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IC-7300 HF/50/70MHz Firmware Update (MAIN Ver.1.14 & FPGA Ver.1.13)

Icom IC-7300 Firmware Update Version 1.14 Update 5/10/2016. The firmware will be updated to the following versions: Main CPU: 1.14 Front CPU: 1.01 – DSP Program: 1.07 – DSP Data: 1.00 – FPGA: 1.13 – This new firmware has been designed to provide several improvements and resolved issues (Icom Inc.)


Before you install the firmware, download the Icom installation guide and read the official instructions first! – [Note !] Never turn OFF the transceiver power during the update. – Thoroughly read Section 15 (Updating The Firmware) of the “FULL MANUAL” before starting the update. (!!…peccato che nei “Basic Manual” in lingua, la Sez. 15 non sia stata riportata tradotta e quindi si trova solo in inglese! …)


Icom improvements Found in IC-7300 Firmware Update (Ver.1.14)
• Spurious signals in the fixed mode spectrum scope screen have been reduced.
• Flickering of the spectrum scope screen has been reduced.
• Accuracy of the spectrum scope in CW mode has been improved.
• Frequency response near the edges of the spectrum scope has been improved.
Other resolved issues
• “CI-V USB →REMOTE Transceiver Address” setting problem has been corrected.
• Unnecessary OVF indication at the end of a transmission has been corrected.


Link to: Download the IC-7300 latest firmware from the Icom Inc.

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