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Ham Fair Tokyo 2015 JVCKENWOOD – YAESU – ICOM Booth’s Virtual Tour!

Ham fair Tokyo 2915 – a new video from the Icom Booth of the new IC 7300  【ハムフェア2015】アイコム新HFトランシーバーIC-7300を解説  by (report molto interessante)

Ham Fair Tokyo 2015 JVCKENWOOD Booth【ハムフェア東京2015 JVCケンウッドブース】Video tour by JI1ETUjr 22/8

Ham Fair Tokyo 2015 YAESU Booth【ハムフェア東京2015 ヤエスブース】Video tour by JI1ETUjr 22/8/2015

Ham Fair Tokyo 2015 ICOM Booth【ハムフェア東京2015 アイコムブース】Video tour by JI1ETUjr 22/8/2015 (The new Model IC-7300 & another main exhibition is IC-7851)

[Note] – Detailed specifications: please see the official sources – All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders.- This page is just a non-official overview, where no one should draw any conclusions – All images and versions above is for illustration only. (tnx)

FTdx-5000 Firmware Update V.0124 V.0546 PCC-5000 V.0103 – FTdx-3000 Firmware Update V.0115 PCC-3000 V.0101 & more


FTdx-5000 New Firmware • Main CPU Ver. 0124 • EDSP Ver. 0546 • PCC-5000 Ver. 0103 updated on 09/04/2013 by YAESU USA on its web-site. -Main update point: Addition of CW APF BW Control S.NARROW / NARROW / MEDIUM / WIDE, with new menu 112 RDSP etc.
FTdx-3000 New Firmware • Main CPU Ver. 0115  • TFT Ver. 0107 • PCC-3000 Ver. 0101 updated on 08/31/2013 by YAESU USA on its web-site. – Main update point: Provides an [OFF] selection for six parametric filters etc.

YAESU FTDX-5000 Software Update and Version info 09/04/2013

APF Width Function: • Select the Bandwidth of the Audio Peak Filter. • Available Values: S.NARROW / NARROW / MEDIUM / WIDE – • A new item 112 RDSP is added to the MENU MODE list and numbers of all the following menu items are increased by one. • Refer to FTDX5000 Series Additional Useful Menu Mode to see the complete new MENU list • Now has the added capability to use PCC-5000 Personal Computer Controller Window latest version 0103.

[Note] “The Main Ver. 0124 and EDSP Ver. 0546 must be installed together. They cannot be combined with any previous version MAIN or EDSP software” –
italianoEntrambi gli aggiornamenti Main Ver. 0124 e EDSP Ver. 0546 devono essere installati allo stesso tempo entrambi (attenzione: sempre uno alla volta…con la solita lunga trafila di stop and go !!) perché  il nuovo non funzionerebbe con le diverse versioni precedenti del software.
 -(Leggere le istruzioni fornite da Yaesu Musen Co.)

[Note] When you download the [] update file, the new Menu List pdf and the Software Procedure 9-04-2013 pdf  are contained in it folder ( & read) – Please read the  Yaesu FTDX-5000 Firmware Upgrade Manual before proceeding and PCC-5000 Reference Manual and User Manual (see link below)

Link to: Official Yaesu USA Sofware Information released 09/04/2013 ENG
Link to: Official Yaesu USA FTdx-5000 main-page (Files, Manuals, Software) ENG

HB9ZS has just updated (10/Set./2013) his program to handle 177 menu items.
Link to: HB9ZS FT-5000 Utilities and Memory Saver – Fine Swiss utility! ENG


YAESU FTDX-3000 Software Update and Version info 08/31/2013 

The update provides an [OFF] selection for six parametric filters. The update adds the capability to use the new PCC-3000 CAT Computer Controller Window 1st Ver. 0101. –  See the FT DX3000 Review at Nevada Radio UK …. Video below! – Please read the  Yaesu FTDX-3000 Firmware Upgrade Manual before proceeding and PCC-3000 Reference Manual (see link below).

[Note] “The MAIN V01-15 and TFT V01-07 must be installed together. They cannot be combined with any previous version MAIN or TFT software.”

[Note] There are four (4) different Software installations (Yaesu still uses the multiple software systems installations! on the FTdx-3000, not use a unified software environment) – Each one must be followed carefully. – Installing the wrong type software may cause difficulties. !! You are only doing the Main-CPU and TFT updates. You are NOT doing the DSP or the FFT updates.

PCC-3000 Personal Computer Controller will be displayed on the PC Screen


In addition, the PCC-3000 Reference Manual (ENG) only indicates the operation mode. Please refer to the FTdx-3000 Operation Manual of for a detailed explanation. – Like PCC-950 and PCC-450 etc..
[Note] Il pulsante [SCOPE] il pulsante [AUTO] e quello [SELECET], nonchè le 4 frecce di navigazione NON sono disponibili all’uso nel pannello software del PCC-3000, come  lo schermo del Bandscope.

Link to: Yaesu FTdx-3000D  Main-page (go… to all Files, Manuals, Software) (ENG)

Link to: Yaesu USA FTDX3000 Update Firmware Information 08-31-13  (ENG)
Link to: Yaesu USA TDX3000 Firmware Upgrade Manual ver.130717 (ENG)
Link to: Yaesu PCC-3000 Software V1.01 and Reference Manual 08-31-13 (ENG)

FTdx-3000 Double-conversion Super-heterodyne – (Down-conversion type) 1st IF 9.000MHz, a 2nd IF 30kHz SSB, CW, PSK/FSK (24kHz for AM/FM);
FTdx-1200 Triple-conversion super heterodyne – (Up-conversion type)  1st IF 40.455 MHz, 2nd IF 455 kHz  3td IF 30kHz SSB, CW, PSK /FSK (24 kHz for AM, FM).


Con l’aggiornamento del Firmware FTdx-3000D Ver. 01-14 Main-CPU e la Ver. 01-07  TFT rilasciate in data 07/Luglio/2013 è stata introdotta la funzione:  Full Screen spectrum scope display che è ricompresa anche nella Ver. 01-15 ultima per chi non avesse già fatto l’upgrade allora.

Fullscrenn-spectrum• Viene aggiunta una funzione a schermo pieno del campo di applicazione dell’analisi di Spettro sul Main Display TFT.
• Lo “schermo intero” viene memorizzato premendo il tasto “SELECT” per più di un secondo.(! ogni volta che si memorizza, il precedente contenuto viene sovrascritto e sostituito)
(please click the picture to enlarge)

[Note by iØgej] The spectrum scope size increase is very poorly done. – Comparisons to the screens one finds on the Icom 7700 – 7600 or the Kenwood 990 or FlexRadio’s … are light years ahead. – You may be able to get the same size increase by placing a “magnifying glass” on the screen (still…. we did not!)

Video – YAESU FT DX3000 Review at Nevada Radio UK

[Note] All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders. – This page is just a non-official overview, where no one should draw any conclusions – all images and versions above is for illustration only (tnx)


TS-990S Ver.1.03 – CW Split-mode Video & more – RadCom Review & Sherwood Full Test – HF7070 HF/LF Rx QEX


The TS-990S firmware has been updated from Version 1.02 to Version 1.03 – Update news: The CW Split-mode & Bandscope view, the video demo by IKØOZD 07/21/2013 – Latest Instruction Manual v1.04 link follow -TS-990S RadCom Review & Sherwood NCØB Full Test Report – The  BEF filter video by K7FD – Video IC-7800 vs TS-990 by IV3YER – Pictures inside view  TS-990S vs IC-7700 and old TS-900 from 1973. – See news & Video below.

The Kenwood TS-990S firmware has been updated from Version 1.02 to Version 1.03, owners can update the transceiver’s firmware by using a USB flash drive as detailed on the Kenwood Firmware update information web-page – Last updated: July 12, 2013 (see the link below)

Link to: TS-990S Update Information & Updated items : (Version 1.02 to 1.03)

[Note] The firmware update is applicable to the following units. Model: TS-990S Serial numbers: From S/NO.B32xxxxx through S/NO.B37xxxxx approx. – it took 13.5 mins, you also need to update the ARCP-990 software if your using it. … Stay tuned!

Video demo TS990 during the CW Split mode & Bandscope in Fixed mode, SPAN 5kHz, Grid div. 0,5kHz by IKØOZD – DX Station W1SA in 21 MHz band – Video 07/21/2013

HF-7070 article emphasis the need for a very good phase noise local oscillator! –
n excellent article in the July/August issue of QEX entitled “The HF7070 HF/LF Communications Receiver Prototype” by Colin Horrabin, G3SBI. –
It is a up-conversion design, a double conversion Superheterodyne with a first IF at 45 MHz and a second IF that is centered at 44 kHz before going to a 25 bit audio ADC. – HF-7070 prototype (see QEX) dynamic range rivalling current down conversion big receivers! ..The “in-band” IP3 dynamic range at a 100 Hz spacing in a 2.4 kHz bandwidth is 97 dB ! (…NF 12 dB and an IP3 of 19 dBm)
Link to: ARRL members can be downloaded from the web site.

TS-990S the Peter Hart, G3SJX Review on RadCom of June 2013

RadCom-review-logoClick on the icon (…side) to find out what RadCom
Magazine had to say about TS-990S. ( kwd-uk)

TS-990S Updated Full Test Report by Rob Sherwood on July, 2013 

italianoTest Report Rev. H, un interessante documento in .PDF con tutti i risultati delle ampie misure (in 20m) fatte in Maggio e Giugno 2013 da NCØB, Rob Sherwood sul TS-990S  Serial #B3300174 (link below!) – Molte misure DR3  (Pre- ON /OFF e 500Hz BW or 250Hz BW) con offset di 5 e 2 kHz sono annotate da Rob con: # Combination of phase noise and 3rd order product / * Consisted of phase noise only ! – Seguono qui alcune note a proposito di misure RMDR o no, tratte dalla più ampia Relazione CTU 2013:

CTU-2013_NC0B RMDR_04 RMDR_08


NCØB, Rob per il TS-990S Ful Test Report, utilizza ben 6 pagine di cui tre per ampie annotazioni sulle misure e sulle anomalie o differenze con standard utilizzabili o utilizzati dalla ARRL, in particolare con Analizzatori con filtri da 3Hz a 1Hz o meno di 1Hz ! – (DR3 with 3 Hz or less testing method)! – Dice non sono condizioni di operazioni reali in aria! Insiste nel valutare (come dice anche Adam, VA7OJ) il valore del fattore di Reciprocal Mixing Dynamic Range (RMDR) – is ofthen the limiting factor in receiver performance! – (RMDR a 5 or 2 kHz è anche ben descritto su QST di Aprile 2012 da Bob Allison, ingegnere ARRL laboratory.

pdf_logoLink to:  TS-990S Updated Full Test Report by Sherwood May/June 2013


TS-990S Instruction Manuals latest Ver.1.04 (63 MB pdf) –  Choose the English, French, Spanish, German, Italian Dutch language!! – (…  insert name: TS-990S & search type to download)

pdf_logoLink to: TS-990S Instruction Manuals (all)  ! insert product name (2013 #30)

pdf_logoLink to: TS-990S Instruction Manula updated to Ver.1.04 ENG (62,9 MB pdf)

TS-990S #6 REJECTING INTERFERENCE – “IF BEF Filter” & more news



The Kenwood Band Elimination Filter is the notch filter that can change the bandwidth and attenuation (deep) at the IF stage. (See pictur below – click to enlarg!)
Il filtro BEF di eliminazione banda è un filtro notch in cui si può modificare la larghezza di banda (da 300 a 1200Hz) e il picco di attenuazione in fase IF (da -20 a -80dB).- Premere [BEF/SEL] (Main) o [BEF/SEL] (Sub) per abilitare il filtro eliminazione banda IF per il VFO selezionato. Ruotare il controllo NOTCH (M) o NOTCH (S) per regolare la frequenza del notch. (Vedere sul Manuale Utente Kenwood più dettagli!)


The stopband width can be selected from the available range of 300Hz to 1200Hz  and the amount of  attenuation depth can be selected from the available range of 20 dB to 80 dB – The [BEF/SEL] (Main) LED or [BEF/SEL] (Sub) LED lights green / Rotate the NOTCH (Main) or NOTCH (Sub) control to adjust the notch frequency …. (See the Kenwood User Manual for more!)

Video TS-990 “Band Elimination Filter” a effective tools for improved listening
(The BEF set at width 1200Hz and Depth -80dB, varied ON and OFF. The high pit-
nasty noise being notched by the Band Elimination Filter is generated by
an Apple 
iMAC computer on 7.268.50KHz… note by K7FD, Jhon) – 04/Lug/2013

Utility: Kenwood Serial/No Month, Year Calculator by G6isy!

* G6ISY ha un programma di calcolo, in Javascript, inserendovi le prime tre cifre o cifre/lettere del S/NO si ottiene la data di produzione dell’apparato Kenwood. ( Kenwood S/N = Month – Year calculator link below) –
Link to utility: G6ISY Kenwood Month/Year Calculator (EN page)

TS-990S Revises the following symptom (Ver. 1.01 to >1.02) April 12, 2013:

1) TX output power fed back to other ANT connectors might affect internal circuits. – [Note] !! The new firmware Ver.1.02 deactivates (opens !) other ANT relays every time the radio transmits !!

 Kenwood Italy !! ha rilasciato il Catalogo di 16 pagine in Italiano pdf 7,7 MB

Link to: Scarica da qui il Catalogo TS-990S 16 pag.  (IT) Kenwood Italy

Link to: TS-990S / TS-990D 取扱説明書 – ©B62-2388-20 JPN (JA Ver. 1.03)

The TS-990S has the “overwhelmingly highest quality” receiver among the TS series

TS-900-open_1973TS-900 (1973) the all-band SSB transceiver is making history its state-of-the-art tecnology. – All major electronic circuits are wired on easily removed or installed circuit board (is costructed modularly). –  Designed for operation on SSB, CW, and FSK, the TS-900 delivers more than 150 watts PEP output! (click to enlarge!)

TS-990S & IC-7700 inside views – Kenwood 990′s a main receiver with a down-conversion 8.248 MHz 1st IF and employs a double-conversion system. The sub receiver which incorporates the TS-590S receiver architecture.

TS-990S_topview TS-990S_bottomview IC-7700_bottomview_2008

Kenwood TS-990S – the RF front-end contains selectable Band-pass Filters (covered by the screen on the picture) – The double balanced grounded switch type 1st mixer works by the principle of reduces signal distorsion. – The five built-in 1st IF Roofing filters ahead of the 1st IF stage to eliminate overloading caused by strong signals just outside the fixed bandpass filters or of the Preselector manually adjustable –

Kenwood’s Preselector [P-SEL] selecting the narrow bandwidth tunable filter attenuates the interfering signal which has 2 to 3 MHz separation from the target frequency. –
Icom IC-7700 uses a duble conversion system composed of a D-MOS FET 1st mixer and Icom’s developed image rejection mixer for the 2nd stage and fixed bandpass filters  and a Icom’s [DIGI-SE] preselector type –  ( note the large toroidal coils on the  Icom RF BPF bank)!

Kenwood TS-990S vs Icom IC-7800 by IV3YER (!! 11 March, 2013)
(IC-7800 BW: 2600 AGC slow / TS-990 BW: LC/HC 2400 AGC slow )

Qui sotto un raffronto della tecnologia utilizzata nei rispettivi apparati dai tre big’s Giapponesi, Kenwood, Icom e Yaesu. Da notare che ci sono evidenti similitudini di sviluppo e layout tra Icom e Kenwood, che però impiega nel nuovo TS-990S un dispositivo TFT più recente con “Touch-Sensitive mode for quick QSY re-tuning” etc. – (clik picture to enlarge)



Umboxing_E-K-typeThe market code is shown on the carton box – (IT – Il codice del tipo per mercato Europa o per il mercato Amerche (US-CA) risulta indicato con lettere sul cartone di imballo esterno)

E-type: Europe, K-type: The Americas  – The AC power cable supplied with the product is suitable for AC 120V (K-type) or AC 220V/240V for (E-type) –  Do not use a power cable other than supplied with this product.

[Note] – Detailed specifications: please see the official JVCKenwood sources – All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders.


IC-7100 Video in use 07/14/2013 – Advanced Instructions – RS-BA1 V.1.40 & RC-28 V.1.01 – ID-51A/E MARS CAP


IC-7100 HF/VHF/UHF Multi Mode & D-STAR DV the new Advanced Instructions pdf 379 pages !! Video IC-7100 in Use CW – LSB – WFM – RTTY (Sunday 07/14/2013) – Designed to the 70MHz band in European versions – Download the new ID-51A/E & IC-7100 brochures (EN) – ID-51 MARS-CAP Modification – Read the QST Review ID-31A, see link below –

IC-7100_instructionsICOM IC-7100 Advanced Instructions Manual a new pdf of 379 page ( Icom America July 2013). These Advanced Instructions describe the details of the IC-7100 features.
This PDF formatted manual provides you with convenient functions, as follows. …. Shows a term description When the mouse cursor is moved over a term which is highlighted in yellow, the description of the term is displayed.
The screen shots at the right column,correspond to the perating instructions and procedures shows both setting and operating example. The location of the keys used in the described steps in the left column are illustrated.. etc.

Link to: Downloada the IC-7100 Advanced Instructions pdf 19.3MB (ENG)

L’Icom IC-7100 finalmente è stato approvato dalla  FCC ID AFJ339300 25.6.2013

IC-7100 List Price $1999.00 Your Price: $1665.95 USD – (Universal Radio Inc.)
IC-7100 #03 List Price €1477,16 (inc. 21% IVA IT) – (Marcucci Spa Importer)

IC 7100 in Use CW – LSB – WFM – RTTY – Sunday Morning 07/14/2013

IC-7100 the size is just about the same with IC-7000 Series and IC-706 & IC-706MKII, but it has a slanted header and can not be mounted on the main body. Touch Screen and user friendly mode and many menu could be easily controlled via Microphone, including changing mode and band selection.

IC-706MK2G IC-7100_Box-rearpanel IC-7200_manpack

At Dayton Hamvention 2013, ICOM the booth rep says there are now 27,000 D-STAR users with over 1,000 repeaters — and they’re dropping the price on those repeaters.

Icom Inc. has updates RS-BA1 Ver. 1.40 &  RC-28 USB encoder Ver. 1.01

Major improvements of the function RS-BA1 V.1.40 (!! must be insert code from CD)
1. IC-7100 is now supported.
2. Improved for stable operation with RC-28 after PC comes out of the sleep mode.

Major improvements of the function RC-28 V.1.01
1. Improved for stable operation after PC comes out of the sleep mode.

Link  to: Icom support download Software & link to Firmware


ID-51A/E 2m + 70cm Dual Band Portable – 5/2.5/1.0/0.5/0.1 Watts Output Power – RX: 88-174, 430-479MHz + AM Broadcast – Repeater Directory /Near Repeater) – Built-in GPS Receiver – Micro SD card slot for recording – IPX7 Submersible and more.. Download the new Icom Brochure EN PDF link below

ID-31_ID-51 ID-51_builtin-GPS

Der ID-51E verfügt über ein kompaktes 58 × 105,4 × 26,4 mm großes Gehäuse und wiegt mit Akku und Antenne nur etwa 255g –  Der integrierte GPS-Empfänger sorgt für schnelle Start-up-Zeit und genaue Position – Dowload Prospekt pdf

Link to: Download the new Icom ID-51 Brochure EN 13GS0020 PDF
Link to: Bitte entnehmen Sie diese Angaben dem ID-51E Prospekt

Link to: Read the QST Review of the ID-31A here! (Icom America Inc.)

Universal Radio (US) ID-51A  List Price: $756.00 Your Price: $579.00
Difona Communication (DE) ID-51E Special Price: €495,00 incl. 19% VAT

ID-51 Official MARS CAP Expanded TX & RX Mod by Icom America Inc. – MARS (Military Auxiliary Radio System) has a long history of providing worldwide auxiliary emergency communications during times of need
RX frequency expansion – (Click the picture to enlarge)

VHF: Expanded range: 137.000-174.000MHz.
UHF: Expanded range: 380.000-479.000MHz.
B BAND – (AM & FM only)
VHF: Expanded range: 108.000-136.995MHz. (AM), 137.000-174.000MHz. (FM)
UHF: Expanded range: 380.000-479.000MHz. (FM)
Remove D9 on Logic board. – [Note] How to open up the TX range on your Icom ID-51 this mod will provide transmit from 137-174 Mhz & 400-479 Mhz: See the video by K1LA link

IC-7100 at Dayton 2013 – Icom Inc. have released a new Brochure Pdf (EN), and the MSRP Price in Japan. The Importer Marcucci Spa  released the List price in Italia.  See more news, links, video and pictures below.


IC-7100_Bande-setting IC-7100_Mode-setting IC-7100_Multimode-meter

D-STAR is NOT proprietary to ICOM, D-STAR is an AMBE Codec owned by Digital Voice Systems. Icom is the only manufacturer putting D-STAR in their currently available Icom rigs. – (!! Click to all pictures to enlarge)

Suggested Retail Price (Japan) ¥ 165,900 (base price ¥ 158,000 no taxes)
Marcucci Spa (Italia) – IC-7100 #03 Prezzo listino € 1.534,00 (+ IVA 20% !!)


TMS3206745BPTPA3_DSPTMS320C6745BPTPA3 Device 3000MIPS (Million Instructions per Second) Clock 375MHz – a high-performance 32-bit floating point IF DSP delivers rich digital signal processing features, including digital IF filter, digital twin PBT, noise reduction, CW auto tune, etc.
Those digital features work on all bands from HF to V/UHF bands. The DSP digital signal processing is incorporated into the AGC loop. Built-in SD Card Slot for Voice & Log Storage

The optional RS-BA1 software allows you to operate the IC-7100 from a remote PC over the Internet or local home network. – (IP Remote through Home LAN) – (IP Remote over Internet) – also available the RC-28 Remote encoder.

Link to: Download the Icom IC-7100 new EU Brochure V.13GS0170 PDF  (EN)
Link to: Download the Icom IC-7100 new US Brochure V.13GS0160 PDF (EN)

[IC-7100] タッチパネル&スラント型コントローラーが、今までにない直観的で軽快なマルチバンド運用を実現 – HF+50MHz+144MHz+430MHz〈SSB・CW・RTTY・AM・FM・DV〉100W トランシーバー –

Link to: Download the Icom IC-7100 (JP) new  Brochure 2013-1-GSG661 (JP)

Touch Screen: The 48.6×75.9 mm in large “resistive” touch screen display can be operated even while wearing gloves.


italianoIC-7100 il nuovo HF/50/70/144/430MHz, Multi Modo & D-STAR DV compreso. Ha un nuovo sistema di comando IC-7100 Base operationintuitivo e rapido con “Touch Screen” resistivo. Si possono eseguire i vari settaggi operativi direttamente toccando lo schermo LCD a matrice di punti! Il Transceiver dispone di una Slot per inserire una memorie SD-card (opzionale) per memorizzare e gestire Dati, il Log e le funzioni GPS (anche il GPS è opzionale esterno) i dati dei Ripetitori D-STAR, etc.  (come già nel ID-51E/A). – Molto interesse alla Hamvention di Dayton 2013 – Icom ha annuncito la disponibilità a fine Giugno pv.

Purtroppo nessun ATU è stato integrato all’interno. Un accordatore automatico opzionale (come ad esempio l’AH-4 oppure l’AT-180) è disponibile per l’acquisto (!), per eventuali scopi di ottimizzazione con il sistema di antenna. – (Cliccare sulle varie immagini per ingrandirle)

Prezzo consigliato IC-7100 (!! in Giappone) ¥ 165,900 (prezzo base 158.000 ¥)

Marcucci Spa (IT) IC-7100 #03 listino € 1220,80 (+ IVA 22%) (upd. 01/01/2014)

Link to: Scheda in Italiano IC-7100 #03 di Marcucci Spa Icom importer Italia 

Anche questo apparato IC-7100 può essere utilizzato in remoto via porta USB con l’utilizzo del Software RS-BA1 della stessa Icom, con o senza RC-28 Remote encoder, sia via rete LAN o via Internet, naturalmente tramite l’impiego di Computer sia in locale che nel sito remoto. [Nota] con solo RS-BA1, allo stato, non si accende o spegne il Transceiver!

The 2013 Dayton Hamvention has come and gone. In this, video for Ham Nation, I show some of what we saw at the worlds’ largest gathering of amateur radio operators….. italianoLa Hamvention di Dayton del 2013 è venuta ed è già passata !! poi Julian dice: questo mio video per Ham Nation, vi mostra alcune delle cose che abbiamo visto al più grande raduno di Radioamatori del mondo! – (tks’ Julian & grazie by IØGej) – 22 maggio 2013 by jyunte’s channel.

[Note] – Detailed specifications: please see the official ICOM  sources – All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders.


STAMPFL mini swRX and swRX two Analog Shortwave Receivers with Touchscreen (still in its experimental stadium!)


STAMPFL mini swRX and swRX – Two analog Shortwave Receivers with Touchscreen – The STAMPFL Receiver is still in its experimental stadium …. and is not, comparable to a DSP KWZ-30, Reuter or Perseus receiver – STAMPFL Morse keys was founded by Heinz Stampfl HB9KOC in 2005 and is now the first Swiss manufacturer of Morse keys .
An Assembly kit for the near future is in planing – The technology used is analog (exception of the TFT Display and DDS) with IF 10.7 MHz e 455kHz. – MODULATION, SPAN and ATT can be selected using the touchscreen display.

mini_swRX_close-in mini_swRX_internal-1 mini_swRX_internal-2

italiano I due ricevitori HF swRX’s della  STAMPFL Svizzera, sono di tipo analogico (con esclusione del Display TFT e del DDS) con IF a 10.7 MHz e 455 kHz, sono dotati in ingresso di Preselettore con toroidi T-50 e poi di Filtro a quarzo in 1st IF . Non sono comparabili con ricevitori più blasonati tipo KWZ-30 DSP oppure Perseus SDR.
Questi STAMPFL swRX e mini swRX sono attualmente in fase sperimentale (vedere link al sito web), essi hanno suscitato un certo interesse nel suo complesso per il tipo di filosofia del progetto, che dovrebbe portare anche alla fornitura in Kit. – Qui sotto il Modello swRX più grande, però anche esso sempre in fase sperimentale!

Link to: STAMPFL mini swRX  Features, Video, Photos and more news


STAMPFL swRX HF EXPERIMENTAL SHORTWAVE RX –  Für eine detaillierte Erklärung des Gerätes haben wir ihnen unten eine Videodokumentation angehängt (see the link below)

Link to: Official facebook Stampfl page
Link to: STAMPFL swRX Features, Video, Photos and more news


Source by: STAMPFL MORSETASTEN Gerbestrasse. 9 – CH-9436 Balgac (website)

[Note] – Detailed specifications: please see the official STAMPFL Morsetasten CH sources – All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders.


FTdx-3000D FT-950 FT-2000/D the new Firmware Upgrades – FTdx-3000 Video


Yaesu FTDX-3000D (*), FT-950, FT-2000 Transceivers: the firmware upgrades are available from the end of February 2013 (02/25/2013 YAESU USA website – before downloading, please read the Yaesu original “Important Notes”!) – See the summary informations, the links, the new Video “Probando el notch, contour, nb, ipo (amp), width, r.filters, ect.” and pictures below !


Yaesu FTdx-3000D Firmware, new update Main CPU Ver. 0111 and TFT Ver. 0106 flash programming for the Transceiver. !!! (*) Note: FTdx-3000D now update Main Ver. 0112 03/29/2013 see the new page radiocronache >link)
Before installing new firmware, please verify your current version firmware with the following procedure:
(1st) press and hold the [POWER] key to turn ON the Transceiver, (2nd) while pressing and holding the [SCOPE] key, [GEN] key. [50] key, and [ENT] key on the FTDX-3000 front panel. The versions of each firmware will be displayed on the TFT main screen.

[Note] The rig has to be started in different ways for each of these two updates to work! The Yaesu “Firmware Upgrade Manual” (PDF) has the update procedure for all of the Firmware-modules (MAIN .SFL – DSP .dat – TFT .bin – FFT .dat), and for all Trasfer-softwares (!! FSW018 – FW-DSP – TFW – FW-FFT !!) not just the two module updates we got, so save that PDF file for future use!

[Note] Improvements etc. Ver. 0111 MAIN CPU and Ver. 0106 TFT
* Correct minor bug and implement improvements
* MENU #104 SSB TX BPF now includes 3000WB
* When VFO is in LOCK during split operation, holding the TXW button will permit tuning the VFO frequency. – (*) to see also new firmware Ver.0112 (03/29/2013 link below)

italianoL’ultima voce dovrebbe consentire ora di bloccare sì il VFO (esempio A), ma adesso si permette in modo SPLIT (tenendo premuto il tasto TXW) di sintonizzare ancora il VFO (esempio il B), … una buona cosa quando si sta cercando di ascoltare le stazioni chiamanti nel Pile-Up … ora questo sarà di aiuto all’operatore ! (*) risoluzione di ulteriori problemi con il Firmware V.0112 (29.3.13) il link e più sopra.

Link to: Yaesu USA (Main V0111 Tft V00106) Update Information ENG
Link to: Yaesu FTdx-3000D  Files – USB Driver – Manuals – Software ENG

[Note] Yaesu USA write !! This software is for use with transceivers for use in Japan only. It cannot be used with transceivers for use overseas ( !! see the Pag. 1 Important Notes, 4th par., of the FTdx-3000 Firmware Upgrade Manual .pdf edition of the 02/02/2013) (….perhaps it … a linotypist error?!)

YAESU FTdx-3000D Video by WP4 MPV Monitoriando Sur Africa el 10 de Enero del 2013 en la banda de 17m 18.150 como a las 21:30 UTC con un Deltaloop de cable. Probando el notch, contour, nb, ipo(amp), width, r.filters, ect. [Note] Para la grabacion use un telefono galaxy 3 perdonen la calidad de audio y video.

Yaesu FT-950 Firmware Update (!! There are two versiono of the EDSP software Ver.1x.xx or Ver.2x.xx !!)


FT-950 Update Software – [Note] If your radio displays EDSP version [V1x.xx] or [V2x.xx] choose the correct version EDSP software for your radio (02/21/2013 YAESU USA website – before downloading, please read the Yaesu original Information and “Important Notes”!) –

If you already have EDSP V11.54 or V20.47, and MAIN V1.18 software versions, it is not necessary to update the FT-950 again! – The software versions can be displayed on the radio:
While holding the three buttons [GEN]+[50]+[ENT] turn the radio on. – The software version will be displayed in the VFO-A window for 5 seconds, then the radio will start up in normal operation.

Link to: Yaesu USA FT-950  Update Software Information 2/21/2013 ENG

Yaesu FT-2000 / 2000D Update Software  EDSP Ver. 11.54 and Main CPU Ver. 0158


FT-2000’s Transceiver – If the CT-119 programming cable or 8-pin mini-DIN PGM-SW (P0091526) is not available you will need a serial cable RS-232C, DB9F to DB9F straight cable. – Please follow original instructions !

The software versions can be displayed on the radio: While holding the three buttons [GEN]+[50]+[ENT] turn the radio on. The software version will be displayed in the VFO-A window for 5 seconds then the radio will start up in normal operation.
[Note] image & version up is for illustration only! (02/25/2013 YAESU USA website – before downloading, please read the Yaesu original Information and “Important Notes”!)

Link to: FT-2000/D Update Software Information 2/25/2013 ENG

[Note] All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders – This page is just a non-official overview, where no one should draw any conclusions – all images and versions above is for illustration only!


TS-990S landed in Europe! The ARCP-990 ARHP-990 end of March – Video W6GPS


TS-990S has landed in Europa – The ARCP-990, ARHP-990, ARUA-10, TS-990S Network Command Setting Manual and PC Control Command Reference will be available by the end of March 2013 – First-look Video by W6GPS, Don 02/17/2013 – Links, pictures, Prices US /EU and  news below.

Link to: TS-990S User Manual EN pdf (03/04/13 …links another update page )

First look video TS-990S by W6GPS (Videos That are helpful to ALL, Tnx Don!)

“Touch-Sensitive mode” a simply touch the screen for quick QSY re-tuning!


TS-990S firstlook: The reception sound quality of SSB and CW is not solely determined by audio frequency and filter delay properties and helping further refine the Kenwood tone by innovating not only the AGC control algorithm on the DSP but also the analogue AGC unit as well. – (click the picture to enlarge!) –
Triple dedicated DSP for the main-receiver, sub-receiver and Band Scope – Three 32bit floating-point arithmetic DSP (One ADSP-21369 SHARCH Processor 400MHz SIMD Core, capable of 2.4 GFLOPS peak; two ADSP-21363 SHARCH 333 MHz SIMD Core, capable of 2 GFLOPS peak)

TS-990S_Touch-qsy-goTouch-Sensitive mode: Simply touch the Main Screen (spectrum scope) for quick QSY re-tuning ! (click the shot on the side!) You can also view internal parameter settings and memory lists etc.- (click the picture to enlarge!)
The Main Display shows basic information abaut the frequency, mode, meter, and others functions. Switch to different view modes such as waterfall and reception/trasmission equalizer views etc. (see brochure for more!)

TS-990S_ext-monitorExternal Monitor Display: The same operating and station information, available with the TS-990S, can be conveniently displayed by adding the after-market PC display (not supplied) –  The TS-990S transceiver, on Main Receiver, uses a down-conversion method for all amateur band reception, we have installed the newly developed Double Balanced Grounded Switch Type in the 1st mixer circuit. The newly developed VCO frequency division format is used for the 1st local oscillator of the main receiver.

JVCKENWOOD Corporation – Amateur Radio – (26 Feb., 2013)
ARCP-990(Ver.1.00), ARHP-990(Ver.1.00), ARUA-10(Ver.2.00), “TS-990S KENWOOD NETWORK COMMAND SYSTEM Setting Manual”, and “PC CONTROL COMMAND REFERENCE FOR THE TS-990S TRANSCEIVER” will be available to download by the end of March 2013.

Link to: Download Kenwood USA Official TS-990S 16-page ADS#04513 (ENG)
Link to: Download Kenwood UE  Official TS-990S 16-page  #CA321E-E  – (ENG)
Link to: Download Kenwood JP Offic. TS-990S  全16ページ #MAA-9HF1302 (JPN)

Link to: Download the latest Leaflet  by ML&S UK (NPRI_final-(2) – (ENG)
Link to: TS-990S Flaggschiff  Detailbeschreibung und technische Daten – (DE)
Link to: TS-990S Ammiraglia HF/6m Dettagli dalla Kenwood  Italia – (IT)

Prices (… List Price/Your Price subject to change without notice!!)

TS-990S by Universal Radio (US) List $8249,95 Your Price $7999,95
TS-990S by ML&S (UK) Price: £6600,00 inc. VAT 20%
TS-990S by Maas  (DE) Price:  €.7495,00 Inc. VAT 19%
TS-990S by RS Radiostock (ES) Precio: €. 7550,00 Inc. IVA 21%

[Note] – Pricing and final detailed specifications: please see the official JVCKenwood sources – All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders

FLEX 6000™ SDRs – SmartSDR multi Slices & Panadapters in early Q2 2013 – The Orlando 2013 Show (video interview)


FLEX 6000™ Signature Series SDR’s SmartSDR Multiple Slices and Multiple Panadapters on the same Radio!
Orlando Ham-fest February 2013 – 67th Orlando HamCation Amateur Radio & Computer Show – The FlexRadio Booth video  interview! – See link, videos, pictures and the 1st Video of Tmate-2 HID Controller , below !

FlexRadio projects in early Q2 2013 start of deliveries: Gerard Youngblood, K5SDR FlexRadio CEO (latest Flex Insider-6):  ….. “Next, how to you make an extremely complex radio simple and intuitive to use? Leonardo Da Vinci once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. “Complex is easy, simple is hard”. …… Progress is visible and accelerating. Everyone is motivated, excited about what we are building, and working hard…. etc. ! – (See link below to more news!)

Flex Radio Booth at HamCation Orlando 2013– (by videosbymike


Il Team-Marketing di  FlexRadio ha preparato quest’altro Video  che mostra più in dettaglio alcune funzionalità della loro nuova interfaccia utente detta “SmartSDR” –
Il video inserito qui sotto è ricavato da una registrazione dal vivo effettuata da K5FRS con l’hardware del FLEX-6700 in corso di produzione e su cui girava proprio il Software “SmartSDR” in fase di implementazione da parte degli ingegneri FlexRadio-

Imagine a real time spectral display where the noise floor is averaged to the terrestrial noise floor. – By real time, I mean that the display follows the instantaneous power of the signal but the noise floor is almost a flat line (no “grass,” as we call it) at the noise level seen at the antenna. This remains true whether zoomed out to view half of the HF spectrum or zoomed in to just a few kHz.
[Note] The “PacMan” looking signal that flies through the bands is a Propagation Ionosonde Station located a few miles from FlexRadio Factory!

Watch the Video below “First Look” at the new FLEX-6000 SmartSDR  and the Pictures! – See link below to new HID Controller Tmate-2 made in Italy (coming-son!)


Minimum Discernible Signal (MDS and NF) – How LOW do you GO? – by Greg Jurrens – K5GJ, VP, Sales & Marketing There’s been a lot of talk these days about Minimum Discernible Signal, or MDS. What is it? What affect does it have on my receiver performance? Why do I care? – …. “The ARRL labs use a procedure to measure MDS to a signal 3dB above the noise floor (NF) measured in a 500 Hz bandwidth.

!Amplifiers are very good at amplifying… Everything – signal, and noise. We want the signal but not the additional noise that comes along for the ride. Ideally, the amplified MDS should be 3 to 6db below the environmental noise floor. Plus, the amps themselves add a bit of noise to the mix. Worse yet, using pre-amplifiers have a cost of actually LOWERING the radio’s effective dynamic range. Dynamic range is defined as the difference between MDS and input overload. The pre-amp’s gain comes right off the top of that number. In this case, too much is not just right.

The FLEX-6000 Signature Series to the rescue! – One of the unique features of the Spectral Capture Unit (SCU) of the FLEX-6000 is the Digital Variable Gain Amplifier (DVGA). This allows the software to vary the SCU’s front end performance in 0.5dB steps from -11.5dB up to +20dB of gain (up to 40 dB on the FLEX-6700 with the additional +20dB second pre-amp). The result is the perfect MDS for your QTH and situation. Just enough gain to coax the signal out of the noise, but not so much that all you hear is noise or give up dynamic range. This capability will be provided for advanced operations. Again, the flexibility of a SDR (Software Defined Radio)…. etc”  Link to Source: FlexRadio Systems (Flex Insider – Issue-5 and 6)

SmartSDR Panadapter Video-Demo – A -First Look- at the new FLEX-6000 SmartSDR Panadapter from FlexRadio Systems. – This is the first in a series of introductory videos (28/dic/2012)

italianoFLEX-6700 & FLEX-6500 Signature Series, incorporano una inconsueta potenza di elaborazione dati “built-in” (dentro!) – Montano la Xilinx Virtex-6®, una FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) di alto livello, un microprocessore Texas Instruments™ DaVinci™ Digital Media Processor che incorpora un processore ARM Cortex™-A8 CPU (con processore NEON™) a 1,4GHz (1,2GHz nel FLEX-6500) ed un coprocessore DSP a 32 bit in virgola mobile da 1,2GHz (1,0GHZ nel FLEX-6500). –
La nuova Serie FLEX-6000’s ora in pre-produzione e il suo Software SmartSDR in fase di perfezionamento, sarà rilasciata all’inizio del 2° Quadrimestre 2013! – (Leonardo Da Vinci diceva: “Complesso è facile Semplice è difficile” così lo cita K5SDR CEO Flex Radio nell’ultimo Flex Insider-6!)

Link to: Official Broshure EN by the FlexRadio Systems – Ver-2  (PDF ENG.)
Link to:  Broshure in Italiano di WoodBoxRadio IT- by IK3VIG  (PDF ITA.)

Da Flex Insider Issue-5 /2012…..A proposito delle discussioni tecniche in corso sul MDS/NF (Minimo Segnale Discernibile a +3dB sul rumore o Noise Floor)  Una delle caratteristiche uniche del circuito “Spectral Capture Unit” (SCU) incorporato nella Serie  FLEX-6000’s è anche l’Amplificatore di Guadagno Digitale Variabile (DVGA). Questo sistema permette al software di variare le prestazioni del Front-end della SCU a passi di 0,5 dB da -11.5dB fino a +20 dB di guadagno (fino a 40 dB sul FLEX-6700, con l’ulteriore +20 dB del secondo pre-amp)…. così da adattare al meglio la MDS in base alle condizioni del QTH….etc.

Tmate-2 HIDAltra novità Italiana in arrivo a breve (accessorio…. geniale!)

To make your SDR … like a real Radio! – Tmate2 HID Controller Compatible with Perseus, FDM-SW1, Studio1, and PowerSDR is ……….. Coming Soon! –
(Clink the pictures to enlarge – please!)
Tmate2 HID interface, no driver required –
Link to:  WoodBoxRadio – Italy

Tmate2 1st Video: Short demo of first testing the new CAT console Tmate2. It will be compatible with most SDR applications – (04. Feb. 2013 by ik3vig)

[Note] All specifications are subject to change without notice – All trademarks belong to their respective holders – This device (Flex-6k’s) has not been approved by the appropriate authorities in each country etc.


SDR WR-G33DDC ‘EXCALIBUR Pro’ 9 kHz to 50 MHz – Excalibur Basics Video by DK8OK

The New WiNRADIO WR-G33DDC ‘EXALIBUR Pro’ direct-sampling SDR Receiver from 9 kHz to 49.995 MHz, includes a real-time 50 MHz-wide specrtrum analyzer and 4 MHz-wide instantaneous bandwidth available for recording, demodulation and further digital processing. – Low-noise preamplifier – Configurable preselection filters – Filter bandwidth adjustable down to 1 Hz.

As many as 119 different filter combinations can be constructed by the user (91 bandpass, 14 low-pass and 14 high-pass). The front-end employs 34 subminiature electromechanical relays! Three demodulators allow the simultaneous reception of three signal frequencies within the 4 MHz bandwidth. –
GROVE  US – Catalog of 06/01/2012 – manufacture: WiRa – Eton – Sangean – Kaito – Perseus – Icom
Prices:  WR-G33DDC EXC. Pro $1,649.95 / WR-G31DDC EXC.. $899.95 / Perseus bid.. $1,199.00

The WR-G33DDC Pro Is an advanced version of the WR-G31DDC receiver, offering many additional features and improvements.  – (!! Please See the WR-G33DDC  Basics Video  by DK8OK below)

The WR Software (Version 1.68)  provide an logical user interface.  – There are several spectrum analyzer configurations including the 50 MHz full span with 1.5 kHz resolution. – The DDC down-converted portion is highlighted and can be selected either via keyboard or by the mouse cursor and then displayed in another window, within which three independent receiver channels can exist. – For any channel, the receiver’s selectivity, IF shift, passband tuning, notch, and other functions can be adjusted, and the audio spectrum of the demodulated signal can be observed. – –
Link to: WR-G31DDC – Perseus – Gemini – AOR-2300 and DX-R88 HamFair 
Link to: WiNRADIO WR-G33 Excalibur Pro the Official Full Specifications

This great video explains its graphical user interface (GUI), and gives some hints on how to use them. Thanks Nils, DK8OK.


Perugia Chapter il 2° #7730 Run – Harley Davidson club – Marisa Miller Photo/Video

Il Perugia Chapter 2° #7730 Run si è tenuto sabato 6 agosto 2011 con l’arrivo spettacolare di una gran massa di “hoggers” al centro dell’acropoli della Città di Perugia, suscitando ammirazione e forte curiosità tra i tanti cittadini e turisti che nel pomeriggio si sono trovati immersi tra un nugolo di bellissime moto Harley® Davidson (H-D) – -> (see the picture 06/08/2011,  Download the  big! photo of Marisa Miller Revs Up Harley® jj1, and see the Video-link below ! — [Note] please click pictures and the thumbnail to enlarge)

Il Perugia Chapter Italy (La Sezione di Perugia N. 7730 della H.O.G), abbiamo letto che, è stato creato il 29 Febbraio 2008 ed a oggi può vantare persone eccezionali che si adoperano per passione nel loro tempo libero per la riuscita di ogni evento, nonché di essere il club monomarca più numeroso in Umbria per appassionati di Harley®-Davidson.
L’Harley®-Davidson è un vero e proprio stile di vita, una “Way of Life” come dicono gli americani. La sua storia, diventata leggenda, e conoscerla può aprire le porte di un mondo di entusiasti accomunati dalla stessa passione: guidare una Harley-Davidson!

The H.O.G. (Harley® Owners Group) – Un Gruppo di proprietari di moto Harley®. La H.O.G. oramai è il più grande “club” motociclistico del mondo e raccoglie quegli entusiasti che amano questa famosa motocicletta. Il motto della H.O.G. è “RIDE AND HAVE FUN” (“Viaggia e divertiti”)

Gli “hoggers“, così definiti, si raggruppano in Chapter (Sezioni) che fanno riferimento alla concessionaria ufficiale H-D Harley® della zona di appartenenza. Le iniziative del Perugia Chapter 7730 sono guidate da un gruppo di soci chiamato “Direttivo” al quale fa capo un presidente definito “Director”. H.O.G. – – Un mondo pieno di passione, capacità e fraterna amicizia che interesserà anche tante altre persone curiose, così come avviene già anche per quello dei Radioamatori di cui RadioCronache® ne tratta più ampiamente da tempo!  –
Link to: Perugia Cahpter Italy #7730 “Con noi sulle strade dell’Umbria”

H.O.G. – Harley® Davidson lifestyle for you, your family and ours. Our chapter is a Harley Owners Group that loves to ride and we would like you to join us. Ride with some great people on some great routes, enjoy wonderful adventures, Your Harley® should be an extension of yourself and the road. – With H-D, making your bike reflect your attitude and style is easier than eve. The Perugia Chapter Italy #7730 is about riding your Harley® with people who love to do the same. –
The Marisa Miller picture his assembled by® from the 2010 Harley® Davidson ‘military thanks’ official video. – Wow … Marisa Miller …. She is drop dead gorgeous!!
Link to: !!   Video Ufficiale di Harley Davidson 2010 “grazie militare” /Starts 49s.!

Download a other exclusive immage (very big .jpg!) ad featuring Marisa Miller! by the  link below to Photo-gallery made buzzen.con/jj1® web  – IT  Scarica un’altra bella immagine della splendida Marisa Miller  in sella ad una  H-D !! – Wow, guarda sono belle… da morire!! – Qui sotto il link alla Galleria di foto del noto sito di immagini “ben iscatolate!” (Just Jared) by® web.
Link to: Download the big .jpg! picture Marisa Miller Revs Up Harley® Davidnson