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FTdx-1200 Up-conversion – FT’s cocktail a mixture of radios! Yaesu User Manual EN – FFT1 & SCU-17


FTdx-1200 HF/50MHz Up-conversion in stock – The FTdx1200 Operating Manual (13.4MB by Yaesu Usa) see link below – Optional SCU-17 USB Interface & FFT-1 Unit Download the Istruction Manula EN/JP below – This medium-price HF Transceiver it has a mixture of Yaesu radios (FT’s cocktail?! see below) – In the FTdx-1200 the VFO-A & VFO-B frequency and status are displayed only on the TFT Display & Spectrum Scope sweep function has two modes. Optional FFT-1 adds other features & Decoder. (Click the pictures to enlarge!)


Yaesu Musen Co. will show the FTDX-1200 at Friedricshafen HamRadio 2013


On the FTdx-1200 the Band Scope can be switched to a “full-screen” display by simply pressing the SCOPE key, and a signal spectrum can be viewed in detail on the Full TFT screen.


FT’s cocktail: FT-950 Triple-conversion, IPO & RF amps (*FT1.2k uses two 2SC3356 on *FT3k two 2SC3357!) & Roofing filtes (MCF) /FT-2000 1st IF Sub Receiver /FTdx-3000 a wide 4.3-in TFT Display, new Menu System, IF-DSP based on the TI TMS320C6727B (@300 MHz)Data management & additional ingredients may be SCU-17 and FFT-1 Units ! – FTdx-1200 Spectrum scope sweep function has two modes available & No receive audio is generated during high sweeping (appr. 300 msec)
[Note*] FTdx-1200 2SC3356 NPN Silicon Transistor Total Power Dissipation PT 200 mW / FTdx-3000 2SC3357 NPN Silicon Transistor Total Power Dissipation PT** 1.2 W (** with ceramic substrate, see the Data Sheet) –
[Note] !! A cocktail is an “alcoholic” mixed drink that contains three or more ingredients !! (wikipedia)


  • FTDX1200続報! 税込定価239,400!発売は早ければ6月か!(..Japan)
  • FTDX3000 定価 340,200円 – メーカー 八重洲無線 (…Japan)
  • FTdx-1200 List: USD $2400.00  / Discount Price: $1879,95 (…HRO US)
  • Yaesu FFT-1 $189,95 / Yaesu USB Interface  SCU-17 $194,95 (..HRO US)
  • FTdx-3000 Discount Price (EU) €2.505,00 incl. 19% VAT (..Difona DE)

SCU-17_USB-Interface-maxFTdx-3000_FFT-1-built-in_closein FFT-1-Unit

I don’t understand what Yaesu’s engineers are thinking!!
If I understand the specs correctly, you need to buy an optional interface (SCU-17) before you can perform firmware upgrades! Reading the brochure thoroughly I saw that the pretty Spectrum Scope (ASC) is not in real-time. The brochure says that the audio is muted during the sweeping that takes 300 msec (!!…. no receive audiois generated during sweeping, but as sweeping is done at an extremely high speed….etc.)

Optional SCU-17 USB Interface Unit ! The SCU-17 USB Interface supports CAT, USB Audio in/out, TX control (PTT, Key, Shift) and Firmware update functions! Optional FFT-Unit adds AF-FFT (Audio Frequency Fast Fourier Trasform) scope function demonstrates the AF characteristics of the TX/RX signal. , RTTY/PSK31 Encode /Decode, CW Decode and CW Auto Zero-in. – See the Yaesu Istruction Manual ( below)

[Note] The SCU-17 can be used for digital modes interface for all the current Yaesu HF transceivers via RS-232 Port and utility software – System Setup: FTdx-1200 – FTdx-3000 – FT-450D – FT-950 – FT-2000 – Ftdx-5000 – FT-817ND – FT-857D – FT-897D & hoter – Read please the SCU-17 Istruction Manual EN/JP ( below).

[Note-2] Install the Virtual COM Port Driver on the PC before using the SCU-17 USB interface unit – See on the Yaesu web-site for details and istruction manual.

Link to: Download the Operating Manual EN Ver. (EXP) EH058H100
Link to: Download the SCU-17 USB Interface Unit Istruction Manual

Link to: Download the 16-page FTDX1200 Brochure (EXP) B9200652
Link to: Download the FT-950 Brochure 2007.0910 (U/E) B9200576 

A quick look at the Yaesu FTdx-1200 at Dayton Hamvention 2013

FTdx-1200_remote_Dayton-2013 FTdx-1200_SCU-17_Dayton-2013 FTdx-3000D_Dayton-2013

FT-950 Triple-conversion Super-heterodyne – (Up-conversion type)
1st IF of 69.45 MHz, a 2nd IF of 450 kHz, and a 3rd IF of 30 kHz (24 kHz for FM)

FTdx-3000 Double-conversion Super-heterodyne – (Down-conversion type)
1st IF 9.000MHz, a 2nd IF 30kHz (24kHz for AM/FM)

FTdx-1200 Specifications: Frequency Ranges: RX 30 kHz – 56 MHz (operating) 1.8MHz – 54 MHz (specified performance, amateur bands only) TX 1.8MHz – 54 MHz (amateur bands only) – Circuit Type: Triple-conversion super heterodyne Up-conversion –  Modulation Type: A1A(CW), A3E(AM), J3E(LSB,USB), F3E(FM), F1B(RTTY), G1B(PSK) – Power Output: 5 – 100 Watts (2 – 25 Watts AM carrier) – Intermediate Frequency: IF 40.455 MHz/ 455 kHz /30kHz (24 kHz for AM, FM, PACKET-FM) – Roofing Filters: 3 kHz, 6 kHz and 15 kHz  four-pole ( MCF) Monolithic Cristal Filter design at 40.455MHz. –  and more.

[Note] – Detailed specifications: please see the official Yaesu Musen Co. LTD or Yaesu USA  sources – All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders.


IC-7100 Video in use 07/14/2013 – Advanced Instructions – RS-BA1 V.1.40 & RC-28 V.1.01 – ID-51A/E MARS CAP


IC-7100 HF/VHF/UHF Multi Mode & D-STAR DV the new Advanced Instructions pdf 379 pages !! Video IC-7100 in Use CW – LSB – WFM – RTTY (Sunday 07/14/2013) – Designed to the 70MHz band in European versions – Download the new ID-51A/E & IC-7100 brochures (EN) – ID-51 MARS-CAP Modification – Read the QST Review ID-31A, see link below –

IC-7100_instructionsICOM IC-7100 Advanced Instructions Manual a new pdf of 379 page ( Icom America July 2013). These Advanced Instructions describe the details of the IC-7100 features.
This PDF formatted manual provides you with convenient functions, as follows. …. Shows a term description When the mouse cursor is moved over a term which is highlighted in yellow, the description of the term is displayed.
The screen shots at the right column,correspond to the perating instructions and procedures shows both setting and operating example. The location of the keys used in the described steps in the left column are illustrated.. etc.

Link to: Downloada the IC-7100 Advanced Instructions pdf 19.3MB (ENG)

L’Icom IC-7100 finalmente è stato approvato dalla  FCC ID AFJ339300 25.6.2013

IC-7100 List Price $1999.00 Your Price: $1665.95 USD – (Universal Radio Inc.)
IC-7100 #03 List Price €1477,16 (inc. 21% IVA IT) – (Marcucci Spa Importer)

IC 7100 in Use CW – LSB – WFM – RTTY – Sunday Morning 07/14/2013

IC-7100 the size is just about the same with IC-7000 Series and IC-706 & IC-706MKII, but it has a slanted header and can not be mounted on the main body. Touch Screen and user friendly mode and many menu could be easily controlled via Microphone, including changing mode and band selection.

IC-706MK2G IC-7100_Box-rearpanel IC-7200_manpack

At Dayton Hamvention 2013, ICOM the booth rep says there are now 27,000 D-STAR users with over 1,000 repeaters — and they’re dropping the price on those repeaters.

Icom Inc. has updates RS-BA1 Ver. 1.40 &  RC-28 USB encoder Ver. 1.01

Major improvements of the function RS-BA1 V.1.40 (!! must be insert code from CD)
1. IC-7100 is now supported.
2. Improved for stable operation with RC-28 after PC comes out of the sleep mode.

Major improvements of the function RC-28 V.1.01
1. Improved for stable operation after PC comes out of the sleep mode.

Link  to: Icom support download Software & link to Firmware


ID-51A/E 2m + 70cm Dual Band Portable – 5/2.5/1.0/0.5/0.1 Watts Output Power – RX: 88-174, 430-479MHz + AM Broadcast – Repeater Directory /Near Repeater) – Built-in GPS Receiver – Micro SD card slot for recording – IPX7 Submersible and more.. Download the new Icom Brochure EN PDF link below

ID-31_ID-51 ID-51_builtin-GPS

Der ID-51E verfügt über ein kompaktes 58 × 105,4 × 26,4 mm großes Gehäuse und wiegt mit Akku und Antenne nur etwa 255g –  Der integrierte GPS-Empfänger sorgt für schnelle Start-up-Zeit und genaue Position – Dowload Prospekt pdf

Link to: Download the new Icom ID-51 Brochure EN 13GS0020 PDF
Link to: Bitte entnehmen Sie diese Angaben dem ID-51E Prospekt

Link to: Read the QST Review of the ID-31A here! (Icom America Inc.)

Universal Radio (US) ID-51A  List Price: $756.00 Your Price: $579.00
Difona Communication (DE) ID-51E Special Price: €495,00 incl. 19% VAT

ID-51 Official MARS CAP Expanded TX & RX Mod by Icom America Inc. – MARS (Military Auxiliary Radio System) has a long history of providing worldwide auxiliary emergency communications during times of need
RX frequency expansion – (Click the picture to enlarge)

VHF: Expanded range: 137.000-174.000MHz.
UHF: Expanded range: 380.000-479.000MHz.
B BAND – (AM & FM only)
VHF: Expanded range: 108.000-136.995MHz. (AM), 137.000-174.000MHz. (FM)
UHF: Expanded range: 380.000-479.000MHz. (FM)
Remove D9 on Logic board. – [Note] How to open up the TX range on your Icom ID-51 this mod will provide transmit from 137-174 Mhz & 400-479 Mhz: See the video by K1LA link

IC-7100 at Dayton 2013 – Icom Inc. have released a new Brochure Pdf (EN), and the MSRP Price in Japan. The Importer Marcucci Spa  released the List price in Italia.  See more news, links, video and pictures below.


IC-7100_Bande-setting IC-7100_Mode-setting IC-7100_Multimode-meter

D-STAR is NOT proprietary to ICOM, D-STAR is an AMBE Codec owned by Digital Voice Systems. Icom is the only manufacturer putting D-STAR in their currently available Icom rigs. – (!! Click to all pictures to enlarge)

Suggested Retail Price (Japan) ¥ 165,900 (base price ¥ 158,000 no taxes)
Marcucci Spa (Italia) – IC-7100 #03 Prezzo listino € 1.534,00 (+ IVA 20% !!)


TMS3206745BPTPA3_DSPTMS320C6745BPTPA3 Device 3000MIPS (Million Instructions per Second) Clock 375MHz – a high-performance 32-bit floating point IF DSP delivers rich digital signal processing features, including digital IF filter, digital twin PBT, noise reduction, CW auto tune, etc.
Those digital features work on all bands from HF to V/UHF bands. The DSP digital signal processing is incorporated into the AGC loop. Built-in SD Card Slot for Voice & Log Storage

The optional RS-BA1 software allows you to operate the IC-7100 from a remote PC over the Internet or local home network. – (IP Remote through Home LAN) – (IP Remote over Internet) – also available the RC-28 Remote encoder.

Link to: Download the Icom IC-7100 new EU Brochure V.13GS0170 PDF  (EN)
Link to: Download the Icom IC-7100 new US Brochure V.13GS0160 PDF (EN)

[IC-7100] タッチパネル&スラント型コントローラーが、今までにない直観的で軽快なマルチバンド運用を実現 – HF+50MHz+144MHz+430MHz〈SSB・CW・RTTY・AM・FM・DV〉100W トランシーバー –

Link to: Download the Icom IC-7100 (JP) new  Brochure 2013-1-GSG661 (JP)

Touch Screen: The 48.6×75.9 mm in large “resistive” touch screen display can be operated even while wearing gloves.


italianoIC-7100 il nuovo HF/50/70/144/430MHz, Multi Modo & D-STAR DV compreso. Ha un nuovo sistema di comando IC-7100 Base operationintuitivo e rapido con “Touch Screen” resistivo. Si possono eseguire i vari settaggi operativi direttamente toccando lo schermo LCD a matrice di punti! Il Transceiver dispone di una Slot per inserire una memorie SD-card (opzionale) per memorizzare e gestire Dati, il Log e le funzioni GPS (anche il GPS è opzionale esterno) i dati dei Ripetitori D-STAR, etc.  (come già nel ID-51E/A). – Molto interesse alla Hamvention di Dayton 2013 – Icom ha annuncito la disponibilità a fine Giugno pv.

Purtroppo nessun ATU è stato integrato all’interno. Un accordatore automatico opzionale (come ad esempio l’AH-4 oppure l’AT-180) è disponibile per l’acquisto (!), per eventuali scopi di ottimizzazione con il sistema di antenna. – (Cliccare sulle varie immagini per ingrandirle)

Prezzo consigliato IC-7100 (!! in Giappone) ¥ 165,900 (prezzo base 158.000 ¥)

Marcucci Spa (IT) IC-7100 #03 listino € 1220,80 (+ IVA 22%) (upd. 01/01/2014)

Link to: Scheda in Italiano IC-7100 #03 di Marcucci Spa Icom importer Italia 

Anche questo apparato IC-7100 può essere utilizzato in remoto via porta USB con l’utilizzo del Software RS-BA1 della stessa Icom, con o senza RC-28 Remote encoder, sia via rete LAN o via Internet, naturalmente tramite l’impiego di Computer sia in locale che nel sito remoto. [Nota] con solo RS-BA1, allo stato, non si accende o spegne il Transceiver!

The 2013 Dayton Hamvention has come and gone. In this, video for Ham Nation, I show some of what we saw at the worlds’ largest gathering of amateur radio operators….. italianoLa Hamvention di Dayton del 2013 è venuta ed è già passata !! poi Julian dice: questo mio video per Ham Nation, vi mostra alcune delle cose che abbiamo visto al più grande raduno di Radioamatori del mondo! – (tks’ Julian & grazie by IØGej) – 22 maggio 2013 by jyunte’s channel.

[Note] – Detailed specifications: please see the official ICOM  sources – All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders.


TS-990S Detailed Features- Price US / EU – Download16-pag Brochure ENG/JPN


TS-990S Kenwood Transceiver – Update news: Kenwood Ltd & Kenwood USA and JVCKwd JP have released Official 16-page TS-990S Brochure! – Big PDF (EU/USA/全16ページ JPN) link below – Price US/UE – See Detailed Features by Kenwood (UK) (DE) (IT) (US) (JP) link below – FCC: ID K44412000 – See Link , pictures and Video below.

TS-990S by Universal Radio (US) List $8249,95 Your Price $7999,95
TS-990S by ML&S (UK) Price: £6600,00 inc. VAT 20%
TS-990S by Maas  (DE) Price:  €.7495,00 Inc. VAT 19%
TS-990S by RS Radiostock (ES) Precio: €. 7550,00 Inc. IVA 21%

TS-990S  всережимный трансивер ( Link to: “Бермос” Москва – “Bermos” Mosca)
Рекомендованная производителем цена для РФ: 9200,00 USD по курсу ЦБ РФ на день оплаты.

TS-990S_launch 株式会社JVCケンウッドは、ケンウッドブランドより、 “最高級実戦機”HF/50MHzトランシーバー「TS-990」シリーズを2013年2月末に日本をはじめ全世界で発売します。- (see link (JP) below!) – 威 風 堂 々。 ファン待望の新フラッグシップモデル –
TS-990S new JVCKenwood Flagship Arriving End February 2013 – The Price in Japan is 798,000 Yen inc. Jp. Tax (760.000 Yen no Tax) Link below!


Da Kenwood Italia – (IT) Cenni storici sulle Radio-Ammiraglie KENWOOD Il debutto del TS-900 nel 1973 ha inaugurato la tradizione della classe ammiraglia dei  ricetrasmettitori HF KENWOOD per uso amatoriale, che ha prodotto il TS-930, il TS-940 ed il TS-950. Progettato per l’esigenze del mercato Amateur Radio HF, il nuovo TS-990 ora si pone l’obiettivo di diventare il prodotto TOP dei DX’ers…. (vedere il comunicato e dati con il link più sotto IT)

TS-990S_kombiDer TS-990S hauptempfänger arbeitet nach dem Down-Conversion-Prin­zip und ist mit einem neuen Mischer und neuen Schmalband-Roofing-Filtern ausgestattet, sodass ein IP3 von +40 dBm erreicht wird, was einen Spitzenwert darstellt. – Erstmals besitzt ein Transceiver ein Dual-TFT-Display – mit Bandscope, NF-Scope, S-Meter und vielem mehr – dies führt zu besserer Darstellung und unbeschwertem Funkbetrieb. (Markteinf.g Ende Februar 2013)

Main_band_front-endTS-990S Main Receiver – The first mixer circuit, at the heart of the main receiver, is equipped with a new double balanced grounded switch type mixer.
In order to prevent distortion when there is a large input signal, the signal route up to the first mixer includes sophisticated circuitry with carefully selected components – such as large-core toroidal coils and relays for signal switching between bands – resulting in a third-order intercept point of +40dBm (source: JVC Kenwood brochure) – Please click the pictures diagram to enlarge!


TS-990S 200W Trasmitter – The push-pull circuit utilizes VRF150MP 50V power MOSFETs to deliver a stable output of 200W on all bands. Engineers have determined the bias and matching conditions that ensure maximum possible benefit from the characteristics of the VRF150MP.
Built-in automatic antenna tuner (ATU) is of the preset type and employs the relay approch, acclaimed for rapid operation. Cooling system capable of providing ample airflow to each unit. The TS-990 employs five independent variable-speed fans (.. IC-7700 employs Quad-fans!) are employed for the Switching Power Supply, the PA final section, and the ATU antenna tuner. (source: JVC Kenwood brochure) – Please click the pictures diagram to enlarge!
Link to: Download Kenwood USA Official TS-990S 16-page ADS#04513 (ENG)
Link to: Download Kenwood UE  Official TS-990S 16-page  #CA321E-E  – (ENG)
Link to: Download Kenwood JP Offic. TS-990S  全16ページ #MAA-9HF1302 (JPN)

Link to: Download the Kenwood TS-990S Brochure JPN in PDF 3MB – (JPN)
Link to: JVC Kenwood Products  TS-990シリーズ Japanese language – (JPN)
Link to: Download the latest Leaflet  by ML&S UK (NPRI_final-(2) – (ENG)
Link to: TS-990S Flaggschiff  Detailbeschreibung und technische Daten – (DE)
Link to: TS-990S Ammiraglia HF/6m Dettagli dalla Kenwood  Italia – (IT)

Link to: Comunicato Stampa 2013 – TS-990S il lancio a fine Febbraio 2013 – (IT)
Link to: News Press Release 2013 – TS-990S to be launched next month – (ENG)

[Note] The TS-990S is manufactured in Kenwood’s Japan Factory which has been assessed and registered as ISO 9001 compliant (Quality Control).

RS Radiostock Espagna (EU) has now updated its price (! update 30.01.2013)
TS-990S Precio:€. 6239,67 + €. 15,60 ES trsp + 21%  IVA = Total €. 7568,88
(!! “stale” Precio: €. 7500,00 + €. 15,60 + 21%  IVA = Total €. 9093,88)

Link to: RS Radiostock – Emisoras Base  web-page (ES)

TS-990S HF/50MHz Dual receiver & Dual TFT display Available Winter 2012. – Update !! New Video by JVC Kenwood (ENG version) 11/ott/2012 – On the Kenwood TS-990S one of the noteworthy planning policies is improvement of fundamental receive performances and a drastic modification to the external appearance.

TS-990S Demo Video | JVCKENWOOD (ENG Version)

 TS-990S JVC info: Down-conversion system on all receiving bands – Different bands can be received separately at once on the main and the sub – The sub-receiver uses TS-590S receiver – Three 32bit floating-point arithmetic DSP (One ADSP-21369 SHARCH Processor 400MHz SIMD Core, capable of 2.4 GFLOPS peak; two ADSP-21363 SHARCH 333 MHz SIMD Core, capable of 2 GFLOPS peak) – Separate main and sub receiver instead of traditional VFO A-B – Two TFT Display… and more!


Receiver performance is one of the key indicators that is used to evaluate a transceiver.  And, above all, the capability to protect against interference from adjacent signals close to the target signal is of the utmost importance. On the TS-990S thre RF filter systems protect the early stages of the main receiver from overload caused by strong out-of band signals (RF BPF – Pre Selector combine and five Roofing Filters after the 1st mix) – The Preselector is a variable bandpass filter that can be inserted or not after a series of fixed bandpass filters.


Main Receiver: Full down conversion (IF: 8.248MHz) – Newly-developed mixer IP3: +40dBm class – Roofing filters (270Hz/500Hz/2.7kHz/6kHz/15kHz) – Sub Receiver: Up/Down conversion (similar to TS-590 system) – Simultaneous dual receive. – Source Kenwood-electronics Co.Uk Leaflet ENG – Download here (link to ML&S Uk)


Mode: SSB/CW/FSK/PSK/AM/FM – TX power: 5-200W (AM 50W) – 2xVRF150 FET final working at 50V – Rear panel: Antenna connector x 4, RX IN/OUT connector, key jack, ACC2 connector, optical IN/OUT, keypad jack, USB connector (+ USB x 2 Front panel) display connector, LAN connector, REF I/O 10MHz, etc.


[Note] – Pricing and final detailed specifications: please see the official JVCKenwood sources – All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders


FLEX-6000’s a Direct Sampling SDR’s are slated for delivery in the 2nd quarter of 2013

FLEX-6000 Signature Series SDRs which are ordered now from our On-Line Store are slated for delivery in the 2nd quarter of 2013 – (news by FlexRadio Systems)
& FLEX-6500 Signature con potenza di elaborazione “built-in”:  montano la Xilinx Virtex-6®, una FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) di alto livello, un microprocessore Texas Instruments™ DaVinci™ Digital Media Processor che incorpora un processore ARM Cortex™-A8 CPU (con processore NEON™) a 1,4GHz (1,2GHz nel FLEX-6500) ed un coprocessore DSP a 32 bit in virgola mobile da 1,2GHz (1,0GHZ nel FLEX-6500). – !! Download the Brochure ENG (FlexRadio) or IT (WoodBoxRadio) PDF link below


The FLEX-6700 and FLEX-6500 coming soon, build package was released to AMS for materials procurement and pre-production engineering start-up !! – (Source: Flex Insider-Issue 2-3/2012) – FlexRadio Signs Manufacturing Partner: (AMS) – Austin Manufacturing Services located in Austin the same business complex with FlexRadio.

AMS’ is ISO 9001 certified contract manufacturer of  board and system level electronic. AMS’ offers considerable expertise and experience in complex, multi-technology, multi-configuration PCB assemblies. – Link to: AMS’s – Services Web-page

The FLEX-6000 Signature Series radios employ a Direct Sampling receiver architecture while the FLEX-Series radios (FLEX-5000, FLEX-3000, FLEX-1500) are Direct Conversion receiver and the RF signal is presented to a QSD – Quadrature Sampling Detector  a balanced mixer of sorts. – QSD receivers are only limited by the bandwidth of the audio ADC’s and balance issues in the detector.

By comparison, the FLEX-6000 Signature Series takes the conversion of RF to digital to a new level – Direct Sampling. Using  high bandwidth ADCs, the entire HF spectrum from 10kHz to 77MHz is sampled at the same time (plus 135MHz-165MHz in the FLEX-6700).
In the FLEX-6000, the Spectral Capture Unit (SCU) performs this function in real time delivering the digitized RF spectrum to the radio’s Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) for additional processing. –

[Note] Inside the SCU are three main functions: filtering, level control and digitization. The Flex-6500 Flex-6700 packs more built-in digital signal process power than ever before imagined in an amateur radio transceiver – The Xilinx® Virtex®-6 FPGA works in tandem with a Texas Instruments® DaVinci® Digital Media Processor that includes a 1.4 GHz (1.2 GHz on FLEX-6500) ARM Cortex®-A8 CPU with NEON® floating point coprocessor!

On the FLEX-6000’s the SCU’s job is to take the off-air signal from an antenna jack on the radio and convert it into the best digital signal possible. – The input to each SCU is one of the many antenna or receiver connectors on the radio. Coming out of the SCU is an incredible volume of digital data  3.93 Gbps for each SCU. – Just for comparison purposes, this data would fill forty of your typical 100Mbps Ethernet cables (LAN).

Retail pricing USA as follows –> FLEX-6500: $4299 / FLEX-6700R: $6399 / and the FLEX-6700: $7499
Retail pricing UK   as follows –> FLEX-6500: £3449 / FLEX-6700R: £4799 / and the FLEX-6700: £5799

Link to: Official Broshure by the FlexRadio Systems – Ver-2  (PDF ENG.)
Link to:  Broshure in Italiano di WoodBoxRadio It by IK3VIG  (PDF ITA.)

[Note] – Pricing and final detailed specifications are yet fixed, please see the official FlexRadio sources – All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders – This device has not been approved by the appropriate authorities in each country etc.


IC-7410 HF/50MHz Manual and Brochure EN, USB Driver Ver.110, Price Marcucci IT

IC-7410 HF/50MHz Icom Transceiver CE Conformity: Icom Inc. Japan Declare that this equipment complies with the essential requirements of the radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Directive, 1999/5/EC…. 14th Jan. 2011

US MRSP: List Price: $2475,00  Your Price: $1999,95 !! (source Universalradio Inc)

In fondo tutte le notizie  in italiano qui sotto  il Link alla scheda IC-7410 #05 di Marcucci distributore Icom Italia. –  Il Nuovo prezzo di listino pubblicato a Luglio è ora di € 1.680,00 + IVA +20% !! (invece il prezzo di aprile 1652,00 e a febbraio 2011 di € 1.848,00 + IVA)

Icom Inc. Jp Update 2010/12/24 the Software USB Driver last Ver. 1.10.
The driver supports the following radios (as of December 2010): IC-7200  IC-7410 IC-7600 and IC-9100.
This driver is for Windows® XP, Windows Vista® and Windows® 7 only, [Note] if you require to USB driver for Windows® 98SE/Me/2000, please use Ver.1.00.

Link to: Icom co jp Word support  Download the last USB Driver Ver.1.10
Link to: Icom IC-7410 More news on VA7OJ’s  web page by Adam
Link to: IC-7410 Ver.#05 Ricetrasmettitore HF/50MHz Scheda Marcucci IT
Link to: Download the IC-7410 User Manual in ENG  18.79MB ! PDF

The IC-7410 provide a USB connector Rear panel. –  Using a USB cable, connect a PC to do the following: Input modulation / Remotely control the transceiver using CI-V commands / Send the received audio to the PC / Send the decoded characters to the PC. – However, you must install the correct Icom-supplied driver on your PC.
About the USB driver:
The USB driver and the installation guide can be downloaded from Icom Inc. Jp website. Before starting the download, please read “USB driver installation guide”!!

IC-7410 HF/50MHz,  the he Instruction Manual ENG Ver. A-6904H-1EX for the new Transceiver, is available on the Icom Co. Jp. web-page from 01.07.2011.

The firmware is not upgradeable via USB !! In the Manual there is no chapter for this. Same as the previous Models IC-7400 nd  IC-746PRO….! -> See the Link below for downloads and more…

The IC-7410 employs a higher speed DSP unit compared to the IC-746PRO/7400’s DSP unit. The AD/DA converter AK4620B allows for a high dynamic range. Receiver employs a double conversion superheterodyne system which has an image rejection mixer for the 2nd mixer stage.

Built-in ATU cover from 1.9MHz to 50MHz – can retune using builti-in memory. – Icom writes: Variable capacitors provide higher accuracy than a typical mechanical relay tuner.

The new Icom IC-7410 FCC ID AFJ318200 certification was granted: Date available 12.29.2010 on FCC OET-Web page –

The Transceiver Supports RS-BA1 Internet remote-control software Icom suite (See the Link below for download User Manual EN and more) – –Overview of the RS-BA1:

The RS-BA1 consists of the Remote Utility, used to configure a remote control system, and the Remote Controller, used to send CI-V commands to a radio to remotely operate it.

With the RS-BA1, you can configure a remote control system through the Internet, or a LAN  network. — Link to: Download the  Icom RS-BA1 product brochure EN .PDF ….go more.. (…prosegue su: leggi tutto / full story)

TS-590S Discovering Hidden! On air test! User Manual & Software! Link Kenwood IT

Europe: the TS-590S Available end October! (Click image to enlarge!)

UK Price (Inc VAT at 17.5%): £1,489.95/EUR €1,704.78 Hamradio. – web
IT Price (Currency conversion) ! (Inc. 20% IVA) € 1750,00/  1800,00 Estimate Price
DE Price (Inc VAT at 19%): €1799.00 – Ex Vat Price: €1511.76 Classic International eu
USA Price $1964.00 Your Price $1799.95 Universal radio inc.
FR Price (Inc VAT) € 1999.00 !!  Sardif Sarscelles France web

Le caratteristiche dettagliate finalmente sono note  anche in Italiano da Kenwood Electronics Italia
Link to: Kenwood Electronics Italia – Comunicazioni TS-590S

TS-590S Market Codes: K-type The Americas / E-type Europe – The market code is shown on the carton box – User Manual: The equipment complies with the essential requirements of Directive 1999/5/EC —  Downolad the User Manual K/E  Eng.  the Brochure PDF and the TS-590 Software Free

Link to:  Kenwood USA Co. Download the Owner’s Manuals K/E – 5.5MB PDF
Link to:  Download the TS-590S CA300E-E-8 UK Product Brochure  – 1.7 MB PDF
Link to: TS-590 Software – ARCP-590/Virtual COM/ USB ARUA-10/ ARHP-590 Host

TS-590 Series, Kenwoo discovering the hidden on the new brochure: Thanks to a narrow-band Roofing Filter and dedicated 1st Mixer, this new transceiver offers the best dynamic range in its class to handle adjacent unwanted signals – With IF AGC based on advanced DSP technology, Kenwood has essentially redefined HF performance.
See the link below for Download the Peerless Performance 2.16 MB PDF and the List of menus PDF, to follw Block diagram IF AGC. – In fondo anche una parte di note informative in italiano

Watch the video by W6GPS – WB6NOA (< Gordon West)  40 meter test of the TS-590 and ..Heil Pro – 21.09. 2010 (Note: !! video is split in two audio channels: Left voice operatote, Right receiver signal)

Main Features (Summary by – Source: News by Kenwood Co.Jp)

100W heavy-duty design (..Click the image to enlarge)
The cooling system features a pair of 60×60 mm fans, the same size as on the previous model. Having two fans provides sufficient air flow at low rpm, ensuring quiet operation. Meticulous attention has been paid not only to the fans and motors but also to the size and shape of the intake/exhaust vents as a comprehensive approach to noise reduction. The aluminum die-cast chassis is combined with a large heat-sink to enhance heat dissipation efficiency.

Price: TS-590S HF/50MHz 100W, Japan Marcket  List Price: 228,900Yen/ Retail 198.000Yen
Price: TS-590S  HF/50MHz 100W, US Marcket  List Price: $1964.00 / Your Price: $1799.95

——Clik the small images 1, 2, 3, 4 to enlarge , and read below ———–

1) IF-DSP TMS320C6726B – The TS-590S employs DSP from the IF stage onward. Kenwood was the fi rst to offer DSP-based IF AGC in an Amateur radio (TS-870) and this DSP technology has been further enhanced for the TS-590S, resulting in the development of a unique approach to IF AGC.

2 – 4) Roofing Filter BW type up/down conv. – The TS-590S comes equipped with a 500 Hz and 2.7 KHz BW 6-pole MCF. This results in superb dynamic range when adjacent signals are present, performance that was not previously possible using up conversion

3)  IMD3  level  to 14.2MHz – Mode CW, BW500Hz, Pre-Amp OFF , Two-Tone Spacing (Variable 2 to 100kHz) – See the IMD3 diagram,  the orange line marks = 106 dB !!  So even when an interfering signal approaches the target frequency, a virtually flat dynamic range is maintained.

The innovative Receiving scheme: Kenwood Down/Up conversion in a single receiver! (almost like the Elecraft K3 – TenTec OrionII and at least Yeasu FTdx5K )

On the 15, 20, 40, 80 or 160 meter band, the TS-590S employs down conversion for the first IF (11.374 MHz), when receiving in CW/FSK/SSB modes down conversion is selected automatically. Having the 1st Roofing Filter (6 kHz BW) directly after the Mixer enhances the noise blanker’s ability to deal with adjacent off-frequency signals. What really determines RX performance is the 2nd Roofi ng Filter (2.7 kHz or 500 Hz), after the post amplifier. Follows the 2nd IF  (24kHz ) for Digital Signal Processing with new approach to IF AGC control. [!! Test drive the transceiver, will tell the truth]

No uses traditional PLL and VCO – For the 1st local oscillator frequency (25.374 MHz), instead of employing conventional PLL/VCO, the output of a DDS (Direct Digital Synthesizer) is supplied directly to the following 1st Mixer.

Link to: Download the “Peerless Performance” of the TS-590S in EN! (Mirror StrictlyHam) PDF
Link to: Download the TS590 List of menus and functions PDF (w6gps source – pdf  by radiocronache)

User-friendly menus and ease (..Click the image to enlarge)
The TS-590S, 87 menus offer intuitive access to numerous additional features. The combination of menu and arrow keys makes operation intuitive. Also, the menu mode is visible in the main area, while the sub area scrolls through the relevant guidance information

TS-590 は87種類のメニュー機能を搭載。メニューキーと十字キーの組み合わせで、直感的に操作可能です。 メインエリアにメニューモードを表示。サブエリアにはその内容のガイダンスをスクロールしながら表示。さまざまな細かい操作ができます。

USB connectivity for PC control
Thanks to the addition of a USB port, the TS-590S can be hooked up to a PC with a USB cable, enabling PC control of the transceiver plus TX/RX audio connectivity. – (like Icom Radios 7600, 7200, 9100)

Other news, Block diagr. IF AGC e note in  italiano… >click to Leggi tutto/Full story below!

Continua la lettura di TS-590S Discovering Hidden! On air test! User Manual & Software! Link Kenwood IT

ICOM Annunces Laungh of the IC-9100 mid October, 2010 – The Price and Press release

Icom IC-9100 – 2010/08/17 Icom Inc. (Hukui Tsutomu President), the ham radio transceiver IC-9100 will be released. Start on sale in JA: Mid October –  The IC-9100 is a full coverage from HF to 1200MHz band (Requires optional UX-9100)  – The manufacturer says: Just all-round machine!

HFから1200MHz帯※1までをフルカバー。 アマチュア無線の楽しさを、この1台に凝縮。Icom IC-9100

Price: IC-9100  Japan Domestic Marcket List Price 312,900 JPY (tax included)
[Note]!! IC-7600 100W Japan List Price 417,900 JPY (tax included).
Suggestive MSRP in EU – Yen/€  exchange 110/1 (Yen 312,900/110 = €2,845.00 ?! )

Other news: 年間目標販売台数  計500台/年 – Jp/En Google translation says: Annual sales targets a total of 500 units/year (the page does not mention either in Japan or in the world!)

Coming soon!! – (IPリモートコントロールソフトRS-BA1に対応 ……
Clik image to enlarge the GUI of the new Icom RS-BA1 Remote Control Software. – Ethernet, IP and voice to enable the handling of remote control software remote control over IP networks “RS-BA1” support.  You can remotely control the IC-9100. – [Note] Please comply with laws and operate remote control. – Enhanced functions of the PC with the USB port on the back – You can easily connect to your PC [..!data to be verified!]

Two high-end DSP & 24-bit AD/DA converter is equipped,  that achieved class IP3 = +30 dBm – HF-50
DSP for Main-band
: ADSP-21369 32-bit floating point – 333MHz clock  – Processing power = 2000MFLOPS  
DSP for Sub-band
: ADSP-21375 32-bit floating point – 266MHz clock – Processing power = 1600MFLOPS

Main Features
(Summary by – Source: Icom Inc. Web)
– HF +50 MHz +144 MHz +430 MHz +1200 MHz full cover (optional UX-9100)
– The Easy satellite mode settings to achieve syncronizes the UP(tx) and Dow(rx)
– D-STAR® with a digital voice mode built-in Japan (optional UT-121.. outside)
– DV mode supported on 28, 50, 144, 430/440 and 1.2 GHz bands
– Simultaneously receive two different bands, (HF/50⇔144MHz, 144⇔430MHz)
– “RS-BA1” (Coming soon!) To enable remote control software remote over EtherNet/IP
– IF-DSP two 32bit floating point DSP and 24bit AD/DA converters
– Rofing filter 15kHz default 1st IF filter (6 and 3 kHz option for HF +50MHz bands)
– Superheterodyne system receives feedback from the upper Icom model ( I/Q image-reject mixer)
– Standard conditions at a glance that the scope of the band within the band.
– Built-in ATU Antenna Tuner(HF +50 MHz bands) as standard.

Link to: View the Icom Inc. Japan press release (Jp) for the IC-9100
Link to: Picasa Gallery: Kansai Ham Fair 2010 by Oba-san, JA7UDE

The  IC-9100 will on display in the Icom booth at Ham Fair 2010 to be held at the Tokyo Big Sight of August 21~22, 2010. —– Enjoy Tokyo HamFair this weekend!
Link to: JARL Ham Fair 2010 in Tokyo – Info and Reports

FTdx-5000 Vs IC-7700 – DMU-2000 v5.11 – Yaesu ICAL soon IT – Watch the 1st Video

The Transceiver FTdx-5000 Vs IC-7700 – Sommary.. Features, Dimensions, Weight
Yaesu Italia  ICAL Spa,  coming soon in Italy. >See Info and link (Ical logo) below..
Icom IC-7700:
Dimensions  425 × 149 × 437 mm; Weight  22.5kg;
Output power :  5–200W – AM 5–50W;
PA utilizes two MRF 150 MOSFETs (Vdd = 48V);
Special Price (- Icom Coupon + Gift) $6299,95

Yaesu FTdx 5000 Series:
Dimensions and Weight FTDX-5000 462 x 135 x 389 mm,  21 Kg
SM-5000  462 x   45 x 181 mm,  3 Kg; Output power: 10-200W – AM 5-50W (75W Cl. A)
PA utilizes two FETs VRF 150 (Vdd = 40V);
MP Series List Price $8000.00  Your Price $6299.95

Watch the 1st Video on the latest model is FTDX5000MP Yaesu (by ito7310)

ヤエス最新機種のFTDX5000MPです。 – Request to ito7310!! Is there any way you can make another video but flip the switches slower where we can see the effects of the adjustment? … thanks.

FTdx-5000 Series coming soon in Italy – June, 2010 in Italia il Transceiver HF 50MHz 200W, lo ha annunciato Yaesu Italia/ ICAL Spa – Official Importer and distributor  Vertex Standard Yaesu.

FTdx-5000MP  arrived in US.  One of the first exemplary, probably assigned to who have classified the order, arrived in US  on 27 Feb. 2010. .Dick K6GAK – See more info, Link and Photo..

Continua la lettura di FTdx-5000 Vs IC-7700 – DMU-2000 v5.11 – Yaesu ICAL soon IT – Watch the 1st Video

FTdx-5000 latest Block Diagram. List prices in Jp and US market. Mod. MP FCC approved

FTdx-5000MP Receiver Block Diagram (latest release elab- by  (Clik image to enlarge!)  –
The FTdx-5000 HF/50 MHz Transceiver has a new architecture!
Circuit  Type: VFO-A Double-conversion superheterodyne – VFO-B Triple-conversion superheterodyne – Inrmediate IF’s: VFO-A 9 MHZ/30 kHz (24 kHz for AM/FM) – VFO-B 40.455 MHz/455 kHz/30 kHz (24 kHz for AM/FM)

The Main RX (VFO A) is a two-stage down-conversion design – Yaesu engineers take the down-conversion architecture, only for Main RX A, with narrow ham-band filtering for superior close-in dynamic range. – (Like K3 Elecraft and Orion II Ten-Tec – …US made!)

See The list prices for Japan market  in the CQ ham radio n. 1/2010, and on the Tomei Denshi Co., Ltd. Jp website – See The retail prices for US released on 01/10/2010!!

The Version MP has been FCC approved on 01/29/2010 – FCC id: K6620361X61 – The FTdx5000   had been FCC approved on 12/11/2009 – FCC id: K6620361X60…
See List prices Japan and retail US, update now  and more… Continua la lettura di FTdx-5000 latest Block Diagram. List prices in Jp and US market. Mod. MP FCC approved

Hamradio 2009 Friedrichshafen Prezzi Prices Precios Preis and Sonderpreis! Icom, Yaesu..


englishHamradio 2009 Friedrichshafen Prezzi Prices Precios Preis and Sonderpreis! See the Special Prices for IC-7700 IC-7600 IC-7200 IC-7400 IC-718 IC-7000 IC-910H  Yaesu FT-950 FT-450AT FT-897D FT-857D Icom D-STAR IC-E92 IC-E80D IC-2820 VT-123 ID-E880. Buy Ham Radio Equipment…. Preis… and Sonderpreis… Acquistare apparati radio.. Prezzi e Prezzi scontati… See the Link below for Ham Radio 2009 Photo GalleryContinua la lettura di Hamradio 2009 Friedrichshafen Prezzi Prices Precios Preis and Sonderpreis! Icom, Yaesu..