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Hamvention Dayton 16/5/2008 “Marconi RX-1 / TX-1, self made kit

Ritornano i Kit per assemblare apparati radio come ai vecchi tempi. La Marconi Japan Co, Ltd ha presentato alla Expo di Dayton Hamvention 2008 un Ricevitore HF RX-1 e un Trasmettitore HF in Cw TX-1, realizzati anche con pannelli di vario colore: Bianco, Grigio, Rosa! Saranno disponibili in Kit con soluzioni tecniche di preparazione che renderanno facile il montaggio, per divertirsi ad autocostruirli.

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ENG: HF Receiver ”Marconi RX1“ and HF CW Transmitter “Marconi TX1“ will be exhibited in Dayton Hamvention on May 16-18, 2008; the MARCONI company, have developed and finally brought up a unit in a style of “KIT FORM” in order to solve all these troblesome: Ready-made necessary holes provided in the casing; Panel pre-imprinted; Provided with dial structute; Provided with all parts necessary. This KIT unit from MARCONI is highly recommended to let you fully enjoy for fabrication of your own radio.All what is needed to be done is to work on the pattern of your circuitry and assemble. As the case itself is design with enough spacing, new features can be added at each time its need arises. And, as the circuitry can be changed and improved the way it is wanted,there is a grand pride of being a ownerships of a unit that nobody-else has the same of its kind in the world.