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Icom Inc. announces the IC-7851 its new flagship HF/50MHz Transceiver

IC-7851 – Icom Inc. Japan announces the IC-7851 a new flagship HF/50MHz 200W Transceiver, the series-production version of the IC-7850 (limited edition) which offers a number of improvements over the IC-7800. (Download the large broshure JPN & news – link below)

I primi l IC-7851 nel’Akihabara-center di Tokyo esposti da Icom per il pubblico!

Icom Inc. in the JR Radio Hall buildin in Akihabara-center of Tokyo, first time exhibited the HF/50MHz  flagship IC-7851 (pic by Hamlife Jp)
Icom is top priority to the performance than the cost,  (JP 価格  希望小売価格 1,100,000円+税 !) excellent 1.2kHz narrow band filter of IMD characteristics in the 64MHz 1st IF stage “Optimum Roofing Filter” was carefully adopted.

IC-7851 BPF & Front-end (a numbers of improvements over the IC-7800)

IC-7851 New Front-end: BPF switching, automatic pre-selector of CPU control, D-MOS FET array use of ultra-high dynamic range receiver mixer and 1st IF Roofing Filter.

Three DSP & 24-bit AD/DA conveter – ADSP-21489- 32-bit floating-point maximum processing speed: 2400MFLOPS, internal clock operation at about 393 MHz

IC-7851 RMDR: 110dB at 1kHz detuning (spacing) (typical) (reception frequency: 14.2MHz, MODE: CW, IF BW: 500Hz, Roofing 1.2kHz) that you can not reach the area you could not talk in a conventional machine.

Icom ha annunciato l’arrivo del IC-7851 in sostituzione del IC-7800 (dopo la serie speciale 50)

* 1.2 kHz 1st-IF roofing filter optimized for shape factor and passive IMD * New DDS/PLL LO, with much lower phase noise than the existing IC-7800 LO * FFT spectrum scope and waterfall via dedicated scope DSP * Separate real-time scope/waterfall fields for Main and Sub receivers * Enhanced mouse functionality * USB, Ethernet and S/P-DIF interfaces * SD card slot; firmware updates via SD card or USB thumb-drive – Link to【IC-7851】唯一、無比のデュアルスコープ、圧倒的なRMDR特性で頂点を極めたフラグシップ機  (JPN)

Link to: IC-7851 Product Broshure – JPN language in PDF

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Codan Envoy™ – HF Software Defined Radio (SDR) Link Management

The CODAN’s Envoy™ is a HF powerful software defined radio (SDR) communications  Manpak Transceiver made in Australia by  Codan Limited A.C.N. – Codan  is trusted around the globe for humanitarian public safety, and security mission. – The Envoy™allows voice communication from the field using RF to a base station routed through the Internet to another country in real time.  See the CALM system (+ALE!) by link below.


Codan Envoy™ uses the latest software-defined architecture, which means you can download and upgrade new capabilities through software – (The Amateur radio operators have already familiar with this!) – Using Codan’s advanced digital vocoder option, voice clarity in high noise environments now provides even more dependability when it really counts in the field.


The Envoy’s Codan Automated Link Management (CALM™) feature uses its in-builtin intelligence to determine the most efficient frequency. The high frequency radio bounces off the inonosfere, travelling  some 1000 km (750 miles), and lands on a remote HF site located just outside site the place of use, which is equipped with an Envoy RF unit that is IP capable and wireless-network can get your message (ALE call and GPS coordinates!) to anywhere in the world. !! CALM™ provides a dramatic improvement over conventional ALE or Selcalls systems


Dual antenna support – 125 W RF output power – Integrated robust 3012 compatible data modem CES / AES – Powerful PC-based programming software – Calling systems 4/6 digit Selcall based on CCiR 493-4 (compliant with UN open Selcall) – FED-STD-1045 ALE – MiL-STD-188-141B ALE – SDR processing architecture: DSP, 456 MHz, 32-bit FPGA, 500,000 gate MCU, ARM9, 300 MHz 32-bit…..and more.
Link to: Envoy more info by AT Electronic  company (web)
ink to: More info CALM the Automated Link Management

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IC-7100 User Evalutation & Test Report. IC-7100 – IC-7000 Feature Comparison by VA7OJ, Adam – Picture, Video & more.


IC-7100 User Evalutation and Full Test Report plus IC-7100/IC-7000 Feature Comparison by VA7OJ, Adam. (! see link +below!) – See the Video demo by GØTAN Engineering staf at ML&S Ltd UK (link +below) – I think that hams using D-STAR will find it a nice addition to their base or mobile setups for DV (digital-voice & data) mode on the 28MHz, 50MHz and VHF UHF bands. (!… danger mobile radio: keeping your eyes on the road!) – See the pictures, video and more below.


The IC-7100 display contrast ratio is also quite nice. I wish it had a color screen as some others have noted. I don’t think much is missed by not having a color screen, as there’s no information displayed that twould benefit from color. The display resistive touch screen is easy operation!


IC-7100 User Evalutatio & Full Test Report by VA7OJ, Adam (!a report of 48 pages)

This Report describes the evaluation of IC-7100 (S/N 02001352) from a user perspective. – Appendix 1) is a comparison of IC-7100 and IC-7000 features in tabular form. – Appendix 2) presents results of an RF lab test suite performed on the radio. Adam also writes: “I was able to spend a few days with the IC-7100 in my ham-shack, and thus had the opportunity to exercise the radio’s principal features and evaluate its on-air behavior”. – (thanks to Adam).


italianoIl Report di ben 48 pagine in pdf, descrive ampie valutazioni come utente dell’IC-7100 (S/N 02001352 US version) – Nell’Appendice 1) vengono comparate, in forma di tabulato,  le caratteristiche principali del IC-7100 e del precedente IC-7000 – Nell’Appendice 2) sono presentati ampi risultati delle misure e dei vari test nel laboratorio RF di Adam sul nuovo transceiver Icom. – Adam scrive anche: “Sono riuscito a trascorrere alcuni giorni con questo IC-7100 nella mia “baracca” di radioamatore, quindi ho avuto la possibilità di provare le caratteristiche principali della radio e valutarne il comportamento On-air” (Grazie ad Adam per l’interessante recensione).

pdf_logoLink to: IC-7100 User Review & Test Report & Comparison by VA7OJ (ENG)

The DR key accesses a D-STAR repeater setup menu, facilitating D-Star service configuration. The DR mode is the “enhanced” user interface for VHF/UHF D-STAR operation. For HF D-STAR, or for those more accustomed to the basic D-STAR operation, simply selecting DV will give access to the D-STAR digital mode.

Video-demo by GØTAN  senior  Technical Support & Engineering staff at ML&S Ltd
Filmed at the ML&S Store in UK. – Video produced and edited by Henry Lynch.

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R&S®EM510 HF Receiver 9 kHz to 32 MHz – R&S®PR100 Receiver 9 kHz to 7.5 GHz


R&S®EM510 HF Digital Wideband Receiver from 9 kHz to 32 MHz is a Direct Receiver, after the antenna signal has passed through Preselection with Highpass/Lowpass Filters, it is fed directly into the ADC (Analog Digital Converter) –  R&S®PR100 portable receiver  9 kHz to 7.5 GHz spectrum and spectrogram (waterfall) display on 6.5″ color screen – See the pictures, summary overview and Official Data Sheet (ENG) by link below.


The R&S®EM510 receiver features digital IF filters with 30 different bandwidths from 100 Hz to 10 MHz. The filter characteristics are optimized for radio-monitoring tasks, allowing top-quality processing of signals up to 10 MHz bandwidth.
Panorama scan up to 34 GHz/s or 600 000 channels/s – Frequency/memory scan up to 1500 channels/s – IF panorama with up to 9.6 MHz span – Video panorama, AM, FM, AM², FM², I/Q, I/Q² – Audio filters: notch, noise suppression, band-pass – Dual-channel analog video output (AM, FM) – LAN interface (SCPI) – and more!

R&S_EM510_rearExcellent RF characteristics and a wide dynamic range combined with powerful Digital Signal Processing are the basis for optimal system solutions.
Wideband operation: I/Q data up to 10 MHz bandwidth – Demodulation up to 10 MHz bandwidth – and more! – Demodulation modes: FM – AM – PULSE (AM PULSE)- jM – USB – LSB – ISB – CW – I/Q.

Input level: –137 dBm to +10 dBm (–30 dBμV to +117 dBμV) f = 400 kHz to 32 MHz / Frequency resolution: 1 Hz / Aliasing suppression: ≥90 dB, typ. 120 dB / 3nd Order IP: ≥30 dBm, typ. 35 dBm (low distortion mode), f = 1 MHz to 32 MHz – ≥20 dBm, typ. 25 dBm (normal mode), f = 1 MHz to 32 MHz / and more features… see the link below.

Link to: Download the R&S EM510 Data Sheet for all informations (ENG)
Link to: More information at (ENG)

R&S PR100 ReceiverThe R&S®PR100 portable receiver  9 kHz to 7.5 GHz Spectrum and spectrogram (waterfall) display on 6.5″ color screen has been specifically designed for radio-monitoring applications in the field – Display of results on a digital map loaded in the R&S®PR100 – Digitally modulated signals converted to the baseband using I/Q demodulation and stored in the receiver or exported via LAN – Full remote control via LAN interface (SCPI commands to IEEE488.2) and more.. see the link below

Link to: Download the R&S®PR100 Data Sheet #..87012 – 29 pag. (ENG)

R&S PR100_spectrumtypeFast panorama scan across the entire frequency range from 9 kHz to 7.5 GHz
10 MHz IF spectrum e demodulation with bandwidths from 150 Hz to 500 kHz
Spectrum and spectrogram (waterfall) display on 6.5″ color screen
Automatic location of emissions with direction finding (20 MHz to 6 GHz)
Whether used for monitoring emissions, detecting interference or locating miniature transmitters

[Note] Operation using standard software and PC  (The EM510 receiver comes with comprehensive operating software etc.) – All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders – This page is just a non-official overview, where no one should draw any conclusions.

IC-9100 Up. Firmware V.E1 – QST review April 2012 and the “NPR rx Testing” by VA7OJ

IC-9100 update the Firmware Version V.E1 of April, 2012 – Checking Version on your rtx – The NPR Testing of many HF Receivers by VA7OJ, Adam (latest NPR updated in March, 2013) see link below –  QST reviews IC-9100 on April, 2012 by WW3DE, see the summary key 14MHz below – RS-BA1® remote control system … really cool stuff and Linck, Video and more.

IC-9100 Checking the Version installed – (idem for the IC-7410)

IC-9100_checking-version1) – Press and hold [F4] and [F5] while turning [ON] the IC-9100 – (idem for the IC-7410)
2) – Do NOT release [F4] and [F5] until you have READ the Version results (3)
3) – Results will appear at the bottom of the display

Results for latest V.E1 – F: 3.01-000 = Front (currently no updates) – M: 3.42-E00 = Main (currently no updates) – DM: 3.03 <00> = DSP Main (Previous version should read 3.02) – DS: 3.04 <00> = DSP Sub (Previous version should read 3.03) – (!! Read the Icom information)

[Note] for the IC-7410 HF/50MHz  is NOT granted any firmware, for now

The IC-9100 Firmware V.E1 has just been posted 13/3/2012. – This upgrade is applied from a PC via the rear-panel [USB B] port. – The IC-9100’s firmware can be updated if desired. By updating the firmware, new function(s) can be added and performance can be improved. – This capability ends months of speculation: “Is it or isn’t it?”  – – See the Utility Link, the QST Review, the latest NPR rx Testing (3/2013) by VA7OJ  and RS-BA1 remote control … below !

IC-9100 la Versione V.E1 del Firmware è disponibile dal 13/03/2012.

Con questo terminano le incertezze e le voci varie, sì l’IC-9100 ha il suo Firmware aggiornabile!
Come verificare la Versione del Firmware nell’IC-9100 e IC-7410: vedere comandi riportati più sopra; –  I dati identificativi dell’ultima Versione E1 rilascita da ICOM Inc. solo per l’IC-9100,  ove già installata a bordo oppure  dopo aver fatto l’aggiornamento, apparirano sulla parte bassa del Display con una serie di valori (vedere più sopra) – [Nota] Per l’IC-7410 non risultano ancora aggiornamenti ad oggi – (NB: Informarsi tramite tutte le news ufficiali di Icom!)

Il firmware del IC-9100 può essere aggiornato, se uno lo desidera, tramite un PC e via porta [USB-B] sul pannello posteriore. Con l’aggiornamento del firmware, naturalmente, possono essere aggiunte nuove funzioni e migliorate le prestazioni via, via da parte del costruttore. –
[Note]: A USB cable type A-B  is required. – Please read Icom “Firmware update instructions” PDF

Link to: Icom Co. Jp Firmware V.E1 Official download page
Link to: Icom Co. Jp Firmware Update Manual Istructions

Noise Power Ratio (NPR) Testing of HF Receivers -© by Adam, VA7OJ/AB4OJ
Using notched noise to evaluate dynamic receiver performance

Noise Power Ratio (NPR) Testing of HF Receivers – Using notched noise to evaluate dynamic receiver performance – (…. To put the impact of the NPR test into perspective, a -9 dBm Ptot level at 5.6 MHz BRF is equivalent to 1200 simultaneous SSB signals at -43 dBm each, i.e. S9 + 30 dB!) etc. etc…. by Adam Farson, VA7OJ/AB4OJ- (!! updated in March, 2013see the link below)

Con il Test NPR Adam, dimostra che il generatore di rumore bianco immette un segnale a banda larga che carica tutti gli stati del ricevitore, il Front-end, i Filtri e l’eventuale Preselettore, simulando la risposta alla ricezione di multi-segnali del DUT (come in realtà succede collegandovi un’antenna). – Il rumore bianco viene rimosso alla frequenza sintonizzata del ricevitore da un adatto filtro notch, inserito in serie. – A causa della distorsione dei circuiti del ricevitore (DUT imput), questa tacca (notch) tende a riempirsi con prodotti di intermodulazione, i cui effetti verranno oppurtunamente misurati in uscita (DUT output).

Link to: Download the NPR test in PDF by VA7OJ Adam (pdf ENG)

QST reviews the  IC-9100 on April, 2012 – An overview of the ICOM IC-9100 MF/HF/VHF/UHF Transceiver on the QST magazine by Rick, WW3DE  NCJ Managing Editor (ARRL).

Da: “Key Summary” – (Intercept values ..determined using -97 dBm reference)
Qui vengono riportati solo i numeri a 14 MHz, Pre OFF – RTX  IC-7410 / IC-9100

  • …………………………………..Icom IC-7410……………..Icom IC-9100
  • …………………………………QST October 2011.………….. QST April 2012
  • Spacing 20 kHz blocking gain compression….144 dB…………….…….142 dB
  • Spacing    2 kHz blocking gain compression….111 dB………….……….111 dB
  • Spacing 20 kHz 3rd-order dynamic range……106 dB…………….…….108 dB
  • Spacing    2 kHz 3rd-order dynamic range….….88 dB…………….………87 dB
  • Spacing 20 kHz 3rd-order intercept……………+29 dBm……………….+29 dBm
  • Spacing    2 kHz 3rd-order intercept……………+  5 dBm…………….….+  2 dBm

See the April, 2012 issue of QST magazine for the complete review and ARRL Lab test results.
[Note]: Area Members Only – to log-in; –
Link to: ARRL – American Radio Relay League for Amateur Radio Home-page

QST pag. 55 [Large Box] RMRD, written by Bob Allison, WB1GCM
– From this review forward, we will include RMDR in the Key Measurements Summary.
Reciprocal Mixing Testing: What Is It?
You may notice two new color bars in the “Key Measurements Summary” at the top of this review. These are for Reciprocal Mixing Dynamic Range (RMDR), with measurements at 20 and 2 kHz spacing. …….omissis …….. Reciprocal mixing is noise generated in a superheterodyne receiver when noise from the local oscillator (LO) mixes with strong, adjacent signals.

RS-BA1® Remote control system (QST… Now for the Really Cool Stuff )

An RS-BA1® remote control system consists of at least one PC, which is used as a Base station (Server) and at least one PC, which is used as a Remote station (Client). Both PCs have to be connected with a network and VAC. The Icom USB driver must be installed.
Link to: Watch the Video RS-BA1 setting (IC-7410) by GoospeedGoo

QST, verso la fine, tratta anche il Software RS-BA1® opzionale della ICOM, che consente di operare l’IC-9100 in remoto tramite Internet o una rete locale LAN. (Porta USB ad  un PC locale (Server),  un’altro PC remoto (Client). Uso di Porte audio virtuali (VAC), oltre ad uno specifico USB Driver da installare prima di collegare l’apparato al PC)
Per caricare il software, dovrete inserire l’ID del prodotto e la chiave di licenza dall’etichetta del CD acquistato. – Icom dopo la prima versione ha rilasciato un aggiornamento: Ver. 1.20 – 01/04/2011

Link to: Manuale PDF dal sito web di VA7OJ, Adam,
Link to: ICOM America  RS-BA1® Guida rapida di riferimento on-line
Link to: Icom USB Driver(Ver.1.10) –  Driver Utility and manuals.

[Note] – Detailed specifications: please see the official ICOM Inc. sources – All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders.


FTdx-3000 Menu very easy – VFO B/A now A/B! – FCC ID ok – FT1D and FTM-400D

FTdx-3000 Settings MENU now scrolling on display and set values! an innovative approach (now… like Icom inc.) – FTDX3000 approved by F.C.C.  ID K6620461X50 – New FT-1D V/U HT FCC ID K6620445X20 and FTM-400D V/U Mobile for digital  C4FM FDMA mode. – See the update pictures of a built-in 4.3-in TFT Display and other news and Link below.

List Price: $3500.00 Your Price: $2799.95  now 2699.95 (Universal Radio US market )


FTdx-3000 Utilizes a new innovative and easy menu settings system and a new 4.3-inch wide color LCD displays the operating information and the status of the transceiver functions selected. (now… like Icom inc.)

To enter into SET MENU mode, simply press the [MENU] button and turn the [CLAR/VFO-B] knob to scroll Up or Down your desired Menu number displayed on the Main LCD and access to many settings and speeds up the operation.

The layout settings [MENU-1] are very fine and offer a nice array of features for the operator. The directional arrows (keypad) and [SELECT] button help you with quick and intuitive access to settings. (please click the picture to enlarg) –

These systems have been newly developed by Yaesu Musen Co., LTD with new substantial design changes, compared to previous devices under the Vertex Standard Inc. Brand! – I have to commend Yaesu Musen Co. for coming up with such an innovative and easy approach.

In Dayton and Friedrichshafen Expo as you can see the buttons [VFO B/A] are reversed! than usual [VFO A/B] – Now in Tokyo Ham Fair these buttons to select the two VFO have been reported in the usual position: [VFO A/B]

The Main operating frequency is the most important in the radio display, with [VFO-A] frequency located just above the Main dial. The [VFO-B] frequency can be displayed on the 4.3-inch color LCD display (left). – For the [MODE] change (USB LSB CW  RTTY etc.) you have a single button with sequential selection or via Memory channels!
Link to: Download the FTDX-3000 Preliminary Brochure link a ML&S UK 

FTdx-3000 Receiver is double conversion, with the first IF at 9 MHz and the second DSP IF at 30 kHz for SSB and CW and 24 kHz for AM and FM modes (like FTdx-5000’s) but the 1st mixer is different from the 1st mix used in the 5000′ series (8x3SK294 !) (see the picture)

Independent Frequency display although the FTDX-3000 has only one receiver; the rig uses dual VFOs, essential for split operation. General coverage receive is available from 30 kHz to 56 MHz.

On the rear panel Signal are furnished: Output for an external receiver and the 9 MHz IF output and two connectors for optional u-tune unit … etc. (see picture)

The July, August and September  QST’s Cover II inserts the manufacturer’s specifications: !! 4.3-inch Large color LCD display / DR:106 dB / IP3 +33 dBm  / 14MHz Band CW (500) (IPO ON, Roofing Filter 600Hz, 2 kHzSpacing) –

Link: Video Ham Fair Tokyo 2012 YAESU Booth 【ハムフェア2012 ヤエスブース】

FT-1D 144+430 MHz HT coming-soon. – This device has been approved by the F.C.C. (FCC ID K6620445X20) !

The-FT1DR/E VHF/UHF HT provides both analog and digital communications on both bands with up to 5 watts.
It is possible to switch between analog and digital mode by pressing one button on the radio. – The FT-1D uses the C4FM FDMA for a lower BER (bit error rate) like the professional LMR (Land Mobile Radio) radios. – The FT-1D can obtain a data trasfer speed 9.6 kbps and E-GPS function for Digital ARTS (Auto-Range Trasponding System) and more.
[Note] The Digital C4FM FDMA mode is not compatible with the Digital GSMK D-STAR

Link to: FT-1D Brochure (pag. 1-2) Radioworld

FTM-400D VHF/UHF Mobile (first prototype) AM/FM/NFM/DV (C4FM FDMA, 9.6 Kbps)

Feature (preliminary): Large color touch screen. GPS/APRS functions. Packet 1200/9600bd ready.
Spectrum scope. ARTS. Bluetooth. Twin RX – Micro SD card slot.

[NoteAll marks are property of their respective owners. – Specifications are subject to change without notice!

TS-990S HF/50MHz Ham Fair Tokyo 2012 – Some features overview in Kenwood booth

The KENWOOD TS-990S Dual TFT Display & Dual Receiver HF/50 at HAM FAIR Tokyo 2012, it is scheduled for worldwide launch under the KENWOOD brand in November 2012 – Some features overview in Kenwood booth! See the latest news: TS-990 Main Band Front-End, 1st Mixer +40dBm,  DSP Unit, 5 Roofing Filters a 8.248 MHz,  PA Unit with 2xVRF150, ATU Unit, Multi tunig-bar and other pictures belov!

Update 04/set/2012 – JVC Kenwood Co. (effective October, 2011, the two companies – Victor Company of Japan, Limited (JVC) and Kenwood Corporation – merged into JVC KENWOOD Corporation) continues to build outstanding products with high performance! – From Tokyo Ham Radio 2012 now begins the discovery of what is really inside! – (please click the picture to enlarge)
TS-990S Tokyo Video (link): Hamfair 2012 KENWOOD TS-990 Presentation by JVC KENWOOD 03/set/2012 – – – ハムフェア2012ケンウッドブースで実施されたTS-990プレゼンテーションステージの模様をお送りします。


TS-990S: 1st IF: 8.248 MHz – IP3: +40 dBm – Roofing Filters (Main) 270 Hz / 500 Hz /2.7 kHz / 6 kHz / 15 kHz –  Dual TFT High resolution color display and real-time Spectrum Scope – Main Display: 800×480 – Sub Dispaly 3.5″ 320×240 allow you to observe the Adjustable DSP IF Filter Passband – (you can quickly choose bandwidth and see the side to side signal-spectrum centered on the receiving frequency!) –

Slope Tune by adjusting LOW/HI Cut or SHIFT/WIDTH control….. on the Sub Display graphically displayed! – including an excellent analog-style “dial shirt” above the tuning knob ! (… this is all very verty fine!)
The front panel has so many controls, and lots of knobs! …  await until you try everything under the conditions of a grueling contest! –

TS-990S DSP technology has been enhanced thanks to three separate 32-bit Floating-point DSP Units. – One ADSP-21369 SHARCH Processor 400MHz SIMD SHARC Core, capable of 2.4 GFLOPS peak; 2xADSP-21363 333 MHz SIMD SHARC Core, capable of 2 GFLOPS peak.

Here are other pictures from the Flagship taken from the Kenwood promo and others video: The PA Unit with 2xVRF150, the ATU built like TS-590, the setting of multi bars for tuning the Main VFO into five slices of frequency, the menu screen and FSK/RTTY Encode/Decode on Display. (.. buona visione a tutti da RadioCronache!!)

All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders

YAESU FTDX-3000 HF/50MHz – 4.3″ LCD DR 106dB IP3 +33dBm 2kHz Spacing (July “QST” Cover II)

FTDX-3000 HF+50 MHz Transceiver coming-soon, the back cover of QST showed an advertisement for the latest addition to the Yaesu family! The July QST Cover II inserts the manufacturer’s specifications: !! 4.3-inch Large color LCD display / DR:106 dB / IP3 +33 dBm  / 14MHz Band CW (500) (IPO ON, Roofing Filter 600Hz, 2 kHz Spacing)
(IT) FTDX-3000 HF/50MHz i prezzi e la disponibilità saranno annunciati presto! La II^ di copertina di QST ha la pubblicità con questi dati: Display LCD da 4.3″ e non 3.5″ più le specifiche DR, IP3 come sopra:

!! 八重洲無線(株) 新型HF/50MHz帯オールモードトランシーバ「FT DX 3000」

As you can see the buttons VFO B/A  are reversed!  than usual A/B –
The Main operating frequency is the most important in the radio display, with [VFO-A] frequency located just above the Main dial. The [VFO-B] frequency can be displayed on the 4.3-inch color LCD display (left).
For the [MODE] change (USB LSB CW etc.). you have a single button with sequential selection or via Memory channels! – (like [MODE] setting of the new Elecraft KX3 Transceiver)

The Down conversion 9 MHz 1st IF frequency receiver construction, can realize narrow 300 Hz (optional), 600 Hz and 3 kHz bandwidth Roofing filters. – Yaesu implements new three dedicated (XF-127 series) sharp Crystal Roofing Filters for a superior close-in dynamic range.

Yaesu Musen Co., LTD says: The FTDX3000 has the high dynamic range IP3 performance that was realized and proven in the FTDX5000. – IF DSP  with 32 bit high speed floating decimal (max 2800 MIPS)

The FTDX-3000 Transceiver displayed at the 2012 Dayton Hamvention and at 2012 HAM RADIO Friedrichshafen! –

Selectivity (WIDTH: Center) at -6 dB -60 dB CW/RTTY/PKT 0.5 kHz or better 750 Hz or less – SSB 2.4 kHz or better 3.6 kHz or less/ AM 6 kHz 15 kHz/FM 15 kHz or 25 kHz – Image Rejection: 70 dB or better (1.8 MHz – 30MHz Amateur bands) – Transmitter Output:  5 – 100 watts (2 – 25 W AM carrier)

FTdx-3000 a high speed Spectrum Scope LCD Display 4.3-inch (480×272 dots) – (like the larger 5.8-inch of the  IC-7600) –

When in the Auto Mode, the Spectrum Scope display is updated in real time. The maximum bandwidth of the scope is 1 MHz, and the minimum span width setting is 20 kHz.
Built-In specialised receiver amplifier for 50 MHZ; Signal output for an external receiver;  9 MHz IF output;  USB Interface and

The color LCD displays the operating information and the status of the transceiver functions.
Although the FTDX3000 has only one receiver, a high speed Spectrum Scope is built into the radio.  (…click to enlarg !)
AF Scope display and RTTY/PSK encoder/decoder (optional)

Link to:  Download the FTdx-3000 Preliminary Brochure link a Yesu UK
Link to: Universal radio Inc – FTdx-3000 Preliminary Specifications

FT-101E Built by, the Yaesu Co., Japan during the 1970’s – 1980’s was one of the Yaesu family of fine Amateur Radios! –
The FT DX 3000 Transceiver is the latest addition to the Yaesu family, incorporating the newest Down conversion and Sharp edged crystal roofing filter technology. – These features provide outstanding receiver performance which is a heritage of the FT-DX5000.

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The TS-990S with SP-990 speaker! The Waterfall function displayed at HAM RADIO DE 2012

The TS-990S and SP-990 Speaker! – TS-990 prototype with Waterfall function will be displayed as a reference exhibit at HAM RADIO 2012 in Friedrichshafen (June 22-24). Update !! See the new pictures of the TS990’s line, the latest info reports, Video and link below.

Interessante come sempre la Fiera di Friedrichshafen 2012 anche se alcune note ditte erano assenti, compresa la ACOM. La WoodBoxRadio con il nuovo Stand presentava novità made in Italy, come FDM-S1 e l’atteso Software Studio1.

Nello Stand Kenwood con il prototipo del TS-990, Michael Bruck ha mostrato in alcune occasioni le funzionalità del Transceiver HF/50MHz, compresa la modalità Waterfall nel Main Display TFT. Sul pannello posteriore (coperto invece a Dayton!) si notava l’uscita per un Monitor/Display e un Jack per una Keypad !

(Clcik on TS-990 SP-990 to big-enlarge!) – Two totally independent Receivers – Dual TFT display and a high speed Spectrum Scope (like IC-7800’s/7600’s, Icom’s pioneering work )  – Output Power 5W – 200W → Mode SSB CW FSK PSK FM AM → Built-in Switching Power Supply → Built-in Antenna Tuner → COM port → USB A/B port & LAN port – 

The KENWOOD TS-990S Dual TFT Display & Dual Receiver HF/50 at Dayton Hamvention® 2012, it is scheduled for worldwide launch under the KENWOOD brand in Novemb. 2012 – – まずはお目当てのTS-990です. – ドイツでは、フリードリッヒスハーフェン市にて開催される HAM RADIO 2012」(2012年6月22日~24日 !

Some features enumeration overheard in YouTube videos: The Main Receiver utilizes Super Sharp Roofing filters and Down-conversion – The sub-receiver is the TS-590 – Total Five roofing filters – 3×32 bit IF-DSP’s processors – DVI connector – Multiple USB-2 ports – Optical I/O –  LAN port (Remote controll via IP network?) …..

Reference exhibit model at Dayton Hamvention: TS-990 HF/50 MHz Transceiver –  the TS-990 is a top-of-the-range flagship model in the KENWOOD Amateur radio line-up“- (Click image to enlarge!) 

[Rumors] :  The new Flagship is expected to retail in the $5,400 – 6,800 USD range [ Please watch t official web-sites] – Link to: JVC Kenwood News Release

JVC Kenwood Co., is releasing a new top end rig in the heritage of TS-950SDX, the TS-990S. It will be a full year, according to Kenwood, before the TS-990S will be available in the USA. – [Note] Please note that as this product is under development, published information is subject to change w.n.

参考出品機種:HF/50MHz トランシーバー「TS-990」
デュアルTFTディスプレイ&デュアル・レシーバーを搭載した、当社アマチュア無線機のトップエンド“最高級実戦機”です。….. (2012年4月18日)

<- QST…. Kenwood’s New HF Transceiver at Dayton 2012 !! – The new transceiver will be roughly the same size as the TS950SDX.  – All HF + 50 MHz Bands … TS-990S.. (Click image to enlarge!!)
– Tokyo Ham Faire 2012年8月25日(土)・26日(日)東京ビッグサイトで開催 !

Link to:  HAM RADIO / HAMtronics / Computer / Messe Friedrichshafen

Video – the TS-990s and information from N4DRO at Dayton Hamvention 2012

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HJA-2000H new Amplifier and PT-8000 in the Ham Radio Friedrichshafen June 2012

HJA-2000H RF Power Amplifier. – A novelty in RF Power Amplifiers is new HJA’s Series by Hliberling GmbH. Even  the PT-8000A VLF/HF/VHF Transceiver  “Spitzentechnologie made in Germany”….  just in time for HAM RADIO in Friedrichshafen 22-24 June 2012. – See the PT-8000’s 2008 v 2011 production and Link below.

(Clink to enlarge unofficial pictures elab. by

HJA-2000H HF Power Amplifier 2000 W Out [63 dB /0 dBm] 1,5 … 30 MHz – MIL Jammer Mode – Remote/Local – TFT Central Monitoring System – 19”  Design/10 HU – HPS-69-50-12 Power Supply for HF /VHF/UHF Power Amplifier HJA-2000H/ HJA-2000V/HJA-1000U – 6450 Watt Out – 50 Volt 450 Watt Out – 12 Volt – 19” Design /5 HU.

PT-8000 VLF/HF/VHF All Mode Transceiver with low noise SAW-VCXO at 640MHz. Employment of 1 GHz DDS oscillators guarantees low noise characteristics to noise suppression of -160dBc @ 10kHz at 14.2MHz.

La Hilberling GmbH continua la sua produzione di apparati diciamo di “nicchia” dal costo elevato (List price PT-8000 Transceiver, 200W, incl. Power Supply and Mic T9 = Euro 13.290,00) anche dopo l’annuncio nel 2010 di una probabile collaborazione con la Telefunken, di cui non è noto l’esito ad oggi.

Seguono, qui, alcuni dati, che si ritiene interessanti per confrontare (a few figures abaut PT-8000’s Transceiver 2008 and 2011 production) alcune importanti differenze trà il PT-8000 del 2008 e la produzione del 2011. !! In particolare il valore della 1st IF ed ora con un solo Roofing  Filter da 50kHz
Prodotto nel 2008 (11.5.08):
RX Double Super Heterodyne 1st IF 70.700MHz and 2nd IF 10.7MHz  / Xtal-Filter 1st and 2nd IF (BW) 70.7MHz (2.7kHz/6.0kHz/12.0kHz) MAIN 10.698/SUB 10.702MHz (0.5… 6.0kHz/12.0kHz)
Prodotto nel 2011 (13.12.11):
RX Double Super Heterodyne 1st IF 40.700MHz 2nd IF 10.7MHz / Xtal-Filter 1st and 2nd IF (BW) 40.7 (BW 50kHz) MAIN 10.702/SUB 10.698MHz (BW 0.5… 6kHz/15kHz)

Link to: Hilberling GmbH Products en web page
link to: HAM RADIO Messe Fiedrichshafen 2012
[NoteAll marks are property of their respective owners. Specifications are subject to change without notice!