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FTDX-3000 & FTDX-1200 DSP’ Ver. 05-47 Update 04 Oct., 2014 – New FT-991 News

FTDX-3000 Update DSP Ver. 05.47 and FTDX-1200 Update DSP Ver. 05.47 (04 October 2014) now The CW keying band width spectrum is improved. – Before downloading this software, please read the “Important Notes” on official Yaesu Update Manuals.FT-991 Qud-band al mode… news below!


[Note] There are four (4) different Software installations (Yaesu still uses the multiple software systems installations! on the FTdx-3000 & FTdx-1200, not use a unified software environment) – Each one must be followed carefully. – Installing the wrong type software may cause difficulties.

Link to: Yaesu FTdx-3000 Main-page (go… to all Files) ENG
Link to: Yaesu FTdx-1200 Main-page (go… to all Files) ENG

YAESU New FT-991 italiano un ricetrasmettitore per le bande HF/50/144/430MHz, opera nei modi SSB, CW, AM, FM, Packet e in Digitale C4FM (FDMA) – [09.10.2014]: This radio has NOT been approved by the FCC, ….price coming-soon!


FT-991 caratteristiche generali in via preliminare:
Potenza output 100Watt – (50Watt in 144 e 430MHz)
Display TFT a colori da 3,5”, Touch panel
Spectrum Scope ad alta velocità con ASC (Automatic Spectrum-scope Control)
Roofing filter da 3KHz e 15 KHz
TCX0 ad alta stabilità ± 0,5 ppm, DDS  oscillatore locale PLL
IF DSP a 32 bit -Regolazione IF WIDTH e IF SHIFT CONTOUR, DNR, IF notch e APF ( audio peak filter in CW)
Accordatore d’antenna 160-6m con accordo rapido.

[Note] – Detailed specifications: please see the official  sources – All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders.- This page is just a non-official overview, where no one should draw any conclusions – All images and versions above is for illustration only. (tnx)

FTDX-1200 the Complete Test Report by VA7OJ, Adam: MDS, NPR, RMDR, DR3, Image & 1st IF Rej. + Trasmitter Tests


FTDX-1200 the Complete Test Report by VA7OJ, Adam: MDS, NPR, RMDR, DR3, Image & 1st IF Rej., AGC Impulse response & Complete Trasmitter Tests: Power output, CW keying evelope, Keying sidebands, ALC compression test, Trasmitter 2-tone IMD, Trasmitted composite noise – !! – Great job done by my friend Adam! [Note] 08/16/2013…..!! Take a look at the HRO and Universal: The Sale Price now did drop-in USD 1599.99 !

Small extracted from the larger report 07/25/2013 (© 2013 A. Farson VA7OJ)


4.3.  As one would expect of a high 1st IF (“up-conversion”) superhet architecture, image and 1st IF rejection are superb (> 110 dB). These figures are unachievable with an in-band (“down-conversion”) 1st IF design.

pdf_logoLink to: Downloada the FTdx-1200 Test Report by VA7OJ, Adam (pdf)

Test A2: Reciprocal mixing dynamic range (RMDR): In this test, a strong “undesired” signal is injected into the receiver’s RF input at a fixed offset Δf from the operating frequency. (etc. see the complete pdf!)

Test Conditions: SSB mode, 2.4 kHz filter (IF DSP), preamp off (IPO), ATT off, DNR off, NB off, DNF off, Notch off, Contour off. AGC Slow, negative offset. Roofing filter: 3 kHz (R3). RMDR in dB = input power – MDS (both in dBm). The RF input power Pi is increased until the receiver noise floor increases by 3 dB, as measured at the audio output (etc. see the complete pdf!)

Δf  kHz 2 / Pi dBm -38 / RMDR dB 82 — Δf  kHz 5 / Pi dBm -30 / RMDR dB 90

4.1 It will be seen from Tables 2 (RMDR) and 3 (DR3) that at 2 kHz spacing, the measured 82 dB RMDR value values is slightly higher than measured DR3. This indicates that although the measurement is phase-noise limited, there is still a measurable component due to front-end non-linearity.
!! At 5 kHz spacing, RMDR and DR3 are 90 dB and 81 dB respectively, indicating a fairly rapid fall-off in phase noise between 2 and 5 kHz offset. (…… etc. see the complete pdf!)

4.6. As mentioned in the test descriptions above, no trace of ALC overshoot or spikes was observed at any time.  (…… etc. see the complete pdf!)

4.8. Overall, it is felt that the FTDX-1200 is a very good performer and an excellent buy in the mid price range


SCU-17_USB-Interface-2SCU-17 USB-2 Interface Unit – The FTDX-1200 can be connected to a PC with a USB cable through the use of an optional SCU-17 Interfeace Unit. This unit will support CAT, USB Audio In/Out, TX control (PTT, Key, Shift), and Firmware updates.
External control (CAT) is possible using Serial Port (built-in) or the optional SCU-17 USB Interface Unit

Link to: SCU-17 Interface Unit  the Op. Manual ENG/JPN EAK21X700 (.pdf )

Detailed specifications: please see the official Yaesu Musen Co. LTD or Yaesu USA  sources – All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders.

QST reviews KX3 on Dec, 2012 – SDR with a 0 Hz IF – KX3 Datasheet & Schematics

KX3 a SDR with a ØHz IF (Direct Conversion) – QST Magazine reviews the Elecraft KX3 HF and 6 Meter QRP 10W on Dec., 2012 by W1ZR, Joel and K1RO, Mark. – IMD3 dynamic range, Blocking gain compression and Reciprocal mixing it is at the “top of the heap”! – See below the QST 14MHz Key Summary and Internal pictures.  Watch  the Video KX3 with iSDR app. Link to Schematics & Block Diagram pdf !

QST 12月号のProduct ReviewにKX3が掲載されます。

See the December 2012 issue of QST magazine for the complete review and ARRL Lab test results – [Note] Area Members Only.
Link to: ARRL – American Radio Relay League for Amateur Radio

The authors write: To say that the KX3 is a Direct Conversion Radio misses the point. It would probably be more descriptive to say that the KX3 is a Software Defined Radio (SDR) with a Ø Hz IF and I/Q quadrature component receiver processing that provides single-signal reception. Those signals allow a PC running your SDR software to display the spectrum and usual rig control management. – Elecraft provides your choice of a cable that connects to a PC USB2 port or an RS-232 socket (add. $29.95 or so!) –

Link to: Elecraft KX3 the Schematics & Block Diagram pdf (ENG)

Link to: Elecraft KX3 Datasheet (pdf 5.5MB) ver. May 2012 (ENG)

Source: QST Reviews, we show only… the Key figures at 14 MHz

  • Band: 14 MHz – Pre OFF – (500 Hz BW,  500 Hz  roofing filter)
  • Spacing 20 kHz blocking gain compression….130 dB
  • Spacing    2 kHz blocking gain compression….128 dB
  • Spacing 20 kHz 3rd-order dynamic range…….103 dB
  • Spacing    2 kHz 3rd-order dynamic range….…100 dB
  • Spacing 20 kHz 3rd-order intercept…………..+34 dBm
  • Spacing    2 kHz 3rd-order intercept…………..+34 dBm


How To Connect Elecraft KX3 To iPad by WD9E – This video shows how to use the iSDR app with the Elecraft KX3 SDR Transceiver – (a great video, thanks WD9E!)

Link to: QST Reviews the Kenwood TS.590S on May, 2011 (TS-590 > K3 Key)
Link to: QST Magazine Product Reviews Key Soummary List by PA1HR, Hans

[Note] All marks are property of their respective owners. – Specifications are subject to change without notice!  – This page is just a non-official overview, where no one should draw any conclusions.  –  Non si assume alcuna responsabilità per eventuali inesattezze nella visualizzazione dei dati e notizie. (Tnx)


FTdx-3000D Leaflet: DR 106 dB, IP3 +33 dBm at 2 kHz > Sherwood Test: DR 82 dB at 2 kHz!

FTdx-3000 Test Data by Sherwood Engineering Inc. Laboratory 13 December 2012 – Rob Sherwood, NCØB has published some results for the FTDX-3000 on his Receiver Test Data – Link to: Sherwood  Receiver Test Data

Find it behind the Kenwood TS-590S because close spaced DR was “only” 82 dB and Phase Noise limited (LO Noise dBc/Hz). I wonder if Yaesu will change their advertising claims? – [Note] Rob Sherwood has an excellent laboratory, but expect certainly also QST’s test results – (The QST’s measurement process differs from the Sherwood Labs approach)!

ARRL Forum Equipment Testing and QST Test Review – Two Tone 3rd Order IMD Testing – In July of  last year WB1GCM, Bob Allison ARRL Test Engineer said:

“A third-order dynamic range test or intercept point test that is noise limited is not a valid test of a third-order phenomenon at all…. etc – Link to: Full explanation

FTDX-3000D front end: Fifteen separate band pass filters (BPF) reduces the undesired and out of band signals. In the two RF amplifier, the low NF bipolar transistor 2SC3357 is used and optimized working point.  The AMP 1 uses one RF amplifier stage, in addition the AMP2 uses two stages. The IF DSP uses the 32-bit fp, TMS320C6727B with 300 MHz clock frequency and DAC/ADC Codec CS4272 – See the new brochure ENG (Link below) – (Click to enlarge the Yaesu Block diagram)

FT DX 3000D/DM/DS 目的信号と妨害信号の周波数間隔が2kHzセパレーションという超近接の多信号特性においても、ダイナミックレンジ 106dB、IP3 +33dBmという驚異的な数値を実現 – 標準価格:  標準価格 340,200円(税込)Lik Yaesu Musen Co JP

!! Latest Broshure ENG pdf  – Link to: The FT DX 3000 Series Brochure

 List Price: $3500.00 Your Price: $2799.95  now 2699.95 (Universal Radio US market )


The Spectrum Scope has two modes: the auto mode monitors, and sweeps the band continually ! – Bandwidth of the spectrum scope may be set to any of six different spans: 20kHz, 50kHz, 100kHz, 200kHz, 500kHz, or 1MHz., and may operate in either Center or Fixed mode (like IC- 78 -77 -76-transceivers). The FTdx3000 also has an AF-FFT (Audio Frequency Fast Fourier Trasform) scope built-in (adgiusting the RX IF filter and the TX audio…) – Spectrum Scope Memory: 
The Spectrum Scope screen can be stored or recalled with one touch. Simultaneously the time information is recorded in the memory, so that the difference in activity may be reviewed and compared !

In the FTdx-3000D “Down Conversion” receiver construction is used. The  first IF frequency is 9 MHz. This makes possible narrow bandwidth crystal roofing filters (300 Hz ( optional), 600 Hz or 3 kHz) with a sharp shape factor that creates amazing multi-signal receiving performance.
The narrow bandwidth crystal roofing filter enhances the receiver multi-signal characteristics. (source broshure Yaesu USA)


FTdx-3000: Settings MENU scrolling on display and set values! an innovative approach (now… like Icom inc.) – The FTDX3000 was approved by the  F.C.C.  ID K6620461X50.  Link to: YEASU USA website

[Note] All marks are property of their respective owners. – Specifications are subject to change without notice!

TS-990S HF/50MHz Ham Fair Tokyo 2012 – Some features overview in Kenwood booth

The KENWOOD TS-990S Dual TFT Display & Dual Receiver HF/50 at HAM FAIR Tokyo 2012, it is scheduled for worldwide launch under the KENWOOD brand in November 2012 – Some features overview in Kenwood booth! See the latest news: TS-990 Main Band Front-End, 1st Mixer +40dBm,  DSP Unit, 5 Roofing Filters a 8.248 MHz,  PA Unit with 2xVRF150, ATU Unit, Multi tunig-bar and other pictures belov!

Update 04/set/2012 – JVC Kenwood Co. (effective October, 2011, the two companies – Victor Company of Japan, Limited (JVC) and Kenwood Corporation – merged into JVC KENWOOD Corporation) continues to build outstanding products with high performance! – From Tokyo Ham Radio 2012 now begins the discovery of what is really inside! – (please click the picture to enlarge)
TS-990S Tokyo Video (link): Hamfair 2012 KENWOOD TS-990 Presentation by JVC KENWOOD 03/set/2012 – – – ハムフェア2012ケンウッドブースで実施されたTS-990プレゼンテーションステージの模様をお送りします。


TS-990S: 1st IF: 8.248 MHz – IP3: +40 dBm – Roofing Filters (Main) 270 Hz / 500 Hz /2.7 kHz / 6 kHz / 15 kHz –  Dual TFT High resolution color display and real-time Spectrum Scope – Main Display: 800×480 – Sub Dispaly 3.5″ 320×240 allow you to observe the Adjustable DSP IF Filter Passband – (you can quickly choose bandwidth and see the side to side signal-spectrum centered on the receiving frequency!) –

Slope Tune by adjusting LOW/HI Cut or SHIFT/WIDTH control….. on the Sub Display graphically displayed! – including an excellent analog-style “dial shirt” above the tuning knob ! (… this is all very verty fine!)
The front panel has so many controls, and lots of knobs! …  await until you try everything under the conditions of a grueling contest! –

TS-990S DSP technology has been enhanced thanks to three separate 32-bit Floating-point DSP Units. – One ADSP-21369 SHARCH Processor 400MHz SIMD SHARC Core, capable of 2.4 GFLOPS peak; 2xADSP-21363 333 MHz SIMD SHARC Core, capable of 2 GFLOPS peak.

Here are other pictures from the Flagship taken from the Kenwood promo and others video: The PA Unit with 2xVRF150, the ATU built like TS-590, the setting of multi bars for tuning the Main VFO into five slices of frequency, the menu screen and FSK/RTTY Encode/Decode on Display. (.. buona visione a tutti da RadioCronache!!)

All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders

FLEX-6700™ utilizes Spectral Capture Units™ and On-board Digital Signal processing – New PDF Italian

Flex-6000 “Signature Series” – Flex-6500 – Flex-6700 packs more built-in digital signal process power than ever before imagined in an amateur radio transceiver – The Xilinx® Virtex®-6 FPGA works in tandem with a Texas Instruments® DaVinci® Digital Media Processor that includes a 1.4 GHz (1.2 GHz on FLEX-6500) ARM Cortex®-A8 CPU with NEON® floating point coprocessor! – See picture and link download ENG & IT pdf  below

Update IT: La serie FLEX-6500 / 6700  utilizzano “internamente” una Xilinx Virtex-6®, potente FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array), per  tutte le operazioni di Down e Up conversion e l’analisi spettrale;  la Virtex-6® lavora in tandem ad un microprocessore Texas Instruments™ il DaVinci™ Digital Media Processor che incorpora anche un ARM Cortex™-A8 CPU (con processore NEON™) a 1,4GHz (a 1,2GHz nel Flex-6500)  ed un coprocessore DSP a 32 bit in virgola mobile da 1,2GHz (1,0GHZ nel modello FLEX-6500).

Link to:  Broshure in Italiano di WoodBoxRadio by IK3VIG, Beppe (the boss!)

Spectral Capture Units™ (SCU) which act something like extremely broadband multi… Slice Receviers in One Radio, for reception from 0.33 to 77 MHz plus 135 to 165 MHz. Optimized preselector filters can be selected for the ham bands for greater out of band rejection.. 100dB 2-tone 3rd Order Dynamic Range.. at 100Hz Spacing! New SmartSDR™ Technology & User Client Interface!

The innovative SmartSDR™ appears to have two main parts – the massive heavy duty part living inside the Flex-6000’s and the light GUI & Related Services portion out on the thin client Interface (…. Personal Computer, Notebook, iPad or iPhone! or..!)

New Flex-6000’s Series SmartSDR™ Radios, where the heavy lifting of DSP is done all in the radio and the computer has only “thin client” duties! – Immagine… This is truly a “Game Changer” product line, moving the main heavy lifting of SDR radio back into the radio box!

The Xilinx Virtex-6® FPGA put simply is a way to put software on a chip so the code can rip through huge amounts of data processing it basically in parallel rather than in series. No longer does the PC have massive processing duties!! – Flex-Radio has worked out a way to bring the costs of this massive processing power to amateurs radio price points.

The FLEX-6500 and FLEX-6700 Transceivers utilize Xilinx Virtex-6® FPGA hardware to directly generate the CW waveform digitally at the RF carrier frequency. (idem for digital RTTY /PSK31 etc..)
This means that the RF carrier switches at hardware speeds without first element truncation as is typical in many radios. When combined high speed T/R and bias switching on the PA, <10 millisecond key down to RF output is achieved.  – Full brek-in is possible from remote operations (SmartSDR™ – Networking! Native remote capability – Ethernet interface…) – The FLEX-6700 provides continuous duty 100W output across the entire 160-6m band, a push-pull pair of rugged RD100HHF1 MOSFET transistors.

The (*) Xilinx® Virtex®-6 FPGA works in tandem with a Texas Instruments™ DaVinci™ Digital Media Processor that includes a 1.4 GHz (1.2 GHz on FLEX-6500) ARM Cortex™-A8 CPU with NEON™ coprocessor.
It also includes a 1.2 GHz (1.0 GHz on FLEX-6500), 32-bit floating point DSP coprocessor. The FLEX-6000 Signature Series achieves world class PNDR (Phase Noise Dynamic Range) through the incorporation of an ultra-low phase noise master oscillator at 983.04 MHz! –
Link to: FlexRadio Systems – Flex-6000 Series Brochure – Rev.002

[Note] All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders – This device has not been approved by the appropriate authorities in each country etc.

YAESU FTDX-3000 HF/50MHz – 4.3″ LCD DR 106dB IP3 +33dBm 2kHz Spacing (July “QST” Cover II)

FTDX-3000 HF+50 MHz Transceiver coming-soon, the back cover of QST showed an advertisement for the latest addition to the Yaesu family! The July QST Cover II inserts the manufacturer’s specifications: !! 4.3-inch Large color LCD display / DR:106 dB / IP3 +33 dBm  / 14MHz Band CW (500) (IPO ON, Roofing Filter 600Hz, 2 kHz Spacing)
(IT) FTDX-3000 HF/50MHz i prezzi e la disponibilità saranno annunciati presto! La II^ di copertina di QST ha la pubblicità con questi dati: Display LCD da 4.3″ e non 3.5″ più le specifiche DR, IP3 come sopra:

!! 八重洲無線(株) 新型HF/50MHz帯オールモードトランシーバ「FT DX 3000」

As you can see the buttons VFO B/A  are reversed!  than usual A/B –
The Main operating frequency is the most important in the radio display, with [VFO-A] frequency located just above the Main dial. The [VFO-B] frequency can be displayed on the 4.3-inch color LCD display (left).
For the [MODE] change (USB LSB CW etc.). you have a single button with sequential selection or via Memory channels! – (like [MODE] setting of the new Elecraft KX3 Transceiver)

The Down conversion 9 MHz 1st IF frequency receiver construction, can realize narrow 300 Hz (optional), 600 Hz and 3 kHz bandwidth Roofing filters. – Yaesu implements new three dedicated (XF-127 series) sharp Crystal Roofing Filters for a superior close-in dynamic range.

Yaesu Musen Co., LTD says: The FTDX3000 has the high dynamic range IP3 performance that was realized and proven in the FTDX5000. – IF DSP  with 32 bit high speed floating decimal (max 2800 MIPS)

The FTDX-3000 Transceiver displayed at the 2012 Dayton Hamvention and at 2012 HAM RADIO Friedrichshafen! –

Selectivity (WIDTH: Center) at -6 dB -60 dB CW/RTTY/PKT 0.5 kHz or better 750 Hz or less – SSB 2.4 kHz or better 3.6 kHz or less/ AM 6 kHz 15 kHz/FM 15 kHz or 25 kHz – Image Rejection: 70 dB or better (1.8 MHz – 30MHz Amateur bands) – Transmitter Output:  5 – 100 watts (2 – 25 W AM carrier)

FTdx-3000 a high speed Spectrum Scope LCD Display 4.3-inch (480×272 dots) – (like the larger 5.8-inch of the  IC-7600) –

When in the Auto Mode, the Spectrum Scope display is updated in real time. The maximum bandwidth of the scope is 1 MHz, and the minimum span width setting is 20 kHz.
Built-In specialised receiver amplifier for 50 MHZ; Signal output for an external receiver;  9 MHz IF output;  USB Interface and

The color LCD displays the operating information and the status of the transceiver functions.
Although the FTDX3000 has only one receiver, a high speed Spectrum Scope is built into the radio.  (…click to enlarg !)
AF Scope display and RTTY/PSK encoder/decoder (optional)

Link to:  Download the FTdx-3000 Preliminary Brochure link a Yesu UK
Link to: Universal radio Inc – FTdx-3000 Preliminary Specifications

FT-101E Built by, the Yaesu Co., Japan during the 1970’s – 1980’s was one of the Yaesu family of fine Amateur Radios! –
The FT DX 3000 Transceiver is the latest addition to the Yaesu family, incorporating the newest Down conversion and Sharp edged crystal roofing filter technology. – These features provide outstanding receiver performance which is a heritage of the FT-DX5000.

[NoteAll marks are property of their respective owners. Specifications are subject to change without notice!

YAESU FTDX-3000 HF+50MHz 100W Transceiver (Down Conversion RX) Color LCD Scope

The new Yaesu FTDX-3000 HF+50 MHz 100W Transceiver displayed at the 2012 Dayton Hamvention – !! See the pictures, info and link (below) to download the Yaesu UK  Preliminary Brochure  in PDF!! —
The FT DX 3000 Transceiver is the latest addition to the Yaesu family which is a heritage of the FT-DX5000!

The FT DX 3000 Transceiver is the latest addition to the Yaesu family, incorporating the newest Down conversion and Sharp edged crystal roofing filter technology. – These features provide outstanding receiver performance which is a heritage of the FT-DX5000.

Link to: Download the preliminary brochure by Yaesu UK

Link to: Latest informations update by radiocronache

SDR WR-G33DDC ‘EXCALIBUR Pro’ 9 kHz to 50 MHz – Excalibur Basics Video by DK8OK

The New WiNRADIO WR-G33DDC ‘EXALIBUR Pro’ direct-sampling SDR Receiver from 9 kHz to 49.995 MHz, includes a real-time 50 MHz-wide specrtrum analyzer and 4 MHz-wide instantaneous bandwidth available for recording, demodulation and further digital processing. – Low-noise preamplifier – Configurable preselection filters – Filter bandwidth adjustable down to 1 Hz.

As many as 119 different filter combinations can be constructed by the user (91 bandpass, 14 low-pass and 14 high-pass). The front-end employs 34 subminiature electromechanical relays! Three demodulators allow the simultaneous reception of three signal frequencies within the 4 MHz bandwidth. –
GROVE  US – Catalog of 06/01/2012 – manufacture: WiRa – Eton – Sangean – Kaito – Perseus – Icom
Prices:  WR-G33DDC EXC. Pro $1,649.95 / WR-G31DDC EXC.. $899.95 / Perseus bid.. $1,199.00

The WR-G33DDC Pro Is an advanced version of the WR-G31DDC receiver, offering many additional features and improvements.  – (!! Please See the WR-G33DDC  Basics Video  by DK8OK below)

The WR Software (Version 1.68)  provide an logical user interface.  – There are several spectrum analyzer configurations including the 50 MHz full span with 1.5 kHz resolution. – The DDC down-converted portion is highlighted and can be selected either via keyboard or by the mouse cursor and then displayed in another window, within which three independent receiver channels can exist. – For any channel, the receiver’s selectivity, IF shift, passband tuning, notch, and other functions can be adjusted, and the audio spectrum of the demodulated signal can be observed. – –
Link to: WR-G31DDC – Perseus – Gemini – AOR-2300 and DX-R88 HamFair 
Link to: WiNRADIO WR-G33 Excalibur Pro the Official Full Specifications

This great video explains its graphical user interface (GUI), and gives some hints on how to use them. Thanks Nils, DK8OK.


Baofeng UV-3R MkII Dual band HT and the VGC co. UV-X4 similar feature – FCC / CE ok!

The Baofeng UV-3R Mark II  Dual-Band HT VHF UHF Dual frequency on display, Dual Watch – They copied the VX-3R ?… very similar indeed – at least on the outside!! – US Market List Price $69.99 / Special save: $59.99 US  – (source: Fleetwood web,  powered by ©

For European customers,1750Hz tone burst is standard. For North Americans, unlike other micro radios, we offer 5k frequency spacing. The dual-band DSP chip also allows you to work U/V –
The UV-3R Mk-II Transceiver has also passed CE, FCC and RoHS certification – !!…now, we buy regular equipment !!

Again the ©VGC Vero Global Communication Co.,LTD has announced another model similar to the UV-3R: the UV-X4 Dual Band Dual Watch Pocket Radio – Change the type of buttons on the front panel and Color body! –  See the ©VGC image (click to enlarge) –  Only the model name, trade name, and FCC ID are different. – The CE Code 0678 (!) is identical

[Note] Change the FCC ID of identification from the Baofeng Co., Ltd UV-3R Mk II (currently approved device) to the new VGC Co., Ltd  UV-4X (electrically identical). – This….  for purpose of marcheting.

Link to: Download the (first) UV-X4 brochure in PDF (from vgc hk)
Link to: The UV-3R Baofeng Yahoo Group support and discussion

[Note]: This Radio Requires a License – !! Use Responsibly:
It is the buyers responsibility to ensure that your Two Way Radio or Amateur Radio is operated under, and controlled, within the laws that govern your respected area – Please consult your local radio/spectrum/government agency prior to any and all use