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Stealth 9310 Automatic Tuning Whip Antenna for all HF Amateur Bands

Stealth 9310 Automatic Tuning Whip Antenna is a lower cost version of Type 9300 military antenna systems, incorporates high-Q stepper inductor driven by highly precise, fast and reliable micro controller operated belt drive. Tune in entire 160-10m amateur bands in just 0.5 sec! (..the brochure below)

The inside look on Stealth HF mobile whip antenna (pic link)

[Note]  available option: Radials Series kit with a support plate, for non-mobile use, like field-day or base. (In the picture above the base set up with Radials and NVIS optionWhen you want normal vertical, its used with standard whip and spring.


WiMo GmbH, his the distributor of STEALTH TELECOM antennas – Summer discount 2014 price: €.1319,67 (incl 19% german VAT for EU countries).
WiMo expected at the Exhibition HAM Radio 2014 in Germany, Friedrichshafen 27-29 June 2014.
The NVIS kit (option) improves the performance of the antenna by 5-8dB, and improves higher take-off angle radiation efficiency. The tuning range is limited to 1.6 – 16 MHz
The NVIS Near Vertical Incidence Skywave is pure sky wave mode where ionosphere bounced return signal falls to the ground almost vertically!!


Military Technology by Stealth Telecom FZC Sharjah, UAE (United Arab Emirates) – The Major Specs:
Frequency Range 1.8 to 30MHz transmit and receive;
Power Rating 125W CW /Data, 200W PEP SSB (Voice)
VSWR Typical ≤1.3:1, 50 Ω;
Tuning Speed New CH: 0.4 sec (min.), 1.8 sec (max.) Memory CH: 0.5 sec average;
Memory Channels 200 RAM, 200 EEPROM;
Interface Arrangement 3xTTL lines/UART/RS-48S;
Connections UHF socket /MIL-DTL5015 8-pin /Mini-USB;
Online Firmware Upgrade;


Link to: Download product brochure by Stealth Telecom PDF

When reliable communication is vital… (pic by Stealth Telecom link)

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