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Kenwood TH-D74 FM /”APRS” e “D-STAR” 5W V/U e GPS – Price in Japan ¥ 72.800

Kenwood TH-D74  -144 / 430MHz dual bander ( USA tri-bander  plus 220MHz) “FM” “APRS” e “D-STAR” 5W V/U – GPS built-in – The nearest repeater search of D-STAR, GPS logger function to save the movement locus etc. – Suggested retail price: 72.800 Yen (excl. tax) – 希望小売価格:72,800円(税抜き)- !!Possible IF output, center frequency 12kHz, the IF signal bandwidth 15kHz to the USB port!


TFT transflective color LCD adopted in the TH-D74 (TH-D74A America & /E Europe), also to the ease of use. In addition to the cross of the key structure, the key pad employs a high operability flat thin key top. (See the picture abowe and ref. and data from Kenwood Jp web)


Charm of D-STAR to enjoy a variety of investment styles. A menu that can be switched in operation at the touch of a button operation has adopted individually. – Orig: さまざまな運用スタイルを楽しめるのがD-STARの魅力。Equipped with a DV fast data mode to speed up the communication – and more, (…see the official data!)


Voice Recording function (microSD / SDHC) – EchoLink dedicated DTMF memory (10ch) – 1000 memory channel and 1500 repeater list – Settings such as memory can be managed on the PC, with “D74-MCP” (ARFC-D74) download from the Kenwood web.
In addition to the DV / DV Fast data / FM / NFM / WFM / AM of 0.1 ~ 524 MHz band, you can also receive SSB / CW  (Band B wide-band)

[Note] – Detailed specifications: please see the official sources – All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders.- This page is just a non-official overview, where no one should draw any conclusions – All images and versions above is for illustration only. – (tnx)

HAM RADIO 2013: FDM-DUO – HandyPSK – EXPERT 1.3K – Exacalibur ULTRA – K3/0 Mini – FT1DR C4FM – PT-8000 & More


Ham Radio 2013 – The International Exhibition for Radio Amateurs, HAM RADIO 2013, was held June 28-30, 2013 in Friedrichshafen, with exciting new models and products! – Here are  some photos and news  from the tour…! – FT-1DR FDMA Mode like NEXEDGE™ Kenwood’s or IDAS™  Icom’s Digital PMR’s Radios. See the new FT1-DR brochure –   Fiera di Friedericshafan 2013: un report con varie foto e descrizione di alcune novità  – See more & Link below!

FDM-DUO a new SDR rtx made in Italy – ELAD has displayed his “little SDR Tranceiver” at Ham Radio Friedrichshafen 2013. Quite interesting concept to have a stand alone QRP rig at 192kHz sampling, combined with an extended SDR if you use it with a Computer.


It is a Direct Sampling SDR receviver (is an RF Sampler) with a DDC on a FPGA, and a Cortex ARM DSP module for filtering and demodulation in stand-alone mode. In RX and TX directions it is a fully SDR technology. QRP trasmitter 5 W Output Power – CAT Control via USB-2 port dedicated.  (please click image to enlarge)

FDM-DUO_rtx-Elad-2013In other words: you can take it with you as a self-sustained 192kHz SDR narrow band modes QRP tranceiver (Sideband/CW/AM). –
At home, attached to a faster CPU (computer with FDM-SW1 software o so), you can run it at its full bandwidth of 6144kHz sample rate and use wider bandwidth RX/TX modes, inc. DSB, AM Sync, FM, RTTY, DRM, WB FM+RDS.
Link to: Download the FDM-DUO lefleat-1 by ELAD Srl –

FDM-DUO Coming Soon – ! A meno che non costerà meno di 800 Euro/1100$, più le spese di spedizione, per ora preferirei ottenere un consolidato QRP Elecraft KX3 ( L’Italia dell’eccellenza nel Software Defined Radio va apprezzata per i successi di alto livello avuti, ma qui … ben tre porte USB-2 sul retro del DUO (1RX-1TX e 1CAT), impone di capirne il perché e gli sviluppi del prototipo)!  … il team Elad ci sorprenderà!

HandyPSK – Compact PSK 40m & 20m QRP Transceiver

You can operate CW, RTTY, BPSK, QPSK without a PC. Just connect the battery and antenna and you can operate anywhere, anytime with 100mW pover output. –  PS2 External keyboard jack – Stand-alone no PC!
Picture Main PCB: You can see DsPIC33F DSP, TI 3204 CODEC, 3 pole Crystal filter.


SilentSystem Ltd specification: Front-end crystal filter architecture – Low noise and high IMD dynamic range – Internal DSP emphasizes weak signals and decodes the text – Rotary dial operation. Copy received words and paste to send templates – 128 x 64 dot backlit graphic LCD display – 100mW RF output, and more.

SPE  EXPERT 1.3K-FA Linear Amplifier Up to 1.5 KW (1.3 KW typ.)


The Italian “SPE” introducing its new EXPERT 1.3K-FA Amplifier – Powerful up to 1.5kW – Very Ligth: 7,5 kg – 3 Power levels: (max) full, (mid) 800W, (low) 500W – Builtin Switching Power Supply with PFC – Frequency Range 1.8MHz to 50 MHz – Manages 4 antenna automatically – Fully remotable & CAT –  USB & RS232 ports – Builti two fast CPUs – [note] The PA-Unit (Power Amplifier) uses only one new rugged device! – Available also without ATU (allowing significant… savings) – Pricing will be $5200 USD – Availability about the late 2013. – (please see the official source!)

WiNRADiO introducing its new SDR EXCALIBUR “Ultra” (beta version)

SDR_Excalibur-ultra_combi-2013WiNRADiO SDR Excalibur Series employs a user-selectable preselector that can operate either in a fully automatic or user-configurable mode. As many as 119 different filter combinations can be constructed by the user (91 bandpass, 14 low-pass and 14 high-pass). The front-end employs 34 subminiature electromechanical relays (rather than often used but distortion-prone semiconductor switches.

Elecraft K3/Ø Mini Remote Controll head “Real Rig Feel”

K3-0mini_2013Elecraft and its new K3/Ø Mini for remote controll of a home or contest station!! – the lightweight portable remote control for the K3 Transceiver –  “Real Rig Feel” remote operation for CW, SSB, & Data modes – Stereo! Amplified Internal Speakers – Single cable inteface to the Remote Rig Internet System (RRC-1258MkII Mod. or so) – Pricing will be $695.00 USD – Availability is expected for early August 2013.

Yaesu and its “D-Star” DV competitor FT-1DR & the HF FTdx-1200

FT-1DR V/U HT the Yaesu C4FM DV competitor 144/430 FDMA and FM modes. Tthe new HT digital was not compatible with a D-STAR DV standard, and the repeaters available for it only some areas recently.

FT1DR_C4FM&FM FT1DR_4-modes Yaesu_FTdx-1200

Digiata C4FM FDMA & Analog FM, in 4 communication modes: 1) V/D Mode: Simultaneous Voice/Data Mode (6.25kHz voice + 6.25kHz data & ec code, bandwidth is used) – 2) Voice FR Mode: Voice Full Rate Mode (uses the entire 12.5kHz for digital voice 3) Data FR Mode: High-speed 9.6 kbps  Data Communication Mode (uses the entir 12.5kHz…..)4) Analog FM Mode – AMS (Automatic Mode Select) is available.

FT-1D news: The built-in worldwide standard AX.25 Data TNC Modem permits uncomplicated APRS® FT1D_FM-aprs(Automatic Packet Reporting System) operation.- More useful information & GPS logger is stored on the high capacity micro SD card (Maximum 32GB) – Rx covers 504 kHz – 999.900 MHz (A Band), 108 MHz – 580 MHz (B Band), continuous reception for Short-wave, FM/AM broadcasts, and more features… see the new brochure link below!

List Price: $600,00 Your Price: $539,95 USD (Universal Radio) !!

[Note] !!! The FDMA C4FM (4-Level FSK) is a Frequency Division Multiple Access (FDMA) methodology whereby one user accesses a channel frequency at any one point in time. (i.e. accesses via the frequency domain)… …!
like NEXEDGE™ Kenwood’s Digital PMR or IDAS™  Icom’s Digital PMR radios! – (2005/2007: Forms a technical alliance with Kenwood, Icom, Zetron Inc & CTE International etc.  to jointly research to dPMR digital two-way radios – narrow 12.5 kHz and very narrow 6.25 kHz bandwidth channels )

Link to: Download the FT1-DR/FT1-DE latest Brochure B9200643 (ENG)

[Note]  dPMR is a digital technology designed for VHF/UHF that uses 4-Level FSK FDMA (C4FM) modulation and supports both voice and data. – The dPRM Association support the latest digital PMR radio technology known as dPMR. The group currently includes radio manufacturers, chip manufacturers, protocol and software developers and systems developers. (!! Yaesu Musen Co.  not member at this time !)

Link to: More news & Members from the © dPMR Association web site 

Hilberling GmbH PT-8000A VLF / HF / VHF Transceiver (Rev.2.0)

Hilberling-200W-PA  PT-8000ABlock Schematic PT-8000A

RX: 9 kHz – 30 MHz/50 – 54 MHz/69.9 – 70.5 MHz/144 – 148 MHz/110 – 143.9 MHz
TX: 160/80/60/40/30/20/17/15/12/10/6/4/2m-band – All-Mode  – 2x RX – DSP and 16-pol analog + digital filters – Frequency Stability 0.005 ppm – List Price: €.13.290,00 incl. 19% MwSt (VAT De).
Link to: Download the Hilberling PT-8000A PDF Brochure

A-meeting_2013 OE9XGV_Steyr-680 Icom_IC-7700_2013

[Note] – Detailed specifications: please see the official sources – All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders

TH-D72 V/U APRS Launch in December 2010. The News Release and Jp Brochure

TH-D72A and TH-D72E Data Communicator FM Dual Bander -(Click image to enlarge) See the Link below for Download the Brochure in Japanese lang. and the TH-D72 News Release in EN  and Prices Jp and US and more…

Kenwood has announced it is launching 2 new FM dual band transceivers in December 2010. Featuring a high-performance GPS receiver, the TH-D72A and TH-D72E support a easy APRS® operation without requiring a computer and wide range of APRS® (Automatic Packet Reporting System) functions can be used if the TH-D72A/E is connected to a PC with the  supplied USB cable to enable control of the TNC.

TH-D72 144/430MHz FMデュアルバンダー – 高性能GPSユニットを内蔵。 – データ通信システム「APRS®」を標準搭載。- 操作性、視認性を考慮したデザイン。
(Click image to enlarge) Display DF0TK  APRS® operation
TH-D72A/E 144/430-144/440 MHz FM Data Communicator FM

Japan Prices:  Kenwood Suggested retail price: 62,790 yen – (excl. tax: 59,800 yen)
US Prices:  List Price:   $512.00 – Your Price: $499.00 (by Universal Radio)

Main Features:

Built-in high-performance GPS receiver (SiRFstarIII chipset) → Target point functions → GPS logger functions → APRS® firmware equipped as standard easy APRS® operation without requiring a computer → USB (Mini-B) port – can be connected directly to a PC with the supplied USB cable  → Built-in 1200/9600bps TNC compliant with AX.25 protocol → A wide range of APRS® applications with USB/PC → Stand-alone digipeater → Simple node access with EchoLink® memory → Enhanced operating ease and visibility → MIL-STD810 & IP54 weatherproofing → Long operating hours (high-capacity battery included 1,800mAh) → Dual receive on same band (VxV, UxU) → Two Mod. TH-D72E 144/430MHz FM Europe – TH-D72A 144/440MHz Amercica, E/A Early December, 2010.
[Note] APRS® originally developed in 1992 by Bob Bruninga (WB4APR) – SiRFstar III is a registered trademark of CSR plc.

Data summarized – For Further Information, please see the following link
Link to: Kenwood Co.Jp TH-D72 News Release EN – update 10.29.2010
Link to: Download the Brochure TH-D72 in Japanese lang.- PDF (932KB)

Yesu VX-8DR Tri-band and VX-8GR Dual Band GPS/APRS® enhanced. FTM-350R Bug Fixed

VX-8DR All-in-one Tri-band (50/144/430 MHz) Transceiver Bluetooth for hands-free Operation with optional accessories. Waterproof/Submersible IPX7 rated-3ft for 30 minutes (Optional FGP-2 GPS and antenna unit, CT-136 Adapter or MH-74a7a external mic. for GPS/APRS® operation) –

VX-8GR 144/430 Dual Band Transceover with GPS unit included Built-in GPS Antenna which is based on a 12-channel receiver for GPS/APRS® operation.  Wide Band Receiver for 108-999 MHz, IPX-5 Water jets. – A  lower cost V/U APRS® handheld.
Minus a few VX-8R/DR features you may not need: No 6m – TX/RX – No 220 TX/RX – No HF RX – No Bluetooth – No SU-1 Barometer sensor – No WFM RX – No water immersion.
!! See more info, Price, Link and FTM-350R Bug Fixed …..below
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FTM-350 new APRS capable Mobile Amateur VHF/UHF was on display at the Tokyo Ham Fair 2009

FTM-350 Display

englishThe Yaesu FTM-350 new APRS capable Mobile Amateur VHF/UHF was on display at the Tokyo Ham Fair 22 August, 2009.
The new FTM-350 GPS/APRS Yaesu’s answer to the Kenwood TM-D710. Standard FTM-350 upgrades the FTM-10 to add packet radio and GPS/APRS capabilities and very large LCD with a radical change of style! Recalls the style of competitors Kenwood TM-D710 and Icom IC-2820. Now the functions of the controls are on the edge of the LCD…….

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