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SunSDR-MB1 A SDR Stand alone – ANAN-100 & 200D Tests Report Updated 2014 by VA7OJ


SunSDR-MB1 HF/6m/VHF Transceiver a new Stand-alone Made in Russia by Expert Electronics LLC – The SDR Transceiver based on DDC/DUC (Direct Conversion technologies) MB1 new Stand-alone SDR…see link – The ANAN-100D SDR & ANAN-200D HF/6m DDC/DUC Transceivers Made in India  by Apache Labs – Download the latest Tests Report & Review Iss. 5 2014  by Adam, VA7OJ/AB4OJ.  See update news and links below!

Expert Electronics SunSDR-MB1 Stand Alone Software Defined Radio (Preliminary 2013) – For last news and update model Ver. 2 MB1  see the link 2014 (20/06/2014 ) below:

Others Previous Features (by SunSDR Forum 08/06/2013):

SunSDR-MB1_ext-display Flex-6700_Display-2013

Direct Conversion ADC sample rate: 160MHz, ADC resolution: 16 bit SFDR receiver: 78-82 dB – DUC sample rate: 360MHz, DUC resolution: 14 bit High perfomance 24 bit Audio Codec on board – Connect to PC: LAN/WLAN (Ethernet/WiFi 802.11 g/n) – Trasmitter Output power, nominal: 125W (HF), 30W (VHF) – IMD3 DR of transmitter: about 30-40 dB – Very small CW delay: 10ms – Size: 370x160x270mm, Weight: 10 Kg.


SunSDR-MB1 Rear Panel Inputs/outputs: Two VHF (SO239)- Two HF (SO239)- Wide RF input port direct connect to high speed ADC (SMA) & DUC (SMA) for XVTRX, measurement etc.-

Software: ExpertSDR2 (all updates)  is free. – SunSDR-MB1 is available for order.


Program ExpertSDR is developed by the company Expert Electronics to support the SunSDR-transceiver – (Bасилий, Vasily writes: User can push one button (20 sec start time/ 5 sec finish time) and can works in radio air without keyboard and mouse.. etc.) – Link to: Expert Electronics LLC Home-page

ANAN-100D/E SDR  Made in India Tests Report by VA7OJ (Issue 5 Aug. 2014 including ANAN-200D (!! see link below!)


Apache Labs Specifications: (summarized) ANAN-100D & E All Mode Receiver SDR Direct Down Conversion type –


Frequency Coverage 10kHz – 55MHz – Dynamic Range 125dBm – Noise Floor (500Hz Bandwidth @ 14.2Mhz) -140 dBm – FPGA type EP4CE115  – On board DSP processing Extensive, including optiona Sof Core processing – Master Clock 122.88MHz  and phase noise @ 10kHz -149dBc.

Apache Labs has announced: Apache Labs and OM Hermann, DL3HVH are pleased to announce a strategic tie up for the development of cuSDR software for the ANAN series transceivers, cuSDR is a state-of-the-art SDR platform and has key advantages such as capability to simultaneously display multiple receivers with Panadapter and waterfall displays!


All Mode Trasmitter SDR Direct Up Conversion type – RF Output 1-100W – Coverange 160-6M – Modulation Digital Low Level – Carrier & Unwanted Sideband Greater than -90dBc – Harmonic 50dB (HF) 60dB (VHF) – 2xRD100HHF1 Mosfet 100W (160-6m).

News by Apache Labs Support: “We are pleased to announce that the ANAN series HF & 6M SDR transceivers including the ANAN-10, ANAN-100D and the ANAN-200D are now CE and RTTE certified as per EU trade directives”.

ANAN-100D & ANAN-200D Tests Report – Iss. 5, August 5, 2014  by Adam, VA7OJ:  Supersedes all previous issue! 

This is a revised test report, presenting results of an RF lab test suite performed on an Apache Labs ANAN-100D direct-sampling/DUC SDR transceiver loaned by Apache Labs. Appendix I presents selected tests conducted on an ANAN- 200D. – As a result, several receiver parameters were re-tested. – The Issue 5 incorporates the results of these re-tests (denoted by “R”).

pdf_logoLink to: The ANAN-100D & 200DTests Report (5) VA7OJ
 Link to: Apache Labs Private Limited (Apache Labs) page

[Note] All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders. – This page is just a non-official overview, where no one should draw any conclusions – all images and versions above is for illustration only.

New FTdx-1200 100W HF/50MHz Up-conversion type at Dayton 2013 – SCU-17 USB Unit – The 16-page Brochure EN


New FTdx-1200 100W HF/50MHz Up-conversion type 1st IF 40,455MHz  at Dayton Hamvention 2013 – 4.3 in TFT full color display like FTdx-3000 – Optional SCU-17 USB Interface Unit ! The SCU-17 USB Interface supports CAT, USB Audio in/out, TX control (PTT, Key, Shift) and Firmware update functions! Optional FFT-Unit adds other features – Download the new 16-page FTdx-1200 Brochure EN ( below).

FTdx-1200 List Price: USD $2400.00  / Discount Price: $1899,95 (…HRO US) !


FTDX1200 by YAESU MUSEN CO., LTD Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo  Japan – FCC Part15B Class B already approved: ID  K6620581X50 – 09.04.2013. – FTdx-1200 & FTdx-3000 (WxHxD): 14.4″ x 4.5″ x 12.3″ / 365 x 115 x 312 mm (Click the pictures to enlarge)

TFT-Display_VFO-A-B-statusFTdx-1200 intuitive operability with the new Display & Panel layouts. The VFO-A & VFO-B frequency and status are displayed only on the main TFT Display. The trasmit and receive status, and the “basic” VFO-a, VFO-B settings and FAST or LOCK settings are displayed in the high contrast display above the Main Dial (dial using machined aluminium parts with torque adjistment).
The Band Scope can be switched to FULL-screen display by simply pressing the Scope key, and spectrum can be viewed on the Full TFT Color screen! – Now the most important  meters amd frequency examination, are displayed in central view!


FTdx-1200_ATU-Diecast-PA-unitThe PA-Unit amplifier, which has 2 x RD100HHF1 MOS FET’s in a Push-pull configuration with power level of 100W. – The aluminum used for the die cast has high thermal conductivity and lowers the heat resistance (see the Yaesu brochure!) –  A large 60 mm axial flow fan is placed  a the side  of the PA & ATU Unit’s. – The FTdx-1200 ATU (Automatic Antenna Tuner) is the digital type that uses LC switchinh

FTdx-1200_Roofing-FilterThe IF DSP using the 32-bit floating point DSP, TMS320C6727B at a clock speed of 300 MHz similar to the FTdx-5000 and FTdx-3000 series. – The 1st IF frequency is now set at 40 MHz (Up-conversion) and is protected by selectable 3 kHz, 6 kHz and 15 kHz Roofing Filters. –  Yeasu writes in the brochure (page 5): IDR (IMD Dynamic range) 104dB / IP3 (3rd-Order IP) +31dBm  at 14MHz Band CW (BW=500Hz) Roofing Filter = 3kHz @ 10kHz Separation two-tone signal ANT Imput (dBm).

SCU-17_USB-Interface-2Optional SCU-17 USB Interface Unit ! Can be connected to a PC with a USB cable, the SCU-17 USB Interface supports: External control (CAT), USB Audio IN/OUT, TX control (PTT, KEY, SHIFT), and Firmware update functions. (CAT is possible via the RS.232 without SCU-17).
Optional FFT-Unit adds AF-FFT (Audio Frequency Fast Fourier Trasform) scope function demonstrates the AF characteristics of the TX/RX signal. , RTTY/PSK31 Encode/Decode, CW Decode and CW Auto Zero-in.

  • FTdx-1200 Supplied Power: DC 13.8V
  • Frequency ranges: 0.030 – 56.000MHz – (TX Frequency Coverage: 160 to 6 meters bands)
  • Receiver Type: Triple-conversion Super-heterodyne – (Up-conversion type)
  • Intermediate Frequency: IF 40.455 MHz/ 455 kHz /30kHz (24 kHz for AM, FM, PACKET-FM)
  • Model of operation: A1A, A3E, J3E, F3E, F1B, G1B
  • Roofing Filters (3/6/15 kHz) – 32 Bit High Speed IF DSP – ATU Automatic Tuner builtin

Link to: Download the 16-page FTDX1200 Brochure (U.E.EXP) B9200652

FT-950 Triple-conversion Super-heterodyne – (Up-conversion type)
1st IF of 69.45 MHz, a 2nd IF of 450 kHz, and a 3rd IF of 30 kHz (24 kHz for FM)

FTdx-3000 Double-conversion Super-heterodyne – (Down-conversion type)
1st IF 9.000MHz, a 2nd IF 30kHz (24kHz for AM/FM)
[Note] Yaesu is offering a $100.00 rebate on this item – Net price $2499.95 

[Note] – Detailed specifications: please see the official Yaesu Musen Co. LTD or Yaesu USA  sources – All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders.

IC-7700 New PA uses a STAC2942 (Rev S/N #12 #13) – NPR rx Testing by VA7OJ Adam

New IC-7700 MOSFET PA Unit – The IC-7700’s (S/N #12 USA/Canada, S/N #13 EUR etc.*) now have just one Mosfet (STAC2942) on the PA board, instead of the two MRF-150 of previous PA Unit (ex S/N #02 USA/Canada, ex S/N #03 EUR etc.*)
NPR Testing HF Receivers – Noise Power Ratio (NPR) Testing of HF Receivers Using notched noise to evaluate dynamic receiver performance – (To put the impact of the NPR test into perspective, a -9 dBm Ptot level at 5.6 MHz BRF is equivalent to 1200 simultaneous SSB signals at -43 dBm each, i.e. S9 + 30 dB!) etc…. by Adam Farson, VA7OJ/AB4OJ- (!! updated in March, 2013)

Link to: NPR Testing of HF Receivers by VA7OJ, Adam (pdf ENG)

IC-7700 HF 50MHz Transceiver new PA-UNIT  送信ファイナル段には、高Poのバイポーラトランジスタ(STAC2942)を採用した広帯域パワーアンプを搭載。- Higher Power – STAC2942 & STAC3932 saturates at over 500W  – (updated 18 April, 2012 by radiocronache!)

italianoNuovo PA Unit sull’IC-7700 – La nuova serie di IC-7700 (S/N #12 USA/Canda, S/N #13 EUR ecc.*) montano un solo dispositivo MOSFET (STAC2942) sulla scheda PA-UNIT, invece dei due transistor MRF-150 della precedente versione del PA-Unit (ex S/N #02 USA/Canada, ex S/N #03 EUR etc.*)

IC-7700_external-monitorL’attuale Rev. #12/#13 incorpora la nuova versione del PA-UNIT e moduli LPF, inoltre diversi altri moduli del transceiver sono “up-rev.” rispetto alle versioni precedenti. – Ora tutti gli IC-7700’s con un “1” nella prima cifra del S/N (numero di serie) hanno il nuovo PA-UNIT e i moduli LPF.
Esempio*: Giappone: #11XXXXX – USA / Canada: #12XXXXX – UE: #13XXXXX etc.

The current Rev. #12/#13 version incorporates the new PA-UNIT and LPF modules, and in addition several other modules are also “up-rev.” from the earlier version.

The IC-7700 uses a STAC2942 power amplifier in common source push-pull configuration (common source). The power amplifier provides a eliable 200W of output power up to 54MHz. – The STAC2942B is a gold metallized N-channel MOS field-effect RF power transistor. It is intended for use in 50 V DC large signal applications up to 250 MHz (ST datasheet)
The effective quad cooling fan system makes it possible to generate 200W full power output even during full duty cycle operation.

[Note*] IC-7700’s Version and Intended Country of Use: S/N #13 (Europe-01) #14 (France-01) #15 Italy-01) #16 (Spain-01) #17 (United Kingdom-01) #012 (America)
ICOM Inc. Japan/ICOM (Europe) GmnH have released the latest Declaration of Conformity CE on 25th Mar. 2011 – (Previous 12th Feb. 2008) Source: IC-7700 Manual ENG Ver. A-6937H-1EX-1 – Link to: Icom Co. Jp –  iC-7700 Official Features

[Rumors] It is said that the manufacturer of the MRF-150 used in the 7700’s series PA Unit, has recently discontinued this supply. This event has probably brought Icom to design a new PA Unit based on  the new DMOS STAC2942 ©STMicroelectronics parts.
 * Other regional variants will have different serial number for the change-over to a MOSFET PA – (!! Official info: ask retailers or Icom Inc., please)
[Note] – Detailed specifications: please see the official ICOM Inc. sources – All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders.


FTdx-5000 Update Software Main V.0123 – SP1NY OLED’s display replacement tutorial

FTdx-5000’s Update Software Main Ver.0123 released 10/22/2012. The Yaesu USA information PDF (link) –  SP1NY OLED’s sub-display replacement DIY (do it yourself) tutorial – Step-by-step procedure to replace the faulty OLEDs (EL) on the FTDX-5000 Front panel – See the Software Info (link),  QST review PDF (link) below.

FTDX-5000 OLED change DIY tutorial and more info.

On the FTdx-5000’s three EL “OLED” Electro Luminescence displays maximize your operation with useful and tactical supportive information. –
[Issue]:) OLED subdisplay broken (see the picture) one vertical white line or plus lines appear in them! – More people had the same issue (see the FTdx-5000’s Yahoo Group). – It seems that it’s an mortality of the OLED driver chip that is integrated into the ribbon connector of the display or so.

Step-by-step procedure to replace the faulty OLEDs – (! other by link below)

 On the first OLED one line starts faint and then become brighter and brighter. In the mean time second one showed up with it’s full brightness and thikness.
On the second OLED first line starts with almost full brightness then after about two weeks second one appeared dummy and thick, increasing brightness, day by day then starts slowly dimming or so – [Note] !! These events are reported for information only!

Link to: FTDX-5000 OLED change DIY tutorial (many items) by SP1NY

FTDX-5000 Yaesu USA Update Software with Main Ver.0123 (10/22/2012)

You need a serial cable from your computer to the serial port on the FTdx-5000’s. – If you use a USB port to serial interface adapter, make sure it is the FTDI chipset or so. – Update Software in the FTdx-5000 it takes a little practice for the many “DIY” steps procedures. – By the way, each update has all the previous updates, so you only have to do the latest one. – The tricky part is throwing the programming switch inside the back of the Transceiver!

!! Please see the versions list on the PDF Yaesu and be sure to read the entire package before doing anything.

The latest versions are listed below with the release dates (! partial list).
・ MAIN Software Version 0123 (10/22/12)
・ EDSP Software Version 0537 (7/20/11)
・ OEL (OLED) Software Version 0110 (3/23/10)
・ SM-5000 Software Version 0107 (3/23/10)
Link to: Official Yaesu USA Sofware Information released 10/22/2012
Link to: HB9ZS FT-5000 Utilities and Memory Saver – Fine Swiss utility!

FTDX5000’s QST Review –  Both receivers cover from 0.03 to 60 MHz. Receiver A is double conversion, with the first IF at 9 MHz and the second DSP IF at 30 kHz for SSB and CW and 24 kHz for AM and FM modes. Receiver B is a tripleconversion design, with the first and second IFs at 40.455 MHz and 455 kHz, respectively, and the DSP third IF identical to the second IF in the main receiver

Link to: Download the December 2010 QST review here (link-ML&S !)

[Note] All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders –  These events and news are reported for information only!


Hilberling PT-8000A is on top of the Sherwood test list – it’s a high-1st-IF (up-converting) design

The Hilberling PT-8000A HF/VHF Transceiver is on top of the Sherwood test list, best of all tested transceivers and receivers, it’s a high-1st-IF (up-converting) design too! – At 2kHz spacing the Dynamic Range is still 105dB ! and they can match the sampling SDR’s for reciprocal mixing performance. – See the Test data  on link below.

Link to: Sherwood Receiver Test Data Table updated 02 Oct., 2012
Link to: Hilberling GmBH official PT-8000A broshure D/ENG PDF

PT-8000 VLF/HF/VHF All Mode Transceiver with low noise SAW-VCXO at 640MHz. Employment of 1 GHz DDS oscillators guarantees low noise characteristics to noise suppression of -160dBc @ 10kHz at 14.2MHz.

La Hilberling GmbH continua la sua produzione di apparati diciamo di “nicchia” dal costo elevato (List price PT-8000 Transceiver, 200W, incl. Power Supply and Mic T9 = Euro 13.290,00).

Seguono, qui, alcuni dati, che si ritiene interessanti per confrontare (a few figures abaut PT-8000′s Transceiver 2008 and 2011 production) alcune importanti differenze trà il PT-8000’s del 2008 e la successiva produzione del 2011. !!

In particolare si nota il cambio della 1st IF a 40.700MHz con un rinnovo anche della architettura funzionale  ed ora  l’impiego di un solo 1st Roofing  Filter avente una BW di 50kHz e poi altri Filtri a quarzo selezionabili nella 2nd IF (Main/Sub receivers).

PT-8000 prodotto nel 2008 (11.5.08):
RX Double Super Heterodyne 1st IF 70.700MHz and 2nd IF 10.7MHz  / Xtal-Filter 1st IF 70.7MHz (BW 2.7kHz/6.0kHz/12.0kHz) and 2nd IF MAIN 10.698/SUB 10.702MHz (BW 0.5… 6.0kHz/12.0kHz)
PT-8000 prodotto nel 2011 (13.12.11):
RX Double Super Heterodyne 1st IF 40.700MHz 2nd IF 10.7MHz / Xtal-Filter 1st  40.7 (BW 50kHz) and 2nd IF MAIN 10.702/SUB 10.698MHz (BW 0.5… 6kHz/15kHz)

All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders

IC-7100 slanted touch screen HF V/UHF all mode DV – ID-51 D-STAR at Ham Fair 2012

IC-7100 HF/VHF/UHF All Mode Transceiver Slanted style Touch screen and ID-51A/E Dual banda D-STAR  new to the Tokyo Ham Fair 2012! – Icom IC-7100 SSB RTTY CW AM FM and D-STAR DV mode, ID-51 V/U D-STAR FM Handheld – !! See the Pre-release’s IC-7100 and ID-51 by Link below – アイコム ハムフェア2012で新製品発表!

HF-50MHz (100W) / 70MHz (50W) / 144MHz (50W) / 430MHz (35W) – (Note: Power may be different according to version. – The 70MHz band is available for some versions only) –
IF DSP for filtering / interference removal / noise reduction whith Dual DSP chips 32-bit Floating point digital processing / SD memory card slot, voice recording and data cloning / USB Audio In-Out, remote control / Built-in RTTY demodulator and decoder / Optional RS-BA1 IP Remote control /

IC-7100: IF (Intermediate frequencies)  SSB/CW/AM/FM: 124.487 MHz, 455 kHz 36 kHz – WFM: 134.732 MHz 10.700 MHz –
The slant top controller display faces the operator and is designed to increase visibility of the display.  –  The IC-7100 provides D-STAR DV mode digital voice and low speed data communication – Built-in SD Card Slot for Voice & Log Storage – IF DSP with Twin PBT and more ….

List price ¥165,900 or so in Japan  = Yen/US $ 2,200.00  or so!
List price Marcucci Spa (IT) IC-7100 #03  €1475,00 + IVA  (21%)

The ID-51A/E series D-STAR handheld radio is an evolution of Icom’s ID-31A/E UHF D-STAR Handheld and will be capable of both VV / UU 144MHz + 430MHz dual band operation. The ID-51A/E will also include the much praised menu-driven user interface of the ID-31A/E series with a much bigger LCD screen.
Enhanced RX call sign memory records up to 50 past received call signs, which can be exported to micro SD-card.  – Increased memory channel for repeater list (n° 750)/ GPS memory (n° 200) – Limited wideband receive for AM/FM broadcast (no bar antenna!), 118-137MHz, 137- 174MHz and 380-479MHz receiver.

Link to: Download the ID-51 Pre-Release by Icom Uk web (PDF)
Link to: Download the IC-7100 Pre-Release by Icom Uk web (PDF)
Link to: Icom IC-7100 new page by VA7OJ/AB4OJ, Adam Farson 

Link to: Icom MarineCommander Website
More news: MDX-5000 System – The MarineCommander™ is Icom’s marine navigation system, which integrates various marine modules such as a Fish finder, Marine radar, AIS and VHF transceiver into the multi-function displays

The MarineCommander is compatible with the C-MAP™ MAX chart by JEPPESEN in an SD card format.

Video from Tokyo Ham Fair 2012 –  Icom Inc.  booth

All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders – This device has not been approved by the appropriate authorities in each country etc.

TS-990S HF/50MHz Ham Fair Tokyo 2012 – Some features overview in Kenwood booth

The KENWOOD TS-990S Dual TFT Display & Dual Receiver HF/50 at HAM FAIR Tokyo 2012, it is scheduled for worldwide launch under the KENWOOD brand in November 2012 – Some features overview in Kenwood booth! See the latest news: TS-990 Main Band Front-End, 1st Mixer +40dBm,  DSP Unit, 5 Roofing Filters a 8.248 MHz,  PA Unit with 2xVRF150, ATU Unit, Multi tunig-bar and other pictures belov!

Update 04/set/2012 – JVC Kenwood Co. (effective October, 2011, the two companies – Victor Company of Japan, Limited (JVC) and Kenwood Corporation – merged into JVC KENWOOD Corporation) continues to build outstanding products with high performance! – From Tokyo Ham Radio 2012 now begins the discovery of what is really inside! – (please click the picture to enlarge)
TS-990S Tokyo Video (link): Hamfair 2012 KENWOOD TS-990 Presentation by JVC KENWOOD 03/set/2012 – – – ハムフェア2012ケンウッドブースで実施されたTS-990プレゼンテーションステージの模様をお送りします。


TS-990S: 1st IF: 8.248 MHz – IP3: +40 dBm – Roofing Filters (Main) 270 Hz / 500 Hz /2.7 kHz / 6 kHz / 15 kHz –  Dual TFT High resolution color display and real-time Spectrum Scope – Main Display: 800×480 – Sub Dispaly 3.5″ 320×240 allow you to observe the Adjustable DSP IF Filter Passband – (you can quickly choose bandwidth and see the side to side signal-spectrum centered on the receiving frequency!) –

Slope Tune by adjusting LOW/HI Cut or SHIFT/WIDTH control….. on the Sub Display graphically displayed! – including an excellent analog-style “dial shirt” above the tuning knob ! (… this is all very verty fine!)
The front panel has so many controls, and lots of knobs! …  await until you try everything under the conditions of a grueling contest! –

TS-990S DSP technology has been enhanced thanks to three separate 32-bit Floating-point DSP Units. – One ADSP-21369 SHARCH Processor 400MHz SIMD SHARC Core, capable of 2.4 GFLOPS peak; 2xADSP-21363 333 MHz SIMD SHARC Core, capable of 2 GFLOPS peak.

Here are other pictures from the Flagship taken from the Kenwood promo and others video: The PA Unit with 2xVRF150, the ATU built like TS-590, the setting of multi bars for tuning the Main VFO into five slices of frequency, the menu screen and FSK/RTTY Encode/Decode on Display. (.. buona visione a tutti da RadioCronache!!)

All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders

The TS-990S with SP-990 speaker! The Waterfall function displayed at HAM RADIO DE 2012

The TS-990S and SP-990 Speaker! – TS-990 prototype with Waterfall function will be displayed as a reference exhibit at HAM RADIO 2012 in Friedrichshafen (June 22-24). Update !! See the new pictures of the TS990’s line, the latest info reports, Video and link below.

Interessante come sempre la Fiera di Friedrichshafen 2012 anche se alcune note ditte erano assenti, compresa la ACOM. La WoodBoxRadio con il nuovo Stand presentava novità made in Italy, come FDM-S1 e l’atteso Software Studio1.

Nello Stand Kenwood con il prototipo del TS-990, Michael Bruck ha mostrato in alcune occasioni le funzionalità del Transceiver HF/50MHz, compresa la modalità Waterfall nel Main Display TFT. Sul pannello posteriore (coperto invece a Dayton!) si notava l’uscita per un Monitor/Display e un Jack per una Keypad !

(Clcik on TS-990 SP-990 to big-enlarge!) – Two totally independent Receivers – Dual TFT display and a high speed Spectrum Scope (like IC-7800’s/7600’s, Icom’s pioneering work )  – Output Power 5W – 200W → Mode SSB CW FSK PSK FM AM → Built-in Switching Power Supply → Built-in Antenna Tuner → COM port → USB A/B port & LAN port – 

The KENWOOD TS-990S Dual TFT Display & Dual Receiver HF/50 at Dayton Hamvention® 2012, it is scheduled for worldwide launch under the KENWOOD brand in Novemb. 2012 – – まずはお目当てのTS-990です. – ドイツでは、フリードリッヒスハーフェン市にて開催される HAM RADIO 2012」(2012年6月22日~24日 !

Some features enumeration overheard in YouTube videos: The Main Receiver utilizes Super Sharp Roofing filters and Down-conversion – The sub-receiver is the TS-590 – Total Five roofing filters – 3×32 bit IF-DSP’s processors – DVI connector – Multiple USB-2 ports – Optical I/O –  LAN port (Remote controll via IP network?) …..

Reference exhibit model at Dayton Hamvention: TS-990 HF/50 MHz Transceiver –  the TS-990 is a top-of-the-range flagship model in the KENWOOD Amateur radio line-up“- (Click image to enlarge!) 

[Rumors] :  The new Flagship is expected to retail in the $5,400 – 6,800 USD range [ Please watch t official web-sites] – Link to: JVC Kenwood News Release

JVC Kenwood Co., is releasing a new top end rig in the heritage of TS-950SDX, the TS-990S. It will be a full year, according to Kenwood, before the TS-990S will be available in the USA. – [Note] Please note that as this product is under development, published information is subject to change w.n.

参考出品機種:HF/50MHz トランシーバー「TS-990」
デュアルTFTディスプレイ&デュアル・レシーバーを搭載した、当社アマチュア無線機のトップエンド“最高級実戦機”です。….. (2012年4月18日)

<- QST…. Kenwood’s New HF Transceiver at Dayton 2012 !! – The new transceiver will be roughly the same size as the TS950SDX.  – All HF + 50 MHz Bands … TS-990S.. (Click image to enlarge!!)
– Tokyo Ham Faire 2012年8月25日(土)・26日(日)東京ビッグサイトで開催 !

Link to:  HAM RADIO / HAMtronics / Computer / Messe Friedrichshafen

Video – the TS-990s and information from N4DRO at Dayton Hamvention 2012

[Note]: All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders

HJA-2000H new Amplifier and PT-8000 in the Ham Radio Friedrichshafen June 2012

HJA-2000H RF Power Amplifier. – A novelty in RF Power Amplifiers is new HJA’s Series by Hliberling GmbH. Even  the PT-8000A VLF/HF/VHF Transceiver  “Spitzentechnologie made in Germany”….  just in time for HAM RADIO in Friedrichshafen 22-24 June 2012. – See the PT-8000’s 2008 v 2011 production and Link below.

(Clink to enlarge unofficial pictures elab. by

HJA-2000H HF Power Amplifier 2000 W Out [63 dB /0 dBm] 1,5 … 30 MHz – MIL Jammer Mode – Remote/Local – TFT Central Monitoring System – 19”  Design/10 HU – HPS-69-50-12 Power Supply for HF /VHF/UHF Power Amplifier HJA-2000H/ HJA-2000V/HJA-1000U – 6450 Watt Out – 50 Volt 450 Watt Out – 12 Volt – 19” Design /5 HU.

PT-8000 VLF/HF/VHF All Mode Transceiver with low noise SAW-VCXO at 640MHz. Employment of 1 GHz DDS oscillators guarantees low noise characteristics to noise suppression of -160dBc @ 10kHz at 14.2MHz.

La Hilberling GmbH continua la sua produzione di apparati diciamo di “nicchia” dal costo elevato (List price PT-8000 Transceiver, 200W, incl. Power Supply and Mic T9 = Euro 13.290,00) anche dopo l’annuncio nel 2010 di una probabile collaborazione con la Telefunken, di cui non è noto l’esito ad oggi.

Seguono, qui, alcuni dati, che si ritiene interessanti per confrontare (a few figures abaut PT-8000’s Transceiver 2008 and 2011 production) alcune importanti differenze trà il PT-8000 del 2008 e la produzione del 2011. !! In particolare il valore della 1st IF ed ora con un solo Roofing  Filter da 50kHz
Prodotto nel 2008 (11.5.08):
RX Double Super Heterodyne 1st IF 70.700MHz and 2nd IF 10.7MHz  / Xtal-Filter 1st and 2nd IF (BW) 70.7MHz (2.7kHz/6.0kHz/12.0kHz) MAIN 10.698/SUB 10.702MHz (0.5… 6.0kHz/12.0kHz)
Prodotto nel 2011 (13.12.11):
RX Double Super Heterodyne 1st IF 40.700MHz 2nd IF 10.7MHz / Xtal-Filter 1st and 2nd IF (BW) 40.7 (BW 50kHz) MAIN 10.702/SUB 10.698MHz (BW 0.5… 6kHz/15kHz)

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Yaesu Musen Co. will be back on Amateur Radio! Vertex Standard LMR going to Motorola

Motorola will keep the Vertex Standard LMR, Inc. (Land-Mobile Radio, division), while the amateur, marine and air-band will be under the YAESU Musen Co. Ltd banner. – New Headquarter addres: Tennouzu Park Side Building 2-5-8 Higashi- Shinigawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo and the US subsidiary will be YAESU USA Inc. – See the Link below for read the full letter!

Yaesu Musen Co., Ltd ritorna nel settore amateur, marine and air-band, la famiglia Hasegawa fondatrice della Yesu ne acquista la totale proprietà. Il settore  LMR (Land Mobile Radio) Vertex Standard,  invece, viene totalmente ceduto alla Motorola, dopo quattro anni di jount venture. La data di questi cambiamanti societari  è dichiarata per l’1.01.2012 – – – Happy New Year to All!

The effective date for this reorganization will be January 1, 2012. – The Company is wholly-owned by Founder’s family – Announced from Mr. Jun Hasegawa (Presidente/CEO Vettex Standard Co., Ltd), son of Sato Hasegawa JA1MP, the founder of Yaesu.

The FT-101′ series – Built by the Yeasu Co. Japan during the 1970s and 1980s. (Click the image to enlarge)!

[Announcement]: A letter dated Dec. 27. 2011  from Jun Hasegawa President/ CEO Vertex Standard Co. Ltd addressed to:
“Dear Amateur, Marine and Air-band Valued Customers” … After four years of joint venture with Motorola, we have decided..

Link to: Read the full announcement dated 27  Dic., 2011 (tks G4TUT)

Vertex Standard LMR (Land Mobile Radio) division busines going to Mother Motorola
Link to: Vertex !! LMR digital tec!  Land Mobile Radio ©2012 Vertex Standard LMR, Inc.

Do ut des Story!! … November 07, 2007 (source: Btown Monitoring Post blog)
Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) will launch a tender offer to acquire a controlling interest in Vertex Standard Co., Ltd. (JASDAQ: 6821). Upon successful completion of the tender offer and subsequent restructuring process, Motorola will own 80% of Vertex Standard and Toko Giken, a privately held Japanese company, controlled by Jun Hasegawa, current president and CEO of Vertex Standard, will retain 20%, forming a joint venture. On 5 November 2007, the Board of Directors of Vertex Standard expressed their support of the tender offer. Yaesu, of course, as one of the Vertex Standard operations, will be included in this exciting development…… omissis….

!! This latest announcement says that they’re transferring the  LMR business to Motorola and that the new Yaesu will be “wholly owned by the founder’s family”, I guess this means that Motorola is selling their stake in Vertex Standard back to the Hasegawa family… Do ut des !!