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Icom IC-7610, IC-R8600, IC-R30 and ID-51 PLUS2 models at Tokyo Ham Fair 2016

AllaTokyo Ham Fair 2016, lo scorso 20 agosto 2016, Icom Inc. Co ha annunciato 4 nuovi prodotti: il Transceiver IC-7610, il Ricevitore larga banda IC-R8600 desktop, il Ricevitore portatile IC-R30 e una nuova versione del palmare V/UHF ID-51A / E Plus2 D-STAR.


At Tokyo Ham Fair 2016, on 20 August 2016, Icom Inc. Co announced 4 new products: the IC-7610 Transceiver, the IC-R8600 Desktop Receiver, the IC-R30 Handheld Receiver and the ID-51A/E PLUS2 V/UHF D-STAR handheld.


New IC-R8600 wideband receiver covers 0.01-3000 MHz in analog and decodes multiple digital protocols, including D-STAR, NXDN, dPMR and APCO P25 – It has a large 4.3″ touch screen color display with real-time spectrum scope and waterfall. The circuit employs modern FPGA/DSP architecture with superheterodyne circuitry, Looks great!


The new IC-7610 HF+50 MHz 100W Transceiver is the successor to the IC-7600 – Icom had just announced the main features (that take advantage of the new Icom features introduced into the IC-7300) High definition realtime TFT color display – Touch screen interface – Direct sampling SDR platform – Dual watch – Built-In Antenna Tuner –  Connection for external display – BNC connector for Transverter, and RX IN/OUT – USB Ports and Ethernet connections.


The picture (enhanced) of the front panel of the IC-7610 with two commands (MAIN & SUB) for the new Dual-Watch Icom system.


ID-51A/E PLUS2 – The new Terminal Mode and Access Point Modes enable you to make D-STAR calls through the Internet, even from areas where no D-STAR repeater is accessible. (…see the picture)

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