators….. italianoLa Hamvention di Dayton del 2013 è venuta ed è già passata !! poi Julian dice: questo mio video per Ham Nation, vi mostra alcune delle cose che abbiamo visto al più grande raduno di Radioamatori del mondo! – (tks’ Julian & grazie by IØGej) – 22 maggio 2013 by jyunte’s channel.

[Note] – Detailed specifications: please see the official ICOM  sources – All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders.


ID-31A/E UHF D-STAR GPS – Update Firmware E2 (CPU 1.03 DSP 1.04) and more

ID-31E ID-31A – Icom UHF D-STAR® Digital Transceiver built-in GPS receiver and weighs only 225g (approx.) – Icom update now the ID-31 Firmware Version E2 (CPU 1.03 DSP 1.04) at 2012/05/15.

D-STAR® DV (Digital Voice) mode has lost of advantages over analog FM mode: digitally modulated voice, 950bps (approx) data individual calling using a call sign and access to the World Wide Repeater Network linked with Internt (gateway) and to DPRS positions system.

The ID-31 using the GPS position information, the automatic repeater list-up function shows the list of nearby D-STAR® repeaters from the memory.
(®D-STAR Repeater memories pre-programmed:
the position data of the repeater is required!) –
(the picture a built-in GPS receiver that shows your current position, altitude and time on the Display)

Update Firmware !!  2012/05/15 Icom co., jp support – Version: Release E2 (CPU 1.03 DSP 1.04) for the ID-31A / ID-31E – !! – Please read the “Icom Firmware update information 6986-5EX – PDF download”
[Note] – Optional OPC-2218LU data cable is required a USB 1.1 or 2.0 port  and USB Driver V.1.00 – The firmware cannot be updated using a microSD card –  !! Make sure the version numbers of firmware before updating the firmware (see the Icom FirmUpInfo pag.1)

Firmware Version E2 (CPU 1.03, DSP 1.04) – Major function improvements:
DSP: Fixed a problem that the recording function may not work in the FM mode, when the recording function is stopped and then restarted.

CPU: the firmware update is only for the factory production purposes.
Although the revision number is changed and there is no difference in the functions or the performance of the ID-31A/E.

ID-31A/E – Lightweight & Compact Body – Waterproof protection equivalente to IPX7 – Built-in GPS receiver – The GPS log function logs your position and memorizes this in the mocroSD card – microSD Card slot up to 32GB: Voice Memories in WAV format, GPS Log, Memory Contents – Full Dot-matrix Display LCD & Directional Keypad with quick and intuitive access to many setting and more. (Click the pictures to enlarge)

ID-31 GPS/IPX7/D-STAR® に対応。 新しいフィールドへ導く 新世代デジタルハンディ。

Link to: Icom co. jp – ID-31E/A – Brochure EN and User Manual PDF (© Icom Inc.)
Link to: Icom – download Firmware Ver. E2 and Update information

ID-31A/E (E: Europe) opera solo in UHF in D-STAR® (Digital) e in FM analogica, utilizza i dati di posizione del GPS entrocontenuto ed indica automaticamente i Ripetitori D-STAR®  più vicini o della zona dove uno si trova – La lista Ripetitori pre-programmata deve contenere anche le “coordinate” Log./Lat. dei Ponti Ripetitori Digitali. – L’apparato pesa solo 225 gr. (circa compresi batteria e antenna). – Troverete tutti i dati e specifiche ampie nei siti e documenti ufficiali.

L’utilizzo di una Memory-card, di tipo micro-SD da 2GB a 32GB (non fornita), consente la gestione e l’archiviazione, in modo interno o via Computer, dei dati GPS (log-GPS), l’audio delle comunicazioni (in WAV), di tutti i dati delle memorie (oltre alle 1.252 locazioni dell’apparato!) con il Software CS-31 e il relativo USB Driver di Icom da installare sempre nel Computer prima di collegare l’ID-31.

Aggiornamento Firmware!! Il 15.05.2012 Icom co., jp ha rilasciato un nuovo Firmware Ver. E2 (CPU 1.03 DSP 1.04) per l’ID-31E/A, vedere qui sopra il Link. – Per favore  leggere con cura le  istruzioni e cautele di Icom Inc. scaricabile  in ENG in PDF! – Necessario il cavo dati: OPC-2218LU opzionale e il suo USB Driver V.1.00.  Il firmware non può essere aggiornato tramite l’utilizzo della scheda microSD.

US Market: List Price $451.00 / Your Price: $369.95  – (source: Universal Radio)
IT Market: List Price € 285,60 + 21%IVA (€ 345,50)  (source: Marcucci -31E #02) 

[Note] See the Info about D-Star – Link CS-31 V.1.02  and Links to ircDDB below!

Link to: Icom Inc. CS-31 Cloning  Software Download Rer.1.02  (2011/12/15)
Link to: Icom Inc. CS-31 Instructions Manual – A-6978-1EX  – (©Icom Inc.)

Icom will release a new D-STAR® portable on the market: a single UHF belt with built-in GPS and a completely redesigned control.  The ID-31E has a “left-right top-bottom” button as many mobile phones to navigate through menus.

D-STAR® DV /Analog FM / IPX7 / 5W / Free Cloning Software / Built-in GPS Receiver / Directional Keypad Navigation / DR Mode User-Friendliness Improved / Full Dot-Matrix Display / Micro SD card slot / UHF only at this time / Slim line H 95 mm no antenna / L 58 mm / S 25 mm

Icom Europe will again set up repeater DBØCOM in Friedrichshafen, HAMRADIO exhibition place 24 – 26 Giu., 2011.
(Click the pictures to enlarge)

D-STAR® – DV DPRS – STARnet – ircDDB and more – (Info about D-Star and Link utility) below

Digital System: GMSK 4.8kbps digital voice (DV) mode and 128kbps data (*) (DD) mode communications are available. When using DD mode with a PC and the D-STAR® radio, high speed data communication is possible. (*) DD mode (128 kbps) is available with Icom ID-1 only at this time.

In DV mode operation, you can simultaneously send up to 950 bps of data, such as call sign, short data message or GPS position (DPRS) with a voice transmission.
When you communicate with other D-STAR® stations using a D-STAR® Repeater, it is ncessary to set repeater’s call sign in RPT1/RPT2.

Link to: icrDDB Italia  D-STAR ®/ STARnet (call routing) / Reflectors
Link to: ircDDB Network It Gateways Last-eard User Status GrGs&Maps

[NoteAll marks are property of their respective owners. Specifications are subject to change without notice