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IC-7610 pre-briefing Icom Inc. Showroom of Tokyo and the JH1CBX

Icom IC-7610 lo scorso 23 dicembre 2016 in mostra al pre-briefing alla Icom Inc. di Tokyo Showroom  ultime notizie by Masaco JH1CBX nota cantante di “Beyond Coast” fb and info by Hamlife jp.


12月23日(金) 展示&プレ説明会 inアイコム東京ショールーム –

We discover the new IC-7610 and the Dual Scope function Vertically or Horizontally aligned – The dual scope function is vital for watching for multipliers or band openings in contests, or working all bands/modes on DXpedition. (preliminary info: Simultaneous reception of 2 bands, simultaneous display of real time scope!)


IC-7610 the Dual Watch / Dual Scope example horizontally aligned

IC-7610 an “direct sampling method” like the IC-7300. Equipped with real time scope, “complete dual watch” will be possible like Icom’s top of the range transceiver, …the IC-7851 – The Main band and Sub bands will be completely independent and different frequencies and modes can be received simultaneously (… Icom Uk)


The IC-7610 Dual Watch / Dual Scope example vertically aligned


BNC connectors have been adopted on the rear RX ANT IN / OUT and Transverter terminals – Other features announced (preliminary):
• 7-inch wide, touch screen colour liquid crystal display
• Built-in speaker, same diameter as the IC–7300.
• External digital display terminal (DVI) (EXT Display Connector)
• SD card slot for easy firmware updates –

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