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Kenwood TH-D74 FM /”APRS” e “D-STAR” 5W V/U e GPS – Price in Japan ¥ 72.800

Kenwood TH-D74  -144 / 430MHz dual bander ( USA tri-bander  plus 220MHz) “FM” “APRS” e “D-STAR” 5W V/U – GPS built-in – The nearest repeater search of D-STAR, GPS logger function to save the movement locus etc. – Suggested retail price: 72.800 Yen (excl. tax) – 希望小売価格:72,800円(税抜き)- !!Possible IF output, center frequency 12kHz, the IF signal bandwidth 15kHz to the USB port!


TFT transflective color LCD adopted in the TH-D74 (TH-D74A America & /E Europe), also to the ease of use. In addition to the cross of the key structure, the key pad employs a high operability flat thin key top. (See the picture abowe and ref. and data from Kenwood Jp web)


Charm of D-STAR to enjoy a variety of investment styles. A menu that can be switched in operation at the touch of a button operation has adopted individually. – Orig: さまざまな運用スタイルを楽しめるのがD-STARの魅力。Equipped with a DV fast data mode to speed up the communication – and more, (…see the official data!)


Voice Recording function (microSD / SDHC) – EchoLink dedicated DTMF memory (10ch) – 1000 memory channel and 1500 repeater list – Settings such as memory can be managed on the PC, with “D74-MCP” (ARFC-D74) download from the Kenwood web.
In addition to the DV / DV Fast data / FM / NFM / WFM / AM of 0.1 ~ 524 MHz band, you can also receive SSB / CW  (Band B wide-band)

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Dayton Hamvention 2016 New HT D-STAR – Elecraft KX2 – DV4mobile – FT-891

Dayton Hamvention®, the world’s largest amateur radio gathering, celebrate its 61st show on May 20-22, 2016.

YAESU FTdx-100 SSB/CW 120W (50 AM) HF Vintage Transceiver (1967)
Tactical – Pro2 Speaker Rack 4US Shallow and 4UD Deep

Tactical – iPortable Pro2 Speaker Rack Systems are the best functional design for portable communications and fieldwork.

Dayton Hamvention 2016 News:  JVCKewood Coming Soon an HT with APRS Digital DV D-STAR Transceiver – Tribander 144/220/430 MHz, Builtin GPS unit and Color TFT Display.


Kenwood USA Corporation (HT prototipo/tentative)- The evolved tribander Main features:   Wide band multi mode RX with SSB/CW reception with IF filter – DSP-based voice processing – APRS-compliance – DIGITAL compliant with voice/digital mode D-STAR networks – Compliant with Bluethooth and Micro SD and Micro-USB – Built-in high-performance GPS unit – IP54/55 Weatherproof – Color TFT Display (transflective type). (! See official data & news)


The Elecraft booth at Hamvention 2016 display the new KX2 HF radio, an ultra-portable transceiver with a fit in your pocket size (13 oz / 0.3 Kg!) Operate on 80 -10 meter ham bands – All modes: SSB, CW, and Data PSK31/RTTY with or without a PC (four sub-modes) – The KX2 Size: 2.8”H x 5.8”W x 1.5”D; only 13 oz (0,3 kg).


Quick Specs – Up to 10 W on 80-15 m, 8 W on 12 and 10 m (typ.) – Software-defined-radio (SDR) architecture – Switchable preamp and attenuator – Easy-to-use Passband Tuning (PBT) for shift/width/hicut/locut; Roofing filters automatically track DSP filter settings – Simultaneous dual receive over up to +/- 23 kHz for split-DX operation – (Internal wide-range ATU option).


Dayton Hamvention 2016 – New DV4mobile Tribander 144/220/430 MHz all mode DMR, D-Star, C4FM (System Fusion) disponibile entro Q4 2016, al 2017 sviluppi software prevedono anche per i modi digitali P25, dPMR, NXDN e NEXEDGE.


The new DV4 mobile for D-Star, C4FM, DMR (It will transmit all mode, it can be link directly to a Reflector like a DV4home when there’s no available repeater). – With subsequent software updates 2017, the radio will also support P25, dPMR, NXDN and NEXEDGE.

Yaesu USA Booth display the new FT-891 HF/50MHz Transceiver (is an FT-857 style replacement!)  FT-891 FCC ID: K6620651X50 of 24 Mar. 2016 – Mobile HF/50MHz Transceiver 100 W  160 – 6m all mode – 32-Bit IF DSP – Detachable Display.


Frequency Range Tx: 1.8 – 54 MHz (Amateur bands only) Rx: 30 kHz – 56 MHz – Receiver type: SSB/CW/AM Triple-conversion Superheterodyne, 1st IF 69.450 MHz, 2nd 450 kHz, 3rd 24 kHz (FM: Duble conversion)  3 kHz Roofing filter – Weight: 1.9 kg (4.18 lb).


Icom IC-7300 – Ein kleiner Clip von mir mit der Remote Software RS-BA1 verbunden mit dem IC7300 – video 19/5/2016  by PA5HR.


Link to: Video di Bert con il remote software RS-BA1 e IC-7300

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Ham Fair Tokyo 2015 JVCKENWOOD – YAESU – ICOM Booth’s Virtual Tour!

Ham fair Tokyo 2915 – a new video from the Icom Booth of the new IC 7300  【ハムフェア2015】アイコム新HFトランシーバーIC-7300を解説  by (report molto interessante)

Ham Fair Tokyo 2015 JVCKENWOOD Booth【ハムフェア東京2015 JVCケンウッドブース】Video tour by JI1ETUjr 22/8

Ham Fair Tokyo 2015 YAESU Booth【ハムフェア東京2015 ヤエスブース】Video tour by JI1ETUjr 22/8/2015

Ham Fair Tokyo 2015 ICOM Booth【ハムフェア東京2015 アイコムブース】Video tour by JI1ETUjr 22/8/2015 (The new Model IC-7300 & another main exhibition is IC-7851)

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TS-990S firmware has been updated to Version 1.10 with new NB2 Type A or B!

TS-990S Firmware has been updated to Ver.1.10 with the two [NB2] Type A or Type B – The noise blanker function (NB1/NB2) is equipped with digital (NB2) and analogue (NB1), now the [NB2] can be selected in Type A (conventional algorithm) and Type B (newly added algorithm) …and more.


I think there is merit in doing that (now upgrading the DSP), but both the implementation and the explanation of the TS-990S original firmware was clearly lacking ! V1.10 works fine here.. how well it works on a crowded band will need to be evaluated by operating  time and setting!

TS-990S/D のファームウェアが、Ver.1.10にアップデートされました – The Kenwood TS-990S Ver.1.10 updates the following features (! ….in summary).
1) Now if NB2 [Type B] is selected, the “WIDTH” (width of the pulse noise blanking) and “DEPTH” (depth of the pulse noise blanking) parameters can be adjusted to appropriate levels.
[Note] The [TYPE B] is not applied to the SUB band due to limitations of the DSP memory capacity!
2) Changing of the IF filter passband is enabled by rotating the [HI/SHIFT] / [LO/WIDTH] knobs while transmitting, via setting the Menu No.8-01 in ON or Off (TX Audio Waveform Display or Not) – (! please read the official page by Kenwood)
Revises the following symptom.
1) When playing and transmitting a stored CW messages with text entry, the consecutive space characters for intervals are deleted. – Read the Kenwood page (link below)

Link to: The TS-990S Firmware update information ENG

Kenwood’s Communications Division The TS-990 Factory at Yamagata Japan

italianoIl Kenwood TS-990S è già dotato di due NB (Nois Blanker) il NB1 analogico e NB2 digitale, essi ora sono selezionabili in NB1 oppure NB2 o entrambi NB1+NB2 e questo distintamente per MAIN e SUB Receivers.
Con il nuovo firmware Ver.1.10 rilasciato, pressato più a lungo il [Tasto NB2] si abilita l’ulteriore selezione e settaggio in NB2 [TYPE A] (con algoritmo convenzionale) oppure in [TYPE B] (con nuovo algoritmico aggiunto) usando il  [Tasto F6] che appare nell’icona del  Display per la nuova funzione.

In’oltre se è selezionato [NB2 Tipo B], i parametri di [WIDTH] (larghezza del rumore impulsivo blanking) e il [DEPTH] (profondità del rumore impulso blanking) possono essere regolati ai livelli più opportuni. – Pressando a lungo il Tasto NB2 oppure il Tasto ESC si chiudono le indicazioni di settaggio NB2 – [Nota] Queste nuove funzioni non si applicano al SUB Ricevitore a causa del limite della memoria del DSP.

Penso che si deve dare merito a Kenwood di aver fatto ora l’implementazione del sistema DSP, e che c’è la spiegazione che il firmware originale del TS-990 era chiaramente carente. – Ora funziona bene,  quanto bene funzioni su una banda affollata però dovrà essere valutata col tempo di funzionamento e operativo e con le varie impostazione!

Altra novità della V.1.10 consente di variare il filtro passabanda con le manopole [HI/SHIFT] / [LO/WIDTH] in Tx (trasmissione) con le indicazioni o senza sul Sub dispaly, e questo tramite il Menu n. 8.01 (in ON oppure in OFF etc.)-

JVCKenwood risolve ora anche la questione del CW con messaggi pre-settati contenenti spazi di intervallo in sequenza, ora non vengono più trasmessi perchè cancellati – (! Attenzione: leggere tutte le informazioni e i dati nella pagina web di Kenwood …in Inglese !)

Kenwood’s Communications Division The TS-990 Factory at Yamagata Japan

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TS-590SG Sherwood Eng. added the Receiver Test 12/09/2014 – Manuals & Diagram 1-2 Dowload

TS-590SG HF 50MHz Sherwood Engineering recently added the SG transceiver to its Receiver Test Data list – Follow the link below to see how it stacks up – Downoad the Transceiver Istruction Manual, Manuale di Istruzioni, Bedienungsanleitung, Manual de Instrucciones,  Link below (Keyword search = TS-590SG  [product name]).
This device has been approved by the F.C.C ID: K44407110

The new model it will have the model name “TS-590” printed on the front panel !

Technology has moved on, so now Kenwood announce the updated TS-590S “G” model, which replaces the TS-590S stopped! – [Note] The menu setting in the TS-590SG is different from the equivalent menu setting in the TS-590S and the CAT command set differs significantly from the equivalent commands in the “S”model !
For Radio Control Program please use the new ARCP-590SG V.1, Oct. 2014 – (for the TS-590S, use  ARCP-590 V.1.03 Dic. 2013)

Sherwood Engineering Test: Follow link to see how it stacks up!
Link to: Sherwood added TS-590SG on Receiver Test List

TS-590S ha DRV Jack RCA – 1 mW copre la banda 135.80 -137.70 kHz LF oltre 1.8 a 50 MHz

There are some really new features on the new “SG” model:
Enhanced RX performance 3rd Order Dynamic Range @ practical 2 kHz separation (revised circuitry around post 1st Mixer & AGC control system & C/N characteristic of 1st Local OSC) – CW signal is decoded and scrolls in the 8-segment of the LCD (like to K3) – MULTI/CH encoder is changed, with push-switch funcition – ANT OUT to use with DRV OUT terminal as ANT OUT (via internal splitter) to connect external RX such as a Pan-adapter (3dB loss in divider) – SPLIT Setting: push and hold Split key, push “5” key example then you can work 5kHz up in Split operation -TX Power spike comparable to TS-990S  etc. (!…read the official data) –

Link to: Download Istruction Manuals & Schematic (search)

Data source by Kenwood

Adjacent C/N with conventional PLL/VCO – This is a method in which, for the 1st local oscillator, instead of employing conventional PLL/VCO, the output of a DDS (Direct Digital Synthesizer Analog Devices Inc. AD9951YSVZ) is supplied directly to the Mixer.During down conversion, the oscillation frequency is lower than it is in up conversion, so even better C/N (Carrier to Noise ratio) characteristics can be achieved.

TS-590SG Price: Regular USD 1799.00 Your price 1.759,95
TS-590SG Price: UK ML&S  £. 1399,95 (VAT Uk included)
(Source at 05 Nov. 2014: Universal Radio USA & ML&S Uk)

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TS-990S Firmware V. 1.07 just arrived & 1.08 in January’s – G0MGX and Homemade Trasverter

TS-990S New firmware Ver. 1.07 just arrived 13/11/2014. [Note] The Version 1.07 only revises the electronic device compatibility issue.  – The next firmware Ver.1.08 (expected) in the end of Jenuary 2015. – G0MGX homemade trasverter info and picture and link see below!- TS-990S/D のファームウェアが、Ver.1.07にアップデートされました

TS-990S Update Ver. 1.07 Revises the following symptom:
1. When NB1 is active on the main band, just after returning to receive mode the main band RX audio might be muted.
The above symptom appears only in the serial number range from S/NO.B47xxxxx through S/NO.B4Axxxxx. [NoteS/N from B47xxxxx July 2014 through  B4Axxxxx October 2014.


The next firmware Ver.1.08 (expected) which includes “475kHz band DRV output function” and other functional updates will be released around the end of January 2015 at the same time as the “TS-590S Ver.2 update“.
Kenwood update more Software, included the Radio Host Program ARHP-990 Version 1.01 & The Radio VoIP Program ARVP-10 Version 1.01 (November / October 2014)
Link to: Software Up. V.1.07 / VCP Drive / ARUA-10 V.2.01 

The G0MGX and his homemade 28/144 MHz Trasverter

TS-990S Display – 144 to 146MHz signals are down converted to 28 to 30MHz (pic G0MGX)

Mark, G0MGX and his homemade Trasverter for 144MHz with a external DDS LO based on the ADF4351 PLL chip “ZLPLL” made by IZ2BKC,  working well with TS-990S HF Transceiver. (…! see the link to  authors below)

The “Anglia” trasvert (G4DDK) with the external DDS LO (ZL2BKC) assembled by G0MXG

The Anglian 144MHz transverter converts 28 to 30MHz transmit signals to 144 to 146MHz.  – On receive 144 to 146MHz signals are down converted to 28 to 30MHz.
This homemade trasverter will be stabilised by an external 116MHz Local Oscillator generated by a kit from ZL2BKC, based on an Analogue Devices ADF4351 DDS –

The Kit 144/28MHz transverter module featuring a ready-assembled PCB by Link to: G4DDK’s Sam web page (ENG)
Link to: G0MGX complete picture and data for his trasverter

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HAM Fair Tokyo 2013: New Features on the IC-7800 – AH-740 & Icom JST65 – AOR ARD300 – FTM-400 – TS-990’s Factory T.


JARL Ham Fair Tokyo Big Sight 2013 – (updated Report & Video) New Advanced Features on the IC-7800 at ICOM Booth of 24 Aug. 2013. See below the Icom 7800 Planned features (*) ENG Uk & Italian by Marcucci Spa  – New ARD300 Multi Mode decoder at the AOR Booth. – Yaesu FTM-400D C4FM Digital  see below – New AH-740 & JT65 Demostration at the Icom Booth – Video from AOR, Kenwood and Yaesu booths. – See the TS-990’s Factory Tour, picture below! …and more!

italianoIC-7800 – ICOM Inc. ha presentato le nuove caratteristiche avanzate del IC-7800 alla HAM Fair di Tokyo il 24.08.2013 con un “major firmware upgrade” (*) previsto per fine anno 2013 o inizio 2014. – Poi il prototipo della nuova antenna HF Icom AH-740 e dimostrazione di applicazioni Icom per il JT65  – Qui sotto alcune immagini e Video vari dalla fiera di Tokyo – ハムフェア2013 アイコムIC-7800の拡張機能 –

Novità anche per AOR con ARD300 multi-modo decoder (vedere più sotto) – ARD300 デジタル通信受信アダプタ – Nuovo Yaesu FTM-400D C4FM Digital (vedere più sotto) – Video dagli Stands AOR, Kwd e Yaesu – Giro fotografico del reparto di montaggio TS-990 di Kenwood in Giappoone.  (lincks alle News e immagini qui sotto)


IC-7800 Nuove funzionalità con il Firmware – (02 Settembre, 2013) Marcucci Spa Official Icom Importer & Distributor ha annunciato le novità introdotte dalla Icom Inc. con il nuovo firmware per l’IC-7800 disponibile da Novembre 2013.
Link to: Informazioni nuovo firmware IC-7800 Ver.3.0 (pdf IT)  di Marcucci Spa

IC-7800_improvements-1 IC-7800_improvements-2 IC-7800_improvements-3

IC-7800’s and the big-match between JVC Kenwood, Icom Inc. and FlexRadio soon !

Icom_AH-740_Tokyo-24ago2013 Icom_AH-740-HF-antenna Icom_booth_JT65-demostration

AH-740 リレー式オートチューンアンテナ 参考出品 ※輸出モデル ワイルドな作りで、ワイルドな運用が楽しめそう。 – 非常に面白い商品です。- ただ、現時点では、国内販売の予定はないようです
Nuova AH-740 Autotune Whip Mobile Antenna (autotune-antenna per HF) 150mS fast automatic tuning (like Stealt 9310 made in USA) qui sopra un prototipo di Icom Inc. per operazioni in HF (2.5 – 30MHz) affidabili su mezzi mobili in zone selvagge o desertiche! Icom Inc ha presentato anche in anteprima sue applicazioni per il JT65 system.

Icom IC-7800 Planned features:  (*) ● Waterfall screens for RF signals, TFT scope ● Audio scope, ● Voice recorder improvement (similar IC-7100 function) ●Quick QSY re-tuning using the mouse ● New APF function (0-6dB six steps volume adj.) ● New CI-V (CAT) command  ● USB memory card in addition to current CF card  ● Remote control “without” radio side PC by RS-BA1 new version…., ● and more, see the link to Icom Uk below!


IC-7800 at Ham Fair 2013 – Not “Touch-Sensitive”  but… simply click with mouse cursor the Screen (spectrum scope) for quick QSY re-tuning! …like touch on the TS-990S – (please…click the picture to enlarge!)
italianoNella nuova versione del futuro firmware per l’Icom IC-7800 ( forse anche per il 7700 e 7600) si nota anche la funzione di “quick QSY re-tuning” tramite un click del cursore del mouse sullo Schermo  ! Icom propone a Tokyo questo ed altre implementazioni (*) via software non essendo di tipo Touch-Sensitive i Display da tempo montati su questi transceivers. … come Kenwood invece ha fatto nel recente TS-990S.


Oba san, JA7UDE writes: !! I asked a Icom sales person if I could apply this firmware upgrade to my 13 year old 7800? The answer was Yes! You will be able to download this major upgrade just like standard ones for free. [Note] this news to be verified!

Link to: Latest Icom Uk News – Product Demostrations at Tokyo Hamfair 2013

Link to: Major Firmware Upgrade & Planned Features for IC-7800 by VA7OJ

Video -ハムフェア2013 アイコムIC-7800の拡張機能 (…upgrade IC-7800)


Kenwood TS-900’s Factory Tour (immagini tratte da JVC Kwd – ©by IØgej)





Video – Ham Fair Tokyo 2013 JVC/Kenwood’s Booth by JI1ETUjr

AOR news: ARD300 Multi Decoder – Perseus & Studio 1 Software (..both italians!)


ARD300_multidecoder-2013 Perseus_Studio-1_Italy AOR_Perseus-sdr_2013

ARD300 – AOR writes: Empower Your Analog Receiver With Digital Decoding!

● Decodes popular amateur digital voice modes such as D-Star, Alinco and Yaesu. 
● Decodes APCO P25 voice signals, used for example by U.S military and diplomatic services around the world.  ● Compatible with AOR legacy receivers AR8600MK2, AR5000(A/+3), and newer AR2300, AR5001D, AR6000.  ● Supports any other brand’s receiver featuring a 10.7MHz or 45.05MHz IF output!(*1)
● Supported modulations and vocoders: D-STAR GMSK AMBE / ALINCO GMSK AMBE / YAESU(*2) C4FM AMBE+2 /   DIGITAL CR(*3) C4FM AMBE+2 / NXDN(*4) C4FM AMBE+2 / P25 (Phase 1) C4FM IMBE.
● IF input 10.7MHz or 45.05MHz @50Ω
[Note] (*1) Not all 3rd party receivers have been tested. (*2) “Digital Wide Mode” not supported. (*3) Japanese “Digital Convenience Radio” standard (351MHz) (*4) Only the 6.25kHz mode is supported. 12.5kHz mode not supported.

japanNew ARD300 デジタル通信受信アダプタ
アマチュア無線で使用されている標準デジタルモードのD-STAR方式に加え、ALINCO, YAESU等他社のデジタルモードにも対応します。 デジタル簡易無線(デジタルCR)の通信もデコードします。….

Video – Ham Fair 2013 AOR Booth (ADR300, STUDIO1 Software & Perseus)

Video – Ham Fair 2013 YAESU Booth【ハムフェア東京2013 ヤエ.. (..! C4FM Digital)

FTM-400D_c4fm-digital Yaesu_booth_Tokyo-2013 FTM-400D_touch-sensitive

FTM-400D/DH & FT-1DR V/U Mobile or HT are the Yaesu C4FM DV competitors 144/430 FDMA and FM modes. Tthe new modultation C4FM digital was not compatible with a D-STAR DV standard. (Click the pictures to enlarge)

FTM-400D_c4fm-finding FTM-400D_menu-setup-1 FTM-400D_menu-setup-2

Con l’uso del AMBE+2 vocoder in FDMA, C4FM raggiunge una ottima qualità audio, pur operando con un “bandwidth” effettiva in un canale di 6,25 kHz ● “V/D Mode” Simultaneous Voice/Data 6,25+6,25 kHz. – Anche se ci vuole un po ‘di tempo per abituarsi alla voce digitale, chi usa il modo D-STAR (con AMBE-2020 vocoder) già conosce l’effetto di voce robotica!.
In FDMA con AMBE+2 vocoder i benefici di qualità audio dovrebbero essere migliori almeno nel modo “FR” su 12,5 kHz  ● “Voice FR Mode” Voice Full Rate uses the entire 12,5 kHz bandwidth to trasmit digital voice.

I requisiti della norma europea armonizzata EN 301 166-2 (come lo standard ETSI TS102 490 e TS102 658) prevede la garanzia di protezione per circa 60 dB per l’adiacente canale a 6.25 kHz e 70 dB per il canale successivo.

FDMA_Mod-Dem-specModulation with 4FSK (C4FM) 4-level FSK uses a symbol mapping scheme. When the radio receives a binary number, that number is apped to a symbol, which is interpreted as a 1050 Hz frequency deviation. During demodulation, that deviation is detected, filtered and “unmapped” as a binary signal for transmission. – (click pictures to enlarge)

[Note] !! The D-STAR uses a GMSK  (Gaussian Minimum Shift Keying) modulator type  to convert the 8-kHz sampled audio into a 3600-bps bit stream for D-STAR voice. – This stream is combined with the 1200-bps data stream to produce the combined voice+data DV signal at 4800 bps.

[Note] !! The FDMA C4FM (4-Level FSK) is a Frequency Division Multiple Access (FDMA) methodology whereby one user accesses a channel frequency at any one point in time. (i.e. accesses via the frequency domain)…  like NEXEDGE™ Kenwood’s Digital or dPMR and like IDAS™  Icom’s Digital or dPMR radios!

Video – Yaesu Musen Co., Ltd. show the features of the FTM-400D  (

[Note] All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders. – This page is just a non-official overview, where no one should draw any conclusions – all images and versions above is for illustration only (tnx)!