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FDM-DUO – the DDS SDR design and build quality is Italian quality!

The FDM-DUO that provides an advanced Direct Digital Samplin (DDS) SDR Compact HF 50MHz QRP Transceiver. Covering all bands from 9kHz trough to 50MHz, with 5 watts RF outup and multiple receivers.  That can be used in standalone mode (not PC) or it can be entirely computer controlled – The design and build quality is Italian quality !


 Standalone OperationG4WNC, Mike wrote on the RadCom of March 2015: The large knob provides the main tuning and this can be set to operate with a wide range of tuning steps from 1 Hz to 1 MHz . If you’re using the rig in standalone mode, you just need to connect power, antenna and mic/key and you’re in business. (! more: please read the User Manual)


Computer operation – The real flexibility of the FDM-DUO was realised when I combined the rig with the Elad FDM-SW2 SDR Software on external PC – I had access to up to 8 software receivers plus the standalone receiver making a total of nine, which is more thanI could ever use!


G4WNC, Mike wrote: If you were a datamodes fan or contester, you could have one receiver tuned to the PSK band segment and the audio routed to an instance of FLDIGI. You could then have another receiver set to the RTTY segment with a RTTY decoder. You could also have CW Skimmer running on another receiver checking out CW activity on the band. … You could then duplicate this setup on the second DUO channel, which could be tuned to a different band! – (!! nrd…. maybe you need many ears! hi)


The antenna signal is applied to some ESD protection and 5 anti-aliasing filter before being passed to the main analogue to digital converter (ADC). Elad use the popular LTC2165, 16-bit ADC thet’s clock at 122.88MHz to provide confortable sampling (serial data stream runs at just under 2Gb/s) of the entire RF spectrum to 9kHz through to 54MHz.


Elad uses a Xilinx Spartan 6 FPGA and the decimated outup in standalone mode is 192ksps and the tuning range wold be abaut 180kHz (output of the Spartan 6 is passed to an STM32F429 ARM microcontroller) – However, when operating the FDM-DUO using the included FDM-SW2 software, the decimation range can be changed in six steps up to a maximum of 6.144Msps.

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FDM-DUO 16bit Stand Alone Transceiver & FDM-S2 16bit Direct Sampling Receiver & SW2 software are “hares” coming-soon!


FDM-DUO a new Stand-alone Fully Integrated SDR HF/VHF 5W Transceiver and FDM-S2 Direct Sampling Receiver are coming soon from Italian ELAD company. These Italians design very attractive radios. New software FDM-SW2, FDM-S2 & FDM-DUO is bound become a big hits! All people having FDM-S1 receiver can play with virtual receivers …by SW2 new software, coming soon. – See below the FDM-DUO Preliminary Spec. (source by WoodBoxRadio Italian company, Qualified Application Partener of ELAD).


FDM-DUO Preliminary Specification:
[Note] This ELAD versatile platform allow transceiving in stand alone mode or in PC mode or in Dual mode (..mixed mode) – When working in Stand-Alone mode it is possible to connect an Android tablet to see the 192KHz spectrum and send some commands to FDM-DUO – In PC mode the RX bandwidth may have up to 6MHZ and internal demodulator is disabled. (more news by link below!) – Frequency range: RX 9Khz to 52MHz direct sampling receiver  – TX 160m to 6m others frequency to be defined. – MDS: -132dBm – BDR: +115dB (500Hz) – Trasmitter Power output 5W – (2m VHF RTX will be an option as a board to fit)

FDM-SW2 software made by Elad team – In the Screenshot below the new FDM-SW2 software with new FDM-S2 receiver working with 2 channels: one on 40m, one on 20mt plus Fldigi program (click to enlarge)


italianoIl nuovo ELAD FDM-S2 è un Ricevitore SDR integrato a Campionamento Diretto con ADC a 16 bit e 122.88MHz clock. –  Riceve anche oltre i 52MHz, quindi include la bassa HF fino ai 6m e in modo undersampling due  gamme complementari 70-108 e 136 – 160MHz con separati connettori di antenna e FM BPF dedicato – La Sensibilità MDS per FDM-S2 è di -130dBm a 500Hz BW, circa 5 dBm meglio del FDM-S1. – La dinamica di blocco BDR è indicata a 110 dB, ma tutte le specifiche dettagliate sono in arrivo, vista la disponibilità prevista per i primi di Febbraio 2014.

FDM-DUO transceiver other features ( impressed !): ADC Linear LTC2165-16bit 122.88MHZ clock – DDC FPGA Spartan 6 XC6SLX25 + Serial Flash for stand-alone mode. – USB IQ path through CY68013 for RX bitstream (192KHz up to 6.144Mhz single channel and 384KHz dual channel in PC mode) – Stand-alone RX IQ path STM32F4 ARM floating point microcontroller – LCD Controller Keyboard controller LPC1766 Cortex M3.
TX modulator use a second STM32F4 ARM floating point microcontroller + AD9957 DDS clocked at 368,64 MHz – Clocking source Si5338 drived by 10MHz TCXO or External reference input – TX modulator use I2S sourcing from MIC input (Cirrus CS5346) or USB input (CODEC CM6510B with customized firmware) – The third USB is a FTDI controller for CAT interface.

FDM-DUO-front-lato2 FDM-SW1_Span-1e23MHz FDM-SW2_anteprima-dic2013

Link to: Preliminary Data Sheet Elad by WoodBoxRadio web (download ENG pdf) 

FDM-S2 a new Direct Sampling Receiver Coming-soon – Starting from the experience of well known FDM-S1 now ELAD is developing FDM-S2 – This receiver will use new FDM-SW2 software made by Elad team (see the preliminary (GUI) picture above) – (please click the pictures to enlarge) – [Note]: This S2 receiver is not a stand-alone type!


Preliminary: FDM-S2 have 122.88MHz sampling rate with 16bit ADC Hi performance analog to digital converter this mean: 9kHz to 52MHz direct sampling SDR receiver; -132dBm MDS (Bw 500Hz) @ 14 MHz – USB Port Powered – 2 antennas input: one for HF one for VHF (VHF input have 2 filters: one for use Broadcasting FM Band (74-108MHz), one for 136-160 MHz, and more. – possibility two indipendent receivers: FDM-S2 have two indipendent NCO (Numerical Local Oscillator) and the new FDM-SW2 software, using Multichannel Extio Dll.

Latest news: ELAD USA Inc.
I want to inform that ELAD have created ELAD USA Inc company based in Chicago IL to better service US customers. – I invite who is interested to visit ELAD USA  website
Link to: Elad USA at –

Simon Brown HB9DRV supports their products in SDR Radio V2 and is generally positive about their devices (source: forum & groups).

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HF-ONE MKII & X1-M PROs (or new X1N !) a recent attempt at HF QRP transceivers straight out of China


The HF-ONE MKII & the X1-M PRO’s (…MKII or new X1N) Transceivers are a recent attempt at HF QRP RTX straight out of China. – The chassis rugged cast aluminium case of  the HF-ONE MKII with SDR I/Q  like the POUXING P5100 Trunking Mobile Two-Way Radio. It is actually repacked “almost” the architecture of the JUMA TRX2A made by Juma “Jumaradio” (…JUMA® – are copiright Juha, OH2NLT and Matti, OH7SV.. Ju-Ma!)

hf-one_ComCAT-1 HFone-Juma-fronts JumaRFfilter_HFone-open

italianoHF-ONE MKII e lo X1M PRO sono due Transceivers QRP per HF anche in Kit di recente disponibili direttamente dalla Cina. – Come si può vedere dalle foto qui sopra, il robusto case in alluminio pressofuso del HF-ONE Pro MKII è simile al POUXING P5100, già noto per uso civile come UHF Trunking Mobile Two Way Radio. In realtà sembra che qui, per l’uso in HF con uscita SDR I/Q, sia stata rielaborata (quasi) l’architettura o in parte integrata dal JUMA TRX2A, l’apparato in Kit prodotto e commercializzato dalla Juma “Jumaradio” (…JUMA®  è un marchio copirigth by OH2NLT e OH7SV)


HF-ONE MK2 HF SSB/CW Transceiver the QRP Mobile HF Radio Max 10W output- Receiver with SDR I/Q signal output, for use HDSDR or POWER SDR – Coverange 30kHz to 30MHz – VFO A and VFO B – Tuning step sizes 10Hz, 100Hz, 10kHz – Auto Voice recording imput – Auto Keyer built-in – Sensitivity Typical -120 dBm – PC Computer Operations Control via 3rd party software  like FT-857.
[Note] preliminary informations by the .jpg depliant from the vendor   (click the picture to enlarge) &  product details on the AliExpress web-page.

Link to: JUMA Amateur Radio kits web-page

X1M-PRO (Platinum) & X1MKII 20W or new X1N Color Display HF QRP Transceiver


The X1M HF PRO (Platinum) model QRP transceiver, manufactured by Chonqinq Xiegu Technology Co., Ltd. of China. – Frequency range RX:  0.1 ~ 30 MHz – Modes: USB & LSB & CW – Power output: 5 Watts – Rx Preamplifier – Automatic Internal CW Keyer – CAT Control:  Compatible with Ham Radio Deluxe  (factory adapter required – Choose Icom IC-718 (5E) in HRD. (…See the new X1N below!!)
TX Five *Ham Bands are configured with bandpass filtering – Band 1: 3.5 ~ 4.0 MHz – Band 2: 7.0 ~ 7.3 MHz – Band 3: 14.0 ~ 14.350 MHz – Band 4: 21.0 ~ 21.45 MHz – Band 5: 28.0 ~ 29.7 MHz.

X1M-front-close-in X1M-interno-1e2 FT-817_X1M_rear

New “Platinum” Edition X1M Pro: Improved Display, Improved Controls,Improved Components, Improved Filtering, Improved Performance – Frequency range RX & TX 100 kHz – 30 MHz (Transmits 100 kHz – 30 MHz via  Menu option.  Preset transmit range is the *five  bands shown above).

Link to: Distribuited in North America exclusively by Import Communications

[Note] New X1MKII —- 20W便携式HF+50MHz彩屏全模式三次变频中频DSP数字化收发信机


X1MKII —- 20W Color Display a QRP portatile HF +50MHz con IF-DSP e modalità a Tripla-conversione (ricetrasmettitore digitalizzato) – Preliminary features: RX: 0.5~30M,50~55M – TX:0.5~30M,50~55M – SSB/CW/NFM/AM/RTTY – TX 20W output – Power 9~20VDC (0.42A @Min – 4.5A @Max) –

[Note] New X1N Receiver with large Color Display Test1 –  X1N接收视频 by BG8HT


Link to: Youku Video X1N Receiver Test-1 Video ( X1N接收视频 ) by BG8HT 
Link to: X1M QRP Transceiver Yahoo Groups web (user login!)

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