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DV4mini Hotspot: a link with a simplex frequency (UHF) and a repeater through the Internet.

DV4mini Hotspot for the 70 cm band and can use it with a D-STAR or DMR or C4FM * transceivers – The DV4mini is a very small but also very capable USB Stick that can expand any PC into a Hotspot for the D-STAR and DMR modes (C4FM * Fusion is in development) – (trial beta ver. 18.8 or later uncheck “C4FM Gateway” only DN & VW mode) – Please read official data and the User manual! (link below)


DV4mini  allows linking with DCS, XRF and REF refectors for D-STAR as well s DMR refectors (trial beta ver. 18.8 or later unckeck C4FM Gateway!). With the DV4mini it has become possible to create a hotspot with minimal resources and thus get access to the (Digital Voice) DV network.
[NoteRefector is a server connected to the Internet or Ham Net and is linked to a number of digital Ham Radio repeaters. If one of these repeaters is active it will send the voice data stream to the refector- (Xrefectors are the second generation of D-STAR reflectors… etc) – (DCS (Digital Call Server) is the most modern D-STAR refector system and in worldwide use, each as 26 rooms) – (DMR refectors consist of several regional servers, ach other via a superordinate network one Hytera & one Motorola) (System Fusion supports WIRES-X internet linking – .. node station requires external optional HRI-200 !)

The DV4mini is a great UHF digital hotspot. It’s support D-Star, DMR and C4FM* !! Very promising technology in process.


The DV4mini will be connected thru the USB interface with a PC or a single board computer (es: Raspberry PI 2 Mod. B also a keyboard, mouse and HDMI display) and the required software will be installed: V.1.4 DV4mini Controll Panel.


Frequency 420-450MHz – Modulation types: D-Star GMSK (Gaussian 2FSK) – DMR PLUS 4FSK Raised Cosine – C4FM Fusion DN & VW 4FSK, in process* – Power output: 0.03 mW to 10 mW. – RX -120dBm – Read more to the official web-page.

Link to: Download the DV4mini User Manual ver. ENG .Pdf 

I believe not now, it’s available for Windows, Linux and Raspian ! (Raspberry Pi 2) – For those interested in digital communications, like D-Star, DMR and C4FM there’s a new dongle who will be coming out soon (… they are saying it will be available for international shipping next week). [Note]!! DV4mini Library (in C) licensed under GPL 3.0 — USB Stick DV4mini Copyright:
The rights for the DV4mini stick and its software are reserved with DG8FAC Stefan, DG1HT Torsten, and (>) DJØABR Kurt

[Note] – Detailed specifications: please see the official sources – All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders.- This page is just a non-official overview, where no one should draw any conclusions – All images and versions above is for illustration only. (tnx)