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FTdx-5000 Firmware Update V.0124 V.0546 PCC-5000 V.0103 – FTdx-3000 Firmware Update V.0115 PCC-3000 V.0101 & more


FTdx-5000 New Firmware • Main CPU Ver. 0124 • EDSP Ver. 0546 • PCC-5000 Ver. 0103 updated on 09/04/2013 by YAESU USA on its web-site. -Main update point: Addition of CW APF BW Control S.NARROW / NARROW / MEDIUM / WIDE, with new menu 112 RDSP etc.
FTdx-3000 New Firmware • Main CPU Ver. 0115  • TFT Ver. 0107 • PCC-3000 Ver. 0101 updated on 08/31/2013 by YAESU USA on its web-site. – Main update point: Provides an [OFF] selection for six parametric filters etc.

YAESU FTDX-5000 Software Update and Version info 09/04/2013

APF Width Function: • Select the Bandwidth of the Audio Peak Filter. • Available Values: S.NARROW / NARROW / MEDIUM / WIDE – • A new item 112 RDSP is added to the MENU MODE list and numbers of all the following menu items are increased by one. • Refer to FTDX5000 Series Additional Useful Menu Mode to see the complete new MENU list • Now has the added capability to use PCC-5000 Personal Computer Controller Window latest version 0103.

[Note] “The Main Ver. 0124 and EDSP Ver. 0546 must be installed together. They cannot be combined with any previous version MAIN or EDSP software” –
italianoEntrambi gli aggiornamenti Main Ver. 0124 e EDSP Ver. 0546 devono essere installati allo stesso tempo entrambi (attenzione: sempre uno alla volta…con la solita lunga trafila di stop and go !!) perché  il nuovo non funzionerebbe con le diverse versioni precedenti del software.
 -(Leggere le istruzioni fornite da Yaesu Musen Co.)

[Note] When you download the [] update file, the new Menu List pdf and the Software Procedure 9-04-2013 pdf  are contained in it folder ( & read) – Please read the  Yaesu FTDX-5000 Firmware Upgrade Manual before proceeding and PCC-5000 Reference Manual and User Manual (see link below)

Link to: Official Yaesu USA Sofware Information released 09/04/2013 ENG
Link to: Official Yaesu USA FTdx-5000 main-page (Files, Manuals, Software) ENG

HB9ZS has just updated (10/Set./2013) his program to handle 177 menu items.
Link to: HB9ZS FT-5000 Utilities and Memory Saver – Fine Swiss utility! ENG


YAESU FTDX-3000 Software Update and Version info 08/31/2013 

The update provides an [OFF] selection for six parametric filters. The update adds the capability to use the new PCC-3000 CAT Computer Controller Window 1st Ver. 0101. –  See the FT DX3000 Review at Nevada Radio UK …. Video below! – Please read the  Yaesu FTDX-3000 Firmware Upgrade Manual before proceeding and PCC-3000 Reference Manual (see link below).

[Note] “The MAIN V01-15 and TFT V01-07 must be installed together. They cannot be combined with any previous version MAIN or TFT software.”

[Note] There are four (4) different Software installations (Yaesu still uses the multiple software systems installations! on the FTdx-3000, not use a unified software environment) – Each one must be followed carefully. – Installing the wrong type software may cause difficulties. !! You are only doing the Main-CPU and TFT updates. You are NOT doing the DSP or the FFT updates.

PCC-3000 Personal Computer Controller will be displayed on the PC Screen


In addition, the PCC-3000 Reference Manual (ENG) only indicates the operation mode. Please refer to the FTdx-3000 Operation Manual of for a detailed explanation. – Like PCC-950 and PCC-450 etc..
[Note] Il pulsante [SCOPE] il pulsante [AUTO] e quello [SELECET], nonchè le 4 frecce di navigazione NON sono disponibili all’uso nel pannello software del PCC-3000, come  lo schermo del Bandscope.

Link to: Yaesu FTdx-3000D  Main-page (go… to all Files, Manuals, Software) (ENG)

Link to: Yaesu USA FTDX3000 Update Firmware Information 08-31-13  (ENG)
Link to: Yaesu USA TDX3000 Firmware Upgrade Manual ver.130717 (ENG)
Link to: Yaesu PCC-3000 Software V1.01 and Reference Manual 08-31-13 (ENG)

FTdx-3000 Double-conversion Super-heterodyne – (Down-conversion type) 1st IF 9.000MHz, a 2nd IF 30kHz SSB, CW, PSK/FSK (24kHz for AM/FM);
FTdx-1200 Triple-conversion super heterodyne – (Up-conversion type)  1st IF 40.455 MHz, 2nd IF 455 kHz  3td IF 30kHz SSB, CW, PSK /FSK (24 kHz for AM, FM).


Con l’aggiornamento del Firmware FTdx-3000D Ver. 01-14 Main-CPU e la Ver. 01-07  TFT rilasciate in data 07/Luglio/2013 è stata introdotta la funzione:  Full Screen spectrum scope display che è ricompresa anche nella Ver. 01-15 ultima per chi non avesse già fatto l’upgrade allora.

Fullscrenn-spectrum• Viene aggiunta una funzione a schermo pieno del campo di applicazione dell’analisi di Spettro sul Main Display TFT.
• Lo “schermo intero” viene memorizzato premendo il tasto “SELECT” per più di un secondo.(! ogni volta che si memorizza, il precedente contenuto viene sovrascritto e sostituito)
(please click the picture to enlarge)

[Note by iØgej] The spectrum scope size increase is very poorly done. – Comparisons to the screens one finds on the Icom 7700 – 7600 or the Kenwood 990 or FlexRadio’s … are light years ahead. – You may be able to get the same size increase by placing a “magnifying glass” on the screen (still…. we did not!)

Video – YAESU FT DX3000 Review at Nevada Radio UK

[Note] All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders. – This page is just a non-official overview, where no one should draw any conclusions – all images and versions above is for illustration only (tnx)


FTdx-5000 Update Software Main V.0123 – SP1NY OLED’s display replacement tutorial

FTdx-5000’s Update Software Main Ver.0123 released 10/22/2012. The Yaesu USA information PDF (link) –  SP1NY OLED’s sub-display replacement DIY (do it yourself) tutorial – Step-by-step procedure to replace the faulty OLEDs (EL) on the FTDX-5000 Front panel – See the Software Info (link),  QST review PDF (link) below.

FTDX-5000 OLED change DIY tutorial and more info.

On the FTdx-5000’s three EL “OLED” Electro Luminescence displays maximize your operation with useful and tactical supportive information. –
[Issue]:) OLED subdisplay broken (see the picture) one vertical white line or plus lines appear in them! – More people had the same issue (see the FTdx-5000’s Yahoo Group). – It seems that it’s an mortality of the OLED driver chip that is integrated into the ribbon connector of the display or so.

Step-by-step procedure to replace the faulty OLEDs – (! other by link below)

 On the first OLED one line starts faint and then become brighter and brighter. In the mean time second one showed up with it’s full brightness and thikness.
On the second OLED first line starts with almost full brightness then after about two weeks second one appeared dummy and thick, increasing brightness, day by day then starts slowly dimming or so – [Note] !! These events are reported for information only!

Link to: FTDX-5000 OLED change DIY tutorial (many items) by SP1NY

FTDX-5000 Yaesu USA Update Software with Main Ver.0123 (10/22/2012)

You need a serial cable from your computer to the serial port on the FTdx-5000’s. – If you use a USB port to serial interface adapter, make sure it is the FTDI chipset or so. – Update Software in the FTdx-5000 it takes a little practice for the many “DIY” steps procedures. – By the way, each update has all the previous updates, so you only have to do the latest one. – The tricky part is throwing the programming switch inside the back of the Transceiver!

!! Please see the versions list on the PDF Yaesu and be sure to read the entire package before doing anything.

The latest versions are listed below with the release dates (! partial list).
・ MAIN Software Version 0123 (10/22/12)
・ EDSP Software Version 0537 (7/20/11)
・ OEL (OLED) Software Version 0110 (3/23/10)
・ SM-5000 Software Version 0107 (3/23/10)
Link to: Official Yaesu USA Sofware Information released 10/22/2012
Link to: HB9ZS FT-5000 Utilities and Memory Saver – Fine Swiss utility!

FTDX5000’s QST Review –  Both receivers cover from 0.03 to 60 MHz. Receiver A is double conversion, with the first IF at 9 MHz and the second DSP IF at 30 kHz for SSB and CW and 24 kHz for AM and FM modes. Receiver B is a tripleconversion design, with the first and second IFs at 40.455 MHz and 455 kHz, respectively, and the DSP third IF identical to the second IF in the main receiver

Link to: Download the December 2010 QST review here (link-ML&S !)

[Note] All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders –  These events and news are reported for information only!


FTdx-5000 EDSP V.0537 Main V.0121 Scope response – QSK timing analysis

Vertex Standard  Yaesu have now released a new Firmware Main Cpu V.0121 for the FT-dx5000 series update on 9/29/2011. – After trying to fix the issue of QSK Timing, with the recent Main/EDSP improvements (V.119 / V.0537) released on 7/20/2011 – (Vedere il testo in IT più sotto – below!).

———– Latest Implements/improvements (now)
MAIN: Ver. 0121 (9/29/2011) — Link to: FTdx-5000 Update  Information (9/29/11)
The SCOPE response time has been improved when the [VRF] or [µTUNE] is ON.

Please  See QSK Test with Agilent DSO-X2024A by VE3MSC, Colin and Link to the Timing Analysis by AC0C, Jeff – – Here below! – (news del 30 Luglio 2011) 

———– Implements/improvements (Previous 1)
EDSP: Ver. 0537 (7/20/2011) — Link to: FTdx-5000 Update  Information (7/20/11)
• Improves the Full BKIN QSK dit and space in both SEMI and Full, instead of the wide variation.
Main: Ver. 0119 (7/20/2011)
• Improves the Full BKIN QSK dit and space in both SEMI and Full, instead of the wide variation.
• Corrected the TX monitor distortion, when setting the TX-BPF (3000WB/TTBF) on transmit.

———–Implements/improvements (previous 2)
EDSP: Ver. 0533 (6/20/2011)
• Improves the QSK reception start delay time. *(See note below)
Main: Ver. 0118 (6/20/2011)
• Improves the QSK Audio MUTE control timing. *(See note below)
• Long press the RX-B, after making the MENU#038 setting; long press the RX-B again to toggle back to normal.
• The beacon setting MENU time (Manu#022) is changed. The new setting is OFF/1~240 sec after 240 the increment is 30 seconds up to 690 seconds.
*May also require service center !! hardware change for additional improvement of the Main and Sub side volume control delay. Contact Technical Support before shipping radio.

Link to: HB9ZS FT-5000 Utilities and Memory Saver – Very fine Swiss utility!

21.07.2011 Yaesu Fix QSK con Ver.537 EDSP e 0119 Main — Test di VE3MSC, Colin Haig – Qth: Milton, Ontario CA – [Source] :

Tokyo and US  engineering teams has been trying to improve the CW QSK Full or Semi-breakin operations of the FTDX5000. There have been concerns expressed on the Yahoo FTdx5000 Group about the dot and space ratio (..1.1.)  and timing of the CW characters.

I team di ingegneri a Tokyo e in Usa  con il rilascio del MAIN Ver.0121 del 29.09.2011, migliorano il tempo di risposta dei segnali per lo Spectrum Scope quando i comandi [VRF] o [µTUNE] sono ON !
In precedenza  hanno cercato di migliorare l’operatività in CW sia in QSK Full o Semi-breakin dello stesso FTDX5000.  Nel Gruppo di discussione Yahoo  molti utilizzatori sostengono che siano state….. segue… > Continua a leggere

FTdx-5000 Four different Software installations. Latest Update EDSP Ver.0527

FTdx-5000 requires four different software installations (plus one option). Each one must be followed carefully with separate procedures and not easy…..! – Latest Update EDSP MAIN and SUB Unit Version 0527 of 17/09/2010 – (!!..update information? only on Vertex Standard official website)

Click to enlarg the Multiple Software Installations summary diagram © by

Yaesu FTdx-5000 HF/50 MHz  200W Transceiver . There are four different Software installations. Each one must be followed carefully. Installing the wrong type software may cause difficulties!!

The latest versions are listed below with the release dates.
・ MAIN Software Version 0111 (7/28/10)
・ EDSP Software Version 0527 (9/17/10)
・ OEL (OLED) Software Version 0110 (3/23/10)
・ SM-5000 Software Version 0107 (3/23/10)
・ DMU-2000 Software Version (Option): Please refer to DMU-2000 update information on VS website.
・ EDSP-5000 Programming Writer Version 1.07 (7/09/10) Improvements..Extended writer time out.
[Note]: if you have any previous EDSP 5000 programming writer on your computer, that you delete this before using the EDSP-5000: Ver. 1.07. – Always use the latest version writer

See more info and PGM-Switch rear panel and the Italian version below… Continua a leggere

FTdx-5000 Review from RadCom June 10 by G3SJX – Here only some data and a summary

FTdx-5000 measured performance Source: RSGB RadCom  June, 2010 by G3SJX – Table 1*
[*Note]: here, only some of the many performances misured – View the RadCom Magazine to read the full review by Peter Hart) – !! IP3, IMD3, and Blocking figures were outstanding with the appropriate Roofing filters selected. !! The only area for concern is the receiver spurious signal rejection….

Sensitivity SSB 10dBs-n:n 7MHz band: IPO-1 →0.7uV (-110dBm) PREAMP-1 →0.18uV (-122dBm) PREAMP-2 →0.09uV (-127dBm)
Intermodulation (Spacing 15kHz) 2400Hz bandwidth 6kH Roofing USB 7MHz band: IPO-1 →IP3 +37.5dBm IMD 105dB PREAMP-1 →IP3 +26dBm IMD 105dB PREAMP-2 →IP3 +18dBm IMD 103dB
Close-in Intermodulation on 7MHz Band 500Hz bandwidth CW IPO-1:
Spacing2kHz (15kHz Roofing) IP3 -8.5dBm IMD 77dB – (6kHz Roofing) IP3 -4dBm IMD 80dB – (3kHz Roofing) IP3 +33dBm IMD 106dB – (600Hz Roofing) IP3 +37dBm IMD 109dB
Spacing10kHz (15kHz Roofing) IP3 +38dBm IMD 108dB – (6kHz Roofing) IP3 +39dBm IMD 109dB – (3kHz Roofing) IP3 +38dBm IMD 109dB – (600Hz Roofing) IP3 +38dBm IMD 109dB

The 9MHz IF rejection on most bands was greater than 100dB, but on 10MHz it was only 54dB, and on 7MHz it was 74dB. VRF front-end tuning improved these figures by 20dB. The first mixer image was only down by 55dB to 70dB but VRF improved this to better than 75dB.
Spurs on the synthesiser resulted in a number of unwanted receiver responses, notably at approx +/- 425kHz from the received frequency at only 65dB down on the VFO-A rx and at +/- 40kHz down by 85dB. VRF improves these figures but only marginaly on the higher bands.
Third order intercept (IP3), dynamic range (IMD3) and blocking figures were outstanding with the appropriate Roofing filters selected (See the Table-1*). The VFO-B receiver dynamic range is nont quite as good as the VFO-A receiver but is still very respectable.

Link to: The RSGB webpage – RadCom Magazine

La rejezione IF a 9MHz per la maggior parte delle bande risulta superiore a 100dB, ma sulla banda dei 10MHz scende a soli 54dB, e sulla banda dei 7MHz risulta 74dB.- L’uso del VRF tuning del front-end migliora queste figure di circa 20dB. L’immagine del primo mixer risulta attenuata solo da 55 dB a 70 dB, ma con il VRF si ha un miglioramento al valore di 75dB. Le spurie del sintetizzatore produce una serie di risposte indesiderate al di sotto di soli 65dB  rispetto all frequenza  ricevuta,  in particolare a circa +/- 425kHz dal centro della frequenza  sul VFO-A (main rx), ed ancora a +/- 40kHz sono al di sotto di 85dB. L’inserimento del circuito VRF migliora queste cifre, però solo marginalmente sulle bande più alte di frequenza.
L’intercept point di terzo ordine (IP3), la gamma dinamica  IMD3 e la dinamica di blocco hanno valori che variano in base alla banda passante  del Roofing filter selezionato (Vedere Tabella-1*). Il ricevitore del VFO-B (sub rx) ha a sua volta una dinamica non altrettanto buona come il  ricevitore VFO-A (main rx), ma comunque è  molto rispettabile. – !! Emerge dall’articolo di Peter  Hart una questione che lo preoccupa:  la effettiva capacità di rejezione di segnali spuri del  ricevitore A.
[Note]: RSGB Members Only can now download the June, 2010 RadCom Review  in PDF format.

FTdx-5000 the answer.. RX-1 Double Quad Double Balanced 1st Mixer- Sharp Crystal Roofing

Yaesy FTdx-5000 The sharp 6/8-pole crystal roofing filter (300 Hz 600 Hz 3 kHz)
The 9 MHz 1st IF Main Receiver: Eight, 3SK294 Dual Gate MOS FETs are employed for the 1st mixer in 2 x 4 configuration to establish the Double Quad Double Balanced Mixer for the FTdx-5000 RX-A  only – See the Board layout and Schematic diagram on the Image depiction by © (clik to enlarge) – !! Download the Sales Brochures – by Yaesu Inc. – Link below.

The newly designed 9 MHz 1st IF Mixer using MOS FETs have low losses by themselves so than is required at the RF amp, for the Main RF Front End (RX-1 VFO A) – A 15 BPF (8 x Amateur Radio band + 7 x General Coverange Receiver) are  inserted between the VRF UNIT -1 and the IPO/RF amp stage, automatically selected. —

Link to: Download New Sales Brochures (9.51 MB .Pdf)


The HRDDS (High Resolution Direct Digital Synthesizer) utilizes a direct locking technique a 400 MHz reference signal, resulting in a lock time that approches zero. (Best C/N ratio and BDR)

Ftdx-5000 New Video(2) HD, effects and filters – Check Ver. software on your unit – And more!

FT-101 Yaesu,  FT-1000D Yaesu,  and FTdx-5000 Vertex Standard – Latest news:   Check the Version software you have on your unit  – Download the New DMU-2000 Update Software Information (released 16.03.2010) and the new DMU-2000 Operating Manual (of 18-03-2010) – –  Watch the other news, Video  and Link below…

FTDX5000MP(2) New Video HD –  Camera’s high picture quality than the previous! – Watch  the significant effects and filters! – Very high quality video! by Ito san, JJ0OXC
ヤエス最新機種FTDX5000MPの様子です、以前のより高画 質カメラで撮影しました! フィルターなどはかなりの効果! by 伊藤, JJ0OXC ——–> !! Link to:  Web page blog-ito7310

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FTdx-5000 Vs IC-7700 – DMU-2000 v5.11 – Yaesu ICAL soon IT – Watch the 1st Video

The Transceiver FTdx-5000 Vs IC-7700 – Sommary.. Features, Dimensions, Weight
Yaesu Italia  ICAL Spa,  coming soon in Italy. >See Info and link (Ical logo) below..
Icom IC-7700:
Dimensions  425 × 149 × 437 mm; Weight  22.5kg;
Output power :  5–200W – AM 5–50W;
PA utilizes two MRF 150 MOSFETs (Vdd = 48V);
Special Price (- Icom Coupon + Gift) $6299,95

Yaesu FTdx 5000 Series:
Dimensions and Weight FTDX-5000 462 x 135 x 389 mm,  21 Kg
SM-5000  462 x   45 x 181 mm,  3 Kg; Output power: 10-200W – AM 5-50W (75W Cl. A)
PA utilizes two FETs VRF 150 (Vdd = 40V);
MP Series List Price $8000.00  Your Price $6299.95

Watch the 1st Video on the latest model is FTDX5000MP Yaesu (by ito7310)

ヤエス最新機種のFTDX5000MPです。 – Request to ito7310!! Is there any way you can make another video but flip the switches slower where we can see the effects of the adjustment? … thanks.

FTdx-5000 Series coming soon in Italy – June, 2010 in Italia il Transceiver HF 50MHz 200W, lo ha annunciato Yaesu Italia/ ICAL Spa – Official Importer and distributor  Vertex Standard Yaesu.

FTdx-5000MP  arrived in US.  One of the first exemplary, probably assigned to who have classified the order, arrived in US  on 27 Feb. 2010. .Dick K6GAK – See more info, Link and Photo..

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FTdx-5000 latest Block Diagram. List prices in Jp and US market. Mod. MP FCC approved

FTdx-5000MP Receiver Block Diagram (latest release elab- by  (Clik image to enlarge!)  –
The FTdx-5000 HF/50 MHz Transceiver has a new architecture!
Circuit  Type: VFO-A Double-conversion superheterodyne – VFO-B Triple-conversion superheterodyne – Inrmediate IF’s: VFO-A 9 MHZ/30 kHz (24 kHz for AM/FM) – VFO-B 40.455 MHz/455 kHz/30 kHz (24 kHz for AM/FM)

The Main RX (VFO A) is a two-stage down-conversion design – Yaesu engineers take the down-conversion architecture, only for Main RX A, with narrow ham-band filtering for superior close-in dynamic range. – (Like K3 Elecraft and Orion II Ten-Tec – …US made!)

See The list prices for Japan market  in the CQ ham radio n. 1/2010, and on the Tomei Denshi Co., Ltd. Jp website – See The retail prices for US released on 01/10/2010!!

The Version MP has been FCC approved on 01/29/2010 – FCC id: K6620361X61 – The FTdx5000   had been FCC approved on 12/11/2009 – FCC id: K6620361X60…
See List prices Japan and retail US, update now  and more… Continua a leggere

FTdx-5000 Has FCC ID: K6620361X60. Here some more RX information and pictures!


FTdx-5000 Has the FCC Certificate, ID: K6620361X60, receved December 10, 2009!
That Was Fast….. will be bringing out very soon!

englishThe Main RX (VFO A) is a two-stage down-conversion design 9 MHz first IF and 30kHz second IF . – Yaesu engineers take the down-conversion architecture with narrow ham-band filtering for superior close-in dynamic range. – (Like K3 Elecraft and Orion II Ten-Tec, see the [Note] below!)

The sub RX (VFO B) is not the same! It is a three stage Up-conversion design. The 40.455MHz first IF stage feature 3 roofing filter 15, 6, 3kHz. Each roofinf is a four-pole, monolithic crystal filter (like FT-2000, FT-950). This Sub RX uses a new subdisplay with two EL (Eltro Luminesense) to indicate Sub frequency, graphical wave and menu functions. One EL functions is dedicated at the Main RX.

[Note] Like Orion II IFs: Main Receiver IF1=9 MHz, IF2=455 kHz, IF3=14 kHz (IMD3 101 dB IP3 +24 dBm @ 5kHz) – The Sub Receiver is not the same! IF1=45 MHz, IF2=455 kHz, IF3=14 kHz (+5 dBm @ 20kHz.

See the Some more RX information and the Links below. Here are some more pictures and the EN User Manual (Part 1/Part 2) in PDF….

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