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EAGLE 599 Ten-Tec, Manual, External SDR Panadapter, Last Upd Ver. 1.771

TEN-TEC Eagle Transceiver Firmware  Ver. 1.771 update  – The rear panel on the Eagle has a Standard B type [USB] connector. This connector is used for connecting to a PC to perform updates of the firmware, or for logging or control via various available computer programs. Refer to the User Manual, section “Interfacing to a computer and firmware updates” for more information.
(> use the TenTec standard usbser.sys driver)

Eagle Last Firmware V1.771 update 2011-01-18
Improve FM Transmit – Correct User Memory Write – Spread out Speech Processor Range – Initializing QSK Delay Value Through Power Reset – Corrected AGC Remembered Per Mode Through Power Reset

Mod.599 Eagle.  Ten-Tec Radio Modification For An External Receiver/SDR Panadaptor Or External Rf Noise Cancellers – TenTec Update to 27.10.2010See features and Link utility…below

This modification creates a “receive only” antenna port for use with an external receiver. It can also be configured to insert one of the available RF noise cancelling devices between the antenna and the receiver input of the Model 599 Eagle radio. – Two optional installations are presented.

The first involves mounting two new RCA phono jacks on the Eagle rear panel for connection to the receiver or noise canceler.
The second is a “no hole” approach which brings the two RF cables out the side of the radio through the ventilation holes on either the left or right side, near the rear of the radio

Lik to: Ten-Tec Download 599 Eagle radio Modification  PDF 3.93MB

Ten-Tec EAGLE the HF 50MHz 100W Transceiver.  The new Ten-Tec Model 599 in Stock! – The analog portion of the radio is double conversion with IF frequencies of 9.0015 MHz and 22.5 kHz. – A third conversion to zero-frequency IF is accomplished in the DSP processor.

Ten-Tec, Specifications: The new Ten-Tec Model 599 just announced! – Unlike any other radio in this price class the Eagle offers more receiver horsepower with new DSP based architecture, selectable Roofing filters, noise reduction (noise canceling circuitry), Ten-Tec’s Sensitune automatic antenna tuner, and of course Ten-Tec’s QSK keying, and more. (–Click the image to enlarg!)

Ten-Tec, SpecificationsFor the Amateur Bands only

These data are impressive for this class of radio!! ..Maybe get another competitor, US made! (Aegle..vs> TS-590..vs> K3 ..vs>Aegle..vs>K3 !?)

Producer prices (TenTec): Mod. 599 No Tuner $1795.00 / Mod. 599AT Yes Tuner $1995.00 (up: 09.27.2010)

Link to: Download the 599 User Manual #74447  Release 1.005 – January 17, 2011
Link to: TenTec Eagle HF DSP Transceiver full Specifications p

Tec-Tec writes: Mod. 599 and Mod. 599AT: [In Stock] – Up. 10.16.2010
(IT –  TenTec scrive:  Disponibile in Stock con due configurazioni con e senza ATU)

– Frequency Range TX: Ham Bands Only (160-6M)
– RF Power Output: Adjustable, 5-100 W, +/- 1 dB
– Antenna Tuner Type: Reversible L-network (Optional)?

– Frequency Range RX: 100 kHz – 30 MHz and 48 – 54
– IF Frequencies: 1st IF: 9.0015MHz, 2nd IF: 22.5kHz, 3rd IF: 0Hz (zero IF!) for the DSP
– SSB Sensitivity: 0.5uV, 2.4khz, 10dB SINAD, preamp OFF
– Modes: USB, LSB, CW, AM (optional), FM (optional)
– Dual VFO’s with SPLIT mode and 100 memories
– PC Control Port: USB – (using FTDI USB to UART Driver)
– USB connector Interfacing to a computer and Firmware updates
– Selectivity IF1: Roofing 2.4khz standard, 9.0015 MHz, 2 options (300, 600, 1k, 1.8k, 6k, 15k)
– Selectivity IF2: 30 KHz Lowpass filter
– Selectivity DSP IF: selectable 127 built-in DSP filters from 100Hz to 15kHz BW
– PBT Pass Band Tuning: +/- 2.1kHz, 5Hz steps, 80 step deadband middle of POT
– Auto Notch: IF DSP, multi-tone
– RX Noise Reduction: IF DSP, adjustable
– IP3 (Third Order IP): +20dBm/20kHz tone separation/2.4 kHz roofing filter,
+17dBm/2kHz separation/600Hz roofing filter, S5 method, preamp OFF
– IMD3 Dynamic Range: 97dB/20kHz, 95dB/2kHz, 500 Hz BW, preamp OFF
– Blocking Dynamic Range: 138dB/20kHz, 127dB/2kHz, 500 Hz BW, preamp OFF
– LO Phase Noise: -132dBc/Hz@20kHz, -121dBc/Hz@2kHz
– Noise Floor: Typical -132dBm/500Hz BW, preamp ON -126dBm preamp OFF
– Image Rejection: 1st IF: >90dB/HF bands/>70dB/6M; 2nd IF: >73dB
– IF Rejection: >70dB
– Other Spurious Response Rejection: >80dB; Birdies: <-100dBm equivalent !!