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Kairos Multi-protocol Soft DSP Radio Dual-mode Digital/Analog & IP Net

KAIROS is a multi-protocol transceiver/repeater that implements all mod-demodulation and filtering processes via Software by a DSP (Digital Signal Processor), following the “soft radio” concept. Dual-mode analog and digital modulation – IP Multicast & Simulcast – Soft Diversity vectorial treatment of two or more incoming signals – RF linking in DMR and analogue modes – SIP and AMBE +2 Gateway & SIP/RTP-IP network for wide range applications & utilityes!


It allows to manage multiple protocols at the same time to perform, for es., a dual mode in real time, according to the incoming radio (or IP) signals. (soft & hardware platforms is based on a Linux O.S. core). KAIROS Series ETSI / FCC  / CE certified – Designed and manufactured in Italy by  Radio Activity Srl – 20128 Milano IT.


KAIROS, thanks to the “soft radio” designin, approaches this problem, with the same techniques adopted in the most diffused digital communication systems like GSM, GPRS, WiMAX, LTE etc. – It is equipped of 2 coherent indipendent receivers that, connecting then to 2 different antennas, realizes a “soft space diversity” reciving system. – When operates in digital, KAIROS manages the 4FSK modulation, it is the standard mod for DMR & P25, and can also manage, on request, the GMSK constellation and many generic FSK standards like the POCSAG groups.


The KAIROS rtx is dual mode analog/digital with the automatic switch between the Analog / DMR services. – The old FM rtx may operate with the new digital one through the same network.
KAIROS can run a “DMR Gateway” agent to interface Analog and DMR radio systems to several external networks. – The DMR Gateway Agent traslates Voice (full duplex audio stream from/to) and Data streams. (this runs in the Kairos engine without the need of external PC) [Note] (More info: …see the official data of Radio Activity pdf)

Link to: Downloda the offcial broshure of Kairos’s (in ENG) pdf

italiano Come si potrà leggere dal link qui sotto, IW7DZR, Giacomo e IW0RED, Marco dell’Associazione CISAR stanno già provando con test applicativi apparati KAIROS UHF nel campo radioamatoriale. – In digitale il DSP incorpora e gestisce mod-demod 4FSK per modi DMR e P25 e in dual-mode anche FM analogica – Kairos supporta reti Multicast e Simulcast per realizzare reti Multisite tipo professionale. – Il software fornito gestisce anche un ricevitore in “diversity” con due antenne per il trattamento vettoriale di più segnali in ricezione. – Fa parte del gruppo test anche Artem, R3ABM,  che ha elaborato il software CronosAgent  per applicarlo sotto BM (BrandMeister) !! Attendiamo altre news.

Link to: Kairos test-report IW7DZR & IW0RED on CISAR web (IT)


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ID-51E Special 50th Edition in 5 Colors – DV Mode Data “Three Times Faster!”

ID-51E to Mark Icom’s 50th Anniversary a Special Edition! Icom Inc is releasing five special editions of its ID-51E dualband D-STAR /FM handheld builtin GPS receiver, DV Mode Data Trasfer Three Times Faster! and will include some special features! – See link below for Latest Catalouges
This commemorative series will be available from September from all authorised Icom Amateur radio dealers. (…see Icom

Icom ID-51E Special edition available in red, blue, lime, white and black!

Icom ID-51E Special 50th Anniversary Edition Features
• RS-MS1A Android™ Application (Optional OPC-2350LU cable required) • Faster Data Transfer in DV Mode (Three Times Faster (approx.) • Longer antenna supplied for Optimal Receive Performance • Additional Dplus Reflector Link Commands • DV and FM Repeater Search Function • Enhanced D-PRS Functions • 50th Anniversary logo displays on the opening screen. – (source: Icom UK preliminary info)


For more information about this model, visit the ID-51E product page on official website.
•Link to: Icom UK ID-51E Information – Specifications – ENG
•Link to: Download the Latest Icom Radio Catalogues! ENG

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The ELAD FDM-DUO An Embedded SDR HF & 6M – 5W All Mode Transceiver

The New ELAD FDM-DUO Software Defined Radio HF & 6M – 5W Transceiver Coming Soon! – The first batch will be available by the end of May 2014 – Official price: 1159,00 Euro – Preorder special price: 1049,00 Euro (Prices incl. 22% IVA IT/EU – Extra EU customers can buy without TAX – Source: WoodBoxRadio Campagna sas Italy)


FDM-DUO by ELAD Italy: SDR 16 bit Direct RF Sampling at 122.88 MHz and no mixer, no roofing filters, no noise only the last technology available: ADC Linear LTC2165-16bit 122.88MHZ clock – DDC FPGA Spartan 6 XC6SLX25 + Serial Flash for stand-alone mode – USB IQ path through CY68013 for RX bitstream – Stand-alone RX IQ path STM32F4 ARM floating point microcontroller (Dual operation mode: In PC mode the RX bandwidth may have up to 6MHZ )
TX modulator use a second STM32F4 Floating Point microcontroller + AD9957 DDS clocked at 368,64 MHz

Esempio di applicazione Mixed dal sito di WoodBoxRadio Italy

Frequency range: RX 9Khz to 52MHz direct sampling receiver – TX 160m to 6m others frequency to be defined (2m VHF RTX will be an option as a board to fit) HF/50MHz MDS: -132dBm – BDR: +115dB (500Hz) (preliminary spec)

The New ELAD software FDM-SW-2 is available


More news and official data & information by link below
Link To: IK3VIG, Beppe by WoodBoxRadio – IT/ENG
I invite who is interested to visit ELAD USA  website
Link to: Elad USA at

[Note] – Detailed specifications: please see the official sources – All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders.- This page is just a non-official overview, where no one should draw any conclusions – All images and versions above is for illustration only (… IØgej)!

FDM-DUO 16bit Stand Alone Transceiver & FDM-S2 16bit Direct Sampling Receiver & SW2 software are “hares” coming-soon!


FDM-DUO a new Stand-alone Fully Integrated SDR HF/VHF 5W Transceiver and FDM-S2 Direct Sampling Receiver are coming soon from Italian ELAD company. These Italians design very attractive radios. New software FDM-SW2, FDM-S2 & FDM-DUO is bound become a big hits! All people having FDM-S1 receiver can play with virtual receivers …by SW2 new software, coming soon. – See below the FDM-DUO Preliminary Spec. (source by WoodBoxRadio Italian company, Qualified Application Partener of ELAD).


FDM-DUO Preliminary Specification:
[Note] This ELAD versatile platform allow transceiving in stand alone mode or in PC mode or in Dual mode (..mixed mode) – When working in Stand-Alone mode it is possible to connect an Android tablet to see the 192KHz spectrum and send some commands to FDM-DUO – In PC mode the RX bandwidth may have up to 6MHZ and internal demodulator is disabled. (more news by link below!) – Frequency range: RX 9Khz to 52MHz direct sampling receiver  – TX 160m to 6m others frequency to be defined. – MDS: -132dBm – BDR: +115dB (500Hz) – Trasmitter Power output 5W – (2m VHF RTX will be an option as a board to fit)

FDM-SW2 software made by Elad team – In the Screenshot below the new FDM-SW2 software with new FDM-S2 receiver working with 2 channels: one on 40m, one on 20mt plus Fldigi program (click to enlarge)


italianoIl nuovo ELAD FDM-S2 è un Ricevitore SDR integrato a Campionamento Diretto con ADC a 16 bit e 122.88MHz clock. –  Riceve anche oltre i 52MHz, quindi include la bassa HF fino ai 6m e in modo undersampling due  gamme complementari 70-108 e 136 – 160MHz con separati connettori di antenna e FM BPF dedicato – La Sensibilità MDS per FDM-S2 è di -130dBm a 500Hz BW, circa 5 dBm meglio del FDM-S1. – La dinamica di blocco BDR è indicata a 110 dB, ma tutte le specifiche dettagliate sono in arrivo, vista la disponibilità prevista per i primi di Febbraio 2014.

FDM-DUO transceiver other features ( impressed !): ADC Linear LTC2165-16bit 122.88MHZ clock – DDC FPGA Spartan 6 XC6SLX25 + Serial Flash for stand-alone mode. – USB IQ path through CY68013 for RX bitstream (192KHz up to 6.144Mhz single channel and 384KHz dual channel in PC mode) – Stand-alone RX IQ path STM32F4 ARM floating point microcontroller – LCD Controller Keyboard controller LPC1766 Cortex M3.
TX modulator use a second STM32F4 ARM floating point microcontroller + AD9957 DDS clocked at 368,64 MHz – Clocking source Si5338 drived by 10MHz TCXO or External reference input – TX modulator use I2S sourcing from MIC input (Cirrus CS5346) or USB input (CODEC CM6510B with customized firmware) – The third USB is a FTDI controller for CAT interface.

FDM-DUO-front-lato2 FDM-SW1_Span-1e23MHz FDM-SW2_anteprima-dic2013

Link to: Preliminary Data Sheet Elad by WoodBoxRadio web (download ENG pdf) 

FDM-S2 a new Direct Sampling Receiver Coming-soon – Starting from the experience of well known FDM-S1 now ELAD is developing FDM-S2 – This receiver will use new FDM-SW2 software made by Elad team (see the preliminary (GUI) picture above) – (please click the pictures to enlarge) – [Note]: This S2 receiver is not a stand-alone type!


Preliminary: FDM-S2 have 122.88MHz sampling rate with 16bit ADC Hi performance analog to digital converter this mean: 9kHz to 52MHz direct sampling SDR receiver; -132dBm MDS (Bw 500Hz) @ 14 MHz – USB Port Powered – 2 antennas input: one for HF one for VHF (VHF input have 2 filters: one for use Broadcasting FM Band (74-108MHz), one for 136-160 MHz, and more. – possibility two indipendent receivers: FDM-S2 have two indipendent NCO (Numerical Local Oscillator) and the new FDM-SW2 software, using Multichannel Extio Dll.

Latest news: ELAD USA Inc.
I want to inform that ELAD have created ELAD USA Inc company based in Chicago IL to better service US customers. – I invite who is interested to visit ELAD USA  website
Link to: Elad USA at –

Simon Brown HB9DRV supports their products in SDR Radio V2 and is generally positive about their devices (source: forum & groups).

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R&S®EM510 HF Receiver 9 kHz to 32 MHz – R&S®PR100 Receiver 9 kHz to 7.5 GHz


R&S®EM510 HF Digital Wideband Receiver from 9 kHz to 32 MHz is a Direct Receiver, after the antenna signal has passed through Preselection with Highpass/Lowpass Filters, it is fed directly into the ADC (Analog Digital Converter) –  R&S®PR100 portable receiver  9 kHz to 7.5 GHz spectrum and spectrogram (waterfall) display on 6.5″ color screen – See the pictures, summary overview and Official Data Sheet (ENG) by link below.


The R&S®EM510 receiver features digital IF filters with 30 different bandwidths from 100 Hz to 10 MHz. The filter characteristics are optimized for radio-monitoring tasks, allowing top-quality processing of signals up to 10 MHz bandwidth.
Panorama scan up to 34 GHz/s or 600 000 channels/s – Frequency/memory scan up to 1500 channels/s – IF panorama with up to 9.6 MHz span – Video panorama, AM, FM, AM², FM², I/Q, I/Q² – Audio filters: notch, noise suppression, band-pass – Dual-channel analog video output (AM, FM) – LAN interface (SCPI) – and more!

R&S_EM510_rearExcellent RF characteristics and a wide dynamic range combined with powerful Digital Signal Processing are the basis for optimal system solutions.
Wideband operation: I/Q data up to 10 MHz bandwidth – Demodulation up to 10 MHz bandwidth – and more! – Demodulation modes: FM – AM – PULSE (AM PULSE)- jM – USB – LSB – ISB – CW – I/Q.

Input level: –137 dBm to +10 dBm (–30 dBμV to +117 dBμV) f = 400 kHz to 32 MHz / Frequency resolution: 1 Hz / Aliasing suppression: ≥90 dB, typ. 120 dB / 3nd Order IP: ≥30 dBm, typ. 35 dBm (low distortion mode), f = 1 MHz to 32 MHz – ≥20 dBm, typ. 25 dBm (normal mode), f = 1 MHz to 32 MHz / and more features… see the link below.

Link to: Download the R&S EM510 Data Sheet for all informations (ENG)
Link to: More information at (ENG)

R&S PR100 ReceiverThe R&S®PR100 portable receiver  9 kHz to 7.5 GHz Spectrum and spectrogram (waterfall) display on 6.5″ color screen has been specifically designed for radio-monitoring applications in the field – Display of results on a digital map loaded in the R&S®PR100 – Digitally modulated signals converted to the baseband using I/Q demodulation and stored in the receiver or exported via LAN – Full remote control via LAN interface (SCPI commands to IEEE488.2) and more.. see the link below

Link to: Download the R&S®PR100 Data Sheet #..87012 – 29 pag. (ENG)

R&S PR100_spectrumtypeFast panorama scan across the entire frequency range from 9 kHz to 7.5 GHz
10 MHz IF spectrum e demodulation with bandwidths from 150 Hz to 500 kHz
Spectrum and spectrogram (waterfall) display on 6.5″ color screen
Automatic location of emissions with direction finding (20 MHz to 6 GHz)
Whether used for monitoring emissions, detecting interference or locating miniature transmitters

[Note] Operation using standard software and PC  (The EM510 receiver comes with comprehensive operating software etc.) – All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders – This page is just a non-official overview, where no one should draw any conclusions.

FTdx-3000 Menu very easy – VFO B/A now A/B! – FCC ID ok – FT1D and FTM-400D

FTdx-3000 Settings MENU now scrolling on display and set values! an innovative approach (now… like Icom inc.) – FTDX3000 approved by F.C.C.  ID K6620461X50 – New FT-1D V/U HT FCC ID K6620445X20 and FTM-400D V/U Mobile for digital  C4FM FDMA mode. – See the update pictures of a built-in 4.3-in TFT Display and other news and Link below.

List Price: $3500.00 Your Price: $2799.95  now 2699.95 (Universal Radio US market )


FTdx-3000 Utilizes a new innovative and easy menu settings system and a new 4.3-inch wide color LCD displays the operating information and the status of the transceiver functions selected. (now… like Icom inc.)

To enter into SET MENU mode, simply press the [MENU] button and turn the [CLAR/VFO-B] knob to scroll Up or Down your desired Menu number displayed on the Main LCD and access to many settings and speeds up the operation.

The layout settings [MENU-1] are very fine and offer a nice array of features for the operator. The directional arrows (keypad) and [SELECT] button help you with quick and intuitive access to settings. (please click the picture to enlarg) –

These systems have been newly developed by Yaesu Musen Co., LTD with new substantial design changes, compared to previous devices under the Vertex Standard Inc. Brand! – I have to commend Yaesu Musen Co. for coming up with such an innovative and easy approach.

In Dayton and Friedrichshafen Expo as you can see the buttons [VFO B/A] are reversed! than usual [VFO A/B] – Now in Tokyo Ham Fair these buttons to select the two VFO have been reported in the usual position: [VFO A/B]

The Main operating frequency is the most important in the radio display, with [VFO-A] frequency located just above the Main dial. The [VFO-B] frequency can be displayed on the 4.3-inch color LCD display (left). – For the [MODE] change (USB LSB CW  RTTY etc.) you have a single button with sequential selection or via Memory channels!
Link to: Download the FTDX-3000 Preliminary Brochure link a ML&S UK 

FTdx-3000 Receiver is double conversion, with the first IF at 9 MHz and the second DSP IF at 30 kHz for SSB and CW and 24 kHz for AM and FM modes (like FTdx-5000’s) but the 1st mixer is different from the 1st mix used in the 5000′ series (8x3SK294 !) (see the picture)

Independent Frequency display although the FTDX-3000 has only one receiver; the rig uses dual VFOs, essential for split operation. General coverage receive is available from 30 kHz to 56 MHz.

On the rear panel Signal are furnished: Output for an external receiver and the 9 MHz IF output and two connectors for optional u-tune unit … etc. (see picture)

The July, August and September  QST’s Cover II inserts the manufacturer’s specifications: !! 4.3-inch Large color LCD display / DR:106 dB / IP3 +33 dBm  / 14MHz Band CW (500) (IPO ON, Roofing Filter 600Hz, 2 kHzSpacing) –

Link: Video Ham Fair Tokyo 2012 YAESU Booth 【ハムフェア2012 ヤエスブース】

FT-1D 144+430 MHz HT coming-soon. – This device has been approved by the F.C.C. (FCC ID K6620445X20) !

The-FT1DR/E VHF/UHF HT provides both analog and digital communications on both bands with up to 5 watts.
It is possible to switch between analog and digital mode by pressing one button on the radio. – The FT-1D uses the C4FM FDMA for a lower BER (bit error rate) like the professional LMR (Land Mobile Radio) radios. – The FT-1D can obtain a data trasfer speed 9.6 kbps and E-GPS function for Digital ARTS (Auto-Range Trasponding System) and more.
[Note] The Digital C4FM FDMA mode is not compatible with the Digital GSMK D-STAR

Link to: FT-1D Brochure (pag. 1-2) Radioworld

FTM-400D VHF/UHF Mobile (first prototype) AM/FM/NFM/DV (C4FM FDMA, 9.6 Kbps)

Feature (preliminary): Large color touch screen. GPS/APRS functions. Packet 1200/9600bd ready.
Spectrum scope. ARTS. Bluetooth. Twin RX – Micro SD card slot.

[NoteAll marks are property of their respective owners. – Specifications are subject to change without notice!

ID-31A/E UHF D-STAR GPS – Update Firmware E2 (CPU 1.03 DSP 1.04) and more

ID-31E ID-31A – Icom UHF D-STAR® Digital Transceiver built-in GPS receiver and weighs only 225g (approx.) – Icom update now the ID-31 Firmware Version E2 (CPU 1.03 DSP 1.04) at 2012/05/15.

D-STAR® DV (Digital Voice) mode has lost of advantages over analog FM mode: digitally modulated voice, 950bps (approx) data individual calling using a call sign and access to the World Wide Repeater Network linked with Internt (gateway) and to DPRS positions system.

The ID-31 using the GPS position information, the automatic repeater list-up function shows the list of nearby D-STAR® repeaters from the memory.
(®D-STAR Repeater memories pre-programmed:
the position data of the repeater is required!) –
(the picture a built-in GPS receiver that shows your current position, altitude and time on the Display)

Update Firmware !!  2012/05/15 Icom co., jp support – Version: Release E2 (CPU 1.03 DSP 1.04) for the ID-31A / ID-31E – !! – Please read the “Icom Firmware update information 6986-5EX – PDF download”
[Note] – Optional OPC-2218LU data cable is required a USB 1.1 or 2.0 port  and USB Driver V.1.00 – The firmware cannot be updated using a microSD card –  !! Make sure the version numbers of firmware before updating the firmware (see the Icom FirmUpInfo pag.1)

Firmware Version E2 (CPU 1.03, DSP 1.04) – Major function improvements:
DSP: Fixed a problem that the recording function may not work in the FM mode, when the recording function is stopped and then restarted.

CPU: the firmware update is only for the factory production purposes.
Although the revision number is changed and there is no difference in the functions or the performance of the ID-31A/E.

ID-31A/E – Lightweight & Compact Body – Waterproof protection equivalente to IPX7 – Built-in GPS receiver – The GPS log function logs your position and memorizes this in the mocroSD card – microSD Card slot up to 32GB: Voice Memories in WAV format, GPS Log, Memory Contents – Full Dot-matrix Display LCD & Directional Keypad with quick and intuitive access to many setting and more. (Click the pictures to enlarge)

ID-31 GPS/IPX7/D-STAR® に対応。 新しいフィールドへ導く 新世代デジタルハンディ。

Link to: Icom co. jp – ID-31E/A – Brochure EN and User Manual PDF (© Icom Inc.)
Link to: Icom – download Firmware Ver. E2 and Update information

ID-31A/E (E: Europe) opera solo in UHF in D-STAR® (Digital) e in FM analogica, utilizza i dati di posizione del GPS entrocontenuto ed indica automaticamente i Ripetitori D-STAR®  più vicini o della zona dove uno si trova – La lista Ripetitori pre-programmata deve contenere anche le “coordinate” Log./Lat. dei Ponti Ripetitori Digitali. – L’apparato pesa solo 225 gr. (circa compresi batteria e antenna). – Troverete tutti i dati e specifiche ampie nei siti e documenti ufficiali.

L’utilizzo di una Memory-card, di tipo micro-SD da 2GB a 32GB (non fornita), consente la gestione e l’archiviazione, in modo interno o via Computer, dei dati GPS (log-GPS), l’audio delle comunicazioni (in WAV), di tutti i dati delle memorie (oltre alle 1.252 locazioni dell’apparato!) con il Software CS-31 e il relativo USB Driver di Icom da installare sempre nel Computer prima di collegare l’ID-31.

Aggiornamento Firmware!! Il 15.05.2012 Icom co., jp ha rilasciato un nuovo Firmware Ver. E2 (CPU 1.03 DSP 1.04) per l’ID-31E/A, vedere qui sopra il Link. – Per favore  leggere con cura le  istruzioni e cautele di Icom Inc. scaricabile  in ENG in PDF! – Necessario il cavo dati: OPC-2218LU opzionale e il suo USB Driver V.1.00.  Il firmware non può essere aggiornato tramite l’utilizzo della scheda microSD.

US Market: List Price $451.00 / Your Price: $369.95  – (source: Universal Radio)
IT Market: List Price € 285,60 + 21%IVA (€ 345,50)  (source: Marcucci -31E #02) 

[Note] See the Info about D-Star – Link CS-31 V.1.02  and Links to ircDDB below!

Link to: Icom Inc. CS-31 Cloning  Software Download Rer.1.02  (2011/12/15)
Link to: Icom Inc. CS-31 Instructions Manual – A-6978-1EX  – (©Icom Inc.)

Icom will release a new D-STAR® portable on the market: a single UHF belt with built-in GPS and a completely redesigned control.  The ID-31E has a “left-right top-bottom” button as many mobile phones to navigate through menus.

D-STAR® DV /Analog FM / IPX7 / 5W / Free Cloning Software / Built-in GPS Receiver / Directional Keypad Navigation / DR Mode User-Friendliness Improved / Full Dot-Matrix Display / Micro SD card slot / UHF only at this time / Slim line H 95 mm no antenna / L 58 mm / S 25 mm

Icom Europe will again set up repeater DBØCOM in Friedrichshafen, HAMRADIO exhibition place 24 – 26 Giu., 2011.
(Click the pictures to enlarge)

D-STAR® – DV DPRS – STARnet – ircDDB and more – (Info about D-Star and Link utility) below

Digital System: GMSK 4.8kbps digital voice (DV) mode and 128kbps data (*) (DD) mode communications are available. When using DD mode with a PC and the D-STAR® radio, high speed data communication is possible. (*) DD mode (128 kbps) is available with Icom ID-1 only at this time.

In DV mode operation, you can simultaneously send up to 950 bps of data, such as call sign, short data message or GPS position (DPRS) with a voice transmission.
When you communicate with other D-STAR® stations using a D-STAR® Repeater, it is ncessary to set repeater’s call sign in RPT1/RPT2.

Link to: icrDDB Italia  D-STAR ®/ STARnet (call routing) / Reflectors
Link to: ircDDB Network It Gateways Last-eard User Status GrGs&Maps

[NoteAll marks are property of their respective owners. Specifications are subject to change without notice

Opera digital mode. The new software by EA5HVK, Jose Ros for QRSS on Weak signals

Opera is still in Beta test, the latest version is V.1.8.8 (Download from Link below!!) – The new “Opera” Single carrier Data/Beacon mode Tx/Rx, is created by EA5HVK, Jose Alberto Nieto Ros, by request of GØNBD for Ham Radio CW Community – This software, complete windows compatible Tx/Rx package with internet spotting and chat facility, COM-port keying and audio tx drive, is free!

Opera QRSS. Il nuovo software sviluppato da EA5HVK, Jose Ros su idea iniziale di GØNBD, si utiilizza per comunicazioni CW standard QRSS per segnali deboli, anche immersi nel rumore e con potenze QRP. – Opera è simile al già noto WSPR/JT45, ma con propri algoritmi in ambiente DSP e codifica tipo OOK (On Off Keying), con selezione di tempi di intervallo da 1 a 60′ e in più altre novità in evoluzione. – Infatti è ancora in Versione Beta, V.1.8.8 – [Nota] Anche gli spots di Opera si possono seguire in tempo reale sui sistemi automatici: PSKreporter e (vedere Link)

Link To: PSKreporter  / to: Opera group Yahoo   / to: Ros and Opera official web-page

 The new software “Opera”  Beta, developed by EA5HVK, Jose Ros (author of the now established ROS Data mode!) using DSP techniques, it’s a alternative QRSS for weak signal experiments on 136 & 500 kHz and for HF all bands (80 to 10 mt) for Ver. 1.1.2 up – Better than standard QRSS, similar like WSPR, but with Opera you can choose your own interval time between 1 and 60 minutes.
CAT Link embodied and Tx by COM port Key or Audio drive Tx\Rx COM port switch faclity – Decoder are possible with S/N – 26 to -38 dB (Rx speed auto-selected!) The spots are visible in near realtime to interested parties with PSKreporter and (see the links) – This as a way of providing data operations for stations that only had the CW capability. The most up to date information on this mode can be found at (see the link up)

R&S® M3TR Software Defined Radios Multiband, Multimode – New software V.7.0

R&S®M3TR Software Defined Radios (Front panel on the image) – The new software Ver.7.0 supports third-generation Automatic Link Establishment (ALE 3G)* in line with the STANAG 4538 NATO standard. If a shortwave consumer receiver could do what this shortwave milspec transceiver hi!!

The heart of the new integrated communications system is the lightweight R&S®MR300xH/U manpack transceiver (1.5 MHz to 108 MHz or 25 MHz to 512 MHz), which offers solutions for all aspects of tactical communications – New Software Makes Rohde & Schwarz Shortwave Radios As Easy To Use As IP Phones –
Last-ditch voice enables reliable voice transmission even when the noise is stronger than the voice signal, ie with a negative signal-to-noise ratio. – The quality of shortwave links heavily depends on ambient transmission conditions such as solar radiation and atmospheric ionization – The software automatically adjusts the transmission rate to accommodate prevailing conditions. – Release 7.0 of the software also features the high throughput data link (HDL) protocol that allows transmission rates of up to 10 kbit/s under optimal conditions.

ALE 3G * – The latest ALE standard uses accurate time synchronization via GPS-locked clocks or a time server to achieve faster and more dependable linking. – It is generally known as 3rd generation or 3G ALE.

D-STAR Adapter Kit AK4EG – DV BX-192 for all FM 9.6Kb Radios – DUTCH*Star Kits etc.


englishD-STAR BX-192 Adapter. The kit includes a PCB with SMD components preassembled and wired with all necessary components and the D-STAR module by FUNK Amateur 6/2009.
[Note] AK4EG D-STAR Radioclub International has the DV Adapter… see the Link below !

GermanD-STAR BX-192 Adapter. Der Bausatz enthält eine mit SMD-Teilen vorbestückte Platine sowie alle erforderlichen bedrahteten Bauelemente und das D-STAR-Modul (!!siehe FA 6/09). Er wird ohne Gehäuse geliefert (Gehäuse in Vorbereitung)

(update) – Turn your Ham Radio into SSB/FM+D-Star Radio with the DV Adapter. This unit works with all 9.6K capable radios. Allowing you to access D-Star Repeaters, Reflectors & going on HF with D-Star. This unit does the same as the Icom IC-9100 radio (Click image to enlarge)

…. See the Link below for: AK4EG DV-Adapter Models –  D-STAR TV – FA 6/09 Magazine –  Satoshi D-STAR Kits – DUTCH*Star project Kits for Amateur Radio operators and Mini-Hotspot Rev. C .. and more! …>

Continua la lettura di D-STAR Adapter Kit AK4EG – DV BX-192 for all FM 9.6Kb Radios – DUTCH*Star Kits etc.