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SmartSDR Ver 1.21

FlexRadio Systems the SmartSDR Ver. 1.2.1 is available on time !

FlexRadio: The SmartSDR v1.2.1 for both the FLEX-6500 and FLEX-6700 contains a wealth of new features which are over and above those promised in the develpment roadmap! See the link to enhanced support, User Guide and pictures below. 


The new features we are releasing with SmartSDR v1.2.1: High Resolution Waterfall/Panafall display with Waterfall Memory. Tracking Notch FilterTM (TNF) and Synchronous AM (SAM). Quick Record/Playback and Downward Expander Control – See below a partial list of the new features.


Variable Precision: the waterfall adjusts both the sampling rate and the bin size – Waterfall Memory: allows you to freeze the waterfall at any point and scroll back in time – Optimized Network Bandwidth: the waterfall consumes a fraction of the network bandwidth for field for full networking – Fully Synchronized Panafall: the waterfall shifts as you tune or zoom to stay lined up with your current panadapter settings – Advanced Gain and Black Level Controls: so if you see a signal in the noise and you want to give it some more detail, you can adjust the waterfall until the signal sticks out of the noise and manual tweaking of the waterfall colors

Link to: FlexRadio SmartSDR Software Users Guide v1.2.1



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FLEX-6000™ FlexRadio releases the Quick Start Guide EN – N6V Special IDXC Visalia


FLEX-6700 & FLEX-6500 - Available the Flex-6000’s Quick Start Guide Final in official FlexRadio Systems Download page. – Finally, the 6000’s are starting to ship a few units at a time. – See the N6V Special Event Station Report – The new software, SmartSDR™ is a Thin Client system!! - See the pictures & link to download QSG  & Ham Radio Messe in Friedrichshafen 2013 …link below.

Flex-6000-prodFLEX-6000 Signature Series we started up manufacturing, implemented automated production test software, completed final production CE/FCC compliance testing, solved a myriad of typical production startup issues.-  K5SDR, Gerard  updates the project status (FlexInside-10).
The [CE] marked devices meet the essential requirements of Directive 1999/5/EC (Directive on Electronic and electrical equipmen) – FlexRadio Systems Date of  Testing: April 24, 2013.

The Quick Start Guide is designed to get you on the air with minimum effort. – This “QSG” provides only the basic steps to set up your FLEX-6500 or FLEX-6700. For more information see the Documentation folder on the CD-ROM that came with your SDR Transceiver.

Link to: FLEX-6000’s SDR Quick Start Guide – Filesize: 2,07MBytes
Link to: Importatore IT WoodBox Radio IK3VIG – Info & data Italy

Recommendations and Requirements: Minimum recommended CPU for SmartSDR for Windows is the Intel® Core™ 2 Duo or AMD® Athlon™ 64 x2 processor – The SmartSDR is a 64 and 32-bit Windows .NET Framework application designed to operate on Windows XP SP3, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. – The .NET Framework 4.0 Client Profile is required. (….source QSG FlexRadio).

Flex-6000-family_Dayton-2013Dall’immagine qui a lato si da un rapido sguardo ad una stazione radio FLEX-6000-serie, così come poteva vedersi alla recente esposizione internazionale Hamvention 2013 in Dayton Usa, presso gli stand della stessa FlexRadio Systems e si vedranno le ulteriori news anche alla Ham Radio di  Friedrichshafen De in June 2013, 28-30.

Il nuovissimo software SmartSDR™ qui sopra è in funzione con FLEX-6500 o FLEX-6700 e mostra qui solo due “Panadapters” ad alta definizione con  piccoli menu a tendina per rapidi e facili multi settaggi operativi! –  (Click the picture to enlarge)

Link to: Amateur Radio Exibition Friedrichshafen Ham Radio Messe 2013

Receivers type: Direct Sampling / Direct Conversion / Multi Conversion


  1. Direct Sampling a.k.a wideband: FLEX-6000 Series – HPSDR – Perseus, etc.
  2. Direct Conversion: FLEX-5000, FLEX-3000, Elecraft KX3, etc.
  3. Multi-Conversion a.k.a. Superheterodyne: Most every Kenwood, Icom, Ten-Tec, Elecraft, Yaesu amd Hilberling (note: latest models use a double conversion system it reduces signal distorsion and provides a high-fidelity RF signal to the builtin DSP processor)

italianoTra un mese circa potremo verificare la portata reale della sfida tra i noti produttori di apparati HF che insistono con l’architettura a Multi-Conversione, anche se con unità IF-DSP nello statio IF finale ed ora quasi tutti muniti di Display TFT multifunzione, e la nuova Signature Series FLEX-6000 con il suo nuovo Software (Thin Client) SmartSDR™ della FlexRadio americana. –
Questa Serie 6000 è dotata di alta potenza di calcolo ed elaborazione digitale (ADC – DUC _ FPGA – DSP – Grafica) – tutta entro-contenuta, che passa dal sistema SDR Direct Conversion (Flex-5000, Flex-3000 etc) al più recente sistema Direct Sampling  wideband! –  Naturalmente andranno considerati anche i prezzi finali dei vari modelli e le reali prestazioni ed affidabilità.

The Flex-6700 out of the box and how it saounds report by K6TU – see link below – The FlexRadio 6700 experience at N6V IDXC Visalia April, 2013 by EtherGeist, link below.

 The Flex-6700 out of the box and how it saounds by K6TU, Stu.

Flex-6700_inside-box14 May, 2013 – Stu Phillips, wrote: …… “As soon as I got the email alert that the package had been delivered, I hustled home and started unpacking……….. With the 6700 connected to the antenna via my amplifier, I made a test tranmission to set the output power and then started tuning for someone to work.” -

italianoPoi K6TU più sotto scrive: “Il primo QSO è stato con un IT9 nel sud Italia. Con entrambi i segnali di S8 è stato un piacevole QSO ed ho ottenuto un controllo di “audio ottimo” in risposta alla mia domanda: “how does it sound?” (come è il suono?)
Link to:  EtherGeist First Report – Flex-6700 full article by K6TU

FLEX-6700 on the Air at N6V – IDXC April 2013 (report by K6TU)


Sempre K6TU, Stu Phillips racconta le prime esperienze già fatte con il Flex-6700 durante l’attività di N6V (Speciale Event Station) attivata alla 64th IDXC 2013 (International DX Convention is held every April in Visalia, California US). Come si può leggere dal link più sotto Stu ha scritto un interessante articolo che, vista la lunga attesa per questo nuovo SDR Flex, può essere  interessante leggere dato che è scritto da pochi giorni per un ragguardevole “assetto” che si può vedere anche dalla foto qui sopra! // ……very grateful to the following folks who helped me put on N6V in 2011 and 2013.

  • US Tower brings along a heavy duty mobile tower (55’)
  • SteppIR supplies and assembles the antenna on site (DB-18E)
  • MAntenna Systems supplied the rotor (Orion 2800) and cables
  • RF Concepts supplied an Alpha 9500
  • FlexRadio Systems supplies the Flex-6700 radio

I’ve used every major brand of radio in the 40 years……  the FlexRadio System Flex-6700 evaluated as the best receiver K6TU has used in 40 years of amateur and professional experience regardless of the tranceiver costs!
………….. The filters perform!  You can pull signals out of a busy band that are really weak – even when parked next to a very strong station….

Link to: EtherGeist Report – Flex-6700 experience at N6V (full article)

FlexRadio Systems Flex-6000’s radios will start shipping  from mid/late-June

SmartSDR_on-thin-client Slices_18-14MHz SmartSDR_wireless 1944_Halicrafter-radio

The new Flex Radio SmartSDR™ software running on a very THIN client.
italianoAd oggi le notizie dicono che la produzione è in corso e il software è in fase di test. Flex Radio ha diversi “beta-tester” che proveranno i nuovi Transceiver SDR. Molto impegno degli ingegneri sviluppatori è anche per il modulo “panadapter” che ora è stato molto implementato rispetto al progetto iniziale. – Tutte le funzioni di elaborazione dei segnali e di calcolo per il DSP sono tutte entrocontenute nella serie Flex-6000, contrariamente a quanto avveniva o avviene in altri modelli (come il Flex-5000 etc.) che utilizzano la potenza di calcolo ed elaborazione data sopratutto dal Computer esterno. La nuova serie funziona in “THIN Client”, con Computer anche semplici o via rete Ethernet.


Unlike PowerSDR (es. Flex-5000 etc.) where all the UI and DSP software are combined in one piece of software, SmartSDR™ is a THIN Client – its basically a User interface. – All the DSP functionality  runs on a dedicated processor within the radio itself. SmartSDR™ software running on a very THIN client. – (Clik the pictures to enlarge)

Link to: Download the Brochure in Italiano pdf by WoodBoxRadio (IT)

[Note] All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders. This page is just a non-official overview, where no one should draw any conclusions – all images and versions above is for illustration only!