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TS-990S HF/50MHz Ham Fair Tokyo 2012 – Some features overview in Kenwood booth

The KENWOOD TS-990S Dual TFT Display & Dual Receiver HF/50 at HAM FAIR Tokyo 2012, it is scheduled for worldwide launch under the KENWOOD brand in November 2012 – Some features overview in Kenwood booth! See the latest news: TS-990 Main Band Front-End, 1st Mixer +40dBm,  DSP Unit, 5 Roofing Filters a 8.248 MHz,  PA Unit with 2xVRF150, ATU Unit, Multi tunig-bar and other pictures belov!

Update 04/set/2012 – JVC Kenwood Co. (effective October, 2011, the two companies – Victor Company of Japan, Limited (JVC) and Kenwood Corporation – merged into JVC KENWOOD Corporation) continues to build outstanding products with high performance! – From Tokyo Ham Radio 2012 now begins the discovery of what is really inside! – (please click the picture to enlarge)
TS-990S Tokyo Video (link): Hamfair 2012 KENWOOD TS-990 Presentation by JVC KENWOOD 03/set/2012 – – – ハムフェア2012ケンウッドブースで実施されたTS-990プレゼンテーションステージの模様をお送りします。


TS-990S: 1st IF: 8.248 MHz – IP3: +40 dBm – Roofing Filters (Main) 270 Hz / 500 Hz /2.7 kHz / 6 kHz / 15 kHz –  Dual TFT High resolution color display and real-time Spectrum Scope – Main Display: 800×480 – Sub Dispaly 3.5″ 320×240 allow you to observe the Adjustable DSP IF Filter Passband – (you can quickly choose bandwidth and see the side to side signal-spectrum centered on the receiving frequency!) –

Slope Tune by adjusting LOW/HI Cut or SHIFT/WIDTH control….. on the Sub Display graphically displayed! – including an excellent analog-style “dial shirt” above the tuning knob ! (… this is all very verty fine!)
The front panel has so many controls, and lots of knobs! …  await until you try everything under the conditions of a grueling contest! –

TS-990S DSP technology has been enhanced thanks to three separate 32-bit Floating-point DSP Units. – One ADSP-21369 SHARCH Processor 400MHz SIMD SHARC Core, capable of 2.4 GFLOPS peak; 2xADSP-21363 333 MHz SIMD SHARC Core, capable of 2 GFLOPS peak.

Here are other pictures from the Flagship taken from the Kenwood promo and others video: The PA Unit with 2xVRF150, the ATU built like TS-590, the setting of multi bars for tuning the Main VFO into five slices of frequency, the menu screen and FSK/RTTY Encode/Decode on Display. (.. buona visione a tutti da RadioCronache!!)

All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders

The TS-990S with SP-990 speaker! The Waterfall function displayed at HAM RADIO DE 2012

The TS-990S and SP-990 Speaker! – TS-990 prototype with Waterfall function will be displayed as a reference exhibit at HAM RADIO 2012 in Friedrichshafen (June 22-24). Update !! See the new pictures of the TS990’s line, the latest info reports, Video and link below.

Interessante come sempre la Fiera di Friedrichshafen 2012 anche se alcune note ditte erano assenti, compresa la ACOM. La WoodBoxRadio con il nuovo Stand presentava novità made in Italy, come FDM-S1 e l’atteso Software Studio1.

Nello Stand Kenwood con il prototipo del TS-990, Michael Bruck ha mostrato in alcune occasioni le funzionalità del Transceiver HF/50MHz, compresa la modalità Waterfall nel Main Display TFT. Sul pannello posteriore (coperto invece a Dayton!) si notava l’uscita per un Monitor/Display e un Jack per una Keypad !

(Clcik on TS-990 SP-990 to big-enlarge!) – Two totally independent Receivers – Dual TFT display and a high speed Spectrum Scope (like IC-7800’s/7600’s, Icom’s pioneering work )  – Output Power 5W – 200W → Mode SSB CW FSK PSK FM AM → Built-in Switching Power Supply → Built-in Antenna Tuner → COM port → USB A/B port & LAN port – 

The KENWOOD TS-990S Dual TFT Display & Dual Receiver HF/50 at Dayton Hamvention® 2012, it is scheduled for worldwide launch under the KENWOOD brand in Novemb. 2012 – – まずはお目当てのTS-990です. – ドイツでは、フリードリッヒスハーフェン市にて開催される HAM RADIO 2012」(2012年6月22日~24日 !

Some features enumeration overheard in YouTube videos: The Main Receiver utilizes Super Sharp Roofing filters and Down-conversion – The sub-receiver is the TS-590 – Total Five roofing filters – 3×32 bit IF-DSP’s processors – DVI connector – Multiple USB-2 ports – Optical I/O –  LAN port (Remote controll via IP network?) …..

Reference exhibit model at Dayton Hamvention: TS-990 HF/50 MHz Transceiver –  the TS-990 is a top-of-the-range flagship model in the KENWOOD Amateur radio line-up“- (Click image to enlarge!) 

[Rumors] :  The new Flagship is expected to retail in the $5,400 – 6,800 USD range [ Please watch t official web-sites] – Link to: JVC Kenwood News Release

JVC Kenwood Co., is releasing a new top end rig in the heritage of TS-950SDX, the TS-990S. It will be a full year, according to Kenwood, before the TS-990S will be available in the USA. – [Note] Please note that as this product is under development, published information is subject to change w.n.

参考出品機種:HF/50MHz トランシーバー「TS-990」
デュアルTFTディスプレイ&デュアル・レシーバーを搭載した、当社アマチュア無線機のトップエンド“最高級実戦機”です。….. (2012年4月18日)

<- QST…. Kenwood’s New HF Transceiver at Dayton 2012 !! – The new transceiver will be roughly the same size as the TS950SDX.  – All HF + 50 MHz Bands … TS-990S.. (Click image to enlarge!!)
– Tokyo Ham Faire 2012年8月25日(土)・26日(日)東京ビッグサイトで開催 !

Link to:  HAM RADIO / HAMtronics / Computer / Messe Friedrichshafen

Video – the TS-990s and information from N4DRO at Dayton Hamvention 2012

[Note]: All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders

WR-G31DDC Excalibur Perseus Gemini AOR 2300 and DX-R8 Receivers, Ham Fair 2010

Tokyo Ham Fair 2010  AOR booth: The Digital Revolution – SDR Perseus 10kHz – 30MHz – AR5001D 40kHz – 3150MHz – AR2300  Black-Box Receiver from 40kHz to 3150 MHz .  Alinco booth DX-R8 — (See th Aor GUI above, Watch the Videos Tokyo Ham Radio (2010 年 東京ハムフェア AOR ブース) and the Link to Download the Flyers …below)

The AOR AR5001D Circuit Configuration: 40kHz – 25MHz Direct Conversion SDR // 25MHZ – 3150MHz Double or Triple Conversion Superheterodyne system // IP3: More than +20dBm (@14.1 MHz), More than +12dBm (@50 MHz), More than +7dBm (@620 MHz) – The AOR AR5001D features a spectrum display function. FFT analyzer is employed for fast spectrum display processing (Display built-in) – Digital I/Q output (Option) through USB2.0 – Composite video output (RCA type) 75 ohm 1V p-p –
US market  List Price:   $4299.00 // Your Price: $3799.95 – is expected August 2010.

Link to: Download AR5100D Flyer for Technical Highlights (PDF 580kB)

The AOR AR2300 Black Box feature a up to three channels can be monitored simultaneously. Direct sampling architecture below 25MHz. The AR2300 utilizes outstanding direct sampling digital architecture for reception below 25MHz. It features a 14 bit 65MS/sanalog-to-digital converter, a high-performance FPGA-based digital-down-converter and DSP-based demodulation circuitry. The AR2300 can be operated by remote control using an optional LAN controller. Digital I/Q output USB2.0 compatible isochronous transfer Digital I/Q output through USB Type-A Jack. Frequency range 25MHz – 3.15GHz (!GUI Software like Perseus Microtelecom It)

Link to: Download AR2300 Flyer for Tecnical features (PDF 909kB)

TOKYO HAM FAIR 2010 AOR BOOTH 2010年 東京ハムフェア AOR ブース  and Watch a collection of videos from the Tokyo Ham Fair 2010 (Related videos watch here …Icom, Yaesu, Kenwood, Other SDR, Loop Antenna and  Alinco DX-R8 SDR) by ThePacificocean777

Alinco DX-R8 150KHz to 35MHz are all mode radio wave receiver SSB CW AM and FM reception mode. More I/Q equipped
rear panel output port signal detection and freeware SDR Using software. The DX-R8 has the popular support behind, SDR! Connected to the PC to process digital data. The software itself uses a variety of  free software. (Google Jap/En!!)
(Info from the  web) And recently the Japanese version of SDR (free software) KG-SDR I can do it!

(Previous Report of 28/07/2010) – The new WR-G31DDC Excalibur by WiNRADIO, the Perseus and New Gemini by Microtelecom Direct Sampling Receivers, already displayed to Ham Radio Fair in Friedrichshafen 2010 (report of 28/07/2010)

WR-G31DDC Excalibur new Direct-Sampling Receiver by RADIXON Group Pty. Ltd. a fully-owned subsidiary of the Australian company Robotron. Robotron is a privately owned high-technology R&D and investment company, founded in 1983.- In the commercial market, the company operates under its brand name WiNRADiO ©  —- Link to: Radixon Group Pty. Ltd  official  Home-page

WiNRADiO © declares that the  new WR-G31DDC Excalibur receiver’s robust front-end (ndr: no preselectors filters!) is equipped with an ultrahigh-linearity amplifier which result in exceptional strong-signal performance. An advanced “dithering” technique eliminates spurios signals without significantly increasing the receiver’s nois floor. The superior 16-bit 100 MSPS analog-to-digital converter (ADC) provides exceptional performance over an extremely wide range of signals. Frequency range 9 kHz to 49.995 MHz three indipendent channels can be set separately.

Excalibur did not Preselector filters in the RF imput, has only (MW filter) a high pass for medium wave. Excalibur sample at 100 MHz (MSPS), but what really happens tuning signals around the frequency of “Nyquist” (100 : 2 = 50MHz) – [Note]: The figures SFDR (Spurious-Free Dynamic Range) declared by the producer is still about 107 dB. The Image Rejection 90 dB typ, with an MDS of -130 dBm @ 10 MHz/500 Hz BW. (Clik the image to enlarge  Ultra Low Jitter Clock features for the Gemini FPGA)

New GEMINI, HF/VHF Dual Channel SDR  at 200 MSPS – © Microtelecom  Srl Italy displayed in Ham Radio 2010 at latest Friedrichshafen —- Link to: HamRadio 2010 Photo Gallery by Ari Perugia

The new GEMINI receiver features two RF inputs signals simultaneously sampled by the Gemini A/D converter are numerically processed at 200 MSPS/channel by a high speed multichannel digital down-converter implemented in a FPGA of Xilinx’s most recent Spartan6 family – Ultra Low Jitter Clock for the Highest Dynamic Range up to VHFs! (including the value of SFDR – Spurious-Free Dynamic Range) – Each of the two RF front-ends are equipped with a six bands pre-selection filters bank ranging from 28 to 170 MHz. —- Link to: Microtelecom srl >Gemini official web-page

Preliminari Specificatons (typical at 145 MHz): RF Imput (2x) – Range 28/170 MHz – Imput IP3 +9dBm – Dynamic Range (500 Hz BW) 100 dB – Blocking DR (500 Hz BW) 123 dB – Internal Reference Clock 400 MHz TCXO – PC Interface USB2 port – Size 210 x 80 x 190 mm (WxHxL)

Leggi di seguito tutto il testo in Italiano and more …………..>

Continua la lettura di WR-G31DDC Excalibur Perseus Gemini AOR 2300 and DX-R8 Receivers, Ham Fair 2010

IC-9100 at last Ham Radio, 2010….. The projected release is araund October

At Friedrichshafen, last Ham radio 28 June, 2010, Icom Europe said that the IC-9100 would be released around September / October — The projected release is around October 2010!
Watch the photo inside the IC-9100 (click below for larger images) !!→ Updating: Andrews Comm  Now it is * Due Sept/Oct? (see the link below)

The IC-9100 covers 100W on HF, 50MHz and 144MHz, 75W on 430/440MHz and 10W on 1200MHz (option). The radio simultaneously receives two different bands (1. HF/50MHz + VHF/UHF – 2. VHF + UHF – 3. 430/440MHz + 1200MHz) and works as if there are two independent receivers in one radio. (Source by © 2010 Icom Inc)

Two 32-bit DSP and double conversion superheterodyne Each main and sub-receiver has a dedicated DSP unit The D-STAR mode (option) is available in 28MHz and 50MHz  bands simplex mode as well as in VHF and UHF bands USB connector for PC control Modulator, received audio,  RTTY demodulator, DV mode data can also be transferred over the USB cable  GPS position reporting functions Satellite mode operation or even moonbounce Optional CS-9100 programming Software The built-in RTTY demodulator and decoder Optional 1st IF filters for HF/50MHz bands Optional D-STAR DV mode UT-121 Unit And more Features: Download the  new Brochure released from Icom Inc. (Link below)

Link to:  Icom America IC-9100 –  has updated their web page
Link to:  Download the new Pre-release Icom inc (14.05.2010) – 2.6MB .PDF
Link to: The IC-9100 web-page by Adam,VA7OJ/AB4OJ

!! Andrews Communications Systems in NSW AU has again changed their web site on the radio IC-9100. Now it is * Due Sept/Oct? Link to Andrews web → (updated 25.07.2010)

Andrews Communications Systems in New South Wales AU –  has updated their web site, saying they will have the radio * Due Sept/Oct? – Expected price AU$4000.00 (with or…. with none of the “options”!? D-Star, Roofing Filters 3/6 kHz and 1.2G module extra?)  – List Price calculated in USD = 3600.00? (AUD/USD: 0,9010 of 05.13.2010) Andrews Comm. we’ll have the best price, of course!

A Friedrichshafen, nella fiera Ham Radio di fine Giugno 2010 scorso, Icom Europa ha detto che l’IC-9100 verrà commercializzato verso settembre/ottobre! – In effetti si dice che  dovrebbe essere più in Ottobre. – La Andrews Communications Australia ha ancora aggiornato il suo sito web, sulla pagina del IC-9100  scrive: L’arrivo ora è previsto * per Settembre/Ottobre? 2010! (25.07.2010) – Il prezzo di listino rimane sempre AU$4000.00 con previsti sconti – Link al sito Andrews Comm

Il Prezzo atteso rimane A$ 4.000,00 AUD – (Non è indicato se il prezzo comprende le opzioni: Modulo D-Star, Filtri stretti 3/6kHz e il modulo 1.2GHz che eventualmente sarerebbero extra?) – Arrivo previsto ora a Settembre. – Il prezzo in Euro al Cambio di 0,7155 (del 13.5.2010) sarebbe = a  €2.860,00 di Listino  (prezzo indicativo!)

Presto speriamo di leggere  le notizie sul IC9100 e il suo prezzo anche su Marcucci SpA!

I dati sul doppio ricevitore, doppio DSP e tutte le  funzioni operative si trovano sulla nuova Brochure Icom del 14.05.10 – Scaricabile dal Link più sopra

Il nuovo multi banda IC-9100 dimostrativo, in attesa del Certificato FCC, è stato esposto alla Dayton Hamvention 2010 nello Stand della Icom America con la nuova Pre-Release

Tokyo Ham Fair 2009: Kenwood’s video introducing a new HF transceiver and Handheld


Ham-Fair in Tokyo 22 23 August, 2009 Kenwood news – [Note] The-depiction-is-not-official-document- !

english Ham-Fair in Tokyo 22 23 August, 2009: KENWOOD has a plan to release new handy transceiver & compact HF+6m transceiver on 2010. Kenwood’s video introduing a new HF transceiver and Handheld talkie available 2010! —- See the Link and new Front Panel  (big images) below!

Our best info about Kenwood’s HF radio plans is that next year (probably at Dayton 2010) they will bring out a new Mid-priced radio (abaut 2000€) that replaces the TS-570 series, at which time they will start designing a new flag-ship, High-end HF +6m radio (abaut 4000/5000€) that could come out as early as 2011….

Continua la lettura di Tokyo Ham Fair 2009: Kenwood’s video introducing a new HF transceiver and Handheld

Hamradio 2009 Friedrichshafen Prezzi Prices Precios Preis and Sonderpreis! Icom, Yaesu..


englishHamradio 2009 Friedrichshafen Prezzi Prices Precios Preis and Sonderpreis! See the Special Prices for IC-7700 IC-7600 IC-7200 IC-7400 IC-718 IC-7000 IC-910H  Yaesu FT-950 FT-450AT FT-897D FT-857D Icom D-STAR IC-E92 IC-E80D IC-2820 VT-123 ID-E880. Buy Ham Radio Equipment…. Preis… and Sonderpreis… Acquistare apparati radio.. Prezzi e Prezzi scontati… See the Link below for Ham Radio 2009 Photo GalleryContinua la lettura di Hamradio 2009 Friedrichshafen Prezzi Prices Precios Preis and Sonderpreis! Icom, Yaesu..

Friedrichshafen 2009: Hilberling and Telefunken Racoms PT-8000 launch maybe this year!


PT-8000 New Telefunken HF VHF Transceiver! Hamradio 2009 in Friedrichshafen, the absence of a stand Hilberling, who presented the HF transceiver PT-8000 only with a poster with the distribution indicated by the Telefunken Racoms! One of the sensations at Ham Radio 2009 Friedrichshafen is the co-operation of Hilberling and Telefunken Racoms. So it seems the PT-8000 may be available this year!
Hamradio 2009 di Friedrichshafen DE, assenza di uno stand della Hilberling, che invece presentava il transceiver HF PT-8000 soltanto con un manifesto con indicata la distribuzione da parte di Telefunken Racoms. Questo ha rafforzato le voci e la  sensazione di una co-operazione tra Hilberling e Telefunken Racoms per il PT-8000, che sembrà sarà disponibile  entro questo anno!

Continua la lettura di Friedrichshafen 2009: Hilberling and Telefunken Racoms PT-8000 launch maybe this year!

IC-7600 video at Dayton 2009 Hamvention: See the demo by VA7OJ’s and Other related Videos


IC-7600 at Dayton 2009 Hamvention. Goods Video! Very nice demo by VA7OJ’s Adam do a great job of highlighting the DSP functionality, and many rx features of the new Icom rig. Thanks Adam, for professional demo on the Icom booth in Dayton 2009.
the Video 1 and other YouTube related videos (click the triangle on the right and 1st logo!)

va7ojIC-7600 alla Hamvention  di Dayton del 15 e 16 Maggio, 2009. Adam ha realizzato due Ottimi due Video su IC-7600!
Una bella dimostrazione di VA7OJ’s, Adam che con il suo impegno e capacità tecniche riesce a dimostrare le funzionalità dei comandi, del DSP, del TFT Display e del Ricevitore.
Guarda da qui i Video: Demo 1 e altri Correlati.  Grazie Adam, per l’ottimo lavoro in stand Icom  in Dayton Hamvention  2009.

An IC-756PRO3 might be replaced by the IC-7600 and it might be release on this coming 2009. Watch the Video from Icom Stand

IC-7600 con l’IC-756Pro3 per un più facile confronto visivo. Seguono alcune informazioni preliminari, che non sono quelle ufficiali, ma notizie generiche dal reparto vendite nello stand di  ICOM alla Ham Fair di Tokyo 2008.
L’IC-756PRO3, presentato a Tokyo nel 2004, dovrebbe essere sostituito dall’IC-7600 che  potrebbe essere rilascio durante il prossimo inverno.  Il prezzo di listino dovrebbe essere della stessa fascia di quello di un IC-756PRO3.  Con una tastiera esterna connessa alla porta USB, l’IC-7600 supporta la modalità digitale come ad esempio RTTY o PSK31 ed anche senza un PC. La funzione del “DW” Doppia Ricezione, sarebbe limitata per ricevere la stessa frequenza e lo stesso modo come nel Pro3. (quale sarà la soluzione adottata in “DW” nel caso di commutazione  dei Roofing Filters stretti per la  banda passante?)  
Questo nuovo transeiver mantiene lo standard C-IV per il remote (vedi mini-jack C-IV sul retro del pannello) oltre alla porta USB sul retro che oltre il remote gestisce i segnali audio impu/ouput per nuove applicazioni software da PC. (come nel IC-7200). In particolare sul retro c’è anche un connettore segnato: X-VERTER, ma anche si vede un mini jack marcato: “METER” (per chi ama vedere lo S-miter analogico c’è un mini jack per uno strumento opzional da collegare esterno)

Link to: VA7OJ/AB4OJ’s, Adam IC-7600 Web page

WATCH the Video from the Icom Booth


ENG: The preliminary information. These are not the official information but the sales rep at the ICOM booth Ham Fair Tokyo 2008.
An IC-756PRO 3 might be replaced by the IC-7600 and it might be release during this coming winter .
The list price might be the same price range of an IC-756PRO 3. With an external keyboard (USB port), the IC-7600 supports a digital mode such as a RTTY and PSK31, even without a PC. It might have the limited DW Dual Receive function for the same frequency and same mode (Performance in “DW ” reduced due to roofing filter width?) The transceive maintains the standard C-IV, see mini jack “remote” on the back panel.  In addition there is the rear USB port (feature is the same as the IC-7200 CI-V and audio input-output  for PC); 
The rear panel connectors, X-verter, but also what looks like a 3,5 mm. mini-jack marked “METER” for optional analog  S-miter.