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Ham Fair 2015 AOR Booth: The Perseus V5 Coming Soon and AR-DV1 Receiver

The AOR Booth unveiled  the Perseus Ver.5.0 at Ham Fair Tokyo 2015 (Coming Soon) and announce the worldwide release of the AR-DV1 Digital Voice Receiver! It decode virtually ALL popular digital modes. – See below data & link !

Perseus Ver.5.0 main features (pic AOR booth & eng data da www-microtelecom-it)

[Note] Perseus V.5.0 (made Microtelecom Italy) Supported OS: Microsoft Windows XP7, W8.1, 10 – Minimum system requirements: Windows XP – 1.5 GHz Dual Core CPU with at least 4 GB RAM system.
Suggested system requirements:  Windows 7 – 2 GHz Quad Core CPU with at least 8 GB RAM and decent CPU cache.

Test demonstrative of the Perseus V5.0 software (video demo version)

The full version of the V5.0 Perseus will be available soon at the price of 59 Euro. – (Software licences will be locked to the  receiver serial number) – Please check official web-page!
Link to: Check Microtelecom-perseus-software web-page


AR-DV1 receiver of its kind to receive and decode virtually ALL popular digital modes: Mototrbo, DMR, dPMR, APCO 25, NXDN, Icom D-Star, Digital CR, Yaesu, Kenwood and Alinco EJ-47U. – (… AOR Specifications & Brochure link below)


Wide band coverange from 100kHz to 1300MHz – Micro USB computer interface – Builtin SD/SDHC card for audio recording – Higher 1st IF frequency 1705 MHz (!) provides higher image rejections,.. and more!

Link to: Download AOR Usa AR-DV1 Brochure (pdf 3.5 MB)

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FlexRadio – The “Maestro” Control Console for Flex-6000′ SDR Transceiver

The new Maestro Controll Console for the Flex-6000′ SDR Transceivers in the FlexRadio Systems booth at the Ham Radio Show in Friedrichshafen 2015. – FlexRadio plans to sell the Maestro for $999 with availability in the 4Q of 2015. (see the Maestro demo video …below!)


Maestro: very handy gear, especially when portable, no cables. Finally a real radio with traditional knobs! and latest touch-screen technology! in an Control console for SDR Transceiver (only for Flex-6000′ series).


Una unità molto utile, soprattutto portatile e senza cavi. Finalmente una vera e propria radio con le manopole tradizionali! e l’ultima tecnologia touch-screen! questo in una consolle di controllo per ricetrasmettitori digitali SDR! (Maestro solo per la serie Flex-6000 del produttore USA).

Alla Ham Radio Expò di Friedrichshafen dello scorso fine Giugno, si sono notati cartelli della FlexRadio (USA) per apparati a tecnologia SDR (software defined radios) come il FlexADP FlexRadio Application Developer Partener Program già in corso (offers a world of possibilities for software interfacing, with SmartSDR’s APIs it is easy...)  e il Maestro …Orchestrating Radio in… any way, any where… plug-and play! Truly opening up new ways of amateur radio. (!) Dear… Japanese big brands, we await your plans on this
Link to: Download Maestro datasheet v.2.00 EN pdf

(Maestro Demo Video by FlexRadio of 7/24/2015)

FlexRadio Systems will be participating in the Global AIS On Space Station (GLASS) project, providing hardware that will be placed on the ISS – The project showcases the benefits of acquiring and disseminating ocean faring vessel information for use in commercial, safety and security environmental and educational applications (!.. Link to:  JAMSS America, Inc)


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Yeasu FT-991 HF 50 144 430MHz All Mode + C4FM Digital – New AOR AR-DV1 Digital Receiver

FT-991 HF 50 144 430MHz 100W All Mode Transceiver – The New Yaesu quad-band all mode preliminari fetaure: Operate on the SSB / CW / FM / C4FN Digital / AM / RTTY / PSK mode – Roofing Filters 3 and 15kHz – Full color TFT display – High speed DSP 32-bit – PA output 100Watts (VHF/UHF 50Watts) – ATU and more.(….read the official Yaesu source!)

FT-991 Coverage: 160-6m, 2m and 70cm – 3.5″ TFT Touch Panel – All Mode & C4FM Digital

The FT-991 can be connected to a computer using a USB cable for CAT control and firmware updates, …or the use of an optional SCU-17 Interface Unit to support USB Audio In/Out, TX Control (PTT, Key, Shift).

FT-991 HF VHF UHF All mode Transceiver (Two ant. Connector, GPS/CAT & USB Port)

La Yaesu ha presentato a Tokyo l’FT-991 un nuovo quadribanda HF 50MHz VHF e UHF all mode compreso il modo C4FM del System Fusyon modulazione FDMA digitale. Sostituisce e migliora con un Display TFT touch il noto e diffuso FT-897 (end)

AOR AR-DV1 the new Digital Voice Receiver – Analog / digital full cover range 100kHz – 1300MHz, builtin eight digital receive demodulation mode .  – Analog operates modes: SSB / Cw / FM (WFM – NFM – SFM) / AM  (WAM – NAM -& Syncronous detection.

AR-DV1 Digital/Analog Modes Built-in Decoder
Ham fair 2014 – AR-DV1 Digital Voice Receiver – Analog / digital cover 100kHz – 1300MHz

AR-DV1 preliminary info: Receive System: 100kHz-18MHz Direct Conversion (SDR) – 18MHz-1300MHz Triple Conversion Super-heterodyne. (…read the official AOR source for more informations!)


The new TRX-305A HF SDR Transceiver (Kit) – Full digital RF signal processing experiment kit at Ham Fair 2014 CQ Publishing Booth & AOR Ltd. – Read more by RadioCronache

AOR Ltd Preview the AR-DV1 wideband digital/analog receiver.

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TRX-305A SDR Transceiver in “Kit” at Ham Fair 2014 CQ Publishing booth

The new TRX-305A HF SDR Transceiver – Full digital RF signal processing experiment kit at Ham Fair 2014 CQ Publishing Booth will be held at Tokyo on August 23rd and 24th – 特別企画1…TRX-305のデモ機を展示!ハムフェア2014 CQ出版ブースにて – (the first parts of “no solder” KIT scheduled in early October to mid-September)
Other News: The AOR Ldt at Ham Fair 2014 Will show its new Receiver AR-DV1 in Tokyo Big Sight, the Ham Fair for Amateur radio. – Click link below for more info (JPN)! 

[CQ] – 信号処理メイン・ボード TRX-305MB – Signal Processing & FPGA Main Board TRX-305
Link to: Cyclone III FPGA Family features and architecture
Link to: JARRL CQ Ham Radio Semptember 2014  info (JP)
ink to : AOR Ltd Jp annunciament for its New AR-DV1 

The transistor technology editing section of CQ Publishing, we have developed a (TRX-305A) experiment kit (…with the AOR Ltd technical support…) to commemorate the inaugural 600 issue (1964-2014), we can learn a wireless communication technology practical by digital signal processing!

[CQ] ディスプレイ・ボード TRX-305CP – Display board TRX-305CP (traslate!)
Preliminary specifications (subject to change without notice)
( Receiver)
ADC: LTC2205-14 (14-bit, 65MHz clock, with dither)
DAC: BU9480F (16 bit, stereo)
Demodulation mode: WFM, NFM, AM, LSB, USB, CW
IF BW: 300Hz, 2.8kHz, 6kHz, 15kHz, 30kHz, 100kHz, 200kHz
Input sensitivity: 10dB S/N SSB: 0.5μV
Frequency range (Receive also other frequencies and re-design the filter!) 100kHz ~ 30MHz, 70MHz ~ 120MHz
Frequency setting-step: 1Hz resolution
IP3: +15dBm or more

[CQ] )出力BPFボード TRX-305LP – PA Output LPF TRX-350LP

ADC (DUC):  AD73311 (16-bit)
Direct I/Q  modulation by the AD9957 (clock 1GHz)
RF output: Amplifier of 6dB AD9957 (14-bit, 1GHz DAC), by transistor (….maximum output: 3dBm)
Modulation: NFM, AM, LSB, USB, CW
CW keying:  Semi break-in method

[Note] – Detailed specifications: please see the official  sources – All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders.- This page is just a non-official overview, where no one should draw any conclusions – All images and versions above is for illustration only.  (tnx to all)

The ELAD FDM-DUO An Embedded SDR HF & 6M – 5W All Mode Transceiver

The New ELAD FDM-DUO Software Defined Radio HF & 6M – 5W Transceiver Coming Soon! – The first batch will be available by the end of May 2014 – Official price: 1159,00 Euro – Preorder special price: 1049,00 Euro (Prices incl. 22% IVA IT/EU – Extra EU customers can buy without TAX – Source: WoodBoxRadio Campagna sas Italy)


FDM-DUO by ELAD Italy: SDR 16 bit Direct RF Sampling at 122.88 MHz and no mixer, no roofing filters, no noise only the last technology available: ADC Linear LTC2165-16bit 122.88MHZ clock – DDC FPGA Spartan 6 XC6SLX25 + Serial Flash for stand-alone mode – USB IQ path through CY68013 for RX bitstream – Stand-alone RX IQ path STM32F4 ARM floating point microcontroller (Dual operation mode: In PC mode the RX bandwidth may have up to 6MHZ )
TX modulator use a second STM32F4 Floating Point microcontroller + AD9957 DDS clocked at 368,64 MHz

Esempio di applicazione Mixed dal sito di WoodBoxRadio Italy

Frequency range: RX 9Khz to 52MHz direct sampling receiver – TX 160m to 6m others frequency to be defined (2m VHF RTX will be an option as a board to fit) HF/50MHz MDS: -132dBm – BDR: +115dB (500Hz) (preliminary spec)

The New ELAD software FDM-SW-2 is available


More news and official data & information by link below
Link To: IK3VIG, Beppe by WoodBoxRadio – IT/ENG
I invite who is interested to visit ELAD USA  website
Link to: Elad USA at

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HF-ONE MKII & X1-M PROs (or new X1N !) a recent attempt at HF QRP transceivers straight out of China


The HF-ONE MKII & the X1-M PRO’s (…MKII or new X1N) Transceivers are a recent attempt at HF QRP RTX straight out of China. – The chassis rugged cast aluminium case of  the HF-ONE MKII with SDR I/Q  like the POUXING P5100 Trunking Mobile Two-Way Radio. It is actually repacked “almost” the architecture of the JUMA TRX2A made by Juma “Jumaradio” (…JUMA® – are copiright Juha, OH2NLT and Matti, OH7SV.. Ju-Ma!)

hf-one_ComCAT-1 HFone-Juma-fronts JumaRFfilter_HFone-open

italianoHF-ONE MKII e lo X1M PRO sono due Transceivers QRP per HF anche in Kit di recente disponibili direttamente dalla Cina. – Come si può vedere dalle foto qui sopra, il robusto case in alluminio pressofuso del HF-ONE Pro MKII è simile al POUXING P5100, già noto per uso civile come UHF Trunking Mobile Two Way Radio. In realtà sembra che qui, per l’uso in HF con uscita SDR I/Q, sia stata rielaborata (quasi) l’architettura o in parte integrata dal JUMA TRX2A, l’apparato in Kit prodotto e commercializzato dalla Juma “Jumaradio” (…JUMA®  è un marchio copirigth by OH2NLT e OH7SV)


HF-ONE MK2 HF SSB/CW Transceiver the QRP Mobile HF Radio Max 10W output- Receiver with SDR I/Q signal output, for use HDSDR or POWER SDR – Coverange 30kHz to 30MHz – VFO A and VFO B – Tuning step sizes 10Hz, 100Hz, 10kHz – Auto Voice recording imput – Auto Keyer built-in – Sensitivity Typical -120 dBm – PC Computer Operations Control via 3rd party software  like FT-857.
[Note] preliminary informations by the .jpg depliant from the vendor   (click the picture to enlarge) &  product details on the AliExpress web-page.

Link to: JUMA Amateur Radio kits web-page

X1M-PRO (Platinum) & X1MKII 20W or new X1N Color Display HF QRP Transceiver


The X1M HF PRO (Platinum) model QRP transceiver, manufactured by Chonqinq Xiegu Technology Co., Ltd. of China. – Frequency range RX:  0.1 ~ 30 MHz – Modes: USB & LSB & CW – Power output: 5 Watts – Rx Preamplifier – Automatic Internal CW Keyer – CAT Control:  Compatible with Ham Radio Deluxe  (factory adapter required – Choose Icom IC-718 (5E) in HRD. (…See the new X1N below!!)
TX Five *Ham Bands are configured with bandpass filtering – Band 1: 3.5 ~ 4.0 MHz – Band 2: 7.0 ~ 7.3 MHz – Band 3: 14.0 ~ 14.350 MHz – Band 4: 21.0 ~ 21.45 MHz – Band 5: 28.0 ~ 29.7 MHz.

X1M-front-close-in X1M-interno-1e2 FT-817_X1M_rear

New “Platinum” Edition X1M Pro: Improved Display, Improved Controls,Improved Components, Improved Filtering, Improved Performance – Frequency range RX & TX 100 kHz – 30 MHz (Transmits 100 kHz – 30 MHz via  Menu option.  Preset transmit range is the *five  bands shown above).

Link to: Distribuited in North America exclusively by Import Communications

[Note] New X1MKII —- 20W便携式HF+50MHz彩屏全模式三次变频中频DSP数字化收发信机


X1MKII —- 20W Color Display a QRP portatile HF +50MHz con IF-DSP e modalità a Tripla-conversione (ricetrasmettitore digitalizzato) – Preliminary features: RX: 0.5~30M,50~55M – TX:0.5~30M,50~55M – SSB/CW/NFM/AM/RTTY – TX 20W output – Power 9~20VDC (0.42A @Min – 4.5A @Max) –

[Note] New X1N Receiver with large Color Display Test1 –  X1N接收视频 by BG8HT


Link to: Youku Video X1N Receiver Test-1 Video ( X1N接收视频 ) by BG8HT 
Link to: X1M QRP Transceiver Yahoo Groups web (user login!)

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SunSDR-MB1 A SDR Stand alone – ANAN-100 & 200D Tests Report Updated 2014 by VA7OJ


SunSDR-MB1 HF/6m/VHF Transceiver a new Stand-alone Made in Russia by Expert Electronics LLC – The SDR Transceiver based on DDC/DUC (Direct Conversion technologies) MB1 new Stand-alone SDR…see link – The ANAN-100D SDR & ANAN-200D HF/6m DDC/DUC Transceivers Made in India  by Apache Labs – Download the latest Tests Report & Review Iss. 5 2014  by Adam, VA7OJ/AB4OJ.  See update news and links below!

Expert Electronics SunSDR-MB1 Stand Alone Software Defined Radio (Preliminary 2013) – For last news and update model Ver. 2 MB1  see the link 2014 (20/06/2014 ) below:

Others Previous Features (by SunSDR Forum 08/06/2013):

SunSDR-MB1_ext-display Flex-6700_Display-2013

Direct Conversion ADC sample rate: 160MHz, ADC resolution: 16 bit SFDR receiver: 78-82 dB – DUC sample rate: 360MHz, DUC resolution: 14 bit High perfomance 24 bit Audio Codec on board – Connect to PC: LAN/WLAN (Ethernet/WiFi 802.11 g/n) – Trasmitter Output power, nominal: 125W (HF), 30W (VHF) – IMD3 DR of transmitter: about 30-40 dB – Very small CW delay: 10ms – Size: 370x160x270mm, Weight: 10 Kg.


SunSDR-MB1 Rear Panel Inputs/outputs: Two VHF (SO239)- Two HF (SO239)- Wide RF input port direct connect to high speed ADC (SMA) & DUC (SMA) for XVTRX, measurement etc.-

Software: ExpertSDR2 (all updates)  is free. – SunSDR-MB1 is available for order.


Program ExpertSDR is developed by the company Expert Electronics to support the SunSDR-transceiver – (Bасилий, Vasily writes: User can push one button (20 sec start time/ 5 sec finish time) and can works in radio air without keyboard and mouse.. etc.) – Link to: Expert Electronics LLC Home-page

ANAN-100D/E SDR  Made in India Tests Report by VA7OJ (Issue 5 Aug. 2014 including ANAN-200D (!! see link below!)


Apache Labs Specifications: (summarized) ANAN-100D & E All Mode Receiver SDR Direct Down Conversion type –


Frequency Coverage 10kHz – 55MHz – Dynamic Range 125dBm – Noise Floor (500Hz Bandwidth @ 14.2Mhz) -140 dBm – FPGA type EP4CE115  – On board DSP processing Extensive, including optiona Sof Core processing – Master Clock 122.88MHz  and phase noise @ 10kHz -149dBc.

Apache Labs has announced: Apache Labs and OM Hermann, DL3HVH are pleased to announce a strategic tie up for the development of cuSDR software for the ANAN series transceivers, cuSDR is a state-of-the-art SDR platform and has key advantages such as capability to simultaneously display multiple receivers with Panadapter and waterfall displays!


All Mode Trasmitter SDR Direct Up Conversion type – RF Output 1-100W – Coverange 160-6M – Modulation Digital Low Level – Carrier & Unwanted Sideband Greater than -90dBc – Harmonic 50dB (HF) 60dB (VHF) – 2xRD100HHF1 Mosfet 100W (160-6m).

News by Apache Labs Support: “We are pleased to announce that the ANAN series HF & 6M SDR transceivers including the ANAN-10, ANAN-100D and the ANAN-200D are now CE and RTTE certified as per EU trade directives”.

ANAN-100D & ANAN-200D Tests Report – Iss. 5, August 5, 2014  by Adam, VA7OJ:  Supersedes all previous issue! 

This is a revised test report, presenting results of an RF lab test suite performed on an Apache Labs ANAN-100D direct-sampling/DUC SDR transceiver loaned by Apache Labs. Appendix I presents selected tests conducted on an ANAN- 200D. – As a result, several receiver parameters were re-tested. – The Issue 5 incorporates the results of these re-tests (denoted by “R”).

pdf_logoLink to: The ANAN-100D & 200DTests Report (5) VA7OJ
 Link to: Apache Labs Private Limited (Apache Labs) page

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FLEX-6000’s Development/Delivery Update – Flex-SDR Architectures Link & more!


FLEX-6000 Signature Series Development – Delivery Update:  Our plan is to ship the Limited Edition radios pre-order during Q2 or into early Q3 2013 – Post Limited Edition orders will begin shipping in Q3 2013…..! (Latest Flex Insider-7) – See the panadapter high definition Spectrum Display and the Flex-6500 SDR Architectures “Some interesting tidbits” Episode 36 and more!

FLEX-6700™ high definition spectrum !! –  Due to the RF wide band digitization provided by the high performance Signal Capture Units™ (SCUs) in the FLEX Signature Series SDRs, 14 MHz of RF spectrum is viewable at one time using the panadapter high definition spectrum display (See below, the Spectrum View with Pre-Selector Turned [ Off)

The MUF is the highest radio frequency that can be used for transmission between two points. – The test results above(Click the picture above to big-enlarge) were taken at 8:00 PM local time when the 20m band was just about to close. –
With the 20m pre-selector turned [off ],  the spectrum view shows strong signals below 20m (14 MHz), but very few signals above 16.500 MHz,  indicating the MUF at this time was approximately 16 MHz, showing another one of the inherent capabilities of the wide band digital down conversion (DDC) technology provided by the Signal Capture Units™ (SCUs) used in the FLEX-6000 Signature Series.

This new “wide band” capability has generated much discussion regarding antenna requirements in regards to receiving for the FLEX-6700™ and FLEX-6500™ etc…. If you’re interested in a more detailed description read the complete Flex Insider-7 (pdf)

Link to: ©FlexRadio Systems Official web-page

FlexRadio SDR Architectures for Digital Communication (Episode 36 by HamRadioNow – 2012 )

Episode-36_sept-2012La nuova serie Flex-6000’s con il suo software SmartSDR e due unità di acquisizione digitale definite Signal Capture Units™ (SCUs) con sitema a Campionamento Diretto consente di settare quattro, sei, o otto ricevitori e o panadapters a larga banda in contemporanea – La capacità di decodificare e visualizzare direttamente anche i modi digitali – Connettività Ethernet per una rete mondiale – La capacità di configurare i ricevitori in diverse condizioni e modi – La possibilità di trasmettere a livello locale e riascoltare se stessi da remoto a lunga distanza – L’accesso ai vari database remoti su Internet – L’apparato radio può essere utilizzato anche via rete Ethernet con qualsiasi tipo di Computer o Tablet anche portatile.

Most receivers type: Direct Sampling / Direct Conversion / Multi Conversion


  1. Direct Sampling a.k.a wideband: FLEX-6000 Series – HPSDR – Perseus, etc.
  2. Direct Conversion: FLEX-5000, FLEX-3000, Elecraft KX3, etc.
  3. Multi-Conversion a.k.a. Superheterodyne: Most every Kenwood, Icom, Ten-Tec, Elecraft, Yaesu amd Hilberling (note: latest models use a double conversion system it reduces signal distorsion and provides a high-fidelity RF signal to the builtin DSP processor)

Virtex-6_fpga-diagramFPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) Xilinx VIRTEX-6 XC6VLX130T: Massive DSP Power – Can’t build a Direct Sampling Receiver without one! – >90% of the FLEX-6000’s Power….. 317 billion multiply-accumulate operations per second!
Una FPGA della serie Xilinx VIRTEX-6 accoppiata con la potenza di elaborazione del dispositivo DSP altamente integrato è indispensabile per creare il Ricevitore a Campionamento Diretto FLEX-6000’s. Queste unità consentono di eseguire fino a ben 317 miliardi di operazioni al secondo direttamente all’interno!

Flex-6000s_architecture Direct-sampling-benefit Intro-team-1

FLEX-6000’s Architecture, Benefits and FlexRadio Team information: please click the pictures above to enlarge & read.
Link to: Download the Brochure in Italiano pdf by WoodBoxRadio (IT)
Link to: Flex-6000’s SmartSDR multi Slices  More Videos  Tmate-2 control

[Note] All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders. This page is just a non-official overview, where no one should draw any conclusions – all images and versions above is for illustration only!

FLEX 6000™ SDRs – SmartSDR multi Slices & Panadapters in early Q2 2013 – The Orlando 2013 Show (video interview)


FLEX 6000™ Signature Series SDR’s SmartSDR Multiple Slices and Multiple Panadapters on the same Radio!
Orlando Ham-fest February 2013 – 67th Orlando HamCation Amateur Radio & Computer Show – The FlexRadio Booth video  interview! – See link, videos, pictures and the 1st Video of Tmate-2 HID Controller , below !

FlexRadio projects in early Q2 2013 start of deliveries: Gerard Youngblood, K5SDR FlexRadio CEO (latest Flex Insider-6):  ….. “Next, how to you make an extremely complex radio simple and intuitive to use? Leonardo Da Vinci once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. “Complex is easy, simple is hard”. …… Progress is visible and accelerating. Everyone is motivated, excited about what we are building, and working hard…. etc. ! – (See link below to more news!)

Flex Radio Booth at HamCation Orlando 2013– (by videosbymike


Il Team-Marketing di  FlexRadio ha preparato quest’altro Video  che mostra più in dettaglio alcune funzionalità della loro nuova interfaccia utente detta “SmartSDR” –
Il video inserito qui sotto è ricavato da una registrazione dal vivo effettuata da K5FRS con l’hardware del FLEX-6700 in corso di produzione e su cui girava proprio il Software “SmartSDR” in fase di implementazione da parte degli ingegneri FlexRadio-

Imagine a real time spectral display where the noise floor is averaged to the terrestrial noise floor. – By real time, I mean that the display follows the instantaneous power of the signal but the noise floor is almost a flat line (no “grass,” as we call it) at the noise level seen at the antenna. This remains true whether zoomed out to view half of the HF spectrum or zoomed in to just a few kHz.
[Note] The “PacMan” looking signal that flies through the bands is a Propagation Ionosonde Station located a few miles from FlexRadio Factory!

Watch the Video below “First Look” at the new FLEX-6000 SmartSDR  and the Pictures! – See link below to new HID Controller Tmate-2 made in Italy (coming-son!)


Minimum Discernible Signal (MDS and NF) – How LOW do you GO? – by Greg Jurrens – K5GJ, VP, Sales & Marketing There’s been a lot of talk these days about Minimum Discernible Signal, or MDS. What is it? What affect does it have on my receiver performance? Why do I care? – …. “The ARRL labs use a procedure to measure MDS to a signal 3dB above the noise floor (NF) measured in a 500 Hz bandwidth.

!Amplifiers are very good at amplifying… Everything – signal, and noise. We want the signal but not the additional noise that comes along for the ride. Ideally, the amplified MDS should be 3 to 6db below the environmental noise floor. Plus, the amps themselves add a bit of noise to the mix. Worse yet, using pre-amplifiers have a cost of actually LOWERING the radio’s effective dynamic range. Dynamic range is defined as the difference between MDS and input overload. The pre-amp’s gain comes right off the top of that number. In this case, too much is not just right.

The FLEX-6000 Signature Series to the rescue! – One of the unique features of the Spectral Capture Unit (SCU) of the FLEX-6000 is the Digital Variable Gain Amplifier (DVGA). This allows the software to vary the SCU’s front end performance in 0.5dB steps from -11.5dB up to +20dB of gain (up to 40 dB on the FLEX-6700 with the additional +20dB second pre-amp). The result is the perfect MDS for your QTH and situation. Just enough gain to coax the signal out of the noise, but not so much that all you hear is noise or give up dynamic range. This capability will be provided for advanced operations. Again, the flexibility of a SDR (Software Defined Radio)…. etc”  Link to Source: FlexRadio Systems (Flex Insider – Issue-5 and 6)

SmartSDR Panadapter Video-Demo – A -First Look- at the new FLEX-6000 SmartSDR Panadapter from FlexRadio Systems. – This is the first in a series of introductory videos (28/dic/2012)

italianoFLEX-6700 & FLEX-6500 Signature Series, incorporano una inconsueta potenza di elaborazione dati “built-in” (dentro!) – Montano la Xilinx Virtex-6®, una FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) di alto livello, un microprocessore Texas Instruments™ DaVinci™ Digital Media Processor che incorpora un processore ARM Cortex™-A8 CPU (con processore NEON™) a 1,4GHz (1,2GHz nel FLEX-6500) ed un coprocessore DSP a 32 bit in virgola mobile da 1,2GHz (1,0GHZ nel FLEX-6500). –
La nuova Serie FLEX-6000’s ora in pre-produzione e il suo Software SmartSDR in fase di perfezionamento, sarà rilasciata all’inizio del 2° Quadrimestre 2013! – (Leonardo Da Vinci diceva: “Complesso è facile Semplice è difficile” così lo cita K5SDR CEO Flex Radio nell’ultimo Flex Insider-6!)

Link to: Official Broshure EN by the FlexRadio Systems – Ver-2  (PDF ENG.)
Link to:  Broshure in Italiano di WoodBoxRadio IT- by IK3VIG  (PDF ITA.)

Da Flex Insider Issue-5 /2012…..A proposito delle discussioni tecniche in corso sul MDS/NF (Minimo Segnale Discernibile a +3dB sul rumore o Noise Floor)  Una delle caratteristiche uniche del circuito “Spectral Capture Unit” (SCU) incorporato nella Serie  FLEX-6000’s è anche l’Amplificatore di Guadagno Digitale Variabile (DVGA). Questo sistema permette al software di variare le prestazioni del Front-end della SCU a passi di 0,5 dB da -11.5dB fino a +20 dB di guadagno (fino a 40 dB sul FLEX-6700, con l’ulteriore +20 dB del secondo pre-amp)…. così da adattare al meglio la MDS in base alle condizioni del QTH….etc.

Tmate-2 HIDAltra novità Italiana in arrivo a breve (accessorio…. geniale!)

To make your SDR … like a real Radio! – Tmate2 HID Controller Compatible with Perseus, FDM-SW1, Studio1, and PowerSDR is ……….. Coming Soon! –
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Tmate2 HID interface, no driver required –
Link to:  WoodBoxRadio – Italy

Tmate2 1st Video: Short demo of first testing the new CAT console Tmate2. It will be compatible with most SDR applications – (04. Feb. 2013 by ik3vig)

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R&S®EM510 HF Receiver 9 kHz to 32 MHz – R&S®PR100 Receiver 9 kHz to 7.5 GHz


R&S®EM510 HF Digital Wideband Receiver from 9 kHz to 32 MHz is a Direct Receiver, after the antenna signal has passed through Preselection with Highpass/Lowpass Filters, it is fed directly into the ADC (Analog Digital Converter) –  R&S®PR100 portable receiver  9 kHz to 7.5 GHz spectrum and spectrogram (waterfall) display on 6.5″ color screen – See the pictures, summary overview and Official Data Sheet (ENG) by link below.


The R&S®EM510 receiver features digital IF filters with 30 different bandwidths from 100 Hz to 10 MHz. The filter characteristics are optimized for radio-monitoring tasks, allowing top-quality processing of signals up to 10 MHz bandwidth.
Panorama scan up to 34 GHz/s or 600 000 channels/s – Frequency/memory scan up to 1500 channels/s – IF panorama with up to 9.6 MHz span – Video panorama, AM, FM, AM², FM², I/Q, I/Q² – Audio filters: notch, noise suppression, band-pass – Dual-channel analog video output (AM, FM) – LAN interface (SCPI) – and more!

R&S_EM510_rearExcellent RF characteristics and a wide dynamic range combined with powerful Digital Signal Processing are the basis for optimal system solutions.
Wideband operation: I/Q data up to 10 MHz bandwidth – Demodulation up to 10 MHz bandwidth – and more! – Demodulation modes: FM – AM – PULSE (AM PULSE)- jM – USB – LSB – ISB – CW – I/Q.

Input level: –137 dBm to +10 dBm (–30 dBμV to +117 dBμV) f = 400 kHz to 32 MHz / Frequency resolution: 1 Hz / Aliasing suppression: ≥90 dB, typ. 120 dB / 3nd Order IP: ≥30 dBm, typ. 35 dBm (low distortion mode), f = 1 MHz to 32 MHz – ≥20 dBm, typ. 25 dBm (normal mode), f = 1 MHz to 32 MHz / and more features… see the link below.

Link to: Download the R&S EM510 Data Sheet for all informations (ENG)
Link to: More information at (ENG)

R&S PR100 ReceiverThe R&S®PR100 portable receiver  9 kHz to 7.5 GHz Spectrum and spectrogram (waterfall) display on 6.5″ color screen has been specifically designed for radio-monitoring applications in the field – Display of results on a digital map loaded in the R&S®PR100 – Digitally modulated signals converted to the baseband using I/Q demodulation and stored in the receiver or exported via LAN – Full remote control via LAN interface (SCPI commands to IEEE488.2) and more.. see the link below

Link to: Download the R&S®PR100 Data Sheet #..87012 – 29 pag. (ENG)

R&S PR100_spectrumtypeFast panorama scan across the entire frequency range from 9 kHz to 7.5 GHz
10 MHz IF spectrum e demodulation with bandwidths from 150 Hz to 500 kHz
Spectrum and spectrogram (waterfall) display on 6.5″ color screen
Automatic location of emissions with direction finding (20 MHz to 6 GHz)
Whether used for monitoring emissions, detecting interference or locating miniature transmitters

[Note] Operation using standard software and PC  (The EM510 receiver comes with comprehensive operating software etc.) – All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders – This page is just a non-official overview, where no one should draw any conclusions.